20 Best Wall Lights You Should Buy For Your Home In 2022


A room with amazing decor is incomplete without adequate lighting. Wall lights help light up a  room and accentuate the design and style, taking the ambiance up by several notches. They can help illuminate dark corners, provide task lighting, highlight artworks, and uplift the mood while infusing style and elegance into your interiors and exteriors. Wall lights open up your room without cluttering the area.

Scroll through our list of the best wall lights of various design elements and illumination levels to suit your requirement.

20 Best Wall Lights

1. Urpower Motion Sensor Closet Lights

The battery-operated motion sensor closet lights from Urpower turn on automatically when they detect motion in the dark within a range of ten feet. These wireless lights have a built-in magnetic back, or you can use double-sided adhesive tape to stick them. These three-pack lights are ideal for locations without an outlet, such as hallways, stairs, closets, and storage rooms. Powered by three AAA batteries, these easy-to-install lights offer a brightness of up to 20-lumen.

2. Design House The Village 1-Light Wall Sconce

With a ten-year limited warranty, Design House’s curved wall sconce is constructed from formed steel and has an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Its frosted flute glass helps add a touch of elegance to any space with a soft, diffused light. This wall-mounted light measures 8.25×5.1 inches, and you can fix it facing up or downd epending on the requirement. It uses a standard 60-watt medium incandescent bulb and fits seamlessly without any visible wires for a neat finish.

3. Koonting Industrial Wall Sconce

The wire cage design of the Koontingwall sconce gives it a classic vintage look that can suit a range of home decors. It has a two-in-one design, allowing you to use it as a plug-in wall sconce or hardwired light. The 5.6ft plug-in cord and toggle switch enable easy installation, while the 180° adjustable head helps cast the light downward or upward. The two-pack wall lamps are compatible with  LED, halogen, or incandescent light bulbs up to 60-watt, and you can use them indoors or outdoors in dry locations.

4. LMP LED Square Up and Down Lights

LMP’s four-pack, energy-saving, and eco-friendly LED lights use two GU10 bulbs, which can last up to 25,000 hours and help save 80% electricity costs. These easy-to-install lights are waterproof and resistant to rust, impact, extreme temperatures, UV damage, and chemicals, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. With a two-year warranty, its body is constructed from die-cast aluminum and measures 4×4.3×9.4 inches.

5. Hykolity Canyon Outdoor Indoor Wall Light Fixture

The heavy-duty metal construction of the Hykolity outdoor wall light with a bronze finish makes it ideal for outdoor locations, such as balconies, patio, porch, and doorways.  Its clear glass panels offer efficient and uniform lighting without IR radiation. With a one-year warranty, this weather-resistant wall light is easy to install with three steps, and is compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL, or halogen bulbs of up to 60-watt.

6. Lutec Cuba LED Wall Light

With a five-year warranty, the 350° rotatable heads on the Lutec Cuba LED wall light help provide up and downlight effects. Since the two cubes have four glowing surfaces, this fixture helps provide multi-directional lighting to highlight any indoor or outdoor space. The integrated LED bulbs help eliminate the need to replace bulbs. This  IP54 waterproof light is constructed from premium-quality aluminum that is rust-and corrosion-resistant. The Rubik’s design is minimalistic yet powerful enough to light up gardens, doorways, sheds, and barns.

7. Ralbay Modern Crystal Indoor Wall Sconce

Ralbay romantic crystal wall sconce radiates a warm, bright light that provides ambient light for the dining room, living room, and bedroom. The superior stainless steel body is rust-and corrosion-resistant and anti-fade. It is compatible with various 60-watt E26 base bulbs, and you can attach a dimmer bulb and dimmer switch. These two-pack lights come with a standard installation backplate.

8. Eurus Home Wall Sconces

With an antique bronze finish, the two-pack Eurus Home wall sconces have an industrial look,and the clear tempered glass lamp shade helps provide ample lighting to the room. The premium-quality metal built ensures it is rust-resistant and long-lasting. It includes two T10 40-watt filament bulbs that provide non-flicker illumination. It is also dimmable when installed with a dimmable bulb and dimmer switch and has a high damp rating making it suitable for bathrooms, laundry areas, corridors with eaves, etc.

9. Lanfu LEDWall  Sconce

The weather-resistant Lanfu LED wall lamp is constructed from high-quality aluminum and is IP65 waterproof, making it rust-and corrosion-free. This two-pack wall sconce has a black finish to give it a modern minimalistic look. The top and bottom lighting with the three-sided grooves provide warm ambient light without being harsh on the eyes. This energy-efficient fixture is fitted with 12W LED bulbs that help reduce electricity costs by 80% and have a lifespan of 25,000 hours, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. It measures 4.75×4.35×12.8inches and can be used outdoors and indoors.

10. JS Nova Juns Plug-in Wall Light Set

The dimmable wall light from JS Nova Juns is equipped with a dimming switch on the backplate to allow light adjustment between low and high levels. It is fitted with a grey fabric shade to create a soft, gentle light for a relaxed, romantic mood. This plug-in wall sconce can also be hardwire installed and comes with all the necessary tools. It is compatible with dimmable E26 bulbs ofup to60-watt power. The swivel arm offers light angle adjustment while optimizing the space on the table.

11. Luminosia Hexagon LED Wall Lights

Luminosia’s innovative hexagon LED wall lights allow you to combine them in various ways to create diverse shapes to add an imaginative touch to any space. This six-pack set of RGB wall lights can be wall-mounted or attached to a plastic stand. They are touch-sensitive and come with remote control and six USB boards. You can combine these USB-enabled wall lights can be combined with multiple light panels to create various geometric shapes.

