11 Best Toilet Brushes In 2023

Keep your toilets clean with our list of the best toilet brushes. Any toilet gets filthy if not cleaned regularly. Therefore, every building with a toilet, whether small or large, must have a good-quality toilet brush for proper cleaning. An unclean toilet is a health concern. Even if you do flush after each use, a few waste materials tend to remain in the toilet. As a result, they lead to the growth of unhealthy, disease-causing bacteria. Using a brush with the proper cleaning solutions helps destroy them for good.

Toilet brushes have a simple design. They contain a large handle with plastic or organic bristles on one end for thorough cleaning. The tried-and-tested brushes in our list have ergonomic handles for an easy grip, allowing you to move the brush conveniently to reach the corners. With various options available, you can go through the list to pick an efficient one that suits your requirements.

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11 Best Toilet Brushes In 2021

1. Best Scratch-Preventing:mDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Toilet Brush With Holder


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

This product is a hit with users, evidenced by the 24,292 fine reviews on Amazon.

If you like having everything organized and clean, then you are going to love this! This toilet brush’s sturdy-bristles clean thoroughly even in the hard-to-reach places. It has a classic look that will match any decor. It comes with an individual holder to store the brush and tuck it away in a corner to keep everything clean and dry. The bowl is non-slip and non-skid foam-based to avoid it from falling over. It is also made from durable shatter-resistant and rust-proof plastic material to ace the test of durability.

Item Weight: 10.4 ounces | Shape: Round | Material: Plastic | Product Dimensions: 16"L x 4.2"W x 4.2"H | Handle Material: True | Color: Bronze


  • The brush can sit on its own without the holder.
  • The foam base under the brush holder prevents scratches on the floor.
  • The handle fits in the hand very comfortably.
  • The handle has a disc that protects your hands from splashes.
  • It is ideal for guest bathrooms, half & full baths, and powder rooms.


  • The bristles might be prone to breakage.
protip_icon Quick tip

One of the effective ways to prevent scratches on the toilet bowl is to replace the toilet brush as soon as its bristles begin to flatten and wear out to avoid the brush’s body from scraping against the bowl.

2. Best Easy Replacement:simplehuman Toilet Brush With Holder

simplehuman Toilet Brush With Holder Image: Simplehuman

Want to make your toilet cleaning task effortless? With the help of this angled toilet brush from simplehuman, you get what you need. It has a specially designed crescent-shaped brush head to help you clean the sides around the rim which is not easy with usual brushes. The stiff outer bristles help in getting rid of tough stains without much effort. The handle is made from durable stainless steel that can withstand rigorous use.

Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds | Material: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 7.3"L x 3.7"W x 18.6"H | Handle Material: Stainless,Stainless Steel,Steel | Color: White


  • It comes with a slim, dome-shaped caddy to store away the toilet brush.
  • The brush head can be removed for easy replacement.
  • It has a magnetic collar which helps in firmly locking on to the cover making it easy to transport without dripping.


  • The threading that connects the brush to the handle might loosen while using.

3. Best Easy-To-Wash:BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

About 15,968 reviewers on Amazon have given their seal of approval to the product.

Are you tired of your old toilet brush of which the bristles keep breaking every time you use it? With this brush from BOOMJOY, you will not have to worry about that anymore. The brush head has bristles that are made from TPR materials that are durable and leaves your toilet unscratched. The handle is made from stainless steel to ensure longevity and avoid any rust. Even if the stains are hard, it cleans them off easily. With the help of this brush, you can keep your toilet clean and shining. This video helps you know more about the self-standing toilet brush.

Item Weight: 1.03 pounds | Shape: Round | Material: Plastic | Product Dimensions: 5"L x 5"W x 16"H | Handle Material: Aluminum | Color: White


  • The brush head is easy to wash and dries fast.
  • It comes with a stable PP thickened base to store the toilet brush.
  • The base also avoids any spilling to keep the bathroom clean.
  • It includes a pullout tweezer to remove hair and other things.


