13 Best Wagons To Buy For Kids In 2021


Whether you are at the beach, shopping center, camping, or a picnic, handling your tiny tot could be challenging. A wagon can be of great help in such scenarios. It is a utility item to carry or move around children safely. With wheels at the bottom and a long handle on one side, a wagon is easy to maneuver, making it portable and fun. You can store it in an automobile’s trunk without any hassles to let your child have fun wherever they go.

Wagons are also useful for carrying heavy things and come with storage pockets, leg space, and a canopy for the child’s comfort. So, get one for your child and let them have plenty of fun outdoors! Listed below are some of the best wagons for kids and their features to help you buy the best one.

13 Best Wagons For Kids

1. Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding, Outdoor Collapsible Wagon

Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding, Outdoor Collapsible Wagon

The collapsible kids’ wagon can help accomplish multiple tasks at a single go. The wagon has three-way functions – to haul, use as a bench for seating, and carry children. It is ideal for two, smooth in its motion, and exclusively designed for children above one and a half years of age.

The wagon can be folded and opened easily using a zip that enables shrinking and enlargement. It has a rooftop to protect the little ones from the sun’s harmful UV rays and two cup holders for amicable storage. The seats are padded to provide extra comfort and can hold up to 150lb. It easily fits well in the backseat of the car so that you can easily take it wherever you want.


  • Available in bright colors
  • Made of durable fabric
  • Effortless assembly
  • Seat belts for safety
  • Flatbed hauling offers additional seating comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Easy-to-fix canopy
  • Wheels can be easily turned back and forth


  • Handle could be small for tall people
  • Buckle quality of seat belts may not be great

2. Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon

Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon

The Step2 wagon is long-lasting as it is made of tough plastic and resin. It is a push-lever wagon that lets you buckle up, latch easily, and go around. A flatbed can be created out of the seats, making the interior spacious to allow children to play inside. It can accommodate two children and has an additional storage compartment to keep things like snacks, water bottles, and goggles.

Whether you are planning for a beach visit or park, children will enjoy strolling in the wagon. It has a rooftop canopy to keep away the sun’s harmful rays. You can fold and store it in the car’s backseat for easy transport.


  • Seats can be folded when not in use
  • Flatbed lets you sleep
  • Easy-to-remove canopy
  • Seat belt for safety
  • Flexible handle for convenient pull
  • Big storage compartment
  • Easy to pull and assemble
  • Offers smooth ride


  • The seat isn’t cushioned
  • Could be bulky for some
  • Plastic piece holding the bars may break within tense pressure

3. Roadmaster Kids and Toddler Classic Steel Pull Wagon

Roadmaster Kids and Toddler Classic Steel Pull Wagon

The steel pull wagon from Roadmaster is tough and durable. It has an open-air roof for children to enjoy the weather. Whether you want to take your child or little pet for a quick and easy stroll, the wagon provides a smooth ride on the grass and sidewalks.

Easy to assemble, it can be used and stored as per the convenience. It has an adjustable handlebar that can be folded and put in the car trunk. Ideal for outdoor fun, the wagon can be a good companion for children who wish to feel the breeze on the face during the ride.


  • Sturdy and rounded rubber tires
  • Strong and big wheels
  • Powder-coated steel hardware to make it look attractive
  • Ideal for moving boxes, grocery, and books
  • No-pinch handle design adds to the ease
  • Adventurous fun ride for children aged three and above
  • Can be single-handedly assembled
  • Lightweight for portability


  • Doesn’t have seat belts, extra pouches, and storage box
  • Screws could be hard to use

4. Evenflo Pivot Xplore Double Stroller Wagon

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Double Stroller Wagon

A wagon that can be pushed and pulled can be considered user-friendly. Evenflo’s wagon has an exclusive long handle, making it easy for adults to pull and push it to maneuver. The large comfortable wheels offer smooth movement on the terrain and can carry two children at once.

It comes with UPF 50+ canopies to protect children from harmful sun rays, and they can be adjusted forth and back easily to fit according to the need. The wagon folds opposite ways to take minimal space when not in use. It has many comfortable pouches and pockets to hold little things like bottles, games, snacks, diaper bags, and a camera.


