11 Best Toddler Tables And Chairs That Are Safe To Use, 2022


From learning to eat independently to experimenting with various toys, toddlers are at an age where they are crossing developmental milestones pretty quickly. Keep your child occupied with our list of the best toddler tables and chairs to provide an outlet for their enthusiasm and adventurous streak. You can keep them entertained by setting up the table and chair to engage in meaningful activities.

This is also when toddlers engage in drawing, sketching, painting, and building things, making a lot of mess in the process. Therefore, buying a good table and chair to best suit their needs would be practical. They are made for toddlers, so they are appropriately sized too.

11 Best Toddler Tables And Chairs

1. Best Fuss-Free Design:Flash Furniture Kids 3 Piece Folding Table And Chair Set

This kid’s table and chair set is a perfect companion for your child’s snack time, fun time, and learning time. It has a fuss-free design, and the size is perfectly suited as per their height and weight. The sturdy table and accompanying chairs come with a handy foldable construction, which can be easily stored behind the couch, cupboards, and closets so that storing and using the furniture becomes very convenient. The table and chair set present an additional safety feature consisting of a metal push-in lever that can lock and unlock the furniture’s position to prevent any accidental collapsing and injury. The surface of the table and the chair is made from high-quality vinyl padding that is very comfortable to sit on and work with. Plus, it is effortless to clean — just wipe with a wet cloth or wipe, and the job is done. If you are looking for a simple and helpful toddler table set, this could be your pick. In this YouTube video, you will find a detailed review of this product.

2. Best Long-Lasting:Melissa & Doug Wooden Table And 2 Chairs

If you want a classic design and look, this wooden children’s table and chair set from Melissa and Doug will be your best choice. It is made from solid wood and, therefore, much more long-lasting than MDF. The table is effortless to assemble with clear instructions. The metal fixtures in the pre-drilled holes are effortless to set up, and the quality of the furniture comes out as quite strong. The surface of the furniture set presents a very smooth, polished look that is easy to clean and maintain. With a weight limit of about 100 pounds, the chairs can easily hold adults too. They also come with tip-resistant feet that prevent any accidental fall and injury. With the simple natural wood finish, this set matches well with any decor. So if you want style and substance, go for this lovely set of toddler table chairs.

3. Best With Solid Wood:Humble Crew Kids Wood Table & 4 Chair Set

This lovely set of toddler tables and 4 chairs is an excellent complement to your child’s growing years. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, this table can be the ideal ‘all-in-1’ place for having meals and snacks, doing art and craftwork, playing with their best mates, and having a gala time. The best part about this set is the bright and bold colored wood pieces for the chairs. It is easy to assemble, and you can choose to have a single colored chair or mix and match the parts to create a multi-hued look that is irresistible for the little ones. There are other monochrome options available as well, in case you want to match up with your home decor. The chairs are made from solid wood; hence you can be assured of the quality and sturdiness. The engineered wood tabletop provides a very smooth finish that is easy to clean and maintain. With such good looks and use, this table chair set is a must-have for your kids.

4. Best Durable:Baby Relax Kiddy Table And Chair Set

If you wish to give your kids an inspiring corner to emerge as confident and creative beings, this toddler table chair set will be your best option. The elegant yet fun table is made from solid wood, making it durable and long-lasting. The design of the set has been inspired by the farmhouse furniture look, which gives it a neat and functional appearance. The unique low bordered tabletop is perfect for those little hands to reach out for their color crayons, puzzle tiles, toys, or books, and it keeps all the mess away from the floor. When not in use, the chairs can be neatly tucked away beneath the tabletop, thus making it a compact, space-saving piece of furniture. Cleaning the table is just a breeze as any food stain, pencil, or crayon scribble can be cleared off with just a couple of strokes with a wet cloth or wipe. So get the table and create happy times for your kids! Check out this video on YouTube for a detailed understanding of the product.