12. Femony Wall Sconce

The clean silhouette and vintage finish of the Femonywall sconce make them an elegant addition to any room. This two-set wall fixture is made from long-lasting and durable metal with an oil-painted finish. They are easy to install as a DIY project and are compatible with 60-watt LED, incandescent, CFL, halogen, or dimmable bulbs. These black matte finish wall lights measure5.9×12.9×3.9inches and can be mounted in living rooms, bedrooms, stairways, hallways, and entryways.

13. Brivolart Bathroom Vanity Wall Light

Brivolart’s modern minimalistic vanity wall light helps add a touch of luxury and glamour to the bathroom, dressing room, dining area, or living room. It is constructed from a special frosted glass dome with a mirror chrome stainless steel mounting that is rust-and water-proof. The product comes with all the hardware required for installation and is compatible with LED G9 bulbs. You can combine this three-light fixture with a compatible dimmer switch to adjust the brightness levels to help match the mood and the occasion.

14. Lightess Black Wall Sconces

The antique black metal cage and painted wood holder give the Lightesswall sconce a modern yet classic look that suits residential and commercial establishments. Its superior quality materials ensure it is antioxidant and corrosion-resistant. The fixture is equipped with a dimmer switch that provides three brightness levels when installed with compatible dimmable bulbs.

The sconce measures 5.11×11.41 inches and can support a variety of 60-watt bulbs. This hardwired wall light comes with all the necessary mounting hardware to provide an easy installation experience.

15. Koonting Plug-In Rustic Wall Sconce

The beige fabric shade on the Koonting rustic wall sconce provides a soft, gentle glow to create a comfortable ambient light. Its dual installation design allows it to be hardwired or used as a plug-in wall sconce with an on-off toggle switch. Equipped with an E26 standard base,it is compatible with incandescent, LED, or halogen 60-watt bulbs. It comes with a two-year warranty and is ideal for the headboard, living room, porch, doorway, or commercial establishments.

16. Cloudy Bay Hardscape Paver Light

Cloudy Bay cuttable paver light is customizable to suit the exact width of the location. This easy-to-install light fixture has detachable aluminum light bars and a stainless steel mounting plate. Waterproof and corrosion-resistant premium metals are used to construct this energy-saving paver light that provides 250-lumen output with only five-watt energy.

The 360° swivel head allows you to optimize the angle of illumination and the product comes with a five-year warranty. The six-pack lights are ideal for decks, masonry walls, barbeque fire pits, and landscape steps.

17. Partphoner LED Wall Light With Bubble Crystal

The Partphoner LED wall light offers a one-of-a-kind visual experience using crystal glass technology to imitate crystal bubbles frozen in ice. This modern wall sconce is constructed from die-cast aluminum that is IP65 waterproof to make it rust-and corrosion-resistant. It has a built-in 12W LED bulb that radiates a warm white light and saves more energy than incandescent light sources.

The hardwired light is ideal for outdoor and indoor, such as driveways, entrances, balconies, garages, and doorways. It comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day full refund.

18. Amailtom Smart LED Wall Lights

The six-pack smart LED wall lights from Amailtom come in vivid colors and multiple modes to light up any space, including a gaming room, bedroom, cafe, and living room. They can be set up in various geometrical shapes to enhance the room’s decor. These color-changing hexagon lights are equipped with an in-built microphone to sync to any music, rhythm, or beats.

The set comes with a 21-key RF remote that can be used from 35 to 45ft and has a memory and timer function. It is USB-equipped and can be powered by a power bank or laptop. The included acrylic base and adhesive pads offer easy installation on various surfaces.

19. Bling Outdoor Wall Light

The even upward and downward light distribution from Bling outdoor wall light makes it ideal for walkways, backyards, patios, and the poolsides. It is constructed from waterproof die-cast aluminum with powder coating and screw-down lids, sealed with silicone gaskets. The smart LED GU10 bulbs are energy-saving and cost-efficient. This modern wall sconce has an elegant vertical design and comes with a flush-mounted bracket for easy installation.

20. Galtlap Bath Vanity Wall Lights

With white frosted glass and brushed nickel finish, Galtlap’s wall lights add a luxurious finish to any home space, including bathroom, kitchen, entryway, living room, or bedroom. It is compatible with various LED, halogen, incandescent, or halogen bulbs of up to60-watt.

You can fit a dimmer switch with this light fixture to adjust the brightness levels. Its flexible design allows downward or upward installation depending on the requirements. This hardwired two-pack wall light comes with mounting hardware for easy installation and has a one-year indoor use warranty.

How To Choose The Right Wall Lights?

Here are some essential factors to keep in mind before buying wall lights.

  1. Lighting purpose: Wall lights are generally used for practical or decorative purposes. For ambient lighting in the living room or hallways, go for translucent or frosted sconces that radiate a diffused lighting. For highlighting a particular area and for work areas, stronger lights with a spotlight effect should work well.
  1. Amount of light: Consider how much light the room gets from other sources, then decide how many fixtures you will require. It is best to give yourself multiple options with dimmable switches to suit different moods and times.
  1. Room decor: There are many colors, sizes, materials, and shapes available to make it easy for you to find the best fit. Consider your room décor and aesthetics before picking the lights.
  1. Pairs and sets: Some lights come in pairs or sets that you can use along a hallway or either side of a doorway to provide strong illumination.
  1. Eye-level view: Choose lights that look good at eye level. The position of the light depends on the proportion of the room. However, irrespective of the height, it should be pleasing to the eye and should not have a glare.

Wall lights come in several shapes, sizes, and materials to suit any space, residential or commercial. They can be placed as stand-alone, pairs, or even sets depending on the location and the lighting requirements. They allow you to make a style statement by adding to the room’s decor and reflecting your personality. So go ahead and choose from our list of the best wall lights that are functional and stylish.

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