35+ Best Toddler Photography Ideas

Are you in search of photo ideas for toddlers? Then, you are at the right place. No parent would ever want to let go of the chance to witness the magical moments of their child’s initial years and those adorable expressions filled with cuteness and mischief. Being able to capture these wondrous, unpredictable moments of spontaneity forever is the best way for you and your family to cherish and treasure them. So plunge into this post as we bring you a list of unique photography ideas that will freeze your little one’s beautiful moments in eternity.

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35+ Unique Toddler Photography Ideas

One-Year-Old Photo Ideas

1. Bathing baby

Bathing baby photo ideas for toddlers

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The Internet is full of trends when it comes to baby bathing pictures. But the concept of a baby in a bathtub is everyone’s favorite. Loveable toys, a perfect background, a cute bathtub, and bath gel will make your toddler comfortable and happy, filling the room with chuckles and giggles. Encourage your child to flaunt their adorable smile and bouncy curls as the snaps are being clicked.

2. Pet lover

Pet lover photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

If you have pets at home, and your child loves animals, then you may try clicking some beautiful pictures of your child with that lovely furry friend.

3. Travel buddies

Sibling travel buddies photo ideas for toddlers

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It’s just heart-warming to see toddlers performing some grown-up acts. And a child with luggage is one of the greatest examples of this. All you need is a travel bag and the travel buddy to fit into the same frame.

4. Messy eater

Messy eater photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Rather than having a hard time cleaning up the smeared face of your baby, just bank upon the opportunity to capture that act into a frame. Allow your child to indulge in cakes, cupcakes and other snacks, let them explore, spill, and love the food for a rewarding experience. These messy shots will be something you would laugh at crazily.

5. Praying baby

Praying baby photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

The baby’s first year can fly by in a matter of seconds. So, take note of all the actions that can become secret ingredients to your child’s amazing photos. Praying can appear like one of the most natural clicks for your one-year-old.

6. Phone call pose

Phone call pose photo ideas for toddlers

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Nothing can make your session as successful as handing a smartphone to the little one. Anything your toddler does for the first time is worth capturing. But the phone-call pose can be one of the most exciting ways to catch the innocence of your adorable model.

7. Workout mode

Workout mode photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Babies and their workout poses somehow make a very cute combo. The baby trying to lift their tiny hands and feet can be the cutest scene of all.

8. The first foot forward

First steps photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Capturing your baby’s first few steps can be great to make your photo shoot project memorable and interesting. Make sure you have soft rugs and cushions handy, so that it doesn’t hurt the little learner. The framed tiny steps will be the best gift for your baby to cherish when they grow up.

9. Stylish in stroller

Stylish in stroller photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

The one-year-old in the stroller can be one of the best ways to make the photography even more special. Also, it does not involve a lot of planning. Use colorful socks and soft toys and dolls as props to accentuate the picture quality and add a playful touch to the photographs.

10. Little Red Riding Hood

Little red riding hood photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Babies look adorable in whatever they do and everything they wear. But to take your photoshoot a notch higher, you can dress your child in a red attire, gown, or jacket.

11. Fast and Furious

Posing with car photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Babies just can’t stop hoarding, loving, and naming their toy cars. Give wings to their imagination by having them pose with something that they dream to own when they grow up. 

Two-Year-Old Photo Ideas

12. Crazy with canvas

Crazy with canvas photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Make some heart-warming memories as the baby smears themselves up in paints and crayons. Yes, when your child gets messy with the art, they are exploring, having fun, and getting creative in their own way. So, if you are ready for the mess, let the cameras roll and capture the best of their messy secrets, while they create amusing shapes.

13. Sweeping session

Sweeping the house photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

Excite your munchkin for some dusting and cleaning chores. It will give them an opportunity to enjoy cleaning the mess. Give a broom, dustpan, or a mop to your little one and capture them doing these chores. These are memories of a lifetime.

14. Soap-bubble fun

Soap bubble fun photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Is there anything cuter than a baby playing with a soft soapy bubble? Yes, an outdoor bubble bath photo session is an all-time favorite with parents to make their album look visually appealing. You can easily achieve a unique photoshoot full of colors and vibrance with colorful soap bubbles while your baby chills and has lots of fun.

15. Mechanic baby

Mechanic baby photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

When it comes to styling a baby photoshoot, there’s more to choose from than just beautiful backgrounds or props. You can get creative with role play and dress your baby as a professional. So, if you are wondering as to what to do for an exclusive photo shoot, mechanic, doctor, and carpenter are a few ideas to get started with.

16. Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

It is never too early to start introducing the concept of ‘sharing is caring’ to your child. So, why not start with a photoshoot that solves both? Teach them to learn to get along and take a special photograph as a keepsake. Bring in your children, their friends, and cousins and let them share toys and candies amongst each other.

Three-Year-Old Photo Ideas

17. Surprised baby

Surprised baby photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

Taking the shot of a surprised child is quite challenging, but with instructions and proper directions, your smart baby can strike that pose for sure. Be patient and figure out if a joke or news can help them strike that pose. You may try saying, “School’s off today,” “All candies have been stolen,” or tell them surprising stories or play a game of hide-n-seek or peekaboo to get them surprised.

 18. Prime time with an ice cream

Ice cream time photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

A cone of ice cream can be the sweetest and easiest prop for your little darling’s relaxed photoshoot. Bring your child’s favorite flavor to get some candid shots loaded with expressions.

19. Little bride and groom

Little bride and groom photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

There is something about this photoshoot that screams for attention. Having two little munchkins in a frame as newlyweds will look straight out of a fairy tale. The tiny couple in the woods is oh so mesmerizing!

20. Meditating outdoors

Meditating outdoors photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Another noteworthy photo shoot idea can be of a meditating child. It’s just perfect if you want to feature the little one in photographs and frame their innocent expressions for eternity. You can encourage your child to imitate you meditating and capture their pose.

21. Flower lover

Posing with flowers photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

You can use lovely flowers as foreground or background for your toddler’s photo shoot. Babies are enchanted by dreamy shades of flowers. You can build up the excitement by taking them out in the garden or national parks where photography is allowed.

22. Aerial view of swimming pool

Aerial swimming pool photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

The pictures of your angels in the swimming pool can surely be gorgeous. And if those are overhead shots, the results are divine. For those flawless and aerial views of the baby in the swimming pool, use a safe water tube, some accessories such as sunglasses and hat, and a few floating toys. Once everything is in place and the child is relaxed, start clicking!

23. Fruit punch

Fruit punch photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

Soaking in some delicious fruits, your kiddo can offer you some smashing poses. The fruity photo session is a fun and innovative alternative to some usual and monotonous photography ideas.

24. Twinning effects

Twinning effects photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

It’s tough with one child and tougher with two in one frame. But the results double-up when you are capturing two children at a go. It’s just that you have to be mindful about your technicalities and the children’s poses.

Four-Year-Old Photo Ideas

25. Umbrella shoot

Umbrella shoot photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

An umbrella can be a cool prop for your toddler’s photoshoot. In fact, nothing can beat the good old umbrella when it comes to giving a big makeover to your perfect photo prop. You can use colorful umbrellas to keep the look refreshing. For added effects, use inverted umbrellas filled with flowers or pom poms for a cute shot.

26. Birthday theme

Birthdy theme photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

If a photoshoot is inspired by the child’s own birthday, it can turn out as an amazing one. Birthdays excite children, and they wait eagerly to celebrate their day. You may end up getting some lovely shots from the birthday celebration.

27. Donut darling

Donut darling photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

If you don’t have many ideas on the menu, here is what you can add to your list. A sweet donut can make any event special, thus translating into a great photoshoot. Get some donuts, and take some cool shots of your child gorging on the donut.

28. The rock star

The rock star photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

Music and the instruments drive creativity and can be a powerful source of inspiration. So, the guitar pose is something that can totally rock your child’s photoshoot, making it look uber stylish.

 29. Little Santa in action

Baby santa photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Children love Santa and all things Christmassy! So, let your camera do the magic when your child enthusiastically writes their Christmas wishes to Santa Claus. While at it, you can further enliven it by dressing up your child as a Santa. You may add lots of white and red elements and decorated Christmas trees and balloons for a unique photo you will love for years to come.

30. Rock ‘n’ roll

Rock and roll photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Is your four-year-old a dance enthusiast? Try a dancing pose! Pick a song of their choice and let them get grooving.

Five-Year-Old Photo Ideas

31. Nautical theme

Nautical theme photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

A boat, a ship dummy, or the captain wheel can be added as some innovative props to compliment the sailor scene. The genuine look of a sailor or a crew member you get to see on your child’s face will make for some lovely images.