5. Best Compact:KidKraft Wooden Round Table & 2 Chair Set

This adorable kids’ table and chair set will surely make you fall in love with it. The wooden table is round in shape with a soft pink tabletop and accompanying pink and white chairs. It is very compact in size and easy to put together. The table and chairs feature a splayed leg design that makes it highly stable on feet, and hence you don’t have to be anxious about your child tipping over or putting rugs and carpets beneath. With a heavy load-bearing capacity, they are perfect for adults who are teaching or playing with the little ones. The bonus point of this table is that it has a storage mesh inside that can be accessed by simply lifting the circular disc at the center of the table. This can be a little secret storage area for your kids to keep their little tinkers in, or it can be an efficient space where you can store colors, pencils, little toys, and whatnot. So, what are you waiting for? Get this little table for those big happy moments for your kid.

6. Best Functionality: Little Tikes Bright ‘N Bold Table & Chairs

This smart and bold-colored toddler table and chair set is a perfect example of durability, functionality, and ease of use. It is delivered all assembled to take it out and put it at the spot of your choice. The set is made from high-quality molded plastic and is great for indoor as well as outdoor use. It also makes the tables and chairs easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe the surface with a wet cloth or tissue, and they are all clean. Even after rough use, these cute pieces retain their character. The chairs, when placed across each other, neatly nest beneath the tabletop, saving your space. They can carry much more weight than specified, so it will be okay if you occasionally use the chair seat to give your child some company. Get this lovely table and chair set to organize your child’s work and playthings, and we are sure you’ll love it.

7. Best Sleek Dsign:B. Spaces By Battat Kids Furniture Set

This very cool and trendy toddler table and chair set from the house of Battat can be a beautiful addition to your child’s learning and play space. The furniture presents a peppy and sleek design, and the combination of ivory and mint colors is very soothing to the eyes. The pieces are sturdy, so you can expect them to last for long. The table and chair have strong solid wood legs designed to hold more capacity than recommended. The assembling, too, takes only a couple of minutes. You only have to spin the table chair legs into the slots, and the furniture is ready to use. Even cleaning the table doesn’t require much effort. You only have to use a wet cloth or wipes, and that’s about it. This set can be an excellent booster for your child’s ability and creativity. It is great for eating meals independently, playing board games with friends, and even enjoying art and crafts.

8. Best With Storage:GobiDex 7-In-1 Multi Kids Activity Table Set With 2 Chairs

This really funky and best play table for toddlers is a great offering from GobiDex. This table set includes 2 chairs, 4 boxes for storage, detachable 2-sided playboards, and an activity surface with 230 pieces of Duplo DIY blocks. This is a fun treat for your kids, and it is bound to keep them busy for long. Whether they want to create structures with the Duplo blocks, use the other board surfaces for art and learning, or eat their snacks and meals, this table set is bound to make every activity superbly exciting. If you remove the boards, the table features storage depth that can be used to keep things, play, or as a water table. One thing that is very enticing about this set is that the sturdy table is easy to assemble and comes with 4 table risers. The table is ergonomically designed to give your kids the correct posture, and when the chairs are not in use, they can be slid beneath the table for maximum space optimization.

9. Best Comfortable:Delta Children Kids Wood Table And Chair Set

This elegant wooden children’s table and chair set is perfect for children aged 3 years and above. The tabletop comes with a smooth wood-finished look that makes for a comfortable surface for the kids to work on. It goes without saying, the furniture is also effortless to put together and maintain. Your kid could use this multifunctional table for snack times, meal times, homework, projects, or art and craft activities. This durable set can be placed in your living area or your child’s bedroom. The simple farmhouse style look and the option of colors complement all kinds of home decor. If you want a great provision for group play or evening tea parties for your kid, you can order additional chairs to go with it. This beautiful set of tables and chairs will ensure long hours of engaging playtime and learning.

