24 Best Vampire Movies For Kids To Watch

Vampire stories are rooted in folklore and have been part and parcel of literature and movies for decades. If your child enjoys vampire stories and movies, check out this list of the best vampire movies for kids.

Vampires are usually portrayed as bloodsuckers and evil night creatures in literature. However, most children’s movies do not portray them as dangerous or harmful and instead paint them in a warm, humorous light. And in some movies, they are endowed with beauty and mystical powers.

So, keep scrolling and choose a movie that would wow your child and make them more curious and imaginative.

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24 Vampire Movies For Kids

1. Dracula


Image: IMDb

One cannot make a list of vampire movies without listing the 1931’s classic Dracula, which sets a standard for horror flicks that follow it. This film leans more towards the horror side as we see the Transylvanian vampire Count Dracula searching for prey at night. If you’d like to witness the real vampire experience and have got a thrill for some spooks, this is a movie you cannot miss.

Brenda Karl, a writer, shares her childhood experience when she and her cousins came to know about Dracula being aired early morning at six. She says, “Two of my older cousins were visiting, and as we were watching TV that Friday night, a commercial came on for Sunrise Theater advertising the old black-and-white version of Dracula — I think it was the 1931 version, but I can’t be sure. As luck would have it, the vampire that we all love to hate would be appearing at 6 the next morning. I didn’t understand the excitement, but I wanted to be part of it.

“I still remember the flashing of the screen in the stillness of the dark living room and the hauntingly eerie music that Sunrise Theater played introducing the movie. When the movie began, having no music in the background proved even more unnerving (i).”

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protip_icon Trivia
Even though the music wasn’t composed for the movie, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake opens the first scene of Dracula. Creating a piece of music for the feature at that time would have been too expensive. But Philip Glass composed a piece for the film in 1998 that has appeared on many DVD editions.

2. The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

Image: IMDb

This 1979 movie tells the story of one such Halloween when the Witch decided to cancel it. When all the monsters receive an ultimatum from Dracula to save Halloween, each monster’s hilarious and scary acts that follow is a must-watch.

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3. The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

Image: IMDb

This movie is the dream of almost every child in a neighborhood, to protect the community against the attack of all the classic monsters ever known: Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Mummy, the Wolfman, and the Gill Man. With age-old scare tactics combined with the ambiance of the ’80s, this is a nostalgic movie that parents may also enjoy.

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4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image: IMDb

The story revolves around Jack Skellington, who is tired of the usual Halloween routine. When he tries to take over Christmas by kidnapping Santa, that is when the fun unravels. With several mystical creatures contributing to the storyline, this is one horror cum fun movie to watch during the holidays.

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5. The Little Vampire

The Little Vampire

Image: IMDb

In dire need, Tony makes an unconventional best friend, Rudolph -a vampire. How would Tony react to this discovery? Would he be willing to protect his only friend from the dangers of a nosferatu hunter? You will get these answers when you watch this famous 2000’s flick- The Little Vampire.

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6. Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Image: IMDb

This Disney vampire movie is about two children who set up their mom on a date with a hidden agenda of sneaking away. But their fun is short-lived when things take a mystical turn when they find out that their mom’s date is a vampire. Packed with tons of hilarious adventures children go through, this Disney Channel Original movie talks about how breaking rules could have repercussions.

protip_icon Did you know?
When the movie debuted in 2000, Disney Channel garnered a lot of criticism over a particular scene. In that scene, Dimitri was licking his lips as he gazed at the pet dog, wanting to munch on it. The scene was later removed from the movie.

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7. Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

Halloweentown II Kalabar’s Revenge

Image: IMDb

In this sequel to Halloweentown, Marnie’s family is set on saving the town. Only this time, there’s a curse that would turn everybody into a living form of the costume they’re wearing that night. Even if it’s focused on the battle between good and evil, this movie is still a cheery watch for all ages.

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8. Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire

Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire

Image: IMDb

The legendary ghost-hunting gang is here for rescue again. Only this time, the Mystery Inc. gang is on a mission to find out the secret behind the disappearance of singers from the concert held at Vampire Rock, Australia. As a fan-favorite and the most-loved movie from the Scooby-Doo franchise, this movie is worth watching.

