9 Best Triathlon Suits In 2021


The tri suit is a fundamental piece of gear you need when participating in a Triathlon. The best triathlon suit provides flexibility and unhindered movement so athletes can complete each leg of the event without any hassles. Most seasoned athletes prefer a one-piece or two-piece triathlon suit while competing. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, here is a list of the best triathlon suits that you can choose from.

9 Best Triathlon Suits

1. Sundried Women’s Premium Padded Triathlon Tri Suit

Sundried’s triathlon suit is specifically made for swimming, running, and cycling. It fits like a second skin for unrestricted movement and prevents chafing during the race. The suit is quick-drying and chlorine-resistant, with some cushioning to provide comfort and shock-absorption while riding. It has a long zipper at the back for simple removal and comfortable breathing. The material doesn’t irritate the skin, and its sleeveless design helps you move freely.

2. Runderwear RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Suit

The women’s triathlon suit is made from Darwin Italian technical fabric. This set is chlorine-proof and provides sufficient UV protection. Its quick-drying feature is suitable for decreasing transition times and works well for swimming, cycling, and running. This suit is breathable and lightweight and is ergonomically designed to fit your body. Its sleeveless design and 3/4 length zip help enhance temperature regulation. This suit is also hypoallergenic and padded, with two rear mesh pockets to hold your essentials.

3. Synergy Men’s Triathlon Trisuit

Synergy’s men’s triathlon tri suits are made of poly-nylon spandex. Its advanced NeoGel pad with soft fleece keeps you warm and comfortable while providing support. The flatlock stitching is used throughout the suit, and there are two mesh pockets in the rear. Its shorts stay in place with the practical and soft leg grippers. The large armholes prevent chafing, and it has a 3/4 adjustable zipper. This suit also has a modesty panel for adequate comfort and support.

4. My Kilometre Women’s Triathlon Shorts

Suitable for female cyclists, these triathlon shorts have high-density foam padding for optimal protection. They have central channeling in the perineal area, designed to offset pressure spots. Each side of the legs has nutrition storage pockets for convenient access while riding or running. They also have a body-zone orientated panel-cut with a soft front waistband for the right fit. These shorts have flatlock stitching for durability and a wide, elastic leg ending for comfortable movement.

5. Xterra Wetsuits Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit

The wetsuit fits snugly for fast and precise movement during swimming, making it suitable for beginners and experts. Featuring durability, buoyancy, and flexibility, its high-performance suit liner stretches in all four directions and returns to its original shape, ensuring it maintains its shape and fit over time. Its x-slice coating helps reduce drag, and its neoprene build offers freedom of movement. This wetsuit has a double-seam shoulder cuff for unrestricted performance during swimming.

6. Santic Women’s Triathlon Suit

The foam-cushioned pad of the Santic women’s triathlon suit provides chafe-free support during the bike ride. It’s light and slender and dries quickly. The tri suit features a body-zone-oriented panel-cut with stretched legs and a waistline specially developed for the right female fit, making it easy to create a bubble butt. This suit is ITU-approved for use with a back zipper. It has net fabric pockets on the left leg for keys and energy bars while riding or running.

7. SLS3 Triathlon Men’s Suits

SLS3’s triathlon suit is made of a lightweight, four-way balanced, stretchy nylon spandex with polyester-spandex mesh side panels that ensure comfortable motion. Its ergonomic panels have two pockets that are strategically placed on the lower back to store your essentials. The soft flatlock seams help prevent chafing. It is quick-drying and has a front zipper with an overlapped zipper guard for optimal protection and ventilation.

8. Sparx Sports Men’s Elite Aerosuit Triathlon Suit

Sparx’s men’s triathlon suit is a high-quality suit that provides strong muscular support. It has non-chafing, quick-drying qualities, back cushioning, and pockets. The material comprises 80% polyamide (nylon), known for its strength and durability, and more fibers that allow increased flexibility and effortless movement. It’s made of 20% Italian elastane, lightweight and easy to wear, with enhanced elasticity and sweat resistance.

9. CGLRybO Triathlon Suits

The triathlon suits for men are made of a technical fabric with 75% polyamide and 25% elastane, providing you with good elasticity and support. These wetsuits feature breathability, sweat-absorbency, non-chafing, and quick-drying properties. The porous mesh fabric on the side keeps the skin dry and cool by drying rapidly. They also have a soft leg finish to prevent the shorts from riding up during the race.

How To Choose The Right Triathlon Suits?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right triathlon suits.

  1. Material: Choose a fabric that’s breathable, lightweight, sweat-proof, and UV-resistant. It should have optimal comfort and freedom of movement to enhance your performance.
  1. Storage: Look for pockets that zip up, go at an angle, or are hidden when not in use. Even if you don’t plan on carrying your snacks with you, it’s a good idea to have at least one pocket for storing your essentials.
  1. Style: While most tri suits are sleeveless to allow better movement and cooling, the latest trend includes shoulder covering and sleeves that go to the elbows for more comfort and flexibility.

A single tri suit will not be appropriate for all racers, especially if you have a specific strength or requirement to meet. Look for a tri suit tailored to your needs to perform your best every time. We hope this list of the best triathlon suits can help you find the right one. So, go ahead and explore your options to ace that race!

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