17 Best Toy Cameras In 2022


Cameras help capture the fun moments in life. Even children love this activity, and the best toy cameras can help them photograph their playful moments. Toy cameras have several features, such as filters, frames, video recording, and timelapse. They are also waterproof and safe to use for underwater shoots. These cameras can bring out your child’s creative side and encourage them to learn basic photography skills. Here are some toy camera options of various sizes, features, safety, and durability you can choose for your child.

17 Best Toy Cameras

1. Best Auto-Focus: Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

The HD digital video camera is recommended for children from three to nine years. This navy blue camera comes with a 32GB SD card, USB, autofocus, an 8MP camera, and a 1080P video recorder. It offers a big head sticker to click photos with 28 funny frames. The dual camera allows you to click selfies by opening the switch.

The camera has a portable lanyard hang that is easy to carry around. The battery lasts for almost two hours after it is fully charged. It is safe, durable, shockproof, and made using non-toxic, high-quality soft plastic. The product dimensions are 4.13×4.09×2.24-inch and weighs 6.38oz.


2. Best Easy-To-Carry: Vatenic Kids Camera

The multi-functional kids’ digital camera has built-in 5.0 megapixels and includes video recording, playback, games, and date setting features. The photo and video mode offers 14 scene selections, and the camera features a built-in 3.7V lithium battery connected with a USB slot that lasts for three hours. It is easy to carry, durable, and made from eco-friendly, non-toxic material, shockproof and drop-resistant.

There is an auto-shut feature to preserve battery life, and it comes with a 32GB SD card and a lanyard. This digital camera has a shooting speed of 30fps. It measures 3.35×1.97×0.79-inch and weighs 0.6oz.


3. Best Dual Camera: VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

The Kidizoom camera is equipped with a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and has a dual camera to shoot selfies. The laugh-out-loud photo, cartoon, and collage effects allow your little one to be creative with their photography skills. There is a USB micro cable to transfer photos into a computer. It also has five included games, with three of them being motion-controlled.

The camera is not rechargeable and operates with four AA batteries. Suitable for children from three to nine years, this camera measures 6.4×3.6×2.3-inch, weighs 13.6oz and comes with a wrist strap. You can check this YouTube video for more information about the product.


4. Best Waterproof: Ourlife Kids Camera

The selfie action 1080P, 8MP camera features a 2.4-inch screen with an 8GB TF card, 12 different built-in frame photo effects, and seven video filters. This camera can shoot FHD 30fps videos and is suitable for children from six to fifteen years. There are face detection, self-timer, strong light suppression features, dual fill light, and long battery life that lasts for two hours. It also has a flexible camera lens that could move back and forth.

The product comes with a durable waterproof case to capture underwater photos up to 100ft deep. It has a durable neckband, a silicone handle, and a tripod bracket for protection. This product comes with a 30-day money-back policy and 12-month service. The navy-blue camera measures 3.94×2.95×1.57-inch and weighs 2.4oz. If you are still unsure about purchasing, you can check out a review of this product on YouTube.


5. Best Zooming Feature: VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix

Your toddler could have fun clicking photos using the Kidizoom digital camera, which features automatic face detection, a video recorder, a voice recorder, and four in-built games. Suitable for children from three to eight years, this camera has a 2.0MP camera with 4x zoom and requires four AA batteries.

There are 35 photo effects comprising collage templates and animated photo effects. It is also equipped with four creative apps, built-in memory, and a micro memory card slot for memory expansion. The product measures 1.97×5.97×3.36-inch and weighs 7.64oz.


6. Best Compact Design: JLtech Kids Selfie Digital Camera

The pink-colored digital selfie camera suitable for children from two to ten years is equipped with 15 funny frames, three photo effects, and six filters to allow your child to be creative with their photography. It is designed with shockproof, non-toxic, compact, and durable materials. This 5MP camera has a built-in 5V rechargeable lithium battery that could last for almost three hours on fully charging and a two-inch display screen.

The camera has a 32GB SD card, USB cable and 1080P video, and a durable lanyard for portability. The weight of this product is 7.4oz.


7. Best Memory Capacity: Voltenick Kids Camera

The 1080P digital camera is designed for three- to ten-year-olds with safe and durable material, a two-inch HD screen, and a 32GB SD card. It has 15 frames and six filters with five puzzle games and three picture modes. This portable camera comes with a USB cable for charging and downloading pictures into a computer.

There is a 12-month warranty on this product, and its continuous shooting speed is 30fps. The camera measures 4.53×3.15×2.4in and weighs 4.97-inch.


8. Best With Rechargeable Battery: Asiur Digital Camera

Instill a love of photography in your little one with the Asiur digital camera. The 5.0MP camera allows capturing of clear photos and videos and features multiple functions such as photo capture, video recording, self-timer, playback, recording, and date settings. Further, its 600mAh built-in rechargeable battery supports three to four hours of photo capturing.

This camera is made of durable material and withstands drops. It is designed with a two-inch IPS LCD screen and a 32 GB SD card for storage, and the auto-shut-off feature helps save battery.


9. Best Eye-Protection Screen: Aimego Unicorn Kids Camera

The mini digital camera suitable for children from three to eight years is an anti-drop 20MP camera with a dual camcorder, 32GB SD card, and 2in HD IPS eye protection screen. This camera can take pictures in six filters, five special effects, and 28 cartoon photo frames, click selfies, record videos in 1080P, and play three classic games. It can click nearly 2000 photos after a full charge with a standby time of five hours.

