11 Best Tripod Stands In India For A Picture That Speaks A Thousand Words


Every photographer’s nightmare is being bumped into while trying to capture a beautiful moment and ending up with a blurred image. If you are a photographer, you probably have already lived through it at least once and recalling that unfortunate memory as you read this. Perhaps it’s safe for us to assume that you understand the importance of a good tripod. But if you are a beginner, take it from the experts, you are going to need the best tripod stand in India in your kit. Tripods are a 3-legged stand that holds the camera still for a stabilized video or picture. In addition to this, you can use tripods for smooth camera transitions, panoramic shots, and so much more.

We understand that you have already spent hours buying a camera that matches your need, so you don’t have to do the same just to end up with unnecessarily expensive tripods. If you are someone who clicks pictures on your phone or a GoPro, we have something for you too. Here is a list of the 11 best tripod stands in India to help you make every moment count.

11 Best Tripod Stands In India In 2021

1. AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod


By launching AmazonBasics, Amazon has proven that you can get high-quality products without breaking the bank and this tripod stand is a testament to that. It is made from lightweight aluminum material and weighs 567 grams. The height of the tripod can easily be adjusted using its 3-section level locking system and can be placed on uneven surfaces like a sofa or on a rocky surface. It has a 3-way head with a 360° swiveling function for capturing panoramic shots. It also gives you the convenience of switching between portrait and landscape orientation easily.


  • Easy-to-carry
  • Quick-release plate
  • Includes a zippered bag
  • Height ranges between 16-50 inches
  • 2 kg maximum weight endurance


  • It cannot accommodate cameras with big lenses.

2. Hoteon Mobilife Extendable Selfie Stick With Wireless Remote And Tripod Stand

Hoteon Mobilife Extendable Selfie Stick With Wireless Remote And Tripod Stand


If you love clicking selfies, this selfie stick/mobile camera stand from Hoteon will be your new best friend. For times when you do not want to give selfies a break or want to take a panoramic shot, it also doubles as a tripod with 270° rotation flexibility. With its maximum length of 23.6 inches, you and your whole group can easily fit in the frame without figuring out who has the longest arms. The phones are attached to the clamp at the end of the stick; it opens about 7-10 cms, making it compatible with phones of different sizes including the iPhone 8 & 7 series, Galaxy Note 8, and Google devices. It comes with a battery-based, detachable remote control to trigger shots if you want to operate the camera from a distance. Gather your group because it is time to take some awesome selfies!


  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • One-step tripod setup
  • Hassle-free connectivity
  • LED for connectivity status
  • Silicon-padded clamp
  • Extra button cell included
  • Easy battery replacement


  • It cannot hold the phone vertically.

3. Tygot Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Tripod Stand

Tygot Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Tripod Stand


When you place your camera or phone on a tripod, the least you expect it to do is firmly hold the device, so that you can focus on getting the shot, correct? With this lightweight mobile tripod from Tygot, you will have one less thing to worry about. It is compatible with DSLRs, mobile phones, and GoPros. The legs are constructed from sturdy aluminum alloy materials with quick-leg locks at the bottom. It has a 3-way head for a full 360° panoramic shot. It comes with a universal phone bracket that can stretch up to 8 cms to mount mobile phones. It also has an in-built level tester that detects uneven surfaces and helps in adjusting a horizontal position. Uneven surfaces will bother you no more!


  • Legs extend up to 41.3 inches
  • Withstands 2 kgs
  • Supports vertical and landscape orientations
  • Has a universally compatible 0.25-inch screw


  • The legs are thin and might not withstand rough use.

4. DIGITEK DTR 455 LT Tripod Mobile Holder

DIGITEK DTR 455 LT Tripod Mobile Holder


If you are a beginner, this adjustable camera tripod stand from DIGITEK is the perfect equipment to add to your kit. It has aluminum alloy legs with non-slip rubber feet to keep the tripod stable and can withstand a maximum weight of 3 kg. Each leg’s height can be changed individually using its flip-lock feature. It can also support other media devices like video cameras, digital cameras, GoPros, and scopes. It uses a collapsible design, which allows the head to be folded inwards for easy transportation.


