13 Best Toddler Carriers For Travelling And Hiking In 2022


When shopping or traveling with your little ones, carrying them along can be a tiring task. You will need the best toddler carriers to help you with that. Strap them up, place your little one in it, and you are good to go. These carriers vary in shapes, sizes, and levels of support, so you might want to check if you are comfortable wearing them. To help you choose the right toddler carrier that suits your baby, you can check out the list of toddler carriers that we have compiled. Read on.

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Differences Between Infants And Toddler Carriers

The top differences that define an infant carrier from a toddler carrier include the following.

  1. Size: Carriers for infants usually come with more customizable features that allow you to adjust the carrier as per your child’s need. In the case of a toddler carrier, several adjustments are not needed.
  2. Comfort features: Comfort features of a newborn carrier are usually more intricate and sophisticated to ensure maximum safety along with comfort. While toddler carriers will also require safety features, the sophistication may not be as customized as the former.
  3. Head support: Infants would need better head support in their carriers due to the lack of self-balance development.
  4. Mode of carrying: Toddler carriers often come with multiple modes of carrying, both front and back, to facilitate travel. However, the maximum flexibility one can find for infant carriers is facing-in or facing-out in a front carry mode to ensure the baby always stays within the parent’s line of sight. 

13 Best Toddler Carriers

1. Best Ergonomic Design: Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

The Omni 360 all-position baby carrier from Ergobaby comes with convenient toddler-wearing features that are a balanced mix of function and comfort. Along with the carbon gray shade, you can choose from various colors for this baby carrier to suit your preferences. It is designed with a shoulder strap and a minimum weight capacity of seven pounds to support infants easily. This all-in-one carrier, which has a Hip-Healthy certification from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, easily adapts to the size and weight capacities of a baby up to 45 pounds.  As a result, parents can carry their children up to the age of 48 months without difficulty.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Separate infant insert not required
  • Cool air mesh makes it breathable
  • Durable fabric for long-lasting use
  • Supports inward and outward-facing carry
  • Padded lumbar support for lower back comfort
  • Padded waist belts
  • Adjustable waist belt for all adult sizes


  • Mesh detailing on the fabric may be harsh for sensitive toddler skin
  • Buckle may give up under hiking pressure


2. Best Breathable: Infantino Carry On Carrier

The Infantino Carry On toddler carrier is thoughtfully designed to enable multiple sizes for suitable adjustment with the baby’s growth. It is ergonomically designed, has face-in and face-out carrying options, and has a high weight support capacity, making it one of the best toddler carriers to consider. The front and back carry backpack is available in stylish gray with sea green-blue detailing around the zipper. The extra pockets are accommodated for easy carrying of baby essentials while you’re out and about.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry infants
  • Accommodates a weight capacity between 8-40 pounds
  • Designed for easy breathability
  • Adjustable ergonomic seat for maximum child comfort
  • Six distinct integrated pockets
  • Equated distribution of baby weight across the body
  • Allows hands-free convenience
  • Fits wide-ranged body types
  • Suits outgoing lifestyles


  • Uneven and/or loose stitching


3. Best Adjustable: Bebamour Baby Carrier Front And Back

Bebamour’sbaby carrier is available in front and back carrying design and is suitable for carrying your baby facing in and out. Some of the stylish and functional features make it one of the best toddler carriers available. It is available in seven shades for easy color selection and durable fabric for long-lasting use. In addition, it allows you to seat your toddler in various positions for comfort and convenience.


  • Supports adjustable shoulder and waist straps
  • Hip-healthy acknowledgment from IHDI
  • Choose from six different ways of carrying your toddler
  • Select carrying type as per toddler growth with manual’s help
  • Broad shoulder and waist straps with heavy padding
  • Waist belt adjustment up to 46.5inches allows easy carry
  • Comes with two baby bibs and an attached head hood for sun protection
  • Removable seating pad for convenient washing


  • Waistband may seem tight for some adults


4. Best Versatile: TushBaby Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier

The Tushbaby Hip Seat Baby Carrier includes an innovative baby-wearing toddler belt that supports the hips and allows you to effortlessly bear the baby’s weight on your waist. This infant waist carrier is one of the best toddler carriers due to its ergonomic design, ensuring comfort with minimal strain on the adult’s muscles. It is made of polyester fiber and comes in three different colors. It is machine washable.


