15 Best Tortilla Makers To Buy In 2021

Best Tortilla Makers To Buy

A tortilla is a thin and pliable flatbread used as a wrap in Mexican and South American cuisines. Tortillas are delicious and healthy as they are made of whole wheat and accompanied by vegetables and meat as fillings. They are used in a variety ofdishes, including tacos, burritos, empanadas, and quesadillas. However, buying tortillas from restaurants and markets could be expensive. If you like tortillas and want to relish them often, consider having a tortilla maker at home.

Choosing the right tortilla maker from variousoptions,including heavy cast iron to aluminum and even electric ones, could be confusing. In this post, we list some of the besttortilla makers with their features. 

15 Best Tortilla Makers

1. Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The Victoria tortilla press is made from heavy-duty cast iron and hasprecisely molded flat plates to make perfectly flat tortillas. It is durable, versatile, andcan be used to makevariousitems such asempanadas, arepas, plantains, and a variety of other flatbreads. Itssimple andergonomic design makes it easy to clean and maintain.


  • Cast iron body with non-GMO flaxseed oil seasoning
  • Eight-inch plate forbigtortillas
  • Reinforced handle design for smooth pressing action
  • Sand-casted flat inner plates
  • Heavy-weight build for flat and even pressing

2. Imusa Tortilla Press

Imusa Tortilla Press

The heavy-duty aluminum build tortilla press from Imusahas a good design and expert craft,making it versatile and useful. The lightweight and small press is easy to use and can be carried anywhere. It is ideal for makingvarious flatbreads,such as tortillas, Indian bread, burritos, and tostones. The press is available in three colors.


  • Traditional design
  • High-end silver finish
  • Curved handle design for a stable grip
  • Suitable for large quantities

3. Norpro Tortilla Maker

Norpro Tortilla Maker

The Norprocast aluminum-based traditional tortilla presscan make flattened tortillas. It is budget-friendly, lightweight,and premium-looking with a smooth finish and shiny appearance. A simple easy-to-carry designmakes it travel friendly, and you can choose either a six-inch or eight-inch tortilla maker as per your requirements. It comes with a recipe book for you to explore some new dishes.


  • Easytoclean and wash
  • Center-weighted handle for precise pressing action
  • Smooth texture, convenient for a user
  • Durable and sturdy

4. Alpha Living Tortilla Press

Alpha Living Tortilla Press

The heavy-dutycast-iron buildtortilla press has a 7.5-inch cooking plate to make perfectly flat and uniform tortillas. It is sturdy, weighs 4.10lb, and lets you make a variety of flatbreads. The light and easy-to-use handle gives you a seamless experience when pressing the dough ballto the desired size.


  • Extended, curved handle
  • Stable non-slippery grip
  • Suitable for harder dough varieties
  • Durable andlong-lasting

5. Uno Casa Tortilla Press

Uno Casa Tortilla Press

The Uno Casa tortilla press is a heavy-duty, durable tortilla makermade fromhigh-quality cast iron. The weight of the press provides the right amount of pressureto makeperfectly flattened and round tortillas. The surface is pre-seasoned with flaxseed oilto prevent rust and increase its shelf life. A bolted reinforced handle design provides a comfortable grip and stable press action.


  • High-quality finish and sleek design
  • Leveled inner plates
  • Extra screw sets for easy replacement
  • 100 parchment papers included
  • Can be used for multiple varieties of bread

6. Advanced Royal Champion USA Tortilla Press

Advanced Royal Champion USA

Designed to provide a smooth and even pressing action, the ARC USA tortilla press is made from cast iron. It is heavy and doesn’t require much effort from youto get theperfect result. The press is pre-seasoned with organic flax oil adds flavor to the tortillas and prevents rusting and stickiness on the surface. You can make a variety of wheat or corn tortillas and other flatbread dishes with this product.


  • 10-inchinner plate
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting
  • Curved, easy-to-grip, and balance-weighed handles
  • Easytowash and clean
  • Suitable for all dough types

7. Lodhi’s Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Lodhi’s Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The Lodhi’stortilla makeris a high-quality cast iron press with an eight-inch diameter cooking surface. With heavybodyand pressing plates, it offers even pressure on the dough ball. Moreover, the bolted handle reducesthe effort needed to get perfectly shaped tortillas. With aheavy-duty bolt at the center, the lever can be moved smoothly and pushed down to get thin tortillas. You can make a wide variety of food items, from tortillas to huaraches, andgorditas to Indian bread.


  • Versatile and balanced-weight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Simple design with sturdy construction
  • Can be used with waxed or parchment papers to avoid stickiness

8. Bioexcel Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Bioexcel Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The Bioexeltortilla press has a traditional designwith an eight-inch plateand a pressinghandle. It has a sturdy cast iron body,and a surface pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil to ensure long life, prevent rusting, and addflavor to the food. You can maketortillas,empanadas, arepas, and other breadpreparationswithinthe comforts of your home using this simple apparatus.


  • Heavy presser with sturdy components
  • Extra screws for replacement
  • Efficient and long-lasting
  • Works great with parchment or butter papers
  • Easy to clean and maintain

9. Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker

Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker

The Brentwood’stortilla maker is a 1200W electrically powered specialty applianceto press the dough and cook tortilla. It has a 10-inch nonstick aluminum cooking surface bigger than traditional tortilla presses for convenient and quick preparation of tortillas. The adjustable heat dial lets you make both soft and crispy tortillas in less time.