  • Versatile with all-terrain wheels
  • Storage boxes at an arm’s length
  • Quick handle flip to change the modes
  • Plastic and rubber made wheels for strength
  • Wagon can be cleaned using soap and water
  • Two cup holders and large leg space
  • Takes less than 15 minutes for setup
  • Dual-purpose handles
  • Can be used for multiple functions, including carrying books, packets, and boxes


  • Seats cannot be folded to make a flatbed
  • Doesn’t have a mosquito netting option

5. Best Choice Products Utility Cargo Wagon

Best Choice Products Utility Cargo Wagon

The Best Choice wagon is equipped with a powder-coated steel frame, making it durable, strong, and flexible. It is available in bright red and blue colors for a child-friendly design. Easy to move across different places, its wheels provide comfortable support, and an adjustable handle offers easy push-and-pull movement.

It has ample storage space to carry multiple things at one go and can be collapsed to reduce storage space. The weather-resistant wagon can carry up to 150lb for carrying children, storing items during shopping, and moving boxes from one place to another.


  • Removable canopy
  • Comfortable and adjustable handle
  • Can be easily assembled
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Can carry enough load


  • Doesn’t come with seat belts

6. Berlin Flyer Ride Sport Wagon

Berlin Flyer Ride Sport Wagon

Are you looking for a kids’ wagon with a sporty look? This wagon from Berlin Flyer is sturdy to carry weight up to 300lb. It has a cool stripes design and a no-pinch handle and steering for a smooth movement. The wagon is reinforced with steel and hardwood planks for a solid structure.

Its huge, no-flat tires give a no-bumpy ride, and a quick-release pin provides easy handle removal and storage. The paint is non-toxic, and the rubber bumpers on all the side rails add to the safety and comfort.


  • Multi-purpose and durable
  • Long handle
  • Rolls well on tough terrains
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Made of good quality wood and metal


  • Doesn’t have a canopy
  • Doesn’t come with pneumatic tires

7. Hauck Eco Wagon – Forest Green

Hauck Eco Wagon - Forest Green

Have you ever considered a foldable steel tube frame for a kids’ wagon? The Hauck Eco wagon is sturdy and has a convenient seating arrangement for two children to ride smoothly. Its seats are well cushioned to provide comfortable support. The wagon is made of hand-washable fabric, which is easy to maintain and its reasonably designed handle offers a comfortable grip. You can attach and detach its handle and canopy as per convenience.


  • Fits in the trunk of a car
  • Can carry up to 110lb weight
  • Full rubber cased sporty wheels for smoothness
  • Easy to move and store
  • Single-hand locking brake for stability
  • Wider wheels than a few other brands
  • Two sets of bearings in rims for effortless pulling
  • Runs on the sand and other surfaces


  • Seats may not beelevated

8. WonderfoldMulti-Function Passenger Double Folding Stroller Wagon

WonderfoldMulti-Function Passenger Double Folding Stroller Wagon

The Wonderfold wagon is a perfect companion during sunny, winter, or windy days as it has raised seats for the child’s comfort. It has a tear-resistant fabric canopy on the top to keep the children from UV rays. The suspension, bearings, and one-step foot brake keep the wagon safe and secured.

Its footrest provides additional comfort, the adjustable handlebar can be moved for about 180°,and the seats can be removed and transformed into a stroller wagon. You can wash it easily with soap and water, and makes an ideal companion for your child when you go to the beach, park, camping, or shopping.


  • Multi-functional and durable
  • Comes with a dependable seat belt
  • Zipper door in the front for easy in and out
  • Fold and unfolds quickly
  • Carriage pockets are available
  • Works on gravel surfaces too


  • Could be a little bulky when folded

9. Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon

Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon

Are you looking for a wagon that can ride well on dirt, pavement, grass, and sand? This wagon from Creative Outdoor has a 360° swivel to move smoothly on different terrains. It has a strong engineered body made of steel frame and durable fabric. Its washable fabric and removable canopy make maintenance easy.

You can put a variety of lightweight, travel-friendly items in the easy-to-access carriage basket. The wagon can be folded and unfolded for better space engagement, and it can be defined by two words—eye-catchy and reliable.


  • Can attach mosquito net
  • Rubber wheels for easy movement
  • Rain protection attachment
  • Powder-coated steel makes it look shiny
  • Insulated cooler bag included
  • Easy-to-open and close accessory tray
  • Denier blend canvas fabric supports 150lb weight
  • Three-point harness seat belts for safety


  • Could be a little heavy

10. Giantex All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

Giantex All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

With a 25-inch handle and removable wooden side panels, the Giantex wagon can be moved and turned around with ease. It is made of steel and wood for durability and can carry 330lb weight. Even if you have a slightly older child, the wagon can support the weight. Ideally suited for two children, the wider tires of the wagon make the stroll smooth.