32. Superhero kid

Superhero kid photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

It’s going to be a lot of hard work when you have a photoshoot with your child as a superhero. But the efforts are worth it. Dress your child in their favorite superhero’s costume and get your camera ready for some priceless memories.

33. The little baker

The little baker photo ideas for toddlers

Image: Shutterstock

Leave the child with a mess of any kind, and there will be responses that beg to be photographed. One such fun moment that can add fun to your toddler photoshoot is when you leave them with some baking ingredients such as flour and milk. Your child gleefully playing with the dough, flour, or batter of the cake can make for some epic pictures. Let the mess, ingredients, and dishes for the cake work as props for your session.

34. Snorkelling

Snorkelling photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Water is so divine and magical that it makes even a normal photo look extraordinary. Underwater photography lets you capture some amazing shots. So, what are you waiting for? Keep the jumpsuit and other swimming accessories ready for your child!

35. The pre-schooler

Going to preschool photo ideas for toddlers

Image: IStock

Whether your little one is happy, angry, surprised, or looking busy in the pictures, each photo will make you go just ‘wow’ over the memories that you have made. Is your camera ready? You cannot waste a minute with toddler photography. Get clicking, now!

36. Sitting on a rainbow

Create a colorful and magical world for your little one with the rainbow theme. Put a rainbow-colored blanket or backdrop, and dress your baby in colorful clothes. Add soft toys and a small rainbow stool to make the backdrop visually appealing. The rainbow photoshoot is an excellent way to capture the special moments of your baby’s early days.

37. Wearing a hat

A hat can make your baby look stylish instantly. You may choose different types of hats, from tiny beanies to hats with adorable animal ears. Go for oversized hats or colorful ones that complement the costume and themes of the photoshoot. The goal is to have fun and make the photoshoot a memorable experience for you and your little munchkin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time of day to photograph a toddler?

Early morning is a good time to photograph your toddler before the sun gets too high. If shooting any other time outdoors, ensure it is done under some shade to keep your child comfortable.

2. How can I make a toddler feel comfortable while taking pictures?

Ensure the photo shoot is well-timed to suit your child’s feeding and sleeping schedule. Have them wear comfortable clothes. Keep them engaged with a prop while shooting. Do not force them to smile; instead, do something to make them smile naturally. Play their favorite music or song, so they enjoy the shoot. Offering some tricks and tips for capturing pictures with a toddler, Monica Boch, a mother and blogger, recounts, “My toddler (Logan) is always on the go. The only way to get him to sit still is with a treat. If I want him to sit or stand with me for a couple of pictures, I will opt for a cookie. He’s going to be eating in the picture, but at least he’s going to be happy! I never try to force him to take pictures with me. I will always let Logan run around and play instead of taking a picture (i).”

3. What types of backdrops or settings are best for photos of toddlers?

Outdoor locations with colorful background objects and lighting make magical photo backdrops. Locations such as the beach or an open field give you ample space and great light. When shooting in the city, use buildings and well-constructed gateways as background. If shooting within your child’s nursery, set it up in creative ways to make the photo stand out.

4. How can I ensure that the photos of my toddler turn out clear and crisp?

When shooting in manual mode, ensure your shutter speed is 1/200 because the child may not stay put long. This setting will help get clear and crisp images even when the child constantly moves.

Every parent wants to click adorable photographs of toddlers to cherish their little one’s childhood memories in the future. The above photo ideas for toddlers’ photoshoots can help you capture the cute expressions of your little one. You may capture candid images of your baby using the right props and background. We have also listed photo ideas for older toddlers and some novel outdoor photoshoot ideas. Also, use the opportunity to bond with your little bundle of joy and have a lot of fun while clicking amazing photographs.

Infographic: Unique Toddler Photography Ideas

Toddlerhood is when your baby will cross several milestones of their growth journey, and every parent wants to capture these moments for the rest of their life. So, to help you do the same, we have brought you a list of photography ideas that you can use to capture your toddler so that you can look back at it later.

ideas to photograph your toddler (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Create the best photo album with amazing picture ideas, such as taking their first steps or basking in the sun.
  • Let them sit in a cute meditating posture and photograph their zen moment.
  • Make them feel like a superhero in the costume of their favorite one.
  • Twinning effects, rock n’ roll theme, and many more photo ideas for toddlers of different ages.
photo ideas for toddlers_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Check out this video to master the art of capturing flawless toddler moments with simple yet effective photography tips. Elevate your skills and create stunning photos that beautifully preserve your little one’s cherished memories.

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