50 Best And Unique Twin Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Best And Unique Twin Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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The nine months preceding the arrival of your double bonanza (twin girls) are full of festivities and blessings. Many important tasks will now have to be accomplished- the most important one being the name selection for your twins.

Your little ladies will be identical. Does that mean your twin girls should have the names that are mirror images of each other as well? While it may seem cute to imagine the two cherubs with matching names, do your girls a favour and think about their future.

They are twins, yes, but they are individuals too, and a day will come when they’ll be women. This duo will be connected so many ways, hence it would be appropriate to consider a set of names that are distinct from each other and yet sound harmonious as a pair.

Choosing The Best Twin Girl Names:

Make an effort to choose names that are compatible stylistically. Choose two modern names or two traditional names, but avoid mix and match. You can also choose two romantic yet feminine names or even go with something androgynous.

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When you’re searching twin girl baby names, ask yourself the following questions:

– Do the names emphasize that your children are a pair?

  •  If yes, is this what you want?
  • Are their names easily confused?
  •  Do you want them to have the same initials?
  •  Do their names lend themselves to nicknames and, if they do, is that what you want?
  •  If so, do the nicknames work together as a pair?

Start discussing possible twins baby girl names with your partner; keep a list of favourite names handy so you can jot down whenever a name pops into your head. Whatever you choose, say your babies’ names aloud with their middles names(if any) and your last name. If you have other children, consider how this pairing will sound in combination with their names.

Other factors to consider when you decide on names for your girls:

  •  Specific traits in the meaning that you’d like to associate with your little babies.
  •  Honouring someone close.
  •  Avoiding embarrassing initials or nicknames.
  •  Steering clear of monikers associated with bad memories.
  •  Appeasing close relatives’ wishes.
  •  Your family history and legacy.

It is said, ‘Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names’. Such is the power of a name! But don’t worry, we’ve sorted it out here, and put down a collection of unique twin baby girl names (with their meanings) that will be both individual and special while not being too unusual – just what you need.

Names with Similar Meaning:

  • Aarushi- Ahaana (1st rays of sun)
  •  Aarzoo- Aakansha (desire)
  •  Aashi- Aashita (happiness)
  •  Clarisa- Leonara (bright)
  •  Alice- Freya (noble)
  •  Karishma- Kashish (attractive)
  • Aadhaya- Aakarsha (powerful)
  • Anshika- Anwika (a part)
  •  Aasha- Aashita (hope)
  •  Mohini- Menaka (beautiful)
  •  Amisha- Ananya (beautiful)
  •  Charu- Charvi (beautiful)
  •  Deepa – Deepika (light)
  •  Sampada-Sampatti (wealth)
  •  Aaarzo- Aakanksha (desire)
  •  Garima – Anita (graceful)
  •  Hema- Hemakshi (golden eyed)
  •  Madhubala- Mansi (a sweet girl)
  •  Meghana- Megha (cloud)
  •  Avantika- Rani (queen)
  •  Scarlett-Penelope: Red

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Names Associated with Nature:

  •  Esta -Tara (both meaning “star”)
  •  Storm – Salena (meaning “moon”)
  •  Meadow – Amaya (meaning “night rain”)
  •  Diana- Rishima (Moon Goddess)
  •  Celine- Luna (Moon)

Spiritual Sounding Names:

  •  Trinity -Nevaeh (“Heaven” spelled backwards – a popular trend of late)
  •  Devangi- Devyanshi (divine)
  •  Devina- Devika (goddess)
  •  Sita- Vaidehi (name of wife of Lord Ram)
  • Aaradhna- Aarti (worship)

Sanskrit Names:

Sanskrit names have thoughtful meanings. Naming of a child is the most fundamental Hindu “sanskar” or scripture based tradition. Hindus select names such that their meaning can inspire the child to follow the path of righteousness and divine qualities. Here are a few twin baby girl names hindu, that work in pair wonderfully.

  •  Abhaya-Akshita (Fearless- Wonder girl)
  •  Ambar-Divya (The sky- Divine)
  •  Amrita-Dhara (Spiritual holy water- Constant flow)
  •  Jyotsna-Swara (Radiant like flames- Self shining)
  •  Mohini-Shreya (Most beautiful)

Happy Sounding Names:

Who doesn’t want their child to be happy always? A happy sounding name will always inspire your princesses to spread more happiness around!

