11 Top Travel Bottles For All Your Creams, Soaps, and Serums In 2022


Carrying liquids and toiletries when traveling can be tricky as there are chances of leakage and your clothes getting ruined. Thus, you need to purchase the best travel bottles.

These bottles are compact and TSA-approved, so you can keep your skincare and other products with you when traveling. Below, we list some of the sturdiest and most convenient travel bottles that will take all the worry out of your trips and help you get more organized. So, keep scrolling.

11 Best Travel Bottles

1. Ammax Travel Bottles Set

Ammax Travel Bottles Set


The Ammax travel set brings you four silicone travel bottles, each with a capacity of 3fl oz.These secure travel bottles are easy to squeeze and ensure even the last drop comes out. You can carry your lotions, shampoos, and baby food in these oval-shaped bottles to prevent liquid spillage or leakage.


  • Made of BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone
  • Three-layer leak-proof design
  • TSA-approved material
  • Wide opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • No-drip valve for dispensing the right amount

2. Teapile 4 Pack Travel Bottles

Teapile 4 Pack Travel Bottles


Get yourself this set of portable and reusable travel bottles that promise a seamless traveling experience. The compression-resistant and turbulence-friendly silicone bottles can accommodate 3fl oz liquid. The pack includes four large and easy-to-squeeze bottles to carry your cosmetics and food products, such as sauces and dressings, without any stress. 


  • Sleek, compact, and durable
  • Made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Three-layer leak-proof design
  • Wide mouth for hassle-free cleaning and refilling

3. Hestia Goods Our sunshine Travel Bottles

Hestia Goods Our sunshine Travel Bottles


This set of durable and leak-proof travel containers includes two big bottles with 3fl oz capacity, two small bottles with 2fl oz capacity, and two mini travel jars. The bottles let you carry your cosmetics without creating any mess and come in a transparent plastic pouch for portability. 


  • Made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Different colors to sort the contents
  • Leak-proof cross valve
  • Smooth and wide mouth for easy filling
  • Squeezable body for controlled flow

4. Zoizocp Spray Bottles

Zoizocp Spray Bottles


Get a set of colorless and odorless travel spray bottles with caps to accommodate all your favorite beauty products. The pack contains six 2fl oz bottles, two funnels, and 24 labels to fill and distinguish the contents conveniently. These 2fl oz mini mist plastic bottles are ideal for carrying hair spray, shower gel, and body sprays when camping or vacationing. 


  • Made of BPA-free, TSA-approved plastic
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Clear bottles for content identification
  • Durable and reusable
  • Upgraded nozzle for evenly distributed spray

5. Dot&Dot 4 Leak Proof Travel Bottles

Dot&Dot 4 Leak Proof Travel Bottles


Carry your toiletries in these sleek, lightweight, and leak-proof travel bottles for a worry-free travel experience. A set of four travel bottles in a quart bag makes a mess-free travel solution for those who love to stay organized. With endless practical uses, these space-saving containers are ideal for air travel and road trips. 


  • Made of 100% BPA-free, food-grade silicone
  • 3fl oz capacity
  • TSA-approved bag
  • Wide opening for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Drip-free and leak-proof valve
  • ID window to identify contents

6. Uerstar Travel Bottles

Uerstar Travel Bottles


Say goodbye to traveling woes with this set of six travel bottles packed in a quart-sized zip pouch to carry liquids. These heavy-duty spill-proof bottles can be your convenient and mess-free air travel companions. Designed to dispense contents only when squeezed, these containers make for a safe option to pack cosmetics and liquids. The six different colors help you to differentiate cosmetics even without a label. 


  • Made of BPA-free and FDA-approved silicone
  • Three leak-proof walls
  • Wide mouth opening for easy cleaning and refilling
  • 3fl oz capacity
  • TSA-approved kit

7. LiquiSnugsSilicone Travel Bottles

LiquiSnugsSilicone Travel Bottles


Travel in style with the three travel toiletry bottles, one with a 2fl oz capacity, and the other two with a capacity to hold 3fl oz liquid. These are among the best leak-proof travel bottles made of high-quality and easy-to-squeeze silicone material. Pack your toiletries and condiments in these bottles and rest assured about zero-spillage. 


