11 Best Toe Rings For Women In 2021


Toe rings are a fun way to add some style and elegance to your overall look. Like finger rings, toe rings are small and may not always get the attention they deserve. But when your footwear shows off your manicured toenails, why not deck them up a bit more by putting on a toe ring or two?

Just like the finger rings, toe rings are available in different styles and forms, from pretty floral embedded bands to the classic double bands. Women generally prefer to wear toe rings with barefoot sandals, flip flops, and anklets.

Keep reading to explore some of the best toe rings for women in this list by MomJunction and choose one that matches your personality and style.

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11 Best Toe Rings For Women

1. Funrun Jewelry 2 Pcs Sterling Silver Toe Ring For Women

Funrun Jewelry 2 Pcs Sterling Silver

If you prefer minimalist jewelry, these sterling silver toe rings are a great pick. The rings are inspired by vintage style designs and are smooth to wear. These Hawaiian style high-quality toe rings are platinum plated and are safe for sensitive skin too.


  • Polished finish
  • Open-end design for a better fit
  • Adjustable rings that can be worn as a knuckle ring and stacking ring too
  • The smooth inner finish of the rings makes them safe for regular wear


  • Metal may not suit everyone
  • Can be too tight for some

2. Finrezio 8PCS Adjustable Toe Ring Set

Finrezio 8PCS Adjustable

If you want to switch your everyday rings to rings that complement different outfits, this set of eight toe rings by Finzeriois is a good option. These simple and pretty toe rings are made of copper with platinum-plated so that you don’t have to worry about rust or tarnishing. 


  • Platinum-plated to prevent rusting or tarnishing
  • Long-lasting and adjustable
  • Smooth inner finish to prevent injuries to toes
  • Minimalistic and elegant designs


  • May snag on carpets and rough surfaces

3. Jstyle 8-12Pcs Adjustable Toe Rings For Women

Jstyle 8-12Pcs Adjustable

If you prefer silver-tone toe rings or jewelry, this set of Jstyle adjustable toe rings with some classy designs will impress you. All the toe rings in this set are unique and elegantly designed.


  • Shiny silver surface
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Adjustable and open ring design
  • No rough ends


  • Finishing of the diamonds may wear

4. JOERICA 6-8 Pcs Toe Rings Set For Women

JOERICA 6-8 Pcs Toe Rings

If you want a unique piece of jewelry that not everyone wears, the Joerica to ring set is worth a look. This set has rings that will suit different occasions. This adjustable and retro gift set consists of a simple single band, a double band, a band with diamonds, a ring with pretty cutouts, and two leaf and arrow rings.


  • Adjustable
  • Trendy and chic rings
  • Can be stacked
  • Collection of unique toe rings


  • Breaks easily
  • May not offer a tight grip

5. Funrun Jewelry 12PCS Anklet and Toe Ring Set For Women

Funrun Jewelry 12PCS Anklet

For women obsessed with foot jewelry, this anklet and toe-ring set is a great option. This comes with eight trendy and glamorous chain anklets and four minimalistic toe rings. The anklets are made using different alloys, and toe rings are made of copper. 


  • The chain anklets can be conveniently put on and removed
  • Open-design toe rings for better grip
  • Glossy and rich polish
  • Minimalistic and feminine designs


  • Thin rings might not offer proper grip
  • Charms may get caught on rough surfaces

6. Yaomiao 27 Pieces Knuckle Rings Open Toe Rings Set For Women

Yaomiao 27 Pieces Knuckle

If you prefer bohemian style, silver-toned chunky toe rings, this set of 27 unique and vibrant toe rings might interest you.  The adjustable toe rings would be apt if you don’t want the hassle of fitted rings. This set consists of both silver and black-toned rings. 


  • Set of 27 toe rings for every occasion
  • Each ring is designed differently and with care
  • Can be used as stacked rings, knuckle ring, stopper ring, etc.
  • Made using high-quality alloy


  • The bands are thin and may wear out easily

7. Elastic Crystal Toe Ring, Mixed Color

Elastic Crystal Toe Ring

If you like studded jewelry, this set of 12 colorful toe rings could be a good pick. A little different from regular toe rings, these elastic crystal toe rings are embedded with colorful rhinestones that’ll compliment your everyday outfits. 


  • Available in different colors to match your outfits
  • It’ll fit your toe comfortably as its stretchy
  • Great for people with small toes


  • Elastic may pinch and irritate the skin
  • The rings can hurt when they roll on the fingers

8. FIBO STEEL 3 – 18 Pcs Open Toe Rings For Women

FIBO STEEL 3 - 18 Pcs

A perfect addition to the designs of simple toe ring bands is the swirl pattern. The swirl rings are very popular these days, and this set also consists of the simple toe rings you might like to wear every day.