  • Weighs just 0.48 kg
  • Maximum height of 4.26 feet
  • 3-way head for 360° swiveling
  • Multipurpose quick-release head
  • Includes a zippered bag and smartphone holder


  • May not be suitable for rough use

5. Sketchfab Pro Smart Tripod Stand

Sketchfab Pro Smart Tripod Stand


Considered one of the most popular tripod brands on Amazon, this lightweight tripod is most beginners’ go-to option. Made from durable aluminum alloy tubes and engineered plastic, it is extremely lightweight, making it an ideal travel tripod. The legs can be extended to a maximum height of 57.4 inches. The quick-release head offers a seamless transition of switching the camera from a tripod to a handheld position. And when you are using it with a mobile phone, you can use its Bluetooth camera shutter to click photos without the need to set a timer.


  • Easy-to-setup
  • New lever-type locking system
  • Metal hinges for stability
  • Anti-skid rubber feet
  • Weight endurance of up to 3 kg
  • 0.25-inch screw to be used with multiple media devices.


  • It might not be easy to fit mobile phones with big screen sizes.

6. Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum Tripod

Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum Tripod


With some of the best tripod reviews on Amazon, this aluminum portable tripod from Svyo is loved by both beginner and professional photographers. Weighing just over 400 grams, it is incredibly lightweight and compact to make it easy to travel with. It is compatible with a wide range of devices like video cameras, digital cameras, and GoPros. With its 50-inch maximum height, you can capture moments from the desired angle and uses a pull-buckle locking system to safely hold your devices.


  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • 0.25-inch screw on the quick-release plate
  • Portrait and landscape orientation
  • Endures weight of up to 5 kg
  • Carry bag included
  • 360° swiveling flexibility with its 3-way head


  • The mobile holder might not be sturdy enough.

7. Tygot 3366 Aluminum Tripod

Tygot 3366 Aluminum Tripod


Traveling and photography are two of the most common hobbies for people across the world. If you are a person who loves both, you ought to travel with a tripod, don’t you think? Considered to be one of the best travel tripods, Tygot has managed to enter our list for the 2nd time with this spectacular aluminum tripod. Be it your GoPros, DSLRs, or mobile phones, you can mount them all. It has 3-section telescoping legs that extend up to a 53-inch height setup. With the combination of its 360° flexible neck, you can click pictures from your preferred angle. So, the next time you are about to hit the road with your camera, you must give this excellent tripod a try.


  • In-built bubble level
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 5 kg maximum weight limit
  • Anti-skid rubber feet
  • Includes a smartphone holder
  • Quick-release plate with 0.25-inch screw
  • Gravity hook to add more weight for stability.


  • The screw on the mount might be flimsy.

8. Marklif Gorilla Tripod

Marklif Gorilla Tripod


In recent years, vlogging and streaming have become full-time occupations. If you are thinking of embarking on the same journey, you are going to need this heavy-duty tripod from Marklif. It is constructed from premium-quality ABS materials. It uses an anodized-finish rotating sphere that has a higher load-bearing capacity to mount various devices. It also boasts flexible legs that have over 2 dozen joints, allowing you to twist and bend them to secure them on uneven surfaces or even wrap them around a pole. Without feeling exhausted, you can use this tripod for a long time.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Weighs 350 grams
  • Maximum height of 13 inches
  • Clasp-based lock with 0.25-inch screw
  • Accurate angle locking
  • High-quality phone holder with rubber grips


  • It cannot mount devices in portrait orientation.

9. Case Plus Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Tripod

Case Plus Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Tripod


Who doesn’t love capturing memories in the form of photos and videos? Be it a family trip, fancy dress competitions, social media posts, or a group picture, this camera tripod stand will provide the stability to take clear and sharp pictures. It is compatible with cameras and mobile phones, and when you are traveling, you can utilize its 3-way head with a 360° swiveling feature to capture a beautiful panoramic view. It comes with a phone holder that is automatic and elastic and can stretch up to 3.4 inches wide.


  • Quick leg locks
  • 3-section extendable legs
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Pan, swivel, and tilting flexibility
  • In-built level tester and bubble level
  • Maximum height of 41.3 inches


  • The legs are thin, which might withstand heavy usage.

10. Photron STEDY PRO 550 Tripod

Photron STEDY PRO 550 Tripod


Without a tripod, we know how frustrating it can be to find the right spot to set up your camera at the desired angle. This STEDY PRO 550 Tripod from Photron uses 4-tube section aluminum legs that can individually be adjusted to adapt to the terrain you are on. The legs are thick and extremely sturdy qne they can reach a maximum height of 53.7 inches. And for the angle-fixated photographers, the tripod has an in-built level tester, providing you the extra information needed to adjust it horizontally. It also includes a carry bag for easy transportation.


  • Attractive metallic black color
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 3-way head for 360° rotation
  • Mobile holder included
  • Quick-release plate with 0.25-inch screw
  • Supports a wide range of devices.


