15 Best Tie-Dye Kits For Kids To Get All Colorful In 2022


Tie-dye projects never go out of style, and kids love this phenomenon as it showcases their creative side. In this article, we have listed the best tie dye kits for kids. Before we get into the list, let’s look at why you should introduce your child to this artistic process. Artistic activities are beneficial for every child’s growth and development. It can help nourish and nurture their imagination and encourage them to think outside the box. Art also allows kids to express themselves emotionally and acts as a crucial part of their self-development. And the process of dying colors to fabric is one of the many ways kids can learn to be creative. From sweatshirts, leggings, jeans, and scrunchies, the things you and your child can tie-dye are endless. Here’s a list of the best ones available.

15 Best Tie Dye Kits For Kids

1. Best Easy-Squeeze Bottles:Doodlehog Tie Dye Party Kit

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this easy tie-dye for kids. From shirts, socks, scrunchies, headbands, and more — you can get anything you want to be tie-dyed into your favorite patterns. This kit includes a set of instructions that are easy to comprehend for you and your child. Just add water to the powdered dye that comes in the easy-squeeze bottles and enjoy a fun-filled day of art and creativity. With 12 custom colors included, there are no limits to what your child can create! If you want to know more about the results, take a look at this review on YouTube.


  • 120 ml of powdered dyes
  • 1 soda ash
  • 9 pairs of gloves
  • 60 rubber bands
  • Tie dye technique guide

2. Best Kid-Friendly:Mosaiz Tie Dye Kit

Are you unable to get your kids off digital screens and need something exciting to help foster creativity? Well, look no further than this kid-friendly tie-dye kit! Unlike the traditional tie-dyeing kits that only come in squeezy bottles, this one also gives you the option of spraying the color on, making it more attractive and fun for children. Easy and safe to use, this kit requires no heating or does not require you to soak it in ash. Just add water to the vibrant colors, shake it, and begin your journey towards unlimited enjoyment!


  • 26 vibrant colors
  • 3 spray nozzles
  • 100 rubber bands
  • 1 table cover
  • 5 Aprons
  • 1 Instructional booklet

3. Best Fade-Resistant:imoli Tie Dye Kit

While tie-dying is an enjoyable process, the numerous steps can take the fun out of it at times. This kid-friendly tie-dye kit from imoli is here to save the day with its 1-step kit that replaces tedious instructional manuals that make tie dying seem like a chore. Simply add water to the dyes, and you are ready to start creating vibrant designs and patterns. The kit includes 18 popular kids colors like fuchsia, pink, coral, teal, and turquoise to encourage kids to get into art! To resist fading and preserve color, it is recommended to bake the fabric in the microwave for 3 minutes or leave it out in the sun for a day.


  • 90 rubber bands
  • 12 pairs of protective gloves
  • Step-by-step technical guide
  • Plastic table cover

4. Best Disposable:Kool Krafts Tie Dye Kit

If you are tired of your child using up all the clothes at home to create their tie-dye masterpiece, it is time for you to invest in this kid’s tie-dye set that comes with 4 cotton shirts. The plain shirts act as a canvas for your children’s creativity, and you can rest assured no more fabric is being stolen from you. Crafted with thought, this one is ideal for children because the dyes are non-toxic and acid-free. You also don’t have to worry about fading as these colors are permanent and stay vibrant even after regular trips to the washing machine.


  • 12 colors
  • 90 rubber bands
  • 2 disposable table cloths
  • Instructional manual
  • 12 pairs of disposable gloves

5. Best Long-Lasting:ROYI Tie Dye Kit

Ideal for beginners, this tie dye kit for kids requires only tap water. For the inner Picasso in your child, gift them this kit that comes with bold and bright colors that they can use to personalise their own t-shirts, dresses, hats, headbands, blankets, pillowcases, and more. The long-lasting dyes help your child create intricate patterns and stay vibrant and colorful even after multiple washes.