10. Best Ergonomic Design:Costzon Kids Table And Chair Set

This great-looking kids table and chair set are well suited for kids upto 7 years of age. The table and chair set comes in 3  soothing and attractive color options and looks very trendy with its quality make and ergonomic design, ensuring that your child always sits in the proper posture. The chair and table feature a solid load-bearing range of upto 176 lbs, thus offering a stable and strong surface for your kids to work on. The corners of the table and chairs are well rounded to avoid any sharp edge-related injury or accidents. They come with these adorable and well-roomed storage boxes, so you have ample space to keep their stationery items or toys during their activity or playtime. They are removable, hence cleaning them also becomes easy. The tables are made from durable, waterproof PE plastic and therefore good enough to use both indoors and outdoors and are impact resistant. They are extremely easy to clean too. So what are you waiting for? Grab a set and let your kid have the best time ever!

11. Best Ergonomic Design:Costzon Kids Table And Chair Set

This amazing multipurpose toddler table and chair set could become your child’s favorite companion. The table presents a versatile 2-sided top surface, with a blackboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other. Now your child can work independently and creatively, making use of these surfaces that can be cleaned with just a  few strokes of wipes or wet cloth. The purpose-built storage boxes are great to store your child’s books, stationery, or toys and keep the table and around totally mess-free. The wood construction makes the table and the chair set highly durable, and your child can use them for a long time. The materials used to make this set are child-friendly, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. So you can have your peace of mind while your child enjoys their alone time. The set is lightweight enough for kids to move it and enjoy their activities at different places. The set comes with 2 color options to choose from and can be a lovely addition to your child’s bedroom.

Now you must have got a fair idea about how these toddler tables and chairs can be so useful for your child. But if you are wondering which one would be most suited for your needs, read the following buying guide for a better clarity.

How To Choose Right Toddler Tables And Chairs

  • Size

It would help if you always chose a toddler table and chairs set depending upon your toddler’s age and height. If you want to consider using it for a longer time, you could choose those with adjustable dimensions. The tables and chairs for kids should be designed so that their legs and buttocks fit snugly so that their bodies have balance and stability. They should be able to reach the seat comfortably, and their toes should touch the ground, which prevents the chances of tipping and injury.

  • Design

The design of your toddler table and chair depends on the availability of space in your house and where you might want to keep it. If you want to keep it in your living room, you could go for basic designs and neutral colors to go well with your house decor. If you’re going to be more experimental and give your kid’s room a vibrant look, you can choose the more colorful, funkier options. If you have a compact home, go for foldable tables with 2 chairs or the ones which nest the chairs underneath the tables, and if you have a larger space, the bigger, elaborate tables with multiple parts and more chairs could be suited for you. Also, if you have younger toddlers, avoid any sharp corners design so that your kids are safe.

  • Material

The toddlers can be pretty curious and rough in terms of handling their furniture. Dragging the pieces, jumping over them, and tipping them off are some of the very common things that adventurous toddlers do. So pick your furniture accordingly. The toddler tables and chairs mostly come in wooden make, or high-grade plastic make. You can make a choice regarding which material would fit your child’s requirements and temperament. They should also be easy to clean and maintain. Irrespective of the material you choose, make sure that the product is child-friendly without toxic materials or colors.

  • Sturdiness and portability

The size and make of your kid’s furniture may vary, but make sure that it is sturdy enough to last long and endure rough handling. When children are young, you need to supervise them, and hence the tables and chairs should be lightweight enough to be carried around. That way, you will have the freedom to make them sit where you are present, and it won’t affect their learning or activity time.

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When kids are growing up, it is vital to give them a space of their own to be fruitfully and creatively engaged. It makes them more responsible and independent. They also learn spatial skills by managing their things in a given space. A good set of toddler tables and chairs will make your kid feel more attentive and vital. So pick one from our list of 11 best toddler tables and chairs, and let us know which one caught your fancy!

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