11 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars in 2022


Wall-mounted pull-up bars are compact workout equipment that can help strengthen back muscles, arms, and shoulders, amongst other benefits. So if you are looking for the best wall-mounted pull-up bar, we have listed some of the trending and reliable ones, including their pros and cons. These are easy to mount and take up relatively less space. Be it for your home gym or any other place inside your home; these exercise equipment are easy to install. Have a look.

11 Best Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bars in 2022

 1. Best For for Vigorous Workouts:Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

This is one of the best wall-mounted pull-up bars that come with an upgraded 42-inch wide single-piece pull-up bar. It is top-mounted on the risers for greater strength and includes four padded grip positions at 10, 16, 24, and 36in. This increases the workout choices with overhand narrow-grip pull-ups and true wide-grip pull-ups.

The pull-up bar has 14 to 21 inches of wall clearance that offers a supreme range of motion. It comes with ultra-strong bolts for vigorous workouts. Here’s a video to help you understand the product better and make an informed choice.


  • Maximum weight-bearing capacity of 300lb
  • Comes up with optional anchor accessories
  • Manufacturer warranty against product defects for ten years 


  • Less weight capacity

2. Best With L-Shaped Brackets:Titan HD Pull-up Bars

Titan HD Pull-up Bars

The Titan HD wall-mounted pull-up bar bears a maximum capacity of 500 lb. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, and its massive weight capacity offers resistance to your body weight. The bar can be mounted using 16-inch wood studs for custom widths at 16in, 32in, or 52in. The package comes with two L-shaped brackets, a long bar, and hardware for installation. Here’s an instructional video on how to install the pull up bar.


  • Height can be adjusted based on ceiling height or user’s height
  • Bar has a length of 53 inches and diameter of 1.3 inch
  • Made from a one-inch steel tube


  • Metal used for the bar is a bit heavy

3. Best Comfortable Grip:Stud Bar: Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull-up Bar

Stud Bar Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull-up Bar

This is another best-in-class wall-mountable pull-up bar with a width of 48in. The pull-up bar can be easily mounted to your existing ceiling or wall studs. It is made of hammer tone powder-coated steel and can bear a weight of 600lb. The height of the pull-up bar can be adjusted for optimal reach, and its 1/14-inch bar diameter offers a comfortable grip.


  • Package includes all mounting hardware
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Can be assembled easily 


  • No parallel bars included for neutral grip exercises

4. Best Powder-Coated Finish:Yes 4 All Wall Mount Chin-up Bar

Yes 4 All Wall Mount Chin-up Bar

The steel frame bar is among the best wall-mounted chin-up bars. The 25-inch bar is built using heavyweight steel for safety and steadiness and can bear up to 500lb of weight. It has a 30-inch wall clearance and a powder-coated finish to prevent slipping. The package comes with mounting hardware to fix the chin-up bar without any hassles. This video will help you install the bar effortlessly.


  • Ideal for working out with extra fittings, such as ab straps and gym rings
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Compatible with all wooden and concrete floors or ceilings 


  • Metal used for wall mounted bars is a bit thin

5. Best Stability: ECOTRIC 50” Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull-up Chin-up Bar

ECOTRIC 50'' Heavy Duty Wall Mounted

The wall-mounted pull-up bar has a capacity of 500lb, making it one of the best in the business. The heavy steel structure offers stability and enough space to move your chin-up without hitting the wall. The pull-up bar can be set up vertically or horizontally, and its height can be adjusted based on the ceiling height or user’s height. The package comes with two L-shaped brackets, a long bar, and hardware for installation.


  • Can be mounted on a concrete wall at a width up to 53in
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • One year warranty 


  • The metal used for construction is very thin

6. Best Non-Slip Grip:Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar

Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull

This powder-coated, wall-mounted pull-up bar is a combination of strength and flexibility. The multi-grip bar has a sleek and compact frame that bears up to 800lb. The center frame of the bar comes with three pairs of inset bars, and the arched frame can be turned upside down for height reduction.


  • Comes with non-slip grip option
  • Powder-coated to avoid rust
  • Arched frame is convenient for working on dips or muscle-ups 


  • Holes on the pull-up bar are not the most accurate

7. Best Comfortable:ONETWOFIT Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar

ONETWOFIT Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar

This bar is all you need for exercises such as pull-ups, leg raises, dip station, chin-ups, and boxing. The pull-up bar’s six-hole design allows the user to execute workouts in a wide range of motion. The maximum load capacity of the bar is 400lb. It can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as for several other body exercises.