  • Farrah-Muskaan (One who smiles)
  • Anandi – Aeisha (One who is happy)

Flora Inspired Names:

Flowers have that special feminine touch about them, which is generally associated with girls. Here are a few names referring to the gracefulness of a girl!

  •  Aboli- Kusum (Flower)
  •  Daisy-Voilet (Flower)
  •  Ketki- Juhi (Flower)

Celebrity Inspired Names:

Celebrity naming- is the latest trend. Many believe naming their child after some favorite or famous celebrity may bring good luck and inspiration to their kids. Also it holds a pinch of style statement!

  1. Paris-Norah (gorgeous- shining light)
  2. Karishma-Kareena (attractive-pure)

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Twin Baby Girl Names That Rhyme:

Want to sound poetic whenever you call out to your twins? Rhyming names are the ones for you then. Try these out:

  • Aditi – Smriti (meaning freedom – memory)
  • Antara – Akshara (second note in Hindustani music – everlasting)
  • Anaya – Shanaya (god answers – first ray of the sun)
  • Bhavya – Navya (splendid – young)
  • Himanshi – Ekanshi (part of snow – of one part)
  • Jiya – Diya (sweetheart – light)
  • Khushi – Aarushi (happy – ray of light)
  • Riddhi – Siddhi (fortunate – perfection)
  • Tarini – Manini (Goddess Durga/Parvati – a lady)
  • Vanya – Tanya (gracious gift of God – fairy queen)
  • Ava – Olivia (bird – symbol of peace)
  • Ella – Emma (beautiful fairy – universal)
  • Haylee – Kaylee (hay clearing – pure)

Names That Start With The Same Letter:

Same letter names have been a trend for long, and have not lost their sheen. The meanings may be different, but beginning with the same letter keeps the names related.

  • Amelie – Abrienne (hardworking – feminine of Abraham)
  • Callie – Cecilia (beautiful – blind)
  • Fiona – Fallyn (fair – in charge)
  • Indira – Ivy (splendid – faithfulness)
  • Kellyn – Kira (descendant of the brightheaded one – light)
  • Savannah – Sierra (from the open plain – dark)
  • Suzie – Shawna (graceful lily – God is gracious)
  • Tabitha – Trista (beauty – noisy)
  • Ursula – Uma (little female bear – tranquillity)

Seasonal Names For Twin Girls:

Consider your favorite season for inspiration or your twins’ birth season to name them.

  • June – Juno (bridal month)
  • July – Julia (summer season)
  • Saffron – Amber (autumn names)
  • Crystal – Neva (evoke the snow of winter)
  • Joy – Merry (Yuletide season)
  • Amethyst – Frost (winter names)
  • Euria – Flora (spring names)

Destination Names For Twin Girls:

You may have fond memories associated with a place you visited or grew up. List of twin baby girl names after a special place are below:

  • Alberta – Alexandria (Canada – Virginia)
  • Carolina – Catalina (Southeastern US – California)
  • Geneva – Georgia (Switzerland – Eurasia)
  • Valencia – Verona (Spain – Italy)
  • Victoria – Vienna (Australia/Canada – Austria)
  • Adra – Ajanta (West Bengal – Maharashtra)
  • Ganga – Godavari (rivers)
  • Kabini – Kalindi (rivers)
  • Manasa – Manvi (Madhya Pradesh – Karnataka)
  • Vaishali – Vaishno (Bihar – Jammu & Kashmir)

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Virtue Names For Twin Girls:

Virtue names represent qualities and send a positive message.

  • Amity – Amnesty
  • Blessing – Bliss
  • Charity – Chastity
  • Deliverance – Diligence
  • Eternity – Faith
  • Felicity – Fidelity
  • Loyal – Mercy
  • Peace – Percival
  • Grace – Justice

Reversed Names For Twin Girls:

Simply reverse the spelling of one child’s name, to get the other’s. But ensure that they are meaningful.

  • Heaven – Nevaeh
  • Aidan – Nadia (little fiery one – hope)
  • Siri – Iris (fair victory – rainbow)
  • Amy – May (Dearly loved – pearl)

Important Tips to Remember:

  •  Go for simple unique and distinct names.
  •  Avoid choosing too complicated names, your little girls might frown later!

Remember, your darlings has to live forever with the choice you make, so select right names, because names are powerful and influential! We hope this list of twins baby girl names comes handy for you to choose unique yet meaningful names.

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