  • It might be difficult to clean the corners around the rim with this brush.
protip_icon Do remember

Apart from focusing on the features of the brush, always ensure that the toilet brush holder is sturdy enough to avoid tip-overs and wide enough to prevent spills.
Best Scratch-Preventing
Best Easy Replacement
Best Easy-To-Wash
mDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Toilet Brush With Holder simplehuman Toilet Brush With Holder BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set
Weight 10.4 ounces 1.1 Pounds 1.03 pounds
Shape Round- Round
Material Plastic Stainless Steel Plastic
Dimensions 16"L x 4.2"W x 4.2"H 7.3"L x 3.7"W x 18.6"H 5"L x 5"W x 16"H
Handle Material True Stainless,Stainless Steel,Steel Aluminum
Color Bronze White White
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4. Best Ergonomic:Holikme Toilet Brush and Holder Set

The most difficult part of the toilet to clean is definitely the bottom of the u-bend. This toilet scrub brush from Holikme is exactly what you need to tackle the situation. It has a bendable brush head with bristles made from TPR material. It becomes very easy and effortless to clean those spots without leaving any scratches or any broken bristles. The brushes are tested and verified to ensure you receive the product that you pay for.

Item Weight: 8.8 ounces | Material: Silicone | Handle Material: Silicone,Plastic,Plastic Handle | Color: White


  • The handle is ergonomically designed to fit your hand.
  • The set also includes a wall-mountable base to store the brush.
  • Both the brush and the holder have quick-drying ability to avoid making a mess.


  • The handle might be a little flimsy.

5. Best Waterproof:Sellemer Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Have you ever thought about a toilet cleaning tool being simple and yet feel premium? This toilet brush from Sellemer has a premium-made PP handle and a TPR brush head. The flathead allows you to easily reach the rim and the no dead corner. There is also a leak-proof holder that comes with it to place the brush in. It has large silicone bristles to prevent hair from entangling and other dirty stuff. Not just toilets, it can also be used to clean wash basins, sinks, and bathtubs. This product testing video can help you make an informed decision.

Item Weight: 12 ounces | Shape: Triangular | Product Dimensions: 4.53"L x 2.36"W x 16.53"H | Handle Material: Silicone | Color: Silver


  • The TPR brush head does not get stained and is easy-to-clean.
  • The holder has a drip slot in the interior to collect all the drips from the brush.
  • The handle is made from waterproof PP silicone material and connects to the brush without any gaps.


  • The bristles might be too stiff.
protip_icon Quick tip

When cleaning the toilet brush, always let the brush sit and soak in the disinfectant solution for at least half an hour to ensure a thorough cleanse.

6. Best For Heavy Usage:Rubbermaid Commercial 14.5 Inch Toilet Brush

This compact toilet brush from Rubbermaid features a simple and sturdy design that is suited for all types of bathrooms. Be it cleaning residential, commercial, industrial, or medical bathrooms, this is one of the best toilet brushes for cleaning. The bristles are made from white polypropylene which is a kind of plastic known for its longevity and chemical resistance. It measures about 2×8 inches, so you have enough handle to hold while using it.

Item Weight: 0.16 ounces | Material: Plastic | Product Dimensions: 15"L x 3.4"W x 3.4"H | Handle Material: Plastic | Color: White


  • The hole in the handle will help you to hang it on the wall easily.
  • It is ideal for both moderate and heavy usage.
  • The bristle is resistant to odors, stains, bacteria, fungi, and getting worn out.


  • It does not include a holding bowl for the brush.

7. Best Long-Handled:SpunKo Toilet Brush and Holder Set

When you want to clean the toilet in every possible direction, you need to buy this stainless steel toilet brush from SpunKo. It has long and dense bristles that make cleaning every corner of the toilet extremely easy. The handle is long and made from 304 stainless steel to stand the test of time. It has an elegant and stylish design to ensure that it fits right in with your decor. It includes a plastic container that can be used to store the brush after it is used.

