13 Best TSA Approved Luggage Locks To Protect Your Bags and Belongings In 2022


Keep your items safe during travel with our list of the best TSA luggage locks. TSA refers to the Transportation Security Administration, that checks air passengers’ luggage for potential threats. For proper protection of your luggage, you need TSA locks to prevent any damage during checking.

A TSA-approved lock works on password combinations to prevent unauthorized access. Hence, the safety of your luggage is still preserved after their checks. We have also included information on features to look for during their purchase. So, read on to know more.

Types Of Luggage Locks

The first step in finding the right lock is to understand the different types of locks. This will help you choose the one that suits your needs.

  1. Key locks: These are basic but reliable locks. Their traditional operating mechanism only requires you to carry a key to unlock the settings. The only disadvantage is when you lose the key. Since the TSA-approved locks have high-strength shackles, you may find it difficult to open your luggage if you lose the key.
  2. Combination locks: Most TSA locks have three- or four-digit lock combinations. The more the digits, the more combinations you can form. Setting these combinations is not a difficult task. Most locks have ‘0000’ as default lock digits. Enter these digits and follow the instructor’s manual to set the combination of your choice.
  3. Cable locks: These locks use digits as the locking function. The only difference is that they have flexible cables. These cables are useful for people who carry a lot of baggage as they can lock all kinds of luggage with one lock.
  4. Retractable locks: These locks allow you to lock your luggage to a fixed item. After use, the cable retracts into the lock compactly.
  5. Fingerprint locks: These locks are modern travel tools. Since fingerprints are unique to a person, you know that your baggage cannot be opened by anyone other than you. If needed, you can add many fingerprints to the database.
  6. Zip-tie locks: If luggage locks are not what you are looking for, you can use a one-time zip-tie locking system, which you can discard after a single-use.

13 Best TSA Luggage Locks

1. Best Overall:Forge Store TSA-approved Cable Luggage Locks

Forge Store TSA-approved Cable Luggage Locks

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to lock a standard zipper with thick metal loops. Thus, the TSA-approved Forge luggage lock offers a thin and robust braided cable. The length of the cable is four inches, and the length between loops is 1.5 inches. You can wrap it around the zipper of any luggage or gun case. You don’t have to worry about any damage to the lock due to misoperation at the airport because the lock has a robust zinc and steel construction. The locks come with an easy-to-read three-code lock system. Check out this review for a detailed understanding about the product.

2. Best Four-Digit Coding System:Sure Lock TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks

Sure Lock TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks

Use this TSA-approved high-quality luggage lock to secure your lockers, bags, and cases. Made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, the Sure Lock makes it difficult for anyone trying to open your luggage. The lock has a four-digit coding system for higher security, and you can set up to 10,000 lock combinations. The steel metal loop can fit into most standard zippers and is difficult to break. This luggage lock also allows inspections by TSA screeners without breaking the lock. This video review will help you understand more about the product.

3. Best Secure Lock:Master Lock TSA-approved Luggage Locks

Master Lock TSA-approved Luggage Locks

These TSA-approved locks have four locks and keys. They are available in multiple colors, making it easier for you to identify your luggage at the airport’s baggage claim area. You can use all four keys with any lock, so you won’t be confused about carrying the correct key. The shackle is made of steel and can securely lock all standard baggage zippers. Besides, as these locks are strong, they can withstand cutting or sawing.

4. Best Zinc Alloy:Anvil TSA-approved Luggage Lock

Anvil TSA-approved Luggage Lock

Compatible with duffle bags, suitcases, and most carrying items, Anvil’s TSA-approved luggage lock is your one-stop travel safety tool. Its padlock is made of zinc alloy body and is difficult to break. The padlock body is equipped with four-digits, which can be used to set a unique password combination in less than twenty seconds. Attached to the pad are tough steel shackles that are scratch-resistant and difficult to break open. These padlocks have been designed to resist the airport luggage environment. Once you’ve locked your suitcase with this security lock, you can be sure that your belongings are safe.

5. Best Large Dial:Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock

Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock

With a simple push-button, this TSA-approved lock has been designed to make your travel more comfortable and safer. The TSA approval ensures that your lock cannot be cut open during the security checkup. If your bag is checked, the indicator light changes from green to red. The lock has flexible cables that allow you to secure your carrying bags, lockers, and suitcases. It also comes with three large dials, allowing you to form several safety lock combinations.

6. Best Flexible Loop:Lewis N Clark Triple Security Lock

Lewis N Clark Triple Security Lock

With this TSA luggage lock, you can rest assured that your luggage will not be stolen as it can be locked on a fixed object. It has strong and flexible loops on both sides, enabling you to lock your luggage as per your need. You can also attach your laptop or handbags to your suitcase to avoid carrying excessive luggage. The lock has three dials with distinct numbers, enabling you to set a combination password of your choice.