  • Perfect for beach and terrains
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Has an attractive rustic look
  • Thicker carrying tub
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Has storage options


  • Wooden slates may not have proper finishing
  • Rubber wheels could smell
  • Paint may fade away with time

11. WagonBuddy Black Push And Pull Wagon

WagonBuddy Black Push And Pull Wagon

Are you planning to head to the park, shopping center, party, or a music show? This sturdy wagon supports 120lb weight and can help you carry your child safely. It has a canopy on the top to protect against UV sun rays and rain and moves smoothly on dirt, pavement, grass, and sand. The portable wagon has a stain-resistant material to give it a new look and can be folded up to 10% of its original size. With rear foot, push and pull handles, it can be a perfect accessory for children to enjoy.


  • Good inside depth and comfortable seating
  • In-built basket to store things
  • Intact and tough
  • Strong frame structure
  • Removable canopy
  • No assembly is required
  • Soft cushioned seats


  • Plastic wheels may face wear sooner than rubber tires

12. Duncan Mountain Wagon

Duncan Mountain Wagon

The wagon from Duncan Mountain has wooden panels and a wide-grip handle to give you a good terrain experience. Made of metal, wood, and rubber, it is reliable and secure for children and can hold up to 300lb weight. It has a wide wheelbase to move around firmly. The heavy-duty wagon has a controlled steering radius to offer safe turns and prevent accidental injuries. Ideal to carry your little pet, child, or move goods, it is a versatile, functional wagon.


  • Made of premium-quality material
  • Inflatable tires
  • Extra-wide wheelbase
  • Smooth side panels
  • All-terrain tires with ball bearings


  • Doesn’t have a canopy

13. Woods Outdoor Collapsible Wagon

Woods Outdoor Collapsible Wagon

With all-terrain wheels, this Woods wagon stands out in offering comfortable rides across mountains and hills. It has non-slippery adjustable handles for easy maneuvering. The design is foldable and portable, with blow-molded wheels to move on the sand and other surfaces. With side pockets, storage spaces, and bottle holders, this wagon has everything it takes for the children to have fun. It is weather-resistant and can be cleaned easily with soap and water.


  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Over 39in long to accommodate two children
  • Can carry loads up to 225lb
  • Rubber inserts on wheels offer stability
  • Convenient in handling and storing
  • Can fit in the car trunk
  • 12cu ft storage space


  • Seats cannot be adjusted to make a flatbed

How To Choose The Right Wagon For Kids?

Here are a few features to consider when buying the best kids’ wagon.

  1. Long flexible handle: The wagon’s handle should be long and flexible for easy handling by both tall and short caretakers. Otherwise, it may cause heel pain.
  2. Wide tires: Tires are the prominent part of a wagon and should have appropriate smooth bearings for easy push and pull. They should be wide enough to help move across the sand.
  3. Adjustable canopy: The canopy protects the child from sun rays and pollution. However, there are times when your child would want to enjoy the outdoor experience. So, choose a wagon with an adjustable canopy that can be taken off and put on when required.
  4. Cushioned seating: This is a part of the wagon’s major experience. Children may not enjoy getting on it unless the bottom is well padded. A good cushion adds to the comfort.
  5. Flatbed adjustment: There are wagons with seats that can be joined to make a flatbed. It helps when children feel sleepy and want to take naps on the wagon.
  6. Strong frame: Frame is a quintessential part of the wagon. A sturdy frame made of a steel frame helps it to last long.
  7. Storage pockets: Large storage pockets are child-friendly and let you carry as many items as possible, including diapers, water bottles, snacks, and balls.
  8. Terrain friendly: A good wagon should move smoothly on various terrains. Check whether the wagon supports the pull and push on grass, sand, gravel, hilly trails, and concrete roads.
  9. Easy folding: Wagons are large enough to take up a lot of space when left out in the open. It may make your room look clumsy. Therefore, choose a wagon that can be easily folded to occupy the minimum space.
  10. Seat belt for safety: A seat belt is a vital aspect of a wagon. A child as young as two years might want to peep out and jump. To help avoid such injuries, it is safe to choose a wagon with a firm seat belt.
  11. Weight of the wagon: Choose a wagon that is light and portable. It will help you to take it out and keep it in place as per the requirements.

Wagons are easy to carry and store. A perfect companion for a growing child, a good wagon will keep the child entertained and thrilled. It becomes a part of their growing experience. Get one for your little one or gift it to any of your loved ones. They are likely to appreciate it.

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