  • Made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone
  • 100% leak-proof construction
  • Adjustable suction pads and labels
  • TSA-approved set
  • Wide bottleneck for easy refilling and cleaning

8.  Sincewo Travel Containers

Sincewo Travel Containers


The medium-sized portable and multipurpose travel bottles from Sincewo promise mess-free travel experience. This set brings you six travel containers that are compression-resistant, lightweight, waterproof, and reusable. You can squeeze them easily and conveniently without worrying about spillage and leakage. They have a wide mouth for easy cleaning and filling liquid.


  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Leak-proof air valve
  • Durable and detachable
  • 3fl oz capacity
  • TSA-approved set

9. OTO Travel Size Squeeze Bottle Set

OTO Travel Size Squeeze Bottle Set


The OTO travel set of six clear squeeze bottles can carry daily toiletries with no leakage issues. Designed to carry shampoos, lotions, and other liquids, these bottles come with eight paper labels for easy distinction. They are made of BPA-free and food-grade HDPE material that ensures durability and safety when carried on planes.


  • 1.7fl oz capacity
  • Easy flip-cap for convenient dispensing
  • Leak-proof construction
  • Multipurpose and convenient

10.  GlobeGear Travel Bottles

GlobeGear Travel Bottles


Stay organized with this essential bottle kit comprising four 1.7fl oz capacity bottles, a 1fl oz tube, two 10g jars, a mini spatula, pipette, funnel tools, and labels to take care of varying traveling needs. These travel bottles for toiletries and a quart-sized toiletry bag are designed in compliance with the 3-1-1 rule of air travel. The stylish case can be carried to the gym, beach, picnics, and other trips. 


  • Made of sturdy and thick plastic
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • TSA-approved and leak-proof design
  • Strong frame and zipper
  • Compact and multipurpose

11. Morfone 16 Pack Travel Bottles Set

Morfone 16 Pack Travel Bottles Set


You don’t have to worry about packing or leakage of your toiletries when you have this TSA-approved assortment of travel containers available in variable sizes. It comes with two scoopers, one funnel, one clean brush, and one label, all packed in a bag to make it a convenient toiletry kit for organized traveling.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Squeezable and convenient
  • Made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Generous wide mouth for refilling and cleaning
  • Three-layered leak-proof design
  • Each bottle comes with a capacity display

How To Choose The Right Travel Bottles?

Listed below are significant points to consider for choosing the best travel bottles.

  1. TSA approval: TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration, a security precheck that makes you a low-risk traveler. Though most travel containers are TSA-approved and have the capacity mentioned on them,one must always check the capacity embossed on the bottle, and other TSA requirements before buying.
  1. Opening: Wide-mouth opening is vital for easy cleaning and refilling.
  1. Leak-proof: Always look for multiple sealing layers to ensure the travel bottle does not leak and spoil your clothes and other items in your luggage.
  1. Material: Silicone is one of the most common materials used for making travel bottles as it is flexible, durable, and squeezable. Another popular material is hard plastic, which is sturdy and secure.
  1. Visibility: Transparent bottles that show you the contents inside are always better than those with opaque walls.If you don’t find such, you can stick labels on them.
  1. Additional tools: Some travel bottles come with funnels, pipettes, and spatulas that add convenience. These make refilling and cleaning the bottles easy and quick.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have carefully compiled this list of the best travel toiletry bottles based on their features and user reviews. A buying guide is also included, which offers all the important product specifications to help you make the right choice. We have also offered some information on the features to look for while choosing the right one, such as TSA approval, material, and visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why use a travel bottle instead of a regular bottle?

Travel bottles are leak-proof, smaller than the regular bottles, TSA-approved, sleek, compact, and safe to carry on flights. On the other hand, regular bottles are bulky, and most of the time, are not allowed in air travel.

2. Will a travel size bottle last for my entire trip?

Small travel bottles are ideally sufficient for your travel duration. A 3fl oz bottle is a decent size to carry shampoo, body lotions, and other liquids for a week-long trip. If you are doubtful, you may take more bottles.

With the right travel bottles, you don’t have to spend your time worrying about your cosmetics getting leaked in your travel baggage. Travel bottles give you the peace of mind as they have a leak-proof system and are portable. Most of these bottles are made of silicone for durability and are compliant with TSA regulations that take care of varied travel needs.

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