11 Best Tree Skirts In 2021


The main attraction for every home decked up for Christmas is the tree! So, we have created a list of the best tree skirts to complete your Christmas tree decor and protect the ground from pine needles and falling tree ornaments. Decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments and gifts can add glam and glitter to the room’s ambiance. The tree skirts easily wrap around the bottom of your Christmas tree to add style and create a cozy space for your children and pets to relax and play. Soft and comfortable, these rugs come in various designs and colors to suit your needs. Keep scrolling to find the right tree skirt for your home.

11 Best Tree Skirts

1. iMucci Christmas Tree Skirt

Take your Christmas tree decoration a notch up with the iMucci tree skirt. The snowy white, soft plush material is soft and cozy. The polyester fabric is easy to clean and keeps debris and water from the tree off the floor. It is comfortable and measures 30-inch in diameter for a pet to snuggle up or the family to sit around the tree. Open your Christmas gifts or sit around on this beautiful rug with family and loved ones.

2. Aogu Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt

Make your white Christmas prettier with this beautiful white Christmas tree skirt from Aogu. The faux fur tree rug is luxurious and acts as a cozy spot for pets or family. It measures 48-inch in diameter and gives your Christmas tree decoration a satisfying finish. This rug is warm and soft with a double-layer design and impressive craftsmanship. You can used it at home, schools, offices, shops, gardens, or a porch. It is designed with a slit to fit the bottom of the tree with a hook-and-loop closure.

3. Lalent Christmas Tree Skirt

The 48-inch Lalent Christmas tree skirt is big and luxurious. It is thick, warm, and plush and forms a cozy seating under the Christmas tree. The white and silver faux fur is designed with sequined snowflake designs and upholds the Christmas feel. It is round with a hook-and-loop feature seaming on the border for easy opening and closure. Use this elegant mat in the garden, supermarket, office, or home.

4. AerWo Burlap Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt

Made of burlap material, the tree skirt is designed with pretty snowflakes. It has a drawstring closure with two ties at the opening to fit under any tree, real or artificial. It is easy to set up, fold, and store. The neutral tones of the rug give a rustic look, and the white snowflakes complement the Christmas season perfectly. Its natural linen material in a pencil skirt design is reusable, durable, and easy to wipe clean.

5. Tobehigher Christmas Tree Skirt

The 48-inch Christmas tree skirt from Tobehigher is crafted from white faux fur with a silver snowflake design. It has a hook-and-loop closure that fits under any tree and keeps the rug in place, making it easy to install and remove. It is made of non-woven fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. The softness is alluring to pets and children alike. This skirt comes with magic stickers that easily seam onto the border, and the mat can be decorated with ornaments.

6. Vgia Christmas Tree Skirt

Vgia’s tree skirt is designed with non-woven fabric and black buffalo check edges. The black and white skirt measures 48 inches in diameter, and the premium cotton material is lightweight and durable. It is large with a vintage look and can hold other decorations and gifts under the tree. The plaid pattern adds warmth, and it is easy to install, remove, and maintain. You can machine-wash it on a gentle cycle and lay it flat for drying.

7. Aiduy Christmas Tree Skirt

Aiduy’s Christmas tree skirt is a large 48-inch rustic rug. It is crafted from burlap fabric with a black and red buffalo plaid design and faux fur border. The non-woven fabric is durable and thick and protects the floor from pine and decorations drops. It has three ties that are easy to use. The double-layer stitching is strong, and the fur edge adds to the festive look. The traditional mat can be used indoors or outdoors.

8. Hajack Christmas Tree Skirt

The white rug is made of faux fur and polyester and measures 48 inches. It is soft, plush, and comfortable and has hook-and-loop closure with velcro borders for a snug fit. The round shape encircles the tree and covers the floor and trunk properly. Add color and pomp to your Christmas party decorations and use the skirt to protect the floor, and stack your gifts under the tree. The dense fur is of premium quality, providing warmth and comfort.

9. Aogu Sequin Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt

Aogu’s Christmas tree skirt has gold sequins on a white plush fabric. It has a snowflake pattern that complements the holiday season. The faux fur is soft and comfortable and has a hook-and-loop closure for easy installation and removal. It measures 48 inches in diameter and gives the room a warm and luxurious appearance. The velcro seams border the tree and prevent the rug from getting displaced or folding up. The double-layered design is durable and long-lasting and can be used outdoors and indoors.

10. Costyleen Christmas Tree Skirt

Enhance the Christmas decorations with this 43-inch mat under your tree. It is made of burlap and comes in khaki color with adorable deer patterns. The three hook-and-loop closures with a 4.7-inch opening keep the mat in place while making it easy to use. It catches shedding and droppings and can be used under real or artificial trees. The high-quality tree skirt is firm, non-woven, non-abrasive, durable, and long-lasting.

11. Juegoal Christmas Tree Skirt

The red and black plaid Christmas tree skirt complements the colors of Christmas. This 48-inch mat from Juegoal is crafted from polyester, burlap, and pine needles and has three velcro closures. The vintage Christmas tree skirt is soft and designed with pine tree patterns. This material is non-fraying and weather-proof. Its two-layer fabric is durable and available in vibrant colors. The fade-proof and anti-UV features allow this mat to be used indoors and outdoors and in all seasons.

How To Choose The Right Tree Skirts?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right tree skirts.

  1. Size and shape: Tree skirts come in various sizes and shapes like round, square or rectangular. A smaller skirt can complement a small tree, while a larger tree will require a larger skirt. The shape will depend on your preference and the available space. Measure the available space around the tree for the right fit.
  2. Material: Tree skirts come in burlap, cotton, faux fur, or plaid. While burlap skirts are long-lasting and easy to maintain, plaid tree skirtshide stains. Faux fur is comfortable, while cotton is good for pleasant weather.
  3. Functionality: Pick water- and dust-proof material to protect the floor while keeping the pets and children safe from getting poked or pricked. Also, some skirts help cover the tree trunk bottom and give the decoration a neat finish.
  4. Closure: Choose tree skirts with hook-and-loop closure or tie-up strings. They come with a slit opening to wrap around the tree and close. It keeps the skirt from getting displaced and piling up.
  5. Cleaning: Some tree skirts are hand-washable, while others recommend spot cleaning only. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pull out the dust, drops, or pet fur, or shake it clean.

The Christmas tree is the highlight of the season, and choosing the right tree skirt can add the right amount of oomph to the decoration. Tree skirts are a functional addition to the decoration. We have compiled a list of the best tree skirts based on their size, shape, material, looks, easy usage, and cleaning. Read through our article before picking the right one for your home.

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