17 Best Travel Pillows For Long Flights In 2021


When you’re onboard a long-distance flight, the chances are that sleep doesn’t come to you as easily as you’d like it to. The flight seats with hardly any cushioning also don’t help you much. Hence, it’s a good idea to carry the best travel pillow for long flights.

It can not only provide you good comfort, but also save you from getting a strain in your neck from dozing in a sitting position. In this post, we have compiled some of the best travel pillows for long flights for you to choose from.

Types Of Travel Pillows

Three types of travel pillows are available:

  1. Inflatable U-shaped pillows: These pillows require minimal space when deflated and provide optimum support to the neck and back during traveling.
  2. Solid U-shaped pillows: They are made from memory foam and can be a little bulky, offering more support to the back and neck than inflatable pillows.
  3. Wrap-around pillows: These can be wrapped around the neck and are easy to carry.

17 Best Travel Pillows For Long Flights

1. J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

The chin supporting travel pillow from J-Pillow has a unique design that helps prevent your head from falling forward while sleeping and also supports your head from the side. Offering everlasting comfort, this product allows you to enjoy uninterrupted hours of sleep on long-haul flights, train journeys, and car rides. It can also be used at home while lying down and for medical reasons. This soft pillow is machine-washable and is easily foldable, occupying minimal space while traveling.

2. Mlvoc Travel Pillow

Mlvoc travel pillow has a curve-shaped design, featuring high-quality memory foam that provides relief to your neck and helps prevent your head from falling forward. The angles and size of the pillow can be conveniently adjusted with the rope lock. Covered with a soft magnetic therapy cloth, this sweat-resistant pillow features millions of tiny micro beads inside. The pillowcase is machine-washable, and you can use this multipurpose, lightweight product for several purposes.

3. Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The twist memory foam travel pillow can be easily contoured to any shape and position at your convenience. Versatile in nature, this product helps provide relief from neck pain and strains and supports your back and shoulders. The premium-quality luxury foam cushions your body and relaxes all the painful pressure points. This breathable pillow is machine-washable, and its snap closure feature allows you to attach it to your luggage while traveling.

4. Saireider Travel Pillow

Made of premium-quality, SGS-certified pure memory foam, this travel pillow has no chemical smell and includes a machine-washable cover. With three-second shape restore technology, the pillow has an ergonomic design that offers 360° support to your neck and head. The buckle allows you to adjust the size conveniently.

5. Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Support Pillow

The high-quality memory foam travel neck pillow from Cabeau is ideal for road trips, rail trips, and airplane flights. It features straps that allow you to attach it to any chair or airplane seat conveniently. The orthopedic, expert-approved pillow also has a custom-adjustable clasp for enhanced support to your chin that can help relieve your neck pain. It has a machine-washable pillow cover.

6. Aeris Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The compact travel pillow from Aeris has a Velcro strap that allows you to attach it with your luggage and carry it around with ease while traveling. A travel bag is included in the package. With a flexible design, this neck pillow helps enhance your comfort and support. Its outer pillow cover is made of soft velour fabric and is machine-washable. The complete pillow set includes an eye mask and earplugs.

7. Trtl Pillow Plus Travel Pillow

Trtl’s scientifically engineered travel pillow features adjustable height and in-built breathability. The premium padding of the pillow provides comfortable cushioning and support to your head. Lightweight and easy to carry, this pillow comes with a waterproof carry bag. It is suitable for car rides, train, and airplane journeys and is machine-washable.

8. ComfoArray Travel Pillow

With reinforced front support, the advanced travel pillow helps relieve pressure from your neck and head. The pasting fabric on the sides of the pillow ensures enhanced adjustability. Suitable for adults, the skin-friendly pillow is made of breathable fabric. The double-layered cotton cover has a magnetic therapy lining and is easy to wash and clean. An eye mask, a pair of earbuds, a waterproof organizer, and a large hook are provided with the pillow.

9. Point2Points Travel Pillow

The twistable travel pillow allows personalized support and enhances comfort as you can contour it to any shape and position. You can also use this versatile, travel-friendly pillow at home. The roll-pillow is made of memory foam and is covered with a machine-washable, soft cover. Its drawstring bag allows you to carry it around conveniently, and the snap button closure lets you secure it around your neck.

