17 Best Toys For 3-Year-Old Girls, With Buying Guide In 2022


For kids, their toys are their constant companions. They play with them, talk with them and consider them friends. Looking for the best toy for three year old girls might confuse some parents considering the wide range of options available. Besides, many parents prefer to bring home toys from which their little ones can have some learning benefits. After all, we want our kids to enhance their knowledge of this world, learn new things, and improve their sensory and motor skills.

If you are on the lookout for the best toys to give your girl, we are here to help out with that. The toy can be educational, like busy boards or pure entertainment ones with lights and sound features. No matter what you choose, do also consider how they might use it and if it’s completely safe. We have listed some of the best toys for you to choose from and bring home to your baby girl.

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17 Best Toys For 3-Year-Old Girls

1. Best Easy-To-Learn Toy: Wonder Forge Disney Matching Game

Wonder Forge Disney Matching Game


This is one of the popular gifts for 3-year-old girls because it is easy to learn and comes with clear instructions that are pretty simple to follow. The pack includes 72 tiles, which your little girl can learn to play in a matter of minutes. This game is great for young children because it helps develop memory, focus, and matching skills. The game also has pictures of popular Disney princesses like Aurora, Aerial, Belle, and Mulan, so your young one can build cognitive skills while having fun.

2. Best Solar-Powered: Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register


This 73 piece toy for 3-year-old girls is a perfect gift because it encourages kids to learn essential money management and math skills. This cash register is solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about batteries. The pretend cash register also makes interactive sounds whenever the cash tray opens up, so your child can also enjoy tunes while playing. The set includes 30 real-sized pretend bills, 40 plastic coins, 1 activity guide, and a fake credit card.

3. Best High Quality: MonoBeach Princess Tent

MonoBeach Princess Tent


This pretty pink castle tent is beautiful and perfect for your little princess. It is one of the best toys for 3-year-old girls because it’s inspired by fairy tale castles and will make your little one feel like royalty. The fairy tale tent provides a private space for your girl and her friends where they can play, relax, and read. The size of the tent can accommodate 3 children at one time, and the fabric is made from high-quality taffeta polyester. With 55 X 53 inches, it can be set up indoors or outdoors. It also comes with 1 set of poles, 1 star light and a set of connectors for easy installation.

4. Best Engaging Design: Just Smarty Electronic Alphabet Wall Chart

Just Smarty Electronic Alphabet Wall Chart


If you are looking for toys for 3-year girls that incorporate fun and educational components, try this interactive alphabet wall chart. This wall chart is great if you want to develop their cognitive skills using word association, numbers, and quizzes. It makes for a great addition to your child’s nursery room. The chart has bright colors and engaging designs to keep your kid busy for hours. It also has a fun musical feature that includes 9 popular nursery songs that kids can sing along to. The chart doesn’t take up much space and comes with batteries, so you can hang it on the wall and not have to worry about cleaning any messes.

5. Best Machine Washable: JaxoJoy Premiere Chief Set

JaxoJoy Premiere Chief Set


This premiere chief set has everything your little girl will ever need to become a great Masterchef. The set includes a chef’s hat, oven mitts, gloves, whisks, a wooden spoon, a rolling pin, and 4 kid-friendly cookie cutters. The bonus set includes a kid’s cookbook that comes with recipes we’re sure your girl will adore. The collection is safe for your 3-year-old, machine washable, and made from sturdy material with reinforced edges. This is the perfect toy to get your kid excited about cooking and baking and is an ideal indoor activity that will decrease your child’s screen time.

6. Best Child-Friendly: Yeebay Interactive Whack-A-Frog Game

Yeebay Interactive Whack-A-Frog Game


Yeebay offers one of the best toys for 3-year-old girls, especially when it comes to developmental toys. The whack-a-frog game is great for developing the child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Prolonged use of this game can also help increase their attention and communication skills. The game is quite interactive, and it increases difficulty as you advance through each of the 38-speed levels. The game comes with 2 soft hammers that are child-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your little girl hurting herself.

7. Best For Preschoolers: Lego Duplo Minnie’s Birthday Party Building Blocks

Lego Duplo Minnie’s Birthday Party Building Blocks


For your child’s next birthday, you can build them an amazing Minnie Mouse themed birthday celebration house. This house is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers, and the set includes a lego Duplo figure, a buildable toy car, and a Figaro. The house comes with 21 pieces, and building it encourages kids to learn through pretend play, builds on language skills, refines their motor skills, and increases cognitive development for kids between the age of 3 and 5.

8. Best For Imaginative Play: Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet


The LCD writing tablet is a good toy for 3-year-old girls because it can help set their imagination free, without any radiation or glare that can harm their sensitive eyes. The tablet is equipped with pressure-sensitive technology and a 10-inch LCD colorful screen. The tablet is easy to use, and your child can draw and write on it as if they were writing on paper. The thickness of the lines depends on the pressure applied with the stylus. It also has a clearing function that clears the content with just a press of the button. Your kid can take it anywhere as the tablet is portable and is made from durable plastic.