  • It cannot bear more than 2.5 kg.

11. Adofys Camera Flexible Tripod

Adofys Camera Flexible Tripod


When you are out for an adventure, all you need to do is relish every moment of it and capture some of it on camera too. With this gorilla tripod from Adofys, you will have complete creative flexibility to capture those moments in any way you want to. It boasts flexible yet durable legs that can be placed straight on surfaces, wrapped around poles, or hung from ledges. It is made from premium ABS material, allowing it to endure harsh usage. It also features an anodized-finish, rotating sphere for heavy load-bearing. It is compatible with various devices including DSLRs, GoPros, and mobile phones. So, get your adventure going!


  • Accurate angle locking
  • Aluminum legs and waterproof legs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Clasp-based locking system
  • Includes a mobile holder
  • Supports a maximum weight of up to 1.2 kg.


  • It has a maximum height of 12 inches.

There you go, shutterbugs! That was our list for the 11 best tripod stands in India that you need to try. If you are a newbie, you might be confused about which one to buy. Don’t fret, we have a buying guide that will help you buy the right one.

Choosing The Best Tripod Stand In India – A Buying Guide

Here are a few pointers that you should consider while purchasing a tripod stand for DSLRs and other media devices:

  • Compatibility

If you have multiple devices that you shoot and record with, you need to ensure that the tripod you are buying is compatible with all of them. Most of the tripods on this list have a universal 0.25-inch screw that allows them to be used with any DSLR camera. For mobile phones, you will need a separate mobile tripod mount to set up your phone with the tripod, which in most cases comes with the tripod on this list.

  • Maximum height

Shooting from the right angle is what most photographers aim for and a tripod’s height can factor that significantly. A tripod that can reach the required height will help you capture moments just the way you imagined.

  • Weight endurance

DSLRs and video cameras can be quite bulky. To endure the weight of a DSLR or any other device that could prove to be heavy, pick a tripod that can withstand the weight without losing balance or breaking the mounter. You can do that by comparing the weight of the camera and the maximum weight endurance of the tripod.

  • Tripod head

There are a few types of heads that a tripod can have, and it majorly depends on what you prefer. We highly recommend using a tripod with a 3-way head since it provides the flexibility to capture shots in various angles and 360° panoramic views. It is ideal for travel-enthusiasts.

  • Quick-release plate

When faced with a complex scenario where you need to switch from a steady to handheld camera position, you will need to have a smooth transition. This is possible only when you have a quick-release plate on your tripod. As the name suggests, it allows the camera to be easily unlocked from the tripod, reducing the amount of jolt during the shoot.

  • Material

One of the constant criticisms about tripods is their durability. We highly recommend buying a tripod that is made from high-quality aluminum, which is known to be sturdy and durable in the given price range. They are also quite light and easy to travel with.

  • Weight

The weight of the tripod will affect your decision based on the occasion and whether you would like to travel with it or not. If it is for an event, you should be okay with a heavy tripod since there will not be much movement of it. But, if you travel a lot, it is natural that you want to travel light, so choosing a lightweight tripod should be a perfect choice. It also makes it easy for you to hold it for a long time if you are going to vlog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of using a tripod?

A. Here are just a few benefits of a tripod:

  • It provides stability for the camera.
  • It allows you to capture clear and sharp images.
  • It is helpful for time-lapse and panoramic photography.
  • It helps in capturing images in any light conditions by eliminating the risk of constant movement.
  • It makes taking group photos easy.

Q. Is there any alternative to a tripod?

A. You can consider a monopod, magic arm, super clamp, or camera bean bag as alternatives for tripods. But if you don’t want any of these, you can use any flat surfaces like tables or shelves when you are indoors. And, when you are outdoors, you can place the camera on your bag, and vehicle seats.

Q. What is the difference between a tripod and a monopod?

A. The major difference is that monopods have only 1 leg and tripods have 3. Monopods have a fixed head, so they have to be completely tilted and rotated to capture different angles. Whereas, tripods can have orientable heads, making it easy to capture different angles without moving the tripod.

Whether you are a photographer or vlogger, you will need the best tripod stands for taking pictures that speak a thousand words or recording high-quality videos. When choosing one, consider its size, range, and weight. Also, ensure it has a sturdy build and is portable, compact, easy to assemble, and height-adjustable. Further, you may pick one based on whether you will be using a DSLR camera, GoPro, or your cellphone. In addition, you may pick one that comes with anti-skid rubber feet and a portable carry bag.

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