15 Sweetest Things About Being Close To Your Mom

Close With Your Mom

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Motherhood is the best thing to ever happen to the world. Moms are cool, loving, non-judgemental, fun, sometimes embarrassing, and most of all – your best friend.

There is nothing like having a good relationship with your mom. Sometimes you feel like you’re turning into her, and you know what? You don’t dislike the idea. In fact, you feel proud of yourself if you have your mother’s traits.

1. Home Is Where The Heart Is


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If you live alone, or you’re a student living in another city, chances are you can’t wait to come back home, especially during the holidays. There is nothing like mom’s cooking and hugs.

2. The Ultimate Role Model


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Moms are undoubtedly the best role models. Forget about her job, success, and fame, if she’s a loving, respectful, caring human being, then you need to be someone like her.

3. She Never Takes Offense

Luckily for us, when we’re in a rotten mood and when we snap or be rude, mom will understand. She won’t take offense because she knows you don’t mean any harm, you’re just having an off day. She won’t argue with you unlike your boyfriend or best friend.

4. Speed Dial Mom

When something amazing happens, who do you call? Mom! If something bad happens, you’ll call mom. When something awkward happens, guess what? You’ll still be calling mom.

5. Mom Saves The Day


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Speaking of calling mom, when something happens where you need her, she will drop everything and run to you, or even fly to you if necessary! It doesn’t matter if you’re in another state or even country.

6. Call Her Everyday


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Younger people find it weird to talk on the phone, they rather just text. However, when it comes to mom, you love talking to her on the phone. She’s pretty much on your “Last Dialed” and “Favorites” list.

7. Frame Her Texts


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Texting your mom may just be the best thing ever. She texts with one finger, which is extremely amusing to watch; she makes far too many hilarious and awkward typos, and sometimes, she’s just downright funny with her comments.

 8. She Loves your BFF

If you have that one BFF, she is not only your sister because you THINK so, but she’s your sister because your mom treats her like another child. Your best friend feels the very same way – another member of the family.

9. Social Media


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Apart from the sheer amounts of entertainment moms provide while on social media (it’s not embarrassing, guys), you’re guaranteed some amount of popularity. Whenever you put up a photo or status on any social media platform, she will “like” it. Not just that, she will probably be the first like.

10. Shopping Buddy

She’s the best person to go shopping with because a) she knows your taste b) she will be completely honest unlike friends and c) she will definitely pay for it ;)

11. Parenting Tips

Thanks to your mom, you know what you’re going to be like when you have kids, which means you know you’re going to be a uber cool mom!

12. Number One Cheerleader


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If you’re feeling down, or feel like you’ve failed at something, mom will always be there for you cheering you on! No matter what, she’ll do the smallest things to keep you going.

13. Good Listener

Cry, bitch, vent, boast, whine; mom will listen patiently. She’ll also want to know your plans, what your friends are up to – all the trivial matters.

14. You Are Your Mom

Some people may be thinking, “Ugh, I don’t want to be like my mom.” Honestly though, why wouldn’t you want to? She is clearly the coolest person ever.

15. Sorry, friends!


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You think your mom is the best that sometimes, you feel bad your friends don’t have her as a mother. Well, too bad for them!

We love being close with our moms! They’re cool, fun, always there for you, and they are simply the best.

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