  • Cute and chic designs for regular use
  • Made using quality copper, and plated with sterling silver
  • Tarnish and rust-resistant
  • Adjustable fit


  • May not provide a tight grip

9. Sunmoon 8PCS Open Toe Rings Set For Women

Sunmoon 8PCS Open Toe Rings

If you have sensitive skin, these hypoallergenic toe rings are a good choice, as they do not irritate the skin or trigger an allergic reaction. These toe rings are available in silver, rose gold, and gold tones. The set consists of an arrowhead band, cut-out band, floral knot band, infinity band, and other single and triple bands. 



  • Fits all the toes
  • Polished and glossy finish
  • Great for beach parties and everyday use 


  • Only slightly adjustable

10. Kuta Kraft 4 Pieces Open Toe Ring For Women

Kuta Kraft 4 Pieces Open

These copper-nickel toe rings in sterling silver coating are great for parties and also for office wear. If you don’t cover your feet fully, these pretty and unique toe rings can make your toes pop. The set comes with four refreshing and chic designs. You’ll get two double and triple-band toe rings, and two chic swirl toe rings with stone-studded patterns.


  • Set of four trendy toe rings
  • Appealing designs
  • Sterling silver plating for a rich effect
  • Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift 


  • Swirl rings may not provide better grip
  • The diamonds may fall off after repeated use

11. Fun Express Stretchy Flower Toe Ring Jewelry – 12 Pieces

Fun Express Stretchy Flower

Flower toe rings are delicate and feminine floral patterns. If you’ve got a recent pedicure, these stretchy and appealing floral toe rings will make your toes pop. The 12 toe rings are made using acrylic flowers and stretchy elastic cord so it can fit anyone’s toes easily. 


  • The stretchy cord won’t hurt
  • Also great if you are allergic to metal alloys
  • Comes in various colors


  • Doesn’t offer a perfect grip as the cord might loosen up
  • The flowers might fall off

How To Choose The Right Toe Rings?

Toe rings come in different shapes and sizes. Here are a few things to remember while buying toe rings.

  • Adjustable: If you don’t want the hassle of removing and wearing the tight-fitted rings every day, you can choose adjustable rings. These rings open on one side so that you can easily insert it and tighten it as per the size of your toe. These rings generally offer a great fit.
  • Fitted: The fitted toe rings are not the best options as they have specific dimensions and may not fit everyone. Unlike the finger, the toes are wide and narrow at different areas. So, if you have thin or small toes, the rings will glide down and cause discomfort. However, if you find fitted toe rings as per your size, you may buy them.
  • Simple band: Simple bands are the most stylish and chic toe rings. You can also wear these toe rings for casual events, to the office, and even parties. Sterling silver toe bands are especially popular as they last long, are tarnish and rust-resistant, and fit perfectly.
  • Beaded and studded: The beaded or studded toe rings look elegant, but they have a short life. The rhinestones, diamonds, and charms come off.

Also, these embellishments get caught on rough surfaces and cause discomfort. So, if you want a delicate and feminine toe ring for a special occasion or for a short while, the floral studded toe rings are great. For everyday wear, these toe rings are not suitable.

  • Stretchy: These toe rings suit women who are allergic to metals and alloys. These toe rings are made of a stretchable cord and some acrylic flowers. Some rings are also made using hypoallergenic metals that are safe for skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which toe should I wear my toe ring on?

While in some cultures, the toe ring is worn on the second toe of the foot, next to the big toe or thumb, there is no rule in particular. Some also wear it on the third toe of the foot, and some suggest that the best position to wear the toe ring is right between the toe knuckle and the toe pad because it doesn’t touch the ground and you will be able to wear it comfortably.

2. Can men and women both wear toe rings?

Yes. Several men wear toe rings and pull it off quite humbly. However, the toe rings won’t complement various outfits that require them to wear shoes or boots. Those who do wear prefer to wear a band on the big toe or the second toe.

3. I am sensitive to most alloys, what material should I be looking for?

People with sensitive skin may face allergic reactions like rashes and itching if they wear jewelry made using metal alloys. If your skin is highly sensitive to alloys, avoid toe rings made of nickel, copper, rose gold, brass gold, or other plated metals. You can choose platinum or tantalum as these pure metals are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin.

4. What is the most durable material for this kind of jewelry?

Although toe rings are made using various metals, the most popular and durable metals used for making toe rings are sterling silver and gold. Toe rings made using these metals can last for years without fading or losing shine. 

If you love to accessorize and want to sport a chic look, toe rings are a perfect addition to the list of your everyday accessories. You can pair your outfits with different toe rings and make your gorgeous pedicured feet look even more stunning.

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