  • Solid steel bar with black powder coating averts corrosion and rust
  • Includes soft cushions for comfortable workouts
  • Gives a close grip for biceps and back 


  • The mount holes do not match with normal stud spacing

8. Best Multifunctional:PULLUP & DIP Portable Pull Up Dip Bar

PULLUP & DIP Portable Pull Up Dip Bar

The wall mount pull-up bar is apt for outdoor workouts and can facilitate more than 35 varieties of body weight exercises. The multifunctional pull-up dip bar is demountable and movable and can be used for muscle-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, and dips. The exclusive design of the wall-mounted bar allows you to switch between different exercises.


  • Powder coating on the stainless steel bar and handles
  • You can rotate the bar by 180° within seconds
  • Comes with several different grip positions 


  • May not support well on wooden walls

9. Best Durable:MeraxWall Mount Pull-Up Bar

MeraxWall Mount Pull-Up Bar

This 48-inch, wide multi-position grip, wall mount pull-up bar enables parallel, wide, and narrow grip positions for targeting diverse upper body muscle groups. The pull-up bar comes with two suspension anchors, punch bags, TRX straps, power ropes, and yoga straps. It is built using powder-coated steel for durability.


  • Angled pull-up bar design guards your wrists during wide-grip pull-ups
  • Comes with non-slip comfort grips
  • Can bear a weight of up to 286lb 


  • Weight capacity lower than other pull-up bars

10. Best For Heavy Loads:Klarfit Pro X Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

Klarfit Pro X Multi-Grip Chin-Up

The wall-mounted pull-up bar is specially strengthened to carry heavy loads. It can hold up to 770lb and is apt for different weight classes. The pull-up bar can be assembled in a few easy steps and comes with heavy-duty stainless steel anchors to ensure a safe hold in concrete and brick walls.


  • Built with powder-coated solid steel
  • Comes with three handle groups for wide, narrow, or parallel grips
  • Can be used for home strength training exercises


  • Extra mounting materials may be necessary if not mounting on brick or concrete

11. Best Adjustable Bar:Power Systems Adjustable Wall-Mounted Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

Power Systems Adjustable Wall-Mounted

The Power Systems wall-mounted pull-up bar is an all-in-one device attuned to five exercise positions in four-inch increments. The adjustable bar can be used to execute chin-ups, hanging leg raises, and underhand hangs. It has a weight capacity of 350lb, measures 51-1/4 x 36in, and its center to center hole dimensions are 48-3/8in.


  • Comes with various height adjustment options
  • Grip is 16 inches from the wall
  • Has a safety ‘U’-pin that locks into place
  • Chrome guide tracks provide smooth movement 


  • Hardware not included

How To Choose The Right Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar?

Wall-mounted pull-up bars are available in several shapes and designs. To choose one that is best for you, here is what you should look for.

  • Consider the maximum capacity and versatility of the bar.
  • If you choose free-standing frames, check if they include features like padded back and armrests for offering support during workouts.
  • If you are living in a rented property, you may not be able to drill a hard-mounted pull-up bar into the wall. In such cases, simply choose free-standing pull-up bars and door pull-up bars.
  • Some other factors, such as the weight, price, and installation process, should also be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much space do you need above a pull-up bar?

You may have to mount the pull-up bar 18 inches below the ceiling to prevent your head from hitting the roof. Moreover, if you are planning to do muscle-ups, then you may need more space than that.

2. Are wall pull-up bars safe?

A decent quality wall pull-up bar, when installed correctly, should be safe to use. But it is always better to check the bar before you apply your weight onto it, as the firmness of the pull-up bars depends on the way it is attached to the wall. It is also better to buy a floor or exercise mat that could support you in case of a fall.

Wall-mounted pull-up bars are excellent workout home equipment for those who want to work on different body parts without going to the gym. They help strengthen your back muscles, arms, shoulders, and other body parts and are super easy to install anywhere, so you can hit your daily targets and keep yourself fit on your own schedule. The options listed have non-slip grips and durable construction. When shopping for one, make sure to choose one that fits your wall space and is sturdy.

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