11 Best Under Desk Heaters To Keep You Warm In 2023

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Whether it is your lobby, home, office, or even your dormitory, you will need the best under desk heater to keep you warm. The device is compact and comes with many operational modes and functions for enabling hassle-free and seamless usage. It provides hot air and is efficient enough to keep your animals and pets warm. While you must be cautious about using such a heater, choosing one can be a daunting task. To help you with that, we have compiled some options that you can consider looking at.

Safety Precautions To Follow

  • Under-desk heaters are flat and non-flammable, ideal for use on flat surfaces.
  • Avoid using under-desk heaters on carpets, sofas, linen, or curtains, and ensure you maintain at least a three-foot safe distance when using under-desk heaters.
  • Do not place the heater near gasoline or flammable materials.
  • Inspect your plugs and cords before using them.
  • Always turn off the heater when away from home or work.
  • Do not touch the metal grid when the heater is ‘on.’
  • Do not let children handle the heater without adult supervision.

11 Best Under-Desk Heaters

1. Best Temperature Settings: Lasko Under Desk Heater


Lasko’s under-desk heater can effectively keep you warm and is ideal for heating small areas. The device does not emit loud noise or cause any disturbance so that you can focus on your work without distractions. Besides, the machine is easy to operate can comes with several safety features. Here is an informative video that tells you more about the product.


  • Three quiet settings — high heat, low heat, and fan
  • Includes 11 different temperature settings
  • Comes with an easy-to-carry handle
  • Covers up to 300 sq. ft
  • Has cool-touch exteriors
  • 1500-watt power to keep you warm


  • Does not include a remote

2. Best Easy To Operate: Home_Choice Under Desk Heater


Whether you are looking for a heater for your home, dorm, or office, Home_Choice’s lightweight and compact under-desk heater can suit your needs. The ELT-listed device is safe for use as the heater fan has tip-over protection. The automatic overheat system shuts down when it measures a high temperature for an extended duration. The three heat settings provide you the choice to keep the device under high heat, low heat, or fan mode. For more information about the product, click this video.


  • Heats a small area quickly
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Easy-to-operate temperature dial
  • Leverages advanced ceramic heating elements
  • Includes an indicator light


  • May be noisy

3. Best Energy Efficient: Auzkin Under Desk Heater

Price at the time of publication: $31.99


This under-desk heater provides you with the advantage of swing function and a wide range of oscillating functions, meaning it can heat a large area. You can place the device beside your bed or under your work desk as it generates 600-watt of hot wind. The low-noise device allows you to use it even when attending meetings. Check this video to learn more about the product.


  • Has a tip-over switch to protect against overheating
  • Energy efficient
  • Heats the area quickly
  • PTC heating element for effective heating
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-operate panel control


  • May not be easy to switch off

4. Best Portable: Pro Breeze Under Desk Heater

Price at the time of publication: $29.99

This 1,500-watt electric heater provides quick and efficient heating through its ceramic heating elements. The device allows you to choose between 750-watt and 1,500-watt settings. The thermostat has adjustable controls to meet your requirements.


  • Compact and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Faster than a traditional space heater
  • Quiet operation
  • Has a fan-only mode
  • Overheat and tip-over protection


  • May not be suitable for large rooms

5. Best Overheat Protection: Foxbus Under Desk Heater

Price at the time of publication: $29.99


If you are looking for an under-desk heater that can heat small places effectively while consuming low power, choose Foxbus under-desk heater. It has three working modes: high heat, low heat, and fan to suit your temperature needs. The ceramic space heater, made of PTC material, produces enough heat in less time and is ideal for homes and offices.


  • Wide range of oscillation function
  • Made of flame-retardant material
  • Includes a power indicator light
  • Easy-to-use switch and power buttons
  • Has a built-in carry handle
  • Over-heat protection feature


  • May be noisy

6. Best Adjustable Thermostat: Air Choice Space Heater

Price at the time of publication: $69.99


If you are looking for a space heater with an adjustable thermostat to heat the air within three seconds, the Air Choice space heater is ideal. The heater fan has a tower-like structure with a working power of up to 1,500 watts. It also comes with a 750-watt setting. The device maintains optimal temperature, thereby saving energy.


  • Can oscillate up to 120 degrees
  • Contains tip-over protection
  • Curved face design gives a more heating coverage
  • Contains built-in carry-handle
  • Uses low-noise technology
  • Doesn’t emit any light
  • Easy circulation of air


  • Doesn’t include a remote control

7. Best ETL-Certified Safe: Kismile Small Space Heater

Price at the time of publication: $26.99


Kismile small space heater has an adjustable thermostat with 1,500-watt and 750-watt heating modes. The lightweight and compact heater leverages ceramic fan heaters to provide quick heating. It has an automatic overheat protection system and tip-over switch for safety.