  • Versatile yet lightweight carrier at just one pound
  • Sits right above the hips, conveniently
  • Fits waist sizes between 24 and 44 inches
  • Sturdy as well as safe to carry
  • Can be used for children up to 45 pounds
  • Supports four different carrying positions
  • Helps carry baby essentials in multiple storage pockets


  • May not suit extended carrying needs for your baby


5. Best Durable: LillebabyCarryOn Airflow Ergonomic Toddler And Child Carrier

The CarryOn Airflow toddler and child carrier from Lillebaby is another of the best baby carriers for toddlers with its shoulder-oriented strap design for hand-free handling. The black-colored infant carrier is designed keeping in mind the ergonomic needs of a parent and child. The baby carrier for toddlers is made of cotton fabric and is sufficiently breathable. It is also machine washable.


  • Provides sufficient room for a child to grow
  • Easy to carry stroller-free design
  • Suits babies within the weight range of 20 and 60 pounds
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Seat adjustability through side panels
  • Comes with lumbar support
  • Removable hood with two extra packets


  • Extended use may result in shoulder bruises to the adult


6. Best Lightweight: Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Tula’s toddler carrier, which comes in a cute bliss bouquet design, is one of the best baby carriers for two-year-olds and older children. Its beautiful design with floral prints resembles a fluff ball with your toddler inside while you hold them close to you. The carrier also allows you to handle your toddler while you are outdoors occupied with other tasks.


  • Suits older toddlers as well
  • Bears weight between 25 and 60 pounds
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and minimum pain
  • Lightweight at just two pounds
  • Durable and long-lasting fabric
  • Pockets to store essentials


  • Allows only front-facing carry
  • Not suitable for infants


7. Best Spacious: Osprey Poco Child Carrier

The Osprey Poco Child Carrier is a great baby carrier for toddlers and is made of comfortable yet sturdy nylon material. The starry black-colored baby carrier is also available in a blue sky hue, allowing you to choose the one you like. It also doubles up as a backpack carrier and a hands-free holder with legs that support on-ground stability.


  • Provides sun protection with a built-in sunshade
  • Comes with a double halo child harness
  • Designed as a spacious deluxe child cockpit
  • Helps natural baby movement with removable foot stirrups
  • Removable and washable drool pad
  • Quick snack access with open mesh hip belt pockets
  • Comes with an external hydration sleeve
  • Supports child weight between 16 and 48.5 pounds


  • Adjustment calibration takes time


8. Best Comfortable: MiaMily Baby Carrier With Hip Seat

Check out this baby carrier with a hip seat from MiaMily designed to fit in easily. It carries both infants and toddlers and comes with built-in storage. Priced decently, it comes with attractive features and benefits that make it one of the best toddler carriers. It is made with shoulder strap style support and sports a great charcoal gray color. Made of durable polyester fabric, it is also easy to clean in a washing machine.


  • Supports six different seating positions, both front and back
  • Easy carry with lumbar support
  • Offers maximum comfort and helps alleviate back pain
  • Extra-wide adjustable waist belt at 5.5 inches
  • Sufficiently padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Ergonomic design to help support ‘M’ posture seating for baby
  • High weight capacity between 4-44 pounds
  • Storage space for up to six diapers


  • May not be suitably durable in the long term


9. Best Non-Skid: Piggyback Rider Scout Standing Child Toddler Carrier Backpack

The Piggyback Rider Scout Standing Child Carrier is shaped like a backpack to provide back support for easy carrying. It is specifically designed to assist you in carrying your toddler while you are traveling, hiking, or trekking. It comes in a two-piece bundle and is simple to assemble for easy child carry. It is a safe and comfortable baby carrier for children aged two and older.


  • Suits carrying needs of children between two and four years, up to 40 pounds
  • Comes with a child safety harness
  • Sleek design and lightweight at under three pounds
  • Shifts baby weight to the shoulders, relieving the back
  • Adjustable for a wide range of adult sizes
  • Suitable weight distribution for a natural upright posture
  • Includes handholds for your baby
  • Thoughtfully engineered for safety and strength
  • Adjustable non-skid standing bar


  • May be uncomfortable for a few toddlers


10. Best Easy To Wash: Bbpark Mesh Baby Carrier

The mesh baby carrier from Bbpark is designed to comfortably support the carrying of children, both infants and toddlers. This toddler carrier is designed for both front and back holding and is available in a soft gray shade. It is made of cotton fabric and is sturdy and durable, so it will last for months. In addition, the carrier has an adjustable strap that allows it to grow and adjust with your toddler’s growth.