10. Sunany Inflatable Travel Pillow

The H-shape inflatable travel pillow is multi-directional and allows you to relax by supporting your head and neck. This velvet travel pillow is lightweight, has a smooth, machine-washable velvet cover and adjustable Velcro that helps hold the pillow comfortably. A hat is attached to let you sit below the air conditioner, keeping the wind out of the way. The patented valve of the neck pillow helps maintain good air without leaking for a long time.

11.Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow

The multi-use Travelrest neck pillow helps provide complete lateral support to your upper body, making it comfortable to doze off easily while traveling. Proper head, neck, and cervical alignment are ensured, suitable for chronic pain sufferers. The adjustable pillow can be conveniently rolled for easy storage and comes with a two-year warranty period.

12. Fabuday Travel Pillow

With an ergonomic design, the memory foam travel pillow from Fabuday helps provide complete support to your neck and prevents your head from falling forward while taking a nap. Equipped with a snap strap, the pillow can be easily attached to your backpack and carried around conveniently. It is dirt-resistant and skin-friendly. The pillow’s velvet cover is easy to clean and machine-washable.

13. Ostrichpillow Go Travel Pillow

Elegant and well-crafted, this pillow features high-density memory foam that helps provide 360º support to your neck. This comfortable travel pillow comes with a travel bag, and its Velcro closure and viscolastic sleeve allow you to customize your fit. The pillow sleeve is made of machine-washable, breathable fabric and is suitable for frequent flyers.

14. SkyRest Inflatable Travel Pillow

The inflatable travel pillow from SkyRest is portable and suitable for travel by car, bus, train, and airplane. Its one-way valve allows you to inflate and deflate it quickly. Suitable for individuals from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 6″ height, this patented design helps create a comfortable position for a nap while traveling.

15. Haobaimei Travel Neck Pillow

The travel neck pillow comprises superior-quality memory foam with uniform density, equipped with an easy-to-wash microfiber cover. It can help reduce your arm pressure, neck stiffness, and shoulder pain. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, this lightweight pillow comes with a carry pouch and is convenient to carry around.

16. SmartDer Inflatable Travel Pillow

SmartDer inflatable travel pillow has a patented valve design that can be easily inflated and deflated, unlike other traditional travel pillows. Suitable for frequent flyers, the lightweight pillow can be easily attached to your luggage for all your long-haul flights. Made from eco-friendly PVC fabric, the non-toxic neck pillow has a mild jasmine scent that won’t harm your skin. The product comes with a one-year warranty period.

17. Comfier Travel Pillow

With two heating constant-temperature techniques, this memory foam pillow helps provide soothing heat therapy to relieve your stress and muscle rigidity. The ergonomic U-shaped pillow provides 360° support to your head and neck. It features a rope with a lock that is adjustable as per your neck size. Lightweight and compact, the cervical pillow features an in-built lithium battery. This pillow combines three modes and six intensity levels to provide low-frequency deep-tissue acupuncture massage. Its soft fleece cover is machine-washable and enhances durability.

How To Find The Right Travel Pillow For Long Flights?

Here is a list of essential factors that you should consider before buying a travel pillow for airplanes.

  1. Size: A lightweight and portable travel pillow is easy to carry around in your luggage or carry bag.
  2. Machine-washable: Look for a travel pillow with a soft and smooth, machine-washable cover that is quick to clean. Such pillows can last longer and ensure cleanliness and hygiene whenever you travel.
  3. Versatile: Search for a versatile travel pillow that can be used at home, while watching TV, and for medical purposes.
  4. Non-toxic: A non-toxic, eco-friendly pillow made from premium-quality materials ensures protection and is safe for kids and adults. Choose a pillow that is hypoallergenic and made from environment-friendly PVC material.
  5. Inflatable: An inflatable travel pillow can be easily contoured to any shape and pattern of your choice. Easy to inflate and deflate, these travel pillows occupy minimal space and are convenient to carry around.

A travel pillow has become an essential product for relaxed and comfortable trips. We’ve listed all the premium-quality travel pillows to help fulfill your needs and preferences. Take your pick from these best travel pillows for long flights and enjoy stress-free travel.

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