15 Best Watches To Buy For Boys In 2022


From the casual college look to sophisticated evening attire, no outfit for men is complete without a watch. Thus, watches are nothing short of a fashion essential for boys. The best watches for boys are the kind that perfectly reflects their personality. Whether your son is a trend-setter, a fashionista, or someone who believes in a chic, simple style, you can find a watch that suits his personality.

If you’re confused about the latest trends and what boys might find fashionable, check out our list below to explore some fashionable watches they would love to add to their collection.

15 Best Watches For Boys To Buy 

Digital Watches For Boys 

These digital watches may be worn by younger boys or teenagers, as per their liking and interests. Some of them are cute and colourful, and others very simple yet stylish. Ranging from basic functions to watches with multiple features, here are some of the best digital watches for boys.

1. Best Tech-Savvy: Robot transformer watch


If a little boy is obsessed with AI and robots, then this mini robot transformer watch is perfect for him.


  • It can be a toy to play, but when assembled, the robot turns into a watch.
  • All the parts can be rotated and transformed into robots in different positions.
  • The strap is made of rubber, which is safe on the skin.
  • It displays the date and time and has a timer as well.


  • This watch is neither waterproof nor fireproof.

2. Best Multipurpose: Casio G-shock


Looking for a watch that serves multiple purposes? Then buy this solar-powered watch. Check out this detailed review video to learn more about the product.


  • This solar watch is tough and long-lasting.
  • The triple sensor in this watch displays the altimeter-barometer, compass, and the thermometer as well.
  • The watch is resistant to mud, dust, and shock, making it an ideal watch for outdoors.
  • It also gives sunrise and sunset data.


  • The watch has a bulky appearance and may not be liked by those who prefer a sleek design.

3. Best For Sports: Tonnier digital sports watch



This bright and vibrant digital watch is perfect for kids who are into sports.


  • Available in four different color variants, the watch is made of soft PU material.
  • It is shock-resistant and comfortable for wearing outdoors, even during activities and sports.
  • The watch has both 12-hour and 24-hour display options. It also shows the date and week.
  • It has colorful backlight and other functions such as stopwatch and alarm.
  • The strap of the watch is made of soft PU material.


  • The watch is water-proof but cannot be worn during swimming or bathing.

4. Best Fashionable: Cakcity LED sports watch


This is a multi-function watch that is water-resistant as well. Here’s a video that will help you select the right diaper bag for your needs.


  • This fashionable watch has various functions such as the date and time display, LED light, alarm, and stopwatch.
  • It is water-proof and shock-proof, hence ideal for outdoors or rigorous activity.
  • The watch comes in ten different color options, each uniquely stylish.
  • The strap is made of silicone and has a round chunky dial.


  • If any of the buttons are operated in the water, the watch may get damaged. Also, keep the watch away from steam and hot water.

5. Best Stylish Design: LGYNTO flashing car watch


Who thought a Lamborghini car could be worn as a watch as well!


  • This stylish watch comes in nine color variants and has a unique car-shaped dial.
  • The dial also has seven different LED light options on the dial.
  • The band of the watch has a stylish wheel patterned design.
  • The watch has an hourly chime, alarm, and stopwatch apart from the regular time and date features.
  • The watch has both 12-hour and 24-hour format settings.
  • The speedometer on the clock looks uber-cool.


  • The watch is only 50m water-resistant, so use it with caution.

6. Best Durable: CKV Kids’ Digital Sport Waterproof Watch


This multi-functional digital watch is designed for children who love the outdoors and are looking for something durable.


  • Available in various color options
  • Shock-resistant ABS case
  • Soft silicone strap
  • Waterproof and ergonomic design
  • Accurate time-keeping
  • Seven flashing LED lights


  • Alarm function might not be great

7. Best For Kids: Pokemon digital watch


Boys who love Pokemon and Pikachu would surely enjoy wearing this watch.


  • It’s a simple watch with Pokemon design on the strap and the dial.
  • This watch has a basic function of time display.
  • A cool blue light show is activated on the dial on a single press of the button.
  • The watch is lab-tested for safety and is non-toxic and non-hazardous.


  • The watch is not water-resistant or shock-proof.
  • For boys who want multiple functions on their wristwatches, this one may not be appealing.

Other Wrist Watches For Boys

Here are some analog options for guys who prefer to have only basic features in their wristwatch.

8. Best Educational: VTech PAW Patrol Learning Watch


The design of this watch is inspired by interesting adventures and characters from the popular movie PAW Patrol. Here’s a video that demonstrates exactly how easy it is to use this product every day.


  • Four learning games to help develop math skills, memory, number sequencing, etc.
  • Available in three different styles
  • Durable design and automatic shut-off function
  • Includes ten PAW Patrol clock faces
  • Includes three alarm tones and a stopwatch.


  • Might be a tad big for little hands

9. Best For College Boys: Michael Kors Lexington watch


This statement Michael Kors watch is for older boys. It can be worn for college parties, on the prom night or to a dinner date, or just whenever you feel like dressing up.


  • The watch comes in seven color and metal variants with a contrasting dial.
  • It has a quartz chronograph movement and three subdials to support the Chrono push.
  • The case and strap are made of stainless steel in different tones.
  • It is water-resistant up to 100m and safe for the shower, swimming or even snorkeling.
  • Michael Kors offers a two-year international warranty.