  • 32 colors squeeze bottles
  • 150 rubber bands
  • 12 plastic gloves
  • 3 aprons

6. Best Non-Toxic:YRYM HT Large Tie Dye Kit

Everything you need and more to make a beautiful tie-dye creation is included in this kit. The non-toxic, tasteless dyes are safe for children and can make unique and attractive patterns. Simply activate the pigments by adding water to them and shaking them evenly. For best and long-lasting results, it is recommended to use this kit on materials like cotton, silk, modal, cotton, and linen.


  • 20 squeeze bottles
  • 20 bags of tie-dye pigments
  • 3 funnels
  • 3 spoons
  • 20 gloves
  • 150 rubber bands
  • 10 table cloths
  • 10 airtight bags
  • 1 manual

7. Best Multipurpose:Almond Tie Dye Kit for Kids And Adults

Why should kids have all the fun? Well now, you too can join in on their artistic adventures with this adults and kids tie dye set. With over 18 colors that allow you to make the patterns and designs of your choice, the things you can create with them are endless. Revive your wardrobe and add a touch of color and vibrancy to them with these dyes that can be used on leggings, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, and more.


  • 3 g of powder
  • Tie dye refills
  • 1 tablecloth
  • 8 pairs of gloves
  • 120 rubber bands
  • 2 funnels

8. Best Eco-Friendly:NICECHO Tie Dye Kit

Now, all it takes is 24 hours to bring your creations to life. Just add these dyes to your favorite fabrics and watch them be turned into artwork that makes you proud. Eco-friendly and entirely non-toxic, kids can use these dyes without worry, and all you need is cold water to activate them. The entire kit has 32 colors that come in easy-squeeze bottles and even comes with a spray nozzle that allows you to paint around the edges to add exciting details.


  • 32 Bags of Tie-dye Pigment
  • 2 disposable aprons
  • 2 plastic table covers
  • 10 pairs of gloves
  • 1 headband
  • 120 rubber bands
  • 1 spray nozzle and funnel
  • 1 dropper

9. Best Machine-Safe:Pulaisen Tie Dye Kit

From creating unique design patterns like ombre, bullseye, and unicorn to mixing various colors to make the fabric look brighter and more colorful, there’s not a single thing this tie-dye kit can’t do. If this were not all, the colors would remain vibrant and are machine-safe! To prevent messy situations, it includes a table cloth and protective gloves, so you don’t stain your clothes or other surfaces in the process.


  • 18 squeeze bottles
  • 36 dye packets
  • 90 rubber bands
  • 1 funnel
  • 1 instruction sheet

10. Best For Patterns:Joyjoz Tie Dye Kit

Creating art doesn’t have to be harmful to mother earth. Understanding just this, Joyjoz brings a unique tie-dye kit that includes environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and tasteless dyes. Not only does it protect the planet but it also looks after the wellbeing of your child. Inspired by all things fun, this natural tie dye kit has 18 dyes and colors that allow you to be as creative as you’d like. Just activate the dyes with water, use them on your favorite fabric and enjoy colorful patterns in a matter of 6-8 hours.


  • 36 bags of pigment
  • 18 colors
  • 1 spray nozzle
  • 10 protective gloves
  • 100 rubber bands
  • 1 table cover
  • 2 aprons
  • 1 funnel
  • 1 instruction sheet

11. Best For Creativity:Meland Tie Dye Kit

Unleash the inner fashionista in your child and get them this tie-dye kit for kids that allows them to make cool and stylish patterns on their clothes that never go out of vogue. An ideal present for gifting, this is the perfect DIY kit for children of all ages. The kit includes non-toxic and environmentally-friendly dyes that do not fade on the fabric even after multiple washes and uses. The kit also comes with white t-shirts and socks, so that your kids can use it to make their creative vision more beautiful!


  • 18 bottles
  • 3 cotton white t-shirts
  • 3 pairs of white socks
  • 10 pair of disposable gloves
  • 120 rubber bands
  • 2 disposable tablecloths
  • 1 funnel

12.  Best Odorless:Magicfly 20 Colors Tie Dye Kit

Call it magic or witchcraft, but this tie-dye kit for kids is out of the ordinary. The kit is entirely safe for children of any age as it is made of kid-loving materials that are non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless. It also comes with 20 beautiful colors that you can use on any fabric to create your vision! All the parts of this kit fit snugly into a portable case that allows you to carry it with you wherever you go! So the next you and your folks decide to go out to the great outdoors, don’t forget to bring this one with you. And if you were wondering if you can join in on the fun, you sure can, as this kit also has adult protective gloves and aprons!