Item Weight: 1.59 pounds | Shape: Round | Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic | Handle Material: Stainless Steel,Plastic | Color: White-2 Pack


  • The holder collects all water droplets from the brush and keeps it looking clean.
  • The handle has a lid that shields you from dirty water splatters.
  • The brush head is detachable making replacements easy.


  • It does not come pre-assembled out of the box.

8. Best Non-Slip Design:TreeLen Toilet Brush and Holder

This toilet bowl brush from TreeLen is one of the most highly-rated toilet brushes online. It is majorly loved for its modern look and ergonomically-designed handle. It is a long-handled toilet brush that helps you keep your hand as far as possible from splashes. It has a unique brush head design that has a brush on the side to allow for a complete 360° sweep of the toilet bowl. It can quickly become expert-approved as it has PET bristles to keep the toilet bowl scratch-proof. It also allows the water to be completely drained without taking ages to dry.

Item Weight: 10.2 ounces | Shape: Round | Material: Plastic | Product Dimensions: 6.2"L x 4.8"W x 15.5"H | Handle Material: Plastic | Color: White/Green


  • It comes with a brush holder of matching color.
  • The handle has a non-slip design that provides extra comfort while holding it.
  • This complete toilet brush set is compact and can fit perfectly in any part of your bathroom.


  • The bristles might be a bit hard and might require additional effort.

9. Best Flexible:FYLINA Toilet Brush and Holder

This compact brush from FYLINA is flexible yet sturdy and dense enough to get rid of even the most stubborn stain on your toilet bowl. It has TPR bristles that provide excellent cleaning capability and helps in removing stains from dead corners. Even with rough usage, the bristles do not deform or break easily. It also comes with a brush holder that has a hollow design and a water storage drawer. The water storage drawer can be removed to get rid of the excess water collected from the brush.

Item Weight: 10.5 ounces | Product Dimensions: 13.78"L x 4.72"W x 5.12"H | Handle Material: Aluminum Handle,Tpr,Silicone | Color: White


  • The bristles do not allow any hair to be entangled in them.
  • It has an ergonomic non-slip extended handle to have a firm grip on the brush.
  • The toilet brush along with the holder can either be placed on the floor or hung from the wall to have extra floor space.


  • The brush has to be assembled manually.

10. Best Breathable Base:MEXERRIS Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Traditional plastic toilet brushes cause a lot more harm than good when cleaning your toilet. Its bristles break, scratch the toilet bowl, and whatnot. But with this bristled toilet brush from MEXERRIS, you can avoid all that. It has high-quality premium TPR material-based bristles that are soft yet durable with no shedding. It is tough enough to get rid of the stains yet gentle to keep the toilet scratch-free. The ergonomic design of the handle provides a comfortable grip on the brush while holding it.

Item Weight: 13.1 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5.71"L x 5.71"W x 15.75"H | Handle Material: Stainless,Tpr,Silicone,Steel | Color: Black


  • The package includes a hollowed-out breathable base with a built-in tray to collect excess water.
  • It provides maximum contact with the surface to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • The heavy-duty toilet brush holder has a quick-drying feature to ensure there is no mess made by the brush itself.
  • It has a tweezer set hidden in the top part of the handle to clean sinks and bathtubs of debris and hair.


  • The bristle might not be stiff enough for cleaning hard stains.

11. Best Fully-Assembled:Kinsky Toilet Brush

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Do you have a house party coming up and your house is still a mess? Since the bathroom is one room that will definitely be used by everyone, it needs to clean. Be it cleaning the mess before or after the party, you need this toilet brush from Kinsky. It has strong nylon bristles that are dense. These bristles help in getting rid of the stains easily without any deformation. It has a strong and steel-reinforced handle that is not easy to break.

