15 Best Travel Gifts For Mom In 2021


We are usually confused about what to gift our mothers on their birthdays, anniversaries, or on any other special occasion. However, for all the mothers who love traveling, you can gift them cute travel essentials. A new journal or a body care travel kit can be the best gift for your mom.

In this MomJunction post, we guide you on selecting a travel gift for mom and share a list of the best travel gifts that you may consider buying.

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15 Best Travel Gifts For Mom

1. Travelambo Women’s Bifold Wallet

Travelambo Women’s Bifold Wallet

Women who travel a lot need a case that holds all their monetary essentials in one place. This wallet can store all your mom’s credit cards, ID proofs, and cash, all in one place. The wallet has 16 card slots with one ID slot and has two zippers. Therefore, all cards are safe in one place, and mums do not require any other cardholder. The wallet is also available in an RFID-blocking variant that prevents credit card details theft through card scanners.

2. Halova Multifunction Toiletry Bag

Halova Multifunction Toiletry

The most essential and useful traveling essential, this toiletry bag, fits in all the toilet accessories in one place. It has varied compartments and fits in your mom’s travel bag without taking much space. All of her accessories are safe, and with different compartments, it is easier to access them. She can even store her cosmetics. Also, the bag can be hung to save space.

3. Rand McNally Road Atlas

Rand McNally Road

Travel Atlas is a must-have while traveling. But, if you are sending your mom on a road trip, then gift her Rand McNally’s Road Atlas. The atlas will be a great help to her while traveling, and now it is larger in size to have a clear view of the roads. There is even a detailed city inset. Get this atlas and make her next trip the best of all.

4. Original Bamboo Tumbler With Tea Infuser

Original Bamboo Tumbler

For moms who love having infusions, it is one of the best gifts. The tumbler has a bamboo exterior that looks beautiful and unique. The cap of the tumbler and the infuser is made from high-quality stainless steel. Your mom can be assured that her tea will stay warm, and the cold beverages stay cold for a long time. The best thing is that the infusers are detachable. It thus makes it easy to wash the tumbler and the infuser.

5. Landmass Scratch Off Map of the World

Landmass Scratch Off Map

Let your mom keep track of places she has been and what is coming up next. This scratch-off map is the best travel gift for her as she can have a memory of the places she has been. Also, it will help her in selecting the next destination for her trips. The scratch board not just has the map but flags of other countries.

6. Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box

Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box

If your mom is going on a trip, then she needs to look good all the time, and her jewelry has to match all her dresses. Therefore, a travel jewelry box is a must-have traveling essential. This little jewelry box by Vlando comes in varied colors and has removable dividers for adjustment. It’s one of the best choices as it doesn’t occupy much space.

7. Valentines Aromatherapy Fragrance Essential

Valentines Aromatherapy Fragrance

These scented candles will not just lift her mood but relax her mind after a long day traveling in the city. The candles have a scent of essential oils that are stress-relieving, and the fragrance is soothing. They burn longer and have no harm to the human body as they are made up of natural wax. These aromatherapy candles are one of the best travel gifts for mom.

8. Sleep Technology Fountain Sleep Mask

Sleep Technology Fountain Sleep Mask

This luxury sleep mask is made from a new technology that will keep your mother’s eyes relaxed after a long trip. Also, the masks might help reduce wrinkles and enhance the complexion by minimizing puffy eyes. The sleep mask contains premium mulberry silk that is infused with exclusive copper.

9. W&P MAS-CARRY KIT-MM Carry on Cocktail Kit


For the moms who love having a mid-flight drink, this travel cocktail is specially made for you. The cocktail kit contains all the essential tools that are needed in the making of cocktails. The kits are single serving and come in different flavors like Bloody Mary, Moscow Blue, and many more.

10. Cat Moms: Travel Coffee Tumbler

Cat Moms

If coffee is a love of your mom, then a cute tumbler is all that you require. The tumbler has cute cat-themed designs. It can maintain the temperature of beverages for several hours. Your mom can also use this stainless steel tumbler to carry smoothies. The stainless steel material is unbreakable, rust-resistant, and keeps the flavors intact.

11. Funny Black Fanny Bottle Pocket

Funny Black Fanny Bottle

If your mother is a dog lover and loves taking your dog out, then this bottle pockets is the perfect travel gift for her. It features seven zippered compartments along with a bottle holder. The fabric used is made of heavy-duty polyester canvas material, which lasts long.

12. Contessa’s Travel Make-up bag

Contessa’s Travel Make

Whether on a trip or usual outing, moms might have to fix their make-up anytime. All she needs then is a make-up bag. This spacious make-up bag by Contessa can store cosmetics, stationery, charger and much more. The print on the bag, which says “Mama, you got this,” makes it even more special for her.

13. Lamare Travel Journals

Lamare Travel Journals

Lamare Travel journals are a perfect product to keep all your planning safe. From budgeting to choosing a place to all the expenses, this journal keeps you organized. The journal has five pages, each reserved for planning different trips. Therefore, all your planning stays in one place.

14. Ellessi Luggage Scale

Ellessi Luggage Scale

This lightweight and portable digital scale is much required for traveling moms who have to shop a lot. Elessi luggage scale makes it easier for them to manage the weight and prevent paying extra for the luggage. This digital scale works through kinetic energy and with no batteries. Also, it is environment-friendly.

15. ZIQIAN Inflatable Travel Foot Rest

ZIQIAN Inflatable Travel Foot

While traveling, it is obvious that your legs go tired. This portable cushioned-footrest is lightweight and easy to carry wherever your mom is traveling. It provides proper support to the legs and makes it comfortable to travel long hours. The footrest is made up of washable material and is environment-friendly.

How To Select The Right Travel Gifts For Mom?

While moms are always happy with any gift their children buy, it is still good to make some extra effort to buy her a memorable gift. Therefore, you can keep the following points in mind while shopping for travel gifts for your mom.

  • Most travelers love reading, thus you can consider choosing travelogues and books.
  • If she loves adventure and travels a lot, then gift her something where she can record all her experiences, like a journal.
  • Pick gifts that allow storage, like storage boxes and tumblers.

There are a lot of options available, and whatever you buy, your mom is quite likely going to love it. But gifting something after a lot of thought and effort will make the gift memorable for both you and your mom.

Do you have an experience to share about buying a gift for your mom? Let us know in the comment section below.