  • The stainless may irritate the skin, especially in hot weather conditions.

10. Best Elegant Design: Fossil Grant leather chronograph watch


A statement timepiece to make heads turn wherever you go.


  • Available in 15 different variants, this watch comes with a beautiful contrasting dial.
  • The roman numerals on the dial make it furthermore attractive. It has three sub-dials for tracking hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • Apart from the time display, the watch also has a timer and a stopwatch function.
  • It is water-resistant up to 50m.


  • The watch is made of leather and is not cruelty-free.

11. Best For Nighttime: Casio pro-tek watch


This triple sensor Casio watch has everything you can ask for.


  • The watch has a digital compass, a barometer, and a thermometer to keep a check of the atmospheric pressure, and an altimeter to measure the altitudes.
  • Apart from the regular analog display, the watch also comes with an LCD for showing the day and time.
  • The basic functions of the watch are the display of local time, world time, stopwatch, timer, and five everyday alarms.
  • It also has a night illuminator with double LED and full auto-LED light functions. Hence, perfect for nighttime outdoor activities too.
  • The silicone band of the watch is dura-soft on the skin.
  • The watch is solar-powered and also 100m water-resistant.


  • The compass and altimeter may not always be accurate.
  • There are chances of the band getting worn out sooner than the dial mechanism.

12. Best Water-Resistant: Bulova chronograph


This watch from the Marine Star collection is a must-have accessory in every boy’s closet.


  • The watch has an analog quartz movement and time display.
  • The dial also shows the date, month, and seconds.
  • The black and gold detailing on the watch make it very appealing and attractive.
  • It is 100m water resistant, hence suitable for swimming and moderate underwater activities.
  • The band of the watch is made of silicone, and the dial is of stainless steel.


  • There is only one color option.

13. Best For Everyday Wear: Daniel Wellington watch


Sleek and stylish, this watch is ideal for everyday wear.


  • This simple watch has a striped two-colored nylon band, and a rose gold case for the dial.
  • This is a basic watch with a quartz movement and analog display.
  • It is shock-resistant and waterproof up to 30m.


  • The water resistance is very low.
  • The band may be short for some wrist sizes.

14. Best Safety And Style: Batman watch by DC comics


Whether or not you are a Batman fan, you will find this watch appealing.


  • The band of the watch is made of rubber, the dial and case of metal. The yellow batman logo with other detailing makes the watch.
  • The hands of the watch are marked with ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ signs, and the dial has a clear display of numbers that are easy to read and tell time.
  • This watch is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and safe for children to use.


  • The watch is neither shock nor water-resistant.

15. Mickey Mouse watch by Disney


Another timepiece inspired by Disney characters, this Mickey Mouse watch is just so awesome.


  • This is a basic watch with a rubber strap and a case made of metal.
  • The dial has a large and clear display of numbers, and the words ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ are mentioned on the hands, making it easy for the child to tell the time. It also has a cute mickey mouse graphic on the dial.
  • The watch has a basic quartz movement with an analog display of time.


  • This watch is not very durable and not water-proof or shock resistant.

How To Choose The Right Watches For Boys?

Here are the parameters to consider when buying a suitable watch for a boy.

  1. Durability: Check the watch’s materials, warranty, and durability to ensure it can handle rough use. They should be scratch- and break-resistant, waterproof, and shock-proof for long-lasting use.
  1. Style: Consider your child’s preferences to buy a watch they may like. If your child is young, a colorful watch with easy-to-read time may be suitable. Whereas older children may prefer a more stylish, neutral-colored watch.
  1. Use: Understanding the child’s needs is important since watches may be designed for specific purposes, including sports, learning, outdoor play, and more. You must evaluate your child’s activities, hobbies, and requirements to buy the right watch.
  1. Safety: Ensure the watch is made of safe, non-toxic material to make it suitable for sensitive skin and all-day wear.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedesto Chirhah has a knack for electronics and automobile products. He uses his research skills to create the best product lists to meet your needs. Here, he listed the top-notch digital and sports wristwatches to buy for boys and mentioned their specifications for your convenience. The list covers different types, including toy robot watches, sports watches, and solar watches, with their features. His well-researched descriptions can help you purchase a suitable watch easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best kid’s watches?

Watches with exciting features such as triple sensor, LED light, alarm function, stopwatch and those that are durable and water-resistant make good options for kids.

2. Which one is better for kids, an analog watch or a digital watch?

Analog watches are better at helping children learn time, while digital watches are an attractive choice for older children.

3. At what age should children start wearing a watch?

A child should ideally be able to read a clock once they are six-seven years old. So, you may give your child a watch once they are six years old.

Besides helping you make a fashion statement, watches are essential devices that tell you the time and also serve as a compass, thermometer, alarm, or stopwatch. While watches are worn by girls and boys alike, they are made differently to meet the needs of each. When choosing the perfect watch for a boy, keep his taste in mind. Many come in car, robot, and military designs, so know his preference before choosing one. Irrespective of which design you settle on, the watch must be long-lasting, made of child-friendly materials, and be rust- and water-resistant. Further, it should come with additional features such as LED lights, an easy-to-read display, and a digital compass.

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