11 Best Travel Blankets In 2021

Best Travel Blankets

Travel blankets keep you cozy and comfortable, and they are easy to pack compactly in your backpack. While traveling, you may experience different temperatures, so choosing travel blankets that you can use in summer and autumn is ideal. They ensure comfort while traveling,  providing warmth and relaxed sleep. We have compiled a list of the best travel blankets with various features for you to choose from.

11 Best Travel Blankets

1. Elegear Cooling Throw Blanket

Elegear cooling blanket keeps you comfortable all night. The arc-chill cooling fibers absorb body heat and reduce temperature. You can use this double-sided blanket in summers and autumns. The cooling yarn on one side absorbs moisture and quickly evaporates, keeping it cool inside. The other side of the blanket is pure cotton, making it suitable for cold temperatures. Elegear blankets provide sound sleep while traveling. They measure 51×67 inches and are also suitable for indoors. These lightweight blankets are easy to carry and are machine-washable.

2. World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket

The microfleece blanket has neatly hemmed edges, measures 50×60 inches, and can easily accommodate in travel backpacks. It is hypoallergenic and has a sturdy design. This travel blanket is machine-washable, and you can use it on the couch or bed while sleeping. It is made of high-quality polyester fleece-knit.

3. Oceas Large Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

Oceas large, waterproof blanket is made of high-quality material coated with polyurethane. Its insulated plush fleece keeps you warm and protects you against low temperatures and winds. The blanket comes with a portable bag with a handle that makes it easy to store. It is machine-washable and can be used for picnics, camping, etc. This blanket measures 79×58 inches and can easily accommodate three adults.

4. KingCamp Multipurpose Travel Down Alternative Blanket

The wearable, lightweight blanket can be folded and stored easily while traveling. It has snap buttons to convert it to a poncho-style jacket and can be used as a sleeping bag or lumbar support for relaxation. It is made of a water-resistant, rip-stop 20D nylon fabric and comes with an upgraded zipper to store the blanket. The blanket is machine-washable and measures 69×54 inches.

5. BlueHills Soft Travel Blanket

Bluehills soft travel blanket keeps you warm at low temperatures, especially during airplane travel. It includes a soft carrying case for easy storage, and you can use it as a pillow with the blanket placed inside. The blanket comes with unique features such as the hand luggage belt and backpack clip, which help attach the blanket case to your backpack. Measuring 60×43 inches, it can be used as a throw blanket while resting on your couch.

6. Pavilia Travel BlanketAnd Pillow

Made of 260GSM soft, microfiber fleece polyester, it helps in heat retention and keeps you warm and cozy. Anti-fade and machine-washable, the quality craftsmanship makes it long-lasting and comfortable, and it measures 60×43 inches. You can use the portable carrying bag as a pillow when the blanket is kept inside. The blanket’s double-zipper design converts it into a hand warmer. Its bag has a detachable strap to attach to the backpack or suitcase easily and makes it easy to store.

7. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Blankets

Wise owl camping blanket is comfortable and suitable for all seasons. It is made of 20D rip-stop nylon, and its reinforced stitching with corded edges makes it durable and long-lasting. This lightweight blanket is water-resistant and comes with quick-snap clasps and corner tie-down loops for coverage. Compact and easy-to-pack, it can be used as a poncho and measures 78.7×55 inches.

8. Proglobe Travel Blanket

The four-in-one travel kit includes a 3D contoured eye mask, black earplugs made of soft, lightweight material, amemory foam neck pillow, and a soft polar fleece blanket. You can turn the blanket into a carrying bag that stores the entire set. The travel pillow is ergonomically designed to stabilize your neck muscles. These blankets are made of high-quality and toxic-free materials.

9. Bosa Cozy-SoftTravel Blanket

Bosa blanket is made of skin-friendly, breathable bamboo material, making it thin and easy to carry.It keeps you cozy and comfortable and measures 67×43 inches. The blankets come with a portable, high-quality zipper bag with a handle and easy opening and folding. It has good expansibility and hygroscopicity and can be used while hiking and traveling in cars, trains, etc.

10. EverSnug Travel BlanketAnd Pillow

The soft plush blanket is long and wide, measuring 65×40 inches, enough to accommodate two people. It keeps you warm and cozy, and the carrying case can be used as a pillow. Eversnug’s blanket comes with a hand luggage sleeve at the back that you can easily attach to the trolley. Made of superior-quality microfleece yarns, the velvety texture is soft to touch and provides you comfortable sleep while traveling.

11. Litume Travel Blanket

Litume blankets are made of soft, breathable fleece that absorbs moisture and dries up quickly to keep you comfortable. The soft fabric offers balanced warmth and can be easily washed to release stains. Made of 70D nylon, the carry bag features a classy silver logo design, a cord lock string, and mesh fabric to keep the blanket dry. The blanket measures 67×48 inches, providing adequate coverage at low temperatures.

How To Choose The Right Travel Blanket?

Check out the following features while buying travel blankets.

  1. Portability: Choose travel blankets that are easy to fold and pack and include a carrying case that you can attach to your backpack.
  1. Material: Select blankets made of soft and breathable fabric that are durable, easy to wash, moisture-absorbing, and can keep you comfortable while sleeping. Blankets made of lightweight and durable fabric, such as polyester or microfiber fleece, are good options.
  1. Functionality: Consider multipurpose blankets that can be used as a travel pillow, poncho, lumbar support, hand warmer, etc.
  1. Size: Select blankets according to your height so that they can protect you against winds and cold weather while traveling. You need to buy a bigger size if you want to accommodate more people.

Travel blankets are available with a wide range of features to fit your needs. Traveling is all about relaxation, and these travel blankets can help provide you a good sleep. We hope our list of the best travel blankets can help you choose the right one.

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