11 Best Toy Car Wash Sets Of 2021

11 Best Toy Car Wash Sets Of 2021

Toy car wash sets are a fantastic gift for little babies who aspire to be mechanics and love pretend-playing with a realistic-looking car repair garage and car wash set. These car washing sets mimic real-life features like car wash areas, garage, ramps, car wipers, etc,. which captures the imagination of the kids and toddlers and keeps them engaged for long hours. It is also a favorite among parents as toys with such features keep toddlers away from their phones.

Our detailed review of the 11 best toy car wash sets along with their cool features will help you to choose one of these interactive playsets and introduce your child to a world of imagination and pretend-play.

11 Best Toy Car Wash Sets

1. Melissa & Doug Toy Car Wash

A beneficial alternative to screen time, the Melissa & Doug Toy Car Wash will keep your child engaged for hours. It has a wooden dual-level carry-all service station and parking garage for imaginative vehicle play with sliding garage doors that open and close. There is a gas pump by the side for the cars to refuel before getting the car serviced. The garage features sliding doors for easy access to the cars. It even boasts a roller and strips like a real drive-through car wash. Besides keeping the child engaged, this kid’s car wash toy promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and imaginative play. This toy car wash comes fully assembled.


  • Movable car elevator
  • Built-in handle for easy carry
  • Suitable for age 3+
  • Sturdy construction

2. Micro Machines Core Playset – Car Wash Station

Designed to shape your kid’s imaginative mind, the Micro Machines Core Playset Car Wash Station is a wonderful gift to your kid for a pretend-play experience. Available in a cool car wash theme, this expandable playset is very detailed and can be connected to other playsets. A folding ramp, folding wash station, and working elevator that takes the car to the washing area are some of its fun features. It can be delightful for your kids to be able to modify and fix the car at the tuner garage and wash and detail their favorite vehicle at the car wash. Made with sturdy plastic, this kids car wash toy is recommended for kids above 4 years of age.


  • 1 vehicle included in the playset
  • Expanding set
  • Folds small; easily transportable
  • See-through air tunnel

3. Disney Cars Toys And Pixar Cars Tune-Up Center

Help your kid recreate scenes from the Cars movies and make up his own stories of race prep with Disney Cars Toys And Pixar Cars Tune-Up Center. It has multiple storytelling areas to keep your kid entertained for hours. A bridge that transforms into a working elevator, platforms and wide tunnels, a car wash, and a fuel pump replicate the feel of a real car wash. This car wash playset helps kids appreciate the task of car care by engaging them in pretend-play. The playset is compact and offers a multilevel experience to add more to the fun. Your child can fuel up, test wind resistance, check the motor capacity to enjoy the feel of a race, and enact unlimited movie actions.


  • Includes Jackson Storm car
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features movable air drier
  • Lightweight

4. Theo Klein Bosch Car Repair With Car Wash Playset

Kids who adore cars will absolutely be head over heels about the Theo Klein Bosch Car Repair And Car Wash Playset. It has a shiny handy screwdriver that allows easy unscrewing of the different parts of the white convertible car. The highlight, of course, is the lifting platform to inspect the car just like in a real garage. The realistic-looking car can be dismantled for easy inspection of the engine. With simple-to-follow instructions, this toy car wash set can be assembled effortlessly. After the garage work is done, the car goes through the attached car wash. It is recommended for kids above 3 years.


  • Car wash with moving brushes
  • Encourages the development of fine motor skills
  • It has 4 spare wheels.
  • The building can be dismantled.

5. Step2 Car Wash Splash Center

Meant for unlimited fun with friends, the Step2 Car Wash Splash Center has 13 fun accessories to splash, wash, and play. A rain shower effect can be created by pouring water on top, much to the amusement of kids. The water can be wiped away from the windshield by turning the steering wheel and rearranging the maze pieces into different combinations. The water gets accumulated in the large basins and can be released by unplugging the non-leak drain plugs. This backyard water toy activates a host of sensory experiences in children. Playing with the water table also helps in sensory exploration, stem learning, adapting language and social skills, and improving physical and motor skill development in kids.


  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and zero VOC
  • Easy to clean with no chipping
  • Fade, weather, and temperature resistant
  • Low maintenance

6. Hot Wheels Turbo Jet Car Wash

The Hot Wheels Turbo Jet Car Wash is an engaging toy for kids to create imaginative stories and enact them with the cute car that comes with the set. Suitable for kids in the age bracket of 4 years to 8 years, real water can be used while playing with this car wash toy set for kids. This toy car wash keeps the kids engaged for long hours and helps develop fine motor skills. The swift movements involved in picking and playing with objects improve hand-eye coordination. It has an ergonomically built-in handle which helps in moving the set easily.