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9. Halloweentown High

Halloweentown High

Image: IMDb

All the famous characters of Halloweentown are back and have opened their doors to the mortals in this 2004 sequel film. Marnie organizes a student exchange program between the mystical and ordinary world, a dream come true to many. Find out the fun with caveats this exchange surrounds by bringing in your whole family together for this movie.

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10. Return to Halloweentown

Return to Halloweentown

Image: IMDb

Return to Halloweentown is a film in which Marnie is on her way to the Witch University. This time it is not the world that she is destined to save, but it is herself. With all the restrictions set at the university, would Marnie unlock the secrets that surround her? Watch it today!

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The popularity of horror films worldwide varies depending on the country. According to a study, cinema-goers in Mexico and South Korea enjoy horror films the most, while Japan and China have lower interest.

Average popularity of horror movies worldwide

Source: The relative popularity of genres around the world; American Film Market

11. My Babysitter’s a Vampire

My Babysitter's a Vampire

Image: IMDb

Ethan’s parents hire a babysitter as a way to punish them. Soon, Ethan and his buddy would discover that their babysitter’s a vampire. Find out what happens next, and the mystical journey Ethan and his pal undertake in this 2010’s flick, My BabySitter’s a Vampire.

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12. Monster High: Fright On!

Monster High Fright On!

Image: IMDb

Lean into the life of teenage monsters through this movie. As an all-vampire school is combined with an all-werewolf school, the struggle of this unprecedented reunion is worth the watch. With a strong message, Monster High is one of the most-watched movies from this franchise.

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13. Dear Dracula

Dear Dracula

Image: IMDb

With Halloween approaching, a horror movie fan would love a reply to the fan mail from their favorite vampire. But when he realizes that his dearest vampire is no longer interested in pulling scare tactics on people, Sam goes out of his comfort zone to help Dracula regain his confidence. With many subtle lessons, we say gather your family to enjoy this movie.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Research finds various advantages to “co-viewing” or watching movies with your children. It can improve compassion and promote early reading abilities (1).

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14. Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

Image: IMDb

The fan-favorite ghost-hunter gang is here to rescue your Halloween adventures. Only this time, they are trying to protect others from the mayhem caused by real vampires in a Dracula-themed festival. For children, who enjoy humor and horror, this musical movie would be a thrill ride.

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15. Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

Image: IMDb

This is a monster’s paradise since the Hotel Transylvania, hidden in plain sight, is a retreat spot for all the monsters you have read and listened to. The vampire, who is a proprietor, adds more fun to the movie. It features the voices of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, and Andy Samberg, making it a fun watch.

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16. Vampire Dog

Vampire Dog

Image: IMDb

With an unusual twist, this movie has a vampire dog who is 600-years-old. Now, what would happen if someone tries to harness this age-locking power? That’s how the story revolves, protecting the dog from this sinister plan. Watch it tonight to witness the extreme steps a young boy would take to save his four-legged best friend.

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17. Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2

Image: IMDb

This second film from the Hotel Transylvania franchise is adored by fans globally. Carrying forward the consequences of the first part, the monster hotel is now officially open for humans. But that doesn’t mean all is well in Dracula’s life, as the pride of his kind is at stake. So for a night full of fun, thrills, and laughter, we suggest you grab your popcorn and sit.

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18. Monster Family

Monster Family

Image: IMDb

During an attempt to reconnect with each other, the Wishbone family, in turn, gets cursed and turns into monsters. Despite this twist, the family strives to reconnect, which leads to a fun tale teaching many valuable lessons to the viewer. This animated film is more than just a vampire movie for children that focuses on character development.

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19. Hotel Transylvania 3

Hotel Transylvania 3

Image: IMDb

It is a fun time for the Dracula family as they enjoy their retreat on a cruise ship. But things go south when the ship’s captain holds a secret that could destroy the whole family. Will the famous monster family be able to get away from this trouble? Find it out as you are on the Hotel Transylvania marathon.

Available on: Netflix, Prime Video

20. Super Monsters Save Halloween

Super Monsters Save Halloween

Image: IMDb

This is a fun movie with no villains. The story is about the classic monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, and others who set on a journey to reignite the spirit of Halloween. By shedding light on the fun side of Halloween and its monsters, this is a light-hearted watch not only for children but the entire family.