Item Weight: 6.4 ounces | Shape: Round | Material: Plastic | Product Dimensions: 4.5"L x 4.5"W x 16.5"H | Handle Material: Alloy Steel | Color: White


  • The handle is designed to fit the hand shape and to endure the grip strength.
  • It can be placed in the small base that it comes with and stored in a convenient place.
  • The base has an intermediate hole design that allows the cup to dry fast.
  • It comes fully-assembled.


  • The handle might be a bit short.

A Buying Guide To The Best Toilet Brush

Here are a few pointers that should help you recognize the toilet brush that is ideal for your usage.

  • Bristle: Having a high-quality and durable bristle is what makes the toilet brush worth it. Bristles that are made from TPR or polypropylene are extremely durable that will last for a long time even with harsh usage. They are also scratch-proof which leaves your toilet bowl unharmed. Some bristles are also quick-drying in nature, so you might want to look into that as well.
  • Handle: The handle is what holds the brush head and what you hold while cleaning the toilet. Since cleaning toilets might require a little extra force at times, you need a handle that will not break easily. Depending on the brand, the handles will be made of plastic or stainless steel. Apart from that, cleaning a toilet bowl can get quite messy during which you can easily splatter dirty water on your hands. Some brands even have shields on the handle which protect your hand from getting splattered on. So, depending on your requirement, you can decide on the brush that has the handle you like.
  • Holding Bowl: A holding bowl basically enables you to tuck away your toilet brush in a corner. They also act as a container to collect all water droplets from the brush after you have used it. Most products on our list are sets of toilet brushes with holders, but if you choose a product without a holder, you can buy the holder separately.

Why Trust MomJunction?

With thorough research and analysis, we have created a list of the best toilet brushes for our readers. We have also read several online reviews to ensure the products we picked for the list can cater to the customers’ requirements. This list consists of some effective toilet brushes to keep your toilets free from harmful bacteria and always maintain hygiene. This article also contains a buying guide and an FAQ section to help you choose the right product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should a toilet brush be cleaned?

All toilet brushes should be cleaned immediately after every use.

2. How do I use a toilet brush?

Approximately 10 minutes before you start cleaning the toilet bowl with a brush, pour in some cleaner and let it work on the dirt. Now scrub the bowl and all its corners thoroughly using the brush. When you are done, flush the toilet. You should also scrub the outside part when you are done cleaning the inside.

3. Are silicone toilet brushes more hygienic?

Silicone brushes are considered one of the most hygienic toilet brush types since they attract fewer germs than plastic which decreases any chances of infection. It dries much faster than plastic too.

4. How do I clean a toilet brush?

Here are the steps involved in cleaning a toilet brush:

  • Soak the toilet brush and the holder overnight in a water-vinegar solution
  • The next day, scrub them with two grams of baking soda and a stiff brush while wearing rubber gloves
  • Run hot water over the two for 30 seconds
  • Let the brush and holder sundry

5. How often should I replace my toilet brush?

It’s best to replace a toilet brush once every six months, but if you clean it thoroughly after every use, you may continue to use it until the bristles are misshapen or it smells foul despite cleansing. If it is a disposable toilet brush, then it can only be used once.

The Bottom Line

Good-quality toilet brushes are essential in every household to ensure your toilet stays clean and hygienic. Consider using toilet brushes made from durable TPR or polypropylene bristles that help clean effectively without leaving marks. Our top choices include the simplehuman Toilet Brush With Holder for its removable, angled brush head and the mDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Toilet Brush for its sturdy bristles and scratch-resistant foam base. The Boomjoy Toilet Brush and Holder Set is also popular for its rust-resistant stainless steel handle. When choosing the right brush for your household, ensure it has an ergonomic handle and a holding bowl to store the brush after use. We hope our list of the best toilet brushes can help you understand the necessary features and designs to find a suitable product.

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