  • Has a power indicator light
  • ETL-certified for safety
  • Has a fan feature to be used in summers
  • Energy efficient
  • Ideal for both home and office use
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not effective for large areas

8. Best Automatic: Dodocool Under Desk Heater

This portable electric heater consumes low energy and saves power bills. It has an adjustable thermostat to suit your needs and can create a sustainable room temperature to keep you warm and comfortable. The device improves air quality and maintains balance in the air.


  • PTC negative ion heating technology
  • Blows warm air in one second
  • Automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
  • Specially designed handle at the back
  • Tip-over function


  • Not a wireless product

9. Best Stylish: Cozy Products Radiant Desk Heater

Price at the time of publication: $53.99


This flat panel space heater has a stylish design and provides gentle heat. You can mount it on the wall or place it on your desk to enjoy the warm air. The panel is ETL-listed and zero-clearance rated, making it safe. The design prevents circuit overloads, thereby reducing the risk of fire mishaps.


  • Quiet operation
  • Occupies less space than the traditional heaters
  • Uses one-tenth energy of a standard heater
  • 150-watt radiant heat
  • Works best for small areas


  • Hanging the item on the wall may be difficult

10. Best Built-in LED indicator: Coolast Small Space Heater

Price at the time of publication: $19.99


Coolast’s space heater has tip-over heat protection and can provide 600 watts of hot wind and four watts of natural wind. It can provide 45-degree oscillation to distribute heat in the room evenly. The control buttons are easy to operate, and the device also has an overheat protection function.


  • Can be used in pet rooms and baby rooms
  • Saves energy
  • Built-in LED indicator
  • Built-in handle
  • Has a dust-filter


  • Turn-off feature might not work at times

11. Best Fire-Resistant: Busypiggy Under Desk Heater

Price at the time of publication: $31.99


If you want to experience warm air at the office or home, Busypiggy under-desk heater is ideal. The device’s one-touch swing button provides 70-degree oscillation. The tip-off sensor turns off the power when your pet or baby touches the device.


  • Convenient carry handle
  • Contains overheating protection function
  • Fire-resistant
  • Compact
  • Lightweight


  • Only one heat setting

Things To Consider When Buying An Under-Desk Heater

Consider the following factors when buying an under-desk heater.

  1. Tip-off switch: Choose a space heater with a tip-off switch for safety. The power supply turns off even if the heater tilts slightly, keeping your children and pets safe.
  2. Built-in handle: Buy a heater with a built-in handle that allows you to carry the device anywhere.
  3. Overheat protection feature: Under-desk heaters with an overheat protection feature can protect you against fire hazards.
  4. Oscillation: Choose a heater with the best oscillating function to cover a large heating area. When you buy the heater, study the degree of oscillation.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have created a list of the best under-desk heaters for this post based on our research of various products across multiple websites and user reviews. We have also included product descriptions and a shopping guide to help you choose the right heater, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about under desk heaters. These desk heaters are durable, efficient, easy to use, and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I put an under-desk heater on a desk?

Safety should always be the top priority when using an under-desk heater. You must place the heater at least three-foot away from flammable materials. You can securely place the under-desk heater on your desk if you have a secured power outlet. Ensure there are no materials such as paper, cloth, or wood nearby when using the heater.

2. Are under-desk heaters a fire hazard in work cubicles?

It is safe to use under-desk heaters at workplaces if you take appropriate safety measures. It is best to use a safe power outlet instead of extension cords. Keep a check on temperature requirements, and do not leave the heater unattended for several hours in your cubicle.

3. Should an under-desk heater be left unattended?

Leaving the under-desk heater unattended is a recipe for danger. Inappropriate use of the device can cause it to overheat or go into thermal runaway. For the uninitiated, an under-desk heater can cause burns if touched accidentally. Therefore, it is best to switch off the heater when not required.

4. How much heat does an under-desk heater produce?

The heating capacity of an under-desk heater is measured in Watts or British Thermal Units (BTU). The power output is usually 100-1500 watts. As a general rule, the 10-watt heating power is enough to keep a square foot of area in a comfortable temperature range.

5. Do under-desk heaters use a lot of electricity?

On average, a space heater consumes electricity between 750 and 1500 watts. You should use these heaters in closed rooms as large open rooms take more power to generate desired heat.

6. Can I bring an under-desk heater to work?

There are no federal rules to prohibit the use of heaters in the workplace. But there should be proper ventilation when using the heaters in compact places (1).

7. Are under-desk heaters safe?

Under-desk heaters that are safety certified with proper vents are safe to use. Look should look for a heater that avoids energy wastage.

You’re no longer forced to work or study from your bed when you have the best under-desk heater in your room. They’re a necessity in offices, dorms, and bedrooms when days get colder and you need to keep your legs warm as you work or study. The degree of oscillation of these heaters decides the amount of space they heat. So, you can choose based on the size of your desk. Since under-desk heaters are an electronic appliance, you should ensure they come with overheat protection to keep you safe.


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