11 Best Train Sets For Toddlers: Reviews For 2022


If you are looking for an entertaining toy for your child, here’s our list of the best train sets for toddlers that can keep your little ones happy and busy while learning. These train sets contain numbers and alphabets to help your child learn new skills, improving their creativity, imagination, and motor skills. To help you choose the right one, you can explore our list to learn more.

11 Best Train Sets For Toddler

1. Lego Duplo My First Number Train Set

The Lego Duplo is a learning and counting train set. This educational toy is ideal for two to five year old children. It consists of 23 pieces of buildable locomotives with three wagons. Each brick is designed with numbers 0 to 9, and the set includes a cute little cat figure. The set can be built and rebuilt to keep the child engaged. It encourages building skills and enhances child’s imaginative powers. The built train measures 3x14x2 inches and is safe for children.


2. Hot Bee Train Set

The electric train set for toddlers from Hot Bee is made of attractive lights, sounds, smoke, and a railway kit. This steam engine model includes a passenger coach, a cargo vehicle, a coal car, two straight tracks, and eight curved tracks. Once attached and set up, it is fun to watch the train move along the tracks. It improves a child’s hand-eye coordination and intelligence. Realistic sounds, smoke and cool headlights make this easy-to-assemble toy train a creative and engaging gift for a child. The set is crafted from durable ABS material that is safe and child-friendly.


3. Cat Construction Power Track Friends Preschool Train Set

The super cute train set by Cat Construction is a motorized train with a characterized engine, cat carrier, tracks, and free-wheeling construction dump truck. Six unique sounds and attractive lights get activated once the train starts to function. The railroad crossing has buttons to activate various features. The cat train set is ideal for developing a child’s sensory skills, motor skills, interest, concentration, and curiosity. You can create a six-foot-long track from eight easy-to-assemble pieces, and it works on three AA batteries.


4. Arizona 1901 Electric Train Set

The Arizona 1901 Electric Train is a classic-style locomotive steam engine that can impress your little one. It is inclusive of eight rail tracks, three train cars, and four model horses. The box is made attractive with illustrated horses and mountains. There are slots in each track piece that fit easily and make assembly a breeze.

The bright cars and engines sit precisely on the track, and lights and sounds make the whole experience realistic. The horses and accessories allow the child to explore their imagination. It teaches them a little about the history of the Wild West, and the toy is safe for children.


5. iHaHa Electric Train Set

The toy train set from iHaHa includes 14 pieces that make an electric train. It comprises four straight tracks, six curved tracks, two passenger cars, one electric toy train, and one freight car. The tracks are easy to assemble and connect tightly, allowing the train to move smoothly. Realistic sounds excite the child and keep them entertained for hours. A classic retro design and high-quality, non-toxic material and attractive colors make this toy train set a wonderful gift for a child.


6. Lucky Doug Electric Train Set

Lucky Doug brings you a battery-operated train set for toddlers with realistic music and sounds. The 14-piece set includes a locomotive engine train, two cargo cars, one passenger car, and ten track pieces. The tracks form an elliptical shape of 11×51 inches and can be set in an oval or circular shape. Impeccable construction and fine detailing give the child a wholesome experience. Firm assembly prevents derailment. This train set requires hands-on involvement and activates the child’s creativity. The pieces are made of non-toxic, high-quality plastic, allowing a firm assembly that prevents derailment.


7. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Roadmaster Train Set

Franklin the Freight train is a favorite among children. This train from the Smart Wheels Roadmaster travels to the given train station, water depot, etc. It comes with a removable cargo car with a detachable basket, movable by a crane. This playset can be placed in multiple combinations, allowing the child to exercise their imagination and creativity. Bendable track pieces and smart point locations come with sounds and phrases. This toy train set is suitable for ages one to five.


8. Battat – Wild Ridge Train Set

The Battat-Wild Ridge train set is a vintage-style collectible wooden set that comes in a bucket. It includes Bucket’s Mountain landscape lid that connects to the toy rail. The set also consists of a bridge, buildings, trees, traffic signs, and wooden train tracks. Magnets connect each engine and car. However, these tracks can be set up, and you can also flip the double-sided tracks to create alpine scenery. The mountain top lid is designed with rock formations, a river, and snow-capped peaks.


9. DeXop Baby Toys Train Set

If you are looking for a dream party railway park for a child, the Dexop Baby toy train set is a perfect choice. The set includes four bright-colored toddler trains, music and lights, three little people figures, two road signs, 12 tracks, and 16 building blocks. All the pieces are free from BPA, lead, and phthalate. They are made of high-quality ABS material without any sharp edges to avoid the risk of swallowing. The child has to press the locomotive to watch it chug along the tracks. This set helps develop a baby’s early learning skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and cognitive processes.


10. Wondertoys Wooden Magnetic Train

Wondertoys offers a train set with various permutation combinations. The 12-piece wooden magnetic train consists of coaches, a cargo car, a convertible coach-hopper car, a tanker car, a magnetic cargo loader, a hopper car, and three engines. They come in a high-quality storage bag that is convenient to carry. It is made of natural, quality wood and 100% non-toxic colors. The construction is sturdy and includes no sharp edges. Safe for children, the lightweight train maintains all safety standards. The strong magnets make longer trains.


11. Baoli Classic Toy Train Starter Set

Baoli toy train set is a classic set for starters. It includes 12 pieces for the tracks and 20 pieces for the train station. It has four pieces of the cargo train car and three figures. The cargo cars can be driven on the tracks or without the tracks. Music, sounds, and lights enhance the child’s creative imagination and experience.


How To Choose the Right Train Set?

Keep the below factors in mind while buying a train set for toddlers.

1. Age-appropriate: Train sets are a favorite for all kids, small or big. It is therefore essential to buy an age-appropriate set.

  • Toddlers – Wooden trains are designed for toddlers as they are durable, heavy, and safe for a baby.
  • Young children – Battery-operated trains are better for young children as the automatic movement with lights and sounds excites them. These are usually made of high-quality ABS plastic and are child-safe.
  • Older kids – Prefer electric trains for older kids as they make good bonding time and become a collectible or hobby for some. The trains are made of metal and could be harmful for younger kids.

2. Theme: Pick a toy train that will be in tandem with your child’s latest fancy to add to the excitement. Thomas & Friends, Mickey Mouse, etc., are some themes. There are also other themes, such as construction work, farmland, travel-focused, and sceneries.

3. Floor space: Check your available floor space and on the box to see how big the tracks will spread out. For optimum usage of the toy train, find a train that comes with a table or one that comfortably fits in your living room or children’s room.

4. Set up: Train sets are available with simple circular tracks wherein the child pushes the train along the circle. You may also look for trains with a combination of straight and curved tracks, maybe a bridge or stop signs, a station, etc. Train sets also come with several accessories.

5. Child skills: Train sets can help develop many age-specific skills in a child. For younger children, they may enhance hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and other interests. Slightly older kids may exercise their imagination and creative skills. Pick a set with the child’s maturity level and potential in mind.

Every child loves a toy train. But a train set is more than just a chugging engine. It helps in the child’s development, interest, and concentration. From retro wooden sets to modern electric trains, these are the best train sets for a toddler that you may pick for your child.

Children love toy trains and get all excited to play with them. They can keep your children engaged for hours and get them to stay out of the gadgets. Toy trains also help in the child’s development and improve their concentration and motor skills. Thanks to their visually appealing design and interactive sounds, train sets keep your little ones entertained for long hours. An ideal train set is easy to set up, durable, and child-friendly. So pick the train set considering your child’s age and other factors like floor space and theme.

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