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21. The Addams Family

The Addams Family

Image: IMDb

This is not your typical Addams family film but instead has a gen-z feel to it. In this eccentric horror, the Addams family is preparing to welcome their creepy relatives when things take a bizarre turn with the intervention of a shady TV personality. With humorous lines cleverly written to make adults and children laugh aloud, we suggest you give this spooky film a try.

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Additionally, you may also explore a similar show called The Munsters that follow the adventures of a family of monsters in the human world.

protip_icon Trivia
Gomez’s initial cosmetic effects incorporated dark circles under his eyes that resembled Fester’s. Although this was removed before production, it is still seen on the movie’s banners and other promotional materials.

22. Vampires vs. the Bronx

Vampires vs. the Bronx

Image: IMDb

The movie focuses on a trio with the sole purpose, protecting their neighborhood from a sinister plan plotted by a gang of vampires. It is a refreshing and clever tale brought to life by the phenomenal child actors. If you and your children love comedy, then this vampire film with its unique take on vampires would be the right choice for you.

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23. The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a horror film directed by Joel Schumacher. Set in Santa Carla, California, it follows Michael Emerson’s transformation into a vampire after falling for Star, a member of a vampire gang led by David. Michael’s brother Sam teams up with the Frog brothers to save him and combat the vampire threat. The film perfectly blends horror and humor, giving it a cult following.

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24. Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire is a 1994 film based on Anne Rice’s novel. Directed by Neil Jordan, the movie stars Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat and Brad Pitt as the tormented Louis. The narrative unfolds when Louis recounts his transformation into a vampire and the complexities of immortal existence in an interview with a journalist, played by Christian Slater. The film explores themes of love and immortality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Little Vampire OK for children?

The Little Vampire is a movie about a nine-year-old boy who is a vampire and is rated PG. Hence it is suitable for children with parental supervision.

2. Why are vampires so popular with school children?

Vampires may be popular with children because they are often portrayed as powerful and immortal, involve elements of mystery, and often include themes of good vs. evil.

3. What are some common themes in vampire movies for kids?

Some common themes in vampire movies include supernatural powers like shape-shifting, invisibility, extreme strength, and immortality.

4. Are there any vampire movies for kids that have educational value?

Although vampire movies for kids are mainly for entertainment, there are movies like The Little Vampire, Halloweentown High, Dear Dracula, and Hotel Transylvania that can teach kids about friendship, family, acceptance, and embracing differences.

5. What vampire movie-related books or graphic novels might kids enjoy?

Some vampire-related books and comics children might like include Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner, Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter by Marcus Sedgwick, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer season eight (book).

6. How can parents help children understand the difference between reality and fiction when watching vampire movies?

You can help your child distinguish between reality and fiction while watching vampire movies by providing explanations about costumes, visual effects, and makeup. Help them understand that the vampires they watch on screen are not for real, and reinforce that behaviors depicted in the movie, like drinking blood and shape-shifting, do not apply to real life. Encourage children to ask questions and answer them logically.

Children are naturally drawn to fictitious and mystical stories and characters. So if your child is one of them, this list of best vampire movies for kids will be the best choice of entertainment for them. Animated to real life, your child can enjoy all the vampire-inspired movies from this collection. Who knows, it may give them the inspiration for their next Halloween or fancy dress competition. So, host a movie night for your child and have a thrill-packed vampire movie marathon.

Infographic: Child-Friendly Movies On Vampires

Stories about vampires have been a part of folktales and stories for a long time. And now, there are movies about them as well. So if you are thinking about ways to keep your child occupied during Halloween, this infographic is for you. Keep scrolling and pick a movie to entertain your children!

child-friendly movies on vampires (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Stories about vampires have been passed down through generations that have always grabbed the attention of children.
  • Majority of vampire movies are kid-friendly, showing them in a different light giving them a humorous and fun personality.
  • Hotel Transylvania, The Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and many more interesting vampire movies for children as you scroll down.

Skin your teeth into a thrilling cinematic experience with our top 5 best vampire movies of the last decade! From horror to romance, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for a thrilling ride!

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