  • Indicator lights for power and preheat indication
  • Insulated stay-cool lever handle
  • Quality build material with a stainless steel body
  • Adjustable heat level knob

10. Starblue Tortilla Press

Starblue Tortilla Press

The durable, heavy-duty press with a 10-inch diameter surface is bigger than most traditional tortilla presses. It weighs 12.5lb and is made of pure cast iron, ideal for pressing big dough balls to make big tortillas or other flatbread dishes. The good quality cast iron press is pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil for long rust-free life.


  • Indicator light illuminates when ready
  • Nonstick cast iron plate
  • Heavy build for smooth pressing without much force
  • Easy-to-clean surface

11. Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The small yetheavy-duty cast iron tortilla presshas a 7.3in diameter. Its body is seasoned to prevent rusting and increase shelf life. A balanced press with bolted handles ensures even flattening of tortillas without putting in much effort.


  • Sturdy base and handle
  • Detachable handle for easy cleaning
  • Coated non-sticky press surface
  • Durable and long-lasting

12. Nostalgia Baked Tortilla Bowl Maker

Nostalgia Baked Tortilla Bowl Maker

Make perfect,bowl-shaped tacos at home with the baked tortilla bowl maker by simply pressing down the lid. The inner heating cup with a petal-shaped bowl lets you prepare taco bowls in three minutes. It has indicatorlights toletyou know when the appliance is heated and ready for use.Using this appliance, you can create ornamental tacobowls and make a unique presentation on the table.


  • Dual nonstick surfaces
  • Locking latch for added stability
  • Easytocleanand maintain
  • Simple and quicktouse

13. TortilladaPremium Tortilla Press

TortilladaPremium Tortilla Press

The premium-quality heavy-duty tortilla press is made from high-quality cast iron and has a high-quality finish.Its extended ergonomic handle design provides a strong drip and requiresless force when pressing. The durable tortilla press comes withan instruction guide to ensure the appliance’s longevity and an e-book for exotic cooking ideas.


  • Available in 8in and 10in
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easy and gliding pressing action
  • Pre-seasoned to improve life

14. Smart Cooks Pine Wood Tortilla press

Smart Cooks Pine Wood Tortilla press

The Smart Cooks tortilla press is lightweight and made fromsolid pine wood. The high-quality wood imparts an exotic flavor to the pressed tortillas and is easy to clean and carry anywhere. You can make perfectly shaped tortillas in this high-quality press and relish your meal.


  • Thick and curved handle for easy grip
  • Pressing surfaces are dual bolted
  • Good quality components for smooth action
  • Sturdy and traditional design

15. Mexico Wooden Tortilla Press

Mexico Wooden Tortilla Press

The good quality all-wood tortilla press from the brand Mexico has a high-quality and smooth surface finish. It has securely bolted hinges and a long handle for a better grip. You can make big tortillas in the 9-inch wood press and don’t have to worry about rusting and cleaning issues. 


  • High-quality pine wood build
  • Allows smooth pressing
  • Doesn’t have a sticky surface
  • Easy and quick to use

How To Choose The Right Tortilla Maker?

Here is a list of key features to look at whenselectinga tortilla maker. 

  1. Size: Tortilla makers come in various sizes, with the most common ones ranging from 6 to 8in. You can check the surface’s diameter and choose the most appropriate size. If you aim to have big tortillas or burritos, a 10-inch press can be a better option.
  1. Manual or electric: The popular tortilla makers are manual, non-fussy, and budget-friendly. They are functional, easy to use, and last for decades. However, you can even opt for an electric tortilla maker, which is convenient and reduces the cooking time by pressing and heating the tortilla simultaneously. These usually have come with a heat adjustment feature for even cooking.
  1. Build and usability: While heavy iron tortilla makers are ideal for making flat and thin tortillas, lightweight ones are useful when looking for a portable option. Similarly, tortilla makers with simple mechanisms are easyto assemble,clean, and maintain. You can also check handles, levers, and other components that enhanceuser experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use a tortilla press?

Take a small ball of dough and place it on the surfaceof the tortilla maker. Press down the lever hand to makethe dough ball into a perfectly shaped tortilla. Use more pressure for a thinner tortilla and less for a thick one. It is advisable to use an oilpaper or butter paper so that the dough doesn’t stick on the surface.

2. What else can I do with a tortilla maker?

Most tortilla makers are versatile in handling varieties of dough, be it wheat or corn. You can make enchiladas, dumpling skins, taco cups, and Indian bread. You can try different recipes from the internet or cookbooks anddevelop more creative ways to use this appliance.

3. What is the idealsize of a tortilla maker?

The size depends on personal preference and purpose. An 8-inch tortilla maker is ideal for burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas.On the other hand,if you make tacos regularly, a 6-inch tortilla press could be a better choice. If you prefer a 10-inchmaker, it would be better to go for an electric tortilla maker that can flatten the dough ball and cook tortilla.

A good quality tortilla maker is durable and often lasts for decades, making it a valueformoney choice. You can save your effort, time, and money to make the desired tortillas at home. All you have to do is make a round dough ball, put it in the maker, and press down the lever. Your perfectly shaped tortilla would be ready to cook.

Choose a suitable tortilla maker as per your requirements and make your homemade tortilla recipe a big hit.

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