  • 1 storage box with handle
  • 20 squeeze bottles
  • 6 adult protective gloves
  • 4 children protective gloves
  • 20 bags of pigments
  • 2 spray nozzles
  • 2 spoons
  • 4 adults and children aprons
  • 3 usable surface covers
  • 100 rubber bands

13. Best Versatile:AGQ Pastel Tie Dye Kit For Kids

Is your child fascinated with all things pastel and pretty? If yes, you must buy them this gorgeous tie-dye kit for kids that has over 18 colors. Each color comes in a powdered form protected by a squeeze bottle that makes application effortless. The 1-step process makes this a suitable gift for kids of all ages. The dyes are also non-toxic, fumeless, water-based, and versatile to help your kids have all the fun without worrying about being safe. This tie-dye kit can be used to make vibrant, machine-washable patterns that are made to last.


  • 2 sprayers
  • 100 rubber bands
  • 10 gloves
  • 2 tablecloths
  • 2 disposable aprons
  • 1 guide book

14. Best Unique:Hywean Tie Dye Kits For Kids

Strut the streets with confidence and embrace tie dye prints as you go. This kit comes with 26 unique and vibrant colors and you can use them to tie dye your favorite clothing including dresses, shoes, socks, hats, headbands, etc. Ideal for beginners who want to experiment with tie dye, try this kit that has only a 1-step process. Just add water to the powdered bottles and enjoy hues like never before!


  • 26 bright colors
  • 10 sealed bags
  • 2 disposable aprons
  • 50 rubber bands

15. Best With Safe Materials:Habool Tie Dye Kit

Try this tie dye kit and trust us, you won’t regret it. Made from high-quality and safe materials, it is non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly. A unique feature about this kit is that the dyes come in bottles that are marked with 2 water lines. In case you are using only a little product to dye a small piece of fabric, you can use the water lines as a measure and fill it with only half the packet.


  • 18 squeeze bottles
  • 36 dye powder pigments
  • 10 pairs of gloves
  • 110 rubber bands
  • 6 sealed bags
  • 20 colorful clips
  • 2 tablecloths
  • 2 disposable aprons
  • 1 funnel
  • 1 user guide

Now that you’ve taken a look at our list of the 15 best tie dye kits for kids with their features, scroll down to our buying guide to help you select one that is perfect for your child.

How To Select The Best Tie Dye Kits For Kids

  • Safe ingredients

Nothing is more important than your child’s safety. While you do want to be the wind beneath your child’s creativity, it is vital to ensure that you do so while keeping them safe. When investing in the best tie-dye kit for kids, look for dyes that are acid-free and non-toxic. In case of an unfortunate accident where your kid might put the ingredients into their mouths, you can rest assured they are safe and protected.

  • Easy to use

Gone are the days with hard-to-understand manuals, tools, and long steps to create your tie dye artwork. Today, tie dye kits come with easy steps and other features like easy-squeeze bottles, spray nozzles, and comprehensible instruction guides that make tie dye a breeze.

  • Mess-free creation

If art and kids are used in the same phrase, you can always expect mess and clutter. To avoid and prevent this situation, invest in tie-dye kits for kids with additional features such as aprons, rubber gloves, disposable table cloths, etc., to protect your child and other valuables from being messy.

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Tie-dyed T-shirts and dresses can never go wrong or out of style. T-shirts with tie-dye colors work great on the beach, on a casual outing with friends, or when traveling. Tie-dye kits help your child achieve amazing results right at home when they take up this DIY project. It is an artistic activity that gives your child an imaginative and creative outlet, being therapeutic as well. When you pick a tie-dye kit for your little one, make sure it is easy to use and is mess-free. For this reason, many tie-dye kits come with an apron, gloves, table cloths, etc. So, before you choose a tie-dye kit, check for additional accessories that it comes with.

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