7. Best Durable:Giver are TSA-approved Luggage Locks

Giver are TSA-approved Luggage Locks

The convenient setting mechanism and the combination of nearly 1,000 security combinations make the GiverareTSA-approved luggage lock an ideal travel companion. It has a highly flexible cable that can hold all standard-sized zippers firmly. The firm grip ensures that the zippers do not get damaged due to mishandling of luggage. The lock’s body is made of zinc alloy and covered in a plastic body and a vinyl sheath; thus, increasing its durability.

8. Best Multiple Password Combination:Fosmon Combination Padlock

Fosmon Combination Padlock

This TSA-approved lock features a zinc body frame that can withstand any pressure and prevent your suitcase from being opened. It has three dials that allow you to set multiple password combinations. You can use this lock to secure lockers or suitcases containing essential items because its hard steel loop is tough to cut. This lock enables airport security to check your bag without breaking in. It also comes with an alert indicator that notifies you if your bag was opened.

9. Best For Gym Lockers:Travel More TSA Luggage Locks

Travel More TSA Luggage Locks

A four-digit combination lock like Travel more further enhances the security of your luggage. You can set up to 10,000 combinations in a few seconds. The kit includes five TSA-approved locks to lock standard zippers, gym lockers, gun cases, or laptop bags. These luggage locks consist of steel shackles that are difficult to cut. Since these locks don’t require any keys to function, you don’t have to worry about losing the keys.

10. Best Sleek:Yestelle Travel Luggage Locks

Yestelle Travel Luggage Locks

With the Yestelle luggage lock, you do not require a key. The four-password wheels allow you to set multiple combinations to ensure the safety of your luggage. These sets are available in multiple colors to help you identify your luggage easily. The TSA-approved luggage lock features a zinc alloy body and keeps your luggage locked even in the case of mishandling.

11. Best Stainless Steel:Xool Store TSA-approved Luggage Locks

Xool Store TSA-approved Luggage Locks

Xool Store TSA-approved Luggage Locks are made of zinc alloy with stainless steel shackles that can slide open. For higher security, the four digits can be set to form 10,000 lock combinations. You can complete the password setting of these locks in a few minutes and reset the password combination at any time at the click of a button. The white digits on a black background make it easier for you to use the lock. These locks are TSA approved, so you will know if someone tries to tamper your luggage without your knowledge.

12. Best Sturdy:Swiss Gear Travel Sentry Luggage Locks

Swiss Gear Travel Sentry Luggage Locks

If you are looking for a TSA luggage lock that does not require you to remember any password, this set of locks from Swiss Gear is what you need. The kit includes two locks with identical keys, thus avoiding the trouble of remembering the correct key for each lock. These locks are equipped with sturdy steel shackles to prevent suitcase and other luggage zippers from opening during transportation. The TSA-approved locks must be closed after security checkups.

13. Best Fingerprint Recognition:Mypin Fingerprint Lock

Mypin Fingerprint Lock

For those who often forget keys or passwords, Mypin’s TSA luggage locks are the right choice. These locks run on fingerprint recognition software. All you need to do is record your fingerprints by following the instructions given in the manual. Since you can upload ten fingerprints, these locks are convenient for the entire family. It consists of a zinc alloy body and stainless steel shackles. You don’t have to worry about the battery discharge because the settings remain locked when the power is off. You can charge it with a USB cable again and use the travel safety tool.

How To Choose The Right TSA Luggage Lock?

While choosing a TSA luggage lock for yourself, here are a few features you must look for:

  • Type of lock: You can purchase a key, combination, or fingerprint lock according to your preference and convenience
  • Material: Most TSA-approved locks are made of zinc alloy because the metal is difficult to cut. Ensure that the shackles are made of stainless steel or flexible looped cables. Stainless steel offers high strength and is difficult to cut even with pliers. However, depending on their circumference, they may not be suitable for specific zipper sizes. On the other hand, cable shackles are versatile and offer more flexibility.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After considering the quality, latest features, and safety, we have compiled this list of the best TSA luggage locks for your use. These locks will help you keep your luggage safe and prevent you from worrying about them. We have carefully chosen the appropriate locks for your luggage to ensure their safety and durability. Most of the products are liked by many customers, hence you can rely on them.

Keeping your luggage safe is of utmost importance when you travel, and a TSA-approved luggage lock will always have your back. You’ll find various luggage locks, from fingerprint locks, key locks, and combination locks. While they’re all safe and keep your items secure, the choice will completely depend on your preference and ease of use. TSA-approved luggage locks are made using super-sturdy materials such as zinc alloys. These locks are impossible to cut so that you can travel stress-free.

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