  • Ergonomic design for maximum convenience
  • Supports six-in-one carrying positions with facing-in and out support
  • Easy to wash in cold water
  • Harness widening and narrowing enabled through bottom hook and loop
  • Safety buckle up gradation for enhanced protection
  • 3D mesh for excellent airflow
  • Wide and padded adjustable shoulder and waist straps
  • Detachable bibs on both sides


  • Facing-out carry not possible
  • May get uncomfortable with extended hours of use


11. Best Insulated: Wipha Baby Backpack Carrier

With its detailed design that allows for maximum functionality and comfort, the Wipha Baby Backpack Carrier is one of the best baby carriers for toddlers and newborns. Its thoughtful strap, waist adjustability, and adequate safety allow you to carry your baby while traveling, trekking, or hiking. It has a sun canopy that protects your child from direct sunlight exposure. In addition, it has large storage space and insulated pockets, allowing you to carry baby essentials and fresh food at all times.


  • Adjustable flexible strap design
  • Supports baby weight up to 44 to 50 pounds
  • Designed for equated weight distribution to prevent backache
  • Advanced safety belt to protect from falling
  • Soft removable front and back cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Sturdy collapsible aluminum frame support yet lightweight
  • Easy to store while you travel


  • May not suit carrying for infants when hiking or trekking
  • Can be a little bulky for petite body frames


12. Best Convenient: Grownsy Baby Carrier Wrap

The all-season baby carrier wrap from Grownsy ensures comfortable and convenient carrying needs for both infants and toddlers. It is available in brown and has a removable shoulder strap style carry function. It can support a maximum weight of up to 65 pounds. The product is lightweight at just eight pounds, adding negligible weight while you carry your baby.


  • Features foldable hip seat for comfortable and convenient seating
  • Large lumbar support to help avoid backaches
  • Features 3D breathable mesh with necessary airflow
  • Equated distribution of baby weight
  • Convenient for long-term carrying needs
  • Ideal weight capacity of 7-33 pounds
  • Multiple carrying options, both facing in and out


  • Not convenient for infants


13. Best Waist Support: Beco 8 Baby Carrier

The Beco 8 Baby Carrier comes in a well-designed frame made of lightweight fabric for your baby’s comfort and convenient carrying needs. This toddler wearing carrier is designed with shoulder strap type support and ensures ergonomic carry through equated weight distribution, padded strap, and waist support along with maximum lumbar support to ensure easy carrying for both parent and baby.


  • Supports multiple carrying positions, from front to back
  • Easy backpack style, hands-free carrying
  • Made of easy-to-clean and durable polyester fabric
  • Feels soft on tender baby skin for maximum comfort
  • Supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 45 pounds
  • Convenient support with crossable shoulder straps that reduce strain
  • Waist belt can support waist sizes between 24 and 54inches


  • May be bulky for petite body frames


How To Choose The Right Toddler Carrier?

Consider the following factors when selecting the right toddler carrier for your baby.

  1. Safety and comfort: It is critical to consider the safety and comfort features when choosing a baby carrier. For the best comfort and safety, look for strap padding, adjustability, and waist belt.
  2. Lightweight: A lightweight baby carrier ensures no remarkable weight is added while carrying the baby for maximum convenience.
  3. Durability: The toddler carrier must also be long-lasting and durable to support your toddler-carrying needs all through the toddler stages.
  4. Breathability: The toddler carrier must be breathable to ensure you and your toddler does not feel the heat with extended hours of use.
  5. Modes of carrying: For maximum flexibility in position adjustment, look for the modes of carrying that your product supports.
  6. Added features: Features such as a sun protection hood, storage space, and an insulated pocket improve its functionality. 

With various toddler carriers to choose from and a quick guide, you can now easily find the best toddler carrier for your child’s needs. First, examine the carrier for adjustability features that allow for enough room for widening or narrowing to make way for the perfect fit for your child. Pick a toddler carrier based on the needs and comfort of your little one.

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