17 Best Under-Cabinet Lighting For Your Kitchen In 2021

Having the best under-cabinet lights can be a blessing for your home. They improve your kitchen’s ambiance and brightness, thereby brightening your cooking area. They exist in various shapes and sizes and are easy to fit. Several under-cabinet lights feature motion sensors for efficient control. Choosing the best lights is not an easy task. We have compiled a list of lights having unique functionalities and designs to make your search easier.

17 Best Under-Cabinet Lights For The Kitchen

1. Hardwired LED Under-Cabinet Task Lighting

Hardwired LED Under-Cabinet Task Lighting

This under-cabinet lighting by Harrrrd, measuring 16in wide and 24in long, has a durable metal base and a stylish design and perfectly fits into the cabinet roof of modern kitchens. The LED bar light system comes in five different lengths: 36in, 24in, 21in, 18in, and 12in. With a frost lens, the LED light bar enables light distribution in a wide area, especially in closed spaces such as shelves, counters, cabinets, and bookshelves.


  • Easy on the eye with the glare-free lens
  • Warm and bright light
  • Compatible with various dimmers
  • Long life of up to 50,000hrs
  • Conforms with UL 1598
  • Five-year warranty
  • Easy to install and clean

2. Wobane Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

Wobane Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

If you are looking for an under-cabinet light suitable for your kitchen cupboard, monitor back, desk, shelf, etc., the Wobane under-shelf lighting kit is one of the best options. The under-cabinet lights, made of copper and plastic, offer high durability. The DIY cabinet strips are designed with flexible LEDs for easy fixtures and offer sufficient brightness at a low 12w.


  • Light capacity of 1100lm
  • Comes with a UL-listed adapter and strips
  • Produces low heat
  • Easy to install with screw-free adhesive taping
  • Includes four pieces of 20in light bars

3. Litever LED Under-Counter Lighting Fixtures Plug-In

Litever LED Under-Counter Lighting Fixtures Plug-In


Litever white cabinet light kit has a classy anodized finish with plastic end caps and PC diffusers. The under-cabinet light’s aluminum-alloy body gives it a modern style with white and bluish light (5000K shade). They come in three-bar and six-bar options to suit your needs.


  • Super bright with energy consumption of 31w
  • Bright daylight white lights
  • Dimmable customization with rotary switch dimmer
  • Easy to install with self-adhesive pads
  • Includes US plug with 115cm cable
  • Durable

4. Otinlai Under-Cabinet 10 LED Motion Sensor Lights

Otinlai Under-Cabinet 10 LED Motion Sensor Lights


Otilai LED battery lights, made of plastic and metal, use motion sensor technology and have a USB rechargeable function to save energy. The set of three with 10 LEDs in each pack offers high performance and is reasonably priced.


  • Comes with PCT International, design, and utility model patents
  • Aluminum alloy shell and anodizing process
  • Lightweight at 0.17lb
  • Broad usage capacity across closed spaces
  • Installation with stick-on feature
  • Three modes of control
  • Motion sensing within 10ft with an auto-off function

5. GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under-Cabinet Lighting


GetInLight dimmable under-cabinet led light comes in three colors: soft white, warm white, and bright white to suit the décor of most kitchens. It also comes in six different lengths, ranging from 12in to 48in, and has a life expectancy of 50,000hrs.


  • Switch for temperature slides
  • Easy hardwire installation with knock-out holes at four inches
  • Single knock-out for 9in and 12in variants
  • Hardware kit and cord for installation
  • Up to 20 units linkable with one power supply point
  • Energy Star certified
  • ETL-listed

6. Bason RGB Under-Cabinet Lighting

Bason RGB Under-Cabinet Lighting


If you are upgrading your home, Bason under-cabinet light is a must. This product comes in 16 colors and four play modes and with a remote control. Its wired multi-color changing lights are dimmable and powered by an adapter for easy plug-in. The lights have a copper finish to give a modern appearance to your kitchen.


  • Extendable cord length of 4.92ft
  • Easy connection with four-way splitter
  • Ten modes of brightness adjustment
  • Energy efficient with 12V operating voltage
  • Current color mode retention with memory function when switched off
  • Easy to install with double adhesive and screw

7. LED Dimmable Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

LED Dimmable Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit


Laboreducer wired linkable puck lights, made of plastic and aluminum, have a versatile design with bright and natural white shade. This modern under-cabinet lighting kit has an automatic turn-off function and requires the least manual interference. It is easy to install to the cabinet and improves its overall aesthetics.


  • Auto-off tunable for 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes
  • Dimmable
  • Timer function
  • Parallel connection of puck lights
  • Six-way splitter for easy plug-in
  • Easy turn on and off with RF remote
  • Easy to install using insert screws

8. LE LED Under-Cabinet Puck Light Fixtures

LE LED Under-Cabinet Puck Light Fixtures


Lighting Ever’s puck light kit has a warm white design that blends with similar-colored walls and cabinet tops. The hardwired under-cabinet lighting, made of aluminum, comes in a package of six and includes essential accessories for easy installation and use. It is suitable for kitchen cabinets, closets, and stairs.


  • Brightness at 1020lm
  • Warm white at 3000k
  • LED puck light of 6w
  • Reduces energy consumption by 88%
  • Stick-on lights
  • Easy installation without any tool
  • Dimmable (four brightness levels)
  • Ultra-thin at 0.5in

9. EShine 6 Panels 7-Inch LED Dimmable Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

EShine 6 Panels 7-Inch LED Dimmable Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit


This low-voltage under-cabinet lighting kit has a touch-free dimmable control system, making it one of the best options. The under-cabinet light is made of aluminum and plastic, giving it a modern appearance. Its small size makes it suitable for small spaces, such as kitchen cabinets. The product is light, weighing 1.2lb, and is easy to install.