9. Best Durable Foam: My First Flybar Jump & Squeak Pogo Hopper

My First Flybar Jump & Squeak Pogo Hopper


Give your 3-year-old the joy of bouncy fun with this pogo jumper! It’s safe to use because it is crafted with durable foam. The pogo stick produces a fun, squeaky sound that your child will enjoy, so you can be assured all your child’s senses are piqued. The stick can be used indoors and outdoors, and it’s a great active tool that helps build your child’s coordination, balance, and motor skills. The pogo stick also encourages your child to get off the couch and take on some physical activity.

10. Best Easy Portability: Litti Pritti Princess Toy Purse

Litti Pritti Princess Toy Purse


When it comes to the best toys for 3-year-old girls, role-playing tools like purses are pretty popular. This is because little girls love to imitate their moms, and the bag will help her pretend that she is shopping and running errands. The stylish purse comes with a set of pretend keys, lipstick, cell phone, face power, an ID card, and fake money. The pretend bag is made from faux leather and comes with a comfortable shoulder strap for easy portability.

11. Homofy Castle Magnetic Blocks

Homofy Castle Magnetic Blocks


If you are looking for educational STEM toys for your little girl, these magnetic blocks are a great selection because your kid will learn as they play. The different shapes as well as the assorted colors will help kids learn while having fun. The magnets are safe and durable as they are made from BPA and free from original ABS materials. The castle has around edges which creates a smooth handling experience and keeps the kids safe as well.

12. Naturally Kids Unicorn Denim Backpack

Naturally Kids Unicorn Denim Backpack


At 3 years old, your little one is ready to face a whole new chapter of her life as she steps into preschool. So, why not present her with the best girl toys 3-year-old in the form of a denim backpack. This unicorn backpack is cute and stylish, and it is made from canvas. The plush stuffed animal is a cute addition to the backpack, and it is spacious enough to hold a good number of toys while your child is away at preschool.

13. ToyVelt Toy Piano

ToyVelt Toy Piano


If the musical bug has bitten your child, why not start honing her skills by giving her a toy piano. This toy is perfect because they can practice all they want on it without you having to invest in a professional keyboard. The designs and smart functions make it sound like a real keyboard, and it also has a built-in microphone, which makes it convenient for cognitive development. It also improves memory and builds confidence.

14. Cenove Flower Building Toy Set

Cenove Flower Building Toy Set


Build your child’s creative thinking and motor skills with this STEM flower garden toy. It is BPA-free and has a smooth surface, so it is entirely safe for your child. You can clean it quickly too, and all it needs is water. With this toy, your little girl will enhance her hand-eye coordination and refine her motor skills as well. It provides children with practical support skills and introduces them to the beautiful and fun world of gardening.

15. Biranco Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit

Biranco Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit


For a little girl that loves to get dolled up, this jewelry-making kit is perfect. It’s a colorful DIY kit with snap beads and various designs that don’t require threads. The beads will just snap together to form attractive necklaces and bracelets. The jewelry set is excellent for developing your kid’s attention span and cultivating their creativity. The beads are made from high-quality PP plastic. The set also comes with 520 snap beads, 2 extra hairbands, and a pink storage box.

16. Soyee Magnetic Building Tiles

Soyee Magnetic Building Tiles


This small castle kit is perfect for little girls because the blocks are magnetic and easy to use. The set comes with 52 blocks, an idea booklet, and a storage bag. Your child can unleash their creativity by building various structures like a fancy castle. The blocks come in attractive, transparent colors that help develop your kid’s imagination and help them understand color and shapes. You don’t have to worry about your child getting bored once you give them this STEM play set.

17. Umu Wooden Beauty Salon Toys

Umu Wooden Beauty Salon Toys


This is a 12-piece toy for 3 year old girls that includes toy pieces like a perfume bottle, comb, mirror belt, nail polish bottles, and so on. The premium quality set will allow your little girl to get ready just like her mom, and it’s safe because the pieces are made from long-lasting and durable wood. The paint is non-toxic and is made from renewable resources, also the edges are round and smooth, so they won’t harm your child in any way.

Are you still confused about what to give to your little princess? Take a look at our buying guide that will help you bring home the best toy for 3-year-old girls.

How To Choose The Best Toys For 3 Year Old Girls?

  • Versatility

The best toys for 3-year-old girls are ones that are versatile, which means they should be able to do more than one thing. Kids love to take stuff apart, put it together, or stack them. Hence it makes sense to provide little girls with toys that can spark their imagination, enhance their logical thinking skills and develop their social skills.

  • Growth

Look for toys that will grow with your kid and not something that will hold their attention for 2 weeks, never to be used again. Choose toys that can be enjoyed at various developmental stages. You can go for figurines or dollhouses that can spark their imagination even as they grow older.

  • Problem-solving

Select toys that allow kids to practice their skills repeatedly. Toys that allow kids to problem solve and figure something out on their own will help with cognitive growth. Look for toys that encourage exploration and build on logical thinking. Toys like puzzles, shape sorters, and Playdough clay are great options.

There are many toys available in the market today that may overwhelm you with options. In this article, we have curated the 17 best toys for 3-year-old girls, which your little one will love. When choosing a toy, don’t forget to think about factors like growth and how it will positively affect your child’s mental and emotional health. Also, remember to look for safe toys and of good quality. Hopefully, our guide will help you pick the perfect toy for your little angel — one that is engaging, mentally stimulating and of course, all things wonderful and fun.

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