  • Detachable ramp
  • Movable turbofan
  • Made with sturdy plastic
  • Water wash spinner

7. KidKraft Wash N Go Wooden Car Garage

The KidKraft Wash N Go Wooden Car Garage is loaded with interactive toys meant to pique your kid’s imagination and keep them engaged for long hours. It has 19 playful accessories made with durable wood. It also has different interactive areas and levels. A convenient knob can be twisted to take the elevator from the first floor to the third floor with a helicopter waiting on the helipad. Kids can slide the wooden cars down the ramp and visit the mechanic’s shop. A car wash awaits to make the car sparkly clean. The ground level has gas stations where the car can refuel. With all these exciting features, we’re sure your child will not be bored anytime soon.


  • Step-by-step easy assembly instructions
  • Safe wooden product
  • Spinning brushes
  • Improves hand dexterity in kids

8. Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels

The Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels is a 2-storeyed playset for pretend play and developing fine motor skills in growing kids. It has a battery-operated tow truck named Trent that plays 40+ recognizable sounds and 3 sing-along songs, 6 melodies, sounds, and fun phrases on 9 locations, adding to the playful experience. The toys are durable and stand up to the roughness of toddlers. They are safe with no sharp edges and no small pieces to swallow. An elevator transports the vehicle to the second floor. Kids can give the cars a tune-up on the repair platform and then race down the ramp through the car wash. This car wash playset helps to develop language skills and encourages discovery through imaginative play.


  • Suitable for toddlers in the range of 1 to 5 years
  • Movable hook to tow other vehicles
  • Shiny wrench to work on repair platform
  • Easy assembling

9. Robocar Poli Playset Car Wash

Built for imaginative toddlers, the Robocar Poli Playset Car Wash is a fully loaded playset that will keep your kid involved in fun pretend-to-play activities. It allows kids to wash, dry, and tune up the car. It comes with a poli die-cast clean-up version which is made of heavy-duty die-cast metal. The car has a sturdy feel to it and has mud spattered on its sides. It can be pushed forward through the movable rollers at the press of a button and the blades of the drying fan can be spun to dry the car. A transparent cleaning shower curtain cleans the top of the car at the exit. With all these exciting features, this playset is a suitable birthday gift for toddlers.


  • Features a weighing scale
  • Tool to measure the car’s height
  • Adjustable tracks
  • Suitable for kids above 3 years of age

10. Imagination Generation Rinse & Repair Car Wash And Service Garage

Made from cuts of natural wood and decorated with water-based safe paints, this set from Imagination Generation is a car wash and service garage built into one. The 1st floor is designed to give a dazzling shine to the car. A working elevator takes it down to the service garage on the ground floor for repairs. This car wash playset comes with a classic 2-door yellow car and a red family van for the kid to move up and down for cleaning and repairing. These wooden toys help to develop fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning.


  • Durable
  • Attractive red knob to pull the elevator up
  • No assembly required
  • No choking hazard

11. Matchbox Hydro Car Wash

The Matchbox Hydro Car Wash is an exciting playset to distract kids from excessive screen time and introduce them to real-life action activities. The car wash game for kids has a large-scale utility truck that doubles as a car wash. The set comes with a small car and a mud pit accessory for added fun. Kids can place the color-changing car in the mud pit and rescue the car covered in mud, dirt, slime, or dust to have it cleaned up and ready for the road. The car can be rolled into the hydro car wash lift and dunked into the water tank to have it squeaky clean!


  • Color-changing car from yellow to red
  • Features an orange lever to lift car after washing
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Can be played indoors

We are sure that with our review of the 11 best toy car wash sets, you would be super excited to buy one of these amazing playsets for your kid. However, if you are still unsure about making a purchase, our handy guide on factors to keep in mind while buying a car wash toy would assist you.

How To Choose A Car Wash Toy?

  • Assembly

Most car wash toy playsets come in separate parts which need assembling. You should select car wash toys that require minimal assembling so that your child’s excitement does not wane away. Some of these playsets require adult supervision for assembly, so it’s best to gauge how long you would want to spend assembling the toy before buying.

  • Features

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the car wash toy should have interactive features like elevators, lifts, car wash area, windshield wipers, etc. They help heighten the imagination of your little tots and engage them in pretend-play for long hours. The features should be easy to operate with little hands and should also be age-appropriate.

  • Kid-friendly

The toys that are a part of the playset should not have splinters or sharp edges. They should also be of an appropriate size to avoid choking. The set should be BPA and phthalates-free. Wooden playsets are considered to be the best for kids.

  • Recommended age

It is prudent to check the recommended age of the playset before buying one. The features of the playset should be designed to suit the interest of the child. Buying an appropriate playset corresponding to the age of the child will be more enjoyable for them.

Keeping the kids away from excessive screen time is a daunting task for every parent. Our review of the 11 best toy car wash sets must have made it clear that toy car wash playsets are interactive distractions that feed the imaginative minds of the children and keep them engaged for hours. These car washing sets have immersive features like a car wash area, garage, working elevators, tracks, cars, etc. that heighten the experience of pretend-play for kids. They also help in developing fine motor skills and visuospatial ability. So, why not invest in a nice, durable car wash playset that keeps your little one entertained while helping you bond with them as you play along!