  • 3000k warm white light
  • Sensitive IR sensor installed for hand wave activation
  • Consumes low energy at 12w
  • Eco-friendly and economical design
  • Made of sturdy material
  • Available in 6000k cool white color variant

10. Smart Under-Cabinet Lighting Strip Lights from Lampaous

Smart Under-Cabinet Lighting Strip Lights from Lampaous


If you want an under-cabinet Lighting system that can be controlled via your smartphone or voice commands, choose the Lampaous CabiSmart under-cabinet light. These white and multi-colored lights have easy compatibility and effortless fixture functions. The classic design and metal body make them highly durable.


  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Assistant
  • Red-Green-Blue lighting
  • Separate warm and cool whites
  • Super bright white LEDs
  • Easy adhesive tape installation
  • Easy-to-fit dimension of 12×1.5in
  • Dimmable

11. Willed Dimmable Touch Light Bar With UL Plug

Willed Dimmable Touch Light Bar With UL Plug


If you are looking for an alternative to battery-operated under-cabinet lights, the Willed3W light bar is ideal. It has a stylish design with a mirror finish and is reasonably priced. Its small frame and easy-to-install design make it suitable for your study, closet, reading table, and bedside. The product consumes minimum power of 3w.


  • 4500k color
  • Battery-less operation
  • Adhesive installation with stick magnet mount
  • Adjustable brightness with dimmable feature
  • 90-degree rotatable

12. Ustellar 20ft LED Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

Ustellar 20ft LED Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit


Ustellar white LED light has an extended 20ft cord for easy installation. This lightweight under-cabinet light, made of plastic, has in 6000k daylight white shade, giving an elegant brightness to your kitchen cabinet. Made of flexible material, it allows you to experiment with different kitchen cabinet lighting ideas.


  • Hand wave switch
  • Dimmable light strip with a luminosity of 1800lm
  • Automatic hand wave activation within 5cm
  • ETL-listed design
  • Made of 360 LEDs
  • Ten brightness levels
  • Energy-saving of up to 80% with 12w consumption
  • Installable via 3M stickers and simple screws

13. Morpilot Rechargeable Under-Cabinet Puck Lighting

Morpilot Rechargeable Under-Cabinet Puck Lighting


This lighting kit, made of plastic shade material, has a modern design with soft luminescent white color. The stick-on lights are available in a pack of six and come at a reasonable price with an easy-fix design.


  • 700mAh battery-powered operation with wireless remote
  • Dimmable lights
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge
  • Super bright 60 LED puck lights of high luminosity
  • Manual control option
  • No installation required (built-in magnets)

14. Lunsy Dimmable Under-Cabinet Light

Lunsy Dimmable Under-Cabinet Light


The LED lights by Lunsy are suitable for fixtures across enclosed and open spaces that do not receive enough sunlight. Their sleek design makes them easy to install. Each kit carries two packs comprising 120 LEDs and is battery-powered for convenient use.


  • Motion sensor control with three modes
  • Portable and wireless design
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Adhesive as well as magnetic switch installation
  • Three light colors with a single press switch
  • Bright at 350lm with dimmable control
  • Built-in 2500mAh rechargeable battery

15. Myplus Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

Myplus Under-Cabinet LED Lighting


Myplus under-cabinet lighting set comes with a 16.ft LED strip and is available in warm white. Its adhesive switch installation makes the lighting system easy to fix to under-cabinets. The strip lights offer super brightness at 1050lm.


  • 300 PCS SMD 2835 warm white shade
  • Best suited for use as decorative lights
  • Dimmable with ten brightness levels
  • Comes with a UL-listed 12v adapter
  • Safe to touch while operational
  • Stick-on installation

16. 60 LED Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

60 LED Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit


Keyola 60 LED under-cabinet lighting kit, made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is highly durable. The compact LED lights measure 10ft long and are suitable for enclosed dark spaces and kitchen cabinets.


  • IP65 Waterproof
  • High luminosity at 2400lm
  • Available in 6000k white shade
  • Under-cabinet cordless light with easy installation
  • Made up of 5630 LEDs with a service life of up to 50,000hrs
  • Dimmable and equipped with a touch sensor

17. Ultra Thin LED Under-Cabinet/Counter Kitchen Lighting Plug-In

Ultra Thin LED Under-Cabinet/Counter Kitchen Lighting Plug-In


The ultra thin LED lighting by LEDLampsWorld is available in variants of one light in line, two lights in line, and three lights in line. It has a sleek design and is extremely easy to install. These lights, made of aluminum, are durable.


  • All-in-one kit with easy installation fixtures
  • Dimmable control
  • Thickness up to 7mm
  • Easy installation via 3M adhesive tape
  • Low energy consumption at 5w and brightness at 450lm
  • Saves 50% energy
  • Natural bright color at 3000k

How To Choose The Right Under-Cabinet Light For Kitchen?

Before buying an under-cabinet light for kitchens, consider the following factors.

  • Cabinet size and space: The type of light you want to buy will depend on the space available in the kitchen cabinet. Assess the space available in the kitchen before buying one.
  • Brightness requirement: Bright lights are ideal for dark spaces, while moderate brightness is suitable for not-too-dark cabinets.
  • Size of lighting strip: Correlate the size of an under-cabinet light with the available space.
  • Type of LED light: LED lights are available in linear bars, strips, hardwired fixtures, and puck lights. Determine the type of fixture and arrangement style you desire.
  • Power options and control: There are two power and control options: manual and automatic. Choose one according to your convenience.

When upgrading your kitchen, you need to consider your lighting system. These stylish lights can enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen while saving energy. Make sure to check your installation arrangement before proceeding to buy a suitable under-cabinet light for illuminating your kitchen.

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