11 Best Toilet Papers To Buy Online In India In 2024

Toilet paper is a crucial bathroom accessory that helps us stay clean and hygienic and is often used along with water. The right kind of paper is essential to ensure sanitation at home or in commercial spaces. The best kinds of toilet paper are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and comfortable on the skin.

It should also be light enough to be flushed or disposed of without much hassle. There are several brands of toilet rolls to choose from. Here, we list some of the best toilet papers in India that can be purchased online or at general stores.

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Types Of Toilet Papers

  • One-Ply/ Single-ply Toilet papers are cost-effective and can be used in offices and commercial settings where multiple rolls are used in a single day.
  • Two-Ply toilet papers are thicker than one-ply paper and are mainly used for household use. They are suitable if the skin is
  • Three-Ply toilet papers are more absorbent and also softer than two-ply toilet papers.
  • Unbleached toilet paper or brown toilet paper is made with recycled materials and unbleached. They are environment-friendly but may not be as soft as white toilet paper.
  • Bamboo toilet paper is made of bamboo pulp, which is most suitable for sensitive skin. They are entirely BPA-free.
  • Marine toilet paper, also called RV camping toilet paper, is designed to provide excellent softness.

11 Best Toilet Papers In India

1. Origami 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

Origami’s soft 3-ply toilet rolls are absorbent and suitable for multi-purpose use. Each roll has 160 sheets of toilet paper made of virgin fiber and renewable forest resources and recycled. The toilet papers are used to clean oil, water, and even gravy.

They will not cause any clogging because the toilet paper dissolves easily when flushing. Therefore, these toilet rolls are suitable for commercial and private buildings with narrow pipes and older plumbing systems.

2. Presto! 3 Ply Bathroom Tissue Toilet Paper Roll

Presto’s toilet paper is made of 100% virgin paper, which means it is highly absorbent. Each roll includes 300 layers of soft 3-ply toilet paper that can be easily flushed and will not block the drainage system.

The tissue paper does not contain optical brighteners, fragrances, and dyes to prevent skin allergies or rashes. The toilet rolls areeasy to use with the dispenser and suitable for placing in the toilet paper holder.

3. Selpak Toilet Paper Tissue Roll 3ply

Selpak provides extra soft tissues with an ultra-thick cushion design. These papers are entirely biodegradable and made from 100% cellulose. The 3-ply sheet is strong and durable. Each thin paper roll is light, weighing about 105 grams.

Selpak toilet paper is environmentally friendly, easy to dissolve after flushing, and will not clog the drain.This product is an ideal choice for people looking for luxurious quality and functionality.

4. Xuro Paseo Imported 2 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper

Xuro tissue paper is thin and delicate,with 2-ply sheets. The toilet paper is hypoallergenic and does not have chemical additives, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

The tissue paper is finely embossed and is known to provide an unparalleled softness, which means they dissolve quickly and do not clog the drains. Since the tissue is made of 100% natural virgin fibers, it is environmentally friendly.

5. Jackson Toilet Paper 2 Ply

The two-ply toilet roll is made of virgin wood pulp. The high-quality imported paper is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is also gentle to use and has a non-irritating texture. Each Jackson tissue roll contains more than 270 pulls.

Jackson toilet paper is designed with moisture lock-in technology. Paper is also highly absorbent, soft, easily dissolves after washing, and will not block the drainage system.

6. Kleenex 2 ply Toilet Paper Tissue Roll

Kleenex tissues are made of virgin fibers and suitable for all skin types. These rolls can fit perfectly into a universal colored toilet paper dispenser. The 2-ply sheets are easy to dissolve when in contact with water and easy to dispose of without worrying about the drain pipes clogging.

The paper towel rolls are individually packaged and kept intact until they are taken out for use. The toilet paper is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Each roll contains about 160 tissue pulls.

7. Premier Tissues Toilet Tissue

Premier tissue paper rolls are soft and highly absorbent. The tissues also have high dry strength and easily soluble in water. The floral embossed pattern provides excellent softness, making the tissue paper suitable for all skin types.The FSC-certified toilet paper roll contains about 160 sheets of 2-ply tissue paper pulls, ideal for home or office use.

8. Bella India No1 Karo White Toilet Tissue Roll

Bella India’s toilet paper is available in two colors: blue and white. The toilet paper is made of 100% cellulose of the finest quality and is environmentally friendly. Bella toilet paper combines softness, strength, and high absorbent quality for ultimate cleanliness and comfort. The delicate texture of the embossed paper makes it suitable for all skin types.

Each toilet paper rollcontains approximately 150 sheets of paper.

9. Fluf White 2 Ply Toilet Tissue Toilet Roll

Fluf’s two-ply toilet roll is exceptionally soft. Every tissue roll contains 180 tissue pulls. The high-quality tissue paper is smooth and provides a luxurious feel and perfect hygiene. These paper rolls are dispenser-friendly and compatible with universal toilet paper dispensers.

The durable toilet paper is lightweight and a popular choice in commercial spaces. After washing, the tissue will dissolve without clogging the drainage system.

10. Beco Eco Friendly Tissue Roll

The Beco 3-ply tissue roll is made of 100% organic bamboo,which is sustainable. It is an ultimate substitute for traditional tree-based tissues as bamboo grass grows faster. The tissue does not contain parabens, BPA, and chlorine, which can protect the skin from irritation.

The unbleached paper is highly absorbent and biodegradable, suitable for all drainage systems. The tissue has no toxic elements and biodegrades in the soil within six months. Each roll contains about 220 tissue pulls.

11. Krum Toilet Tissue Paper

Krum tissue paper is made of high-quality material. Each roll consists of 100 sheets. These tissue papers are soft, comfortable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. They have good absorbency and can easily dissolve, which makes them suitable for home and commercial use.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Toilet Paper In India?

While choosing a tissue paper seems easy enough, we need to consider the following factors to get the best one.

  • If you have sensitive skin, consider choosing hypoallergenic toilet paper.
  • Choose toilet paper made of virgin pulp paper as they are softer. If tissue paper is used for cleaning purposes, consider buying tissue paper made of wood pulp or cellulose.
  • FSC-certified toilet papers have excellent softness.
  • Single-ply toilet papers are cost-effective, so they are suitable for commercial use. The 2-ply or 3-ply high-quality tissue papers are convenient for home use.
  • Check the number of sheets in each roll. Buying large rolls means you don’t have to replenish the tissue papers too frequently.
  • If you choose toilet paper for cleaning purposes, select the thin paper with uneven texture because it can easily remove dirt.
  • Check whether the toilet paper is easy to discard and biodegradable.

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