The camera is safe, portable, made from non-toxic, high-quality silicone, and has a unicorn silicone protective case and lanyard. The product includes a USB cable, a card reader, measures 2.8×3.9×2.0-inch, and weighs 0.23lb.


10. Best Versatile: Prograce Kids Camera

The pink camera with a two-inch screen and an 8.0MP camera features 15 frames, six filters, and three special frames for your child to click on creative photos. It can record videos with 1080P clarity and supports burst shooting, time-lapse, and voice recording.

The camera comes with a rechargeable battery and a 32GB micro SD card. There is a 12-month warranty on this product, and it measures 3.3×2.4×2-inch and weighs 2oz.


11. Minnie Mouse Disney Junior Picture Perfect Camera

The Disney camera is suitable for three-year-old girls and is inspired by the Minnie Mouse’s pink polka-dot bow. It features realistic camera sounds, lights, and a button that plays Minnie Mouse phrases when pressed, popping a photo from the bottom of the camera. It has a flash and three double-sided images of Minnie Mouse and Daisy in cute poses.

The camera has a crossbody strap to make it easy for your child to carry it around. The camera operates using three AG13 batteries. It measures 7x3x9-inch and weighs 9.6oz.


12. Aileho Kids Camera

The pink bear-shaped digital camera has an 8MP and 1080P video camcorder with an 8GB micro SD card and a two-inch LCD screen. It has a silicone body that is soft, abrasion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant. There are 15 frames, nine funny effects, time-lapse, and continuous shooting features.

The camera has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two hours and comes with a USB charging cord. It comes with a 12-month replacement policy, measures 3.7×2.2×2.5-inch and weighs 5.61oz.


13. Coodoo Kids Digital Camera

The shockproof camcorder comes with a 32GB SD card and a 5MP camera with a two-inch wide-angle IPS screen. Featuring 4x digital zoom, this camera offers high-quality inputs and two hours of shooting with its 3.7V lithium battery.

The camera is made from premium, non-toxic, lightweight silicone material, which is safe and crash-resistant. It includes a lanyard, measures 3.43×2.48×1.02-inch, and weighs 5.61oz.


14. Luoba Kids Camera

Luoba pink camera is a waterproof FHD 1080P video camcorder with a 32GB SD card and 8MP camera. Ideal for underwater shooting, this camera is easy to carry, and you can transfer the MP3 files to the PC using a USB cable. It has a self-timer mode and a burst mode that allows clicking three to five photographs in succession. This camera has ten cartoon frames, four filters, and eight mirror effects.


15. Elctman Kids Camera

The toddler digital camcorder is rechargeable and portable with a two-inch display, 8.0MP camera, and 32GB SD card. It supports 8x digital zoom and can shoot 1080P high-resolution videos. There are 15 frames and nine filters for your child to have fun while clicking creative photos.

The 600mAh battery can last for two to four hours with a full charge. This camera is made using eco-friendly, high-quality, non-toxic, safe, lightweight, and durable material. It comes with a sturdy lanyard to carry the camera around with ease.


16. Nimeseci Kids Camera

The 1080P HD digital dual camera is equipped with 20MP and a two-inch LCD screen. It is also a video camcorder and comes with a 32GB TF card, and is ideal for children of three to nine years. There are six filters, 33 photo frame selections with an autofocus function, self-timer, and time-lapse functions. It features an automatic shutdown function, and the photos clicked could be magnified up to eight times.

The camera has five in-built games and is made using anti-drop, shockproof, lightweight, non-toxic, and ultra-soft silicone. It is equipped with a lanyard to hang around the neck and a built-in 600mAH battery that could allow continuous camera usage for more than three hours.


17. Szredu Kids Digital Camera

The toddler video camera is suitable for children from three to eight years. It features a 32GB SD card, a 4MP camera, a two-inch 1080P HD 1PS screen, and a USB charging cable to transfer photos from the camera to the computer.

The lightweight camera comes with a sturdy lanyard, 4x digital zoom, and continuous shooting features. It is made using durable, eco-friendly materials. There are six filters, four mirror effects, and 15 cartoon photo frames that could allow your child to click creative pictures.


How To Choose The Right Toy Camera?

Here are a few things to consider before buying a toy camera.

  1. Size: Consider the size and weight so that it is easy to carry around and comfortable to operate.
  2. Durability: Toddlers and kids tend to drop things, so look for a camera made of shockproof material.
  3. Functionality: Children may not need an advanced camera with multiple features and high megapixels. A sturdy, attractive camera with basic features and creative frames could be enough.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose writes well-researched content around children’s products, toys, and gifts. In this article, she has listed some of the best toy cameras that you can consider having a look at if you plan to introduce photography to your little ones in a fun way. These cameras are safe, durable, and come with various features. The buying guide she has provided can also help you select the right product.

Instill a love of photography in your child by bringing home one of these toy cameras. The options listed here are colorful and include fun features to keep your child engaged. Further, they are easy to use, lightweight, durable enough to withstand rough handling, and do not contain small parts. When picking one for your little one, ensure it comes with basic features and creative frames and filters and is made of non-toxic and safe materials.

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