13 Best Water Bottle Cages In 2021


Finding the best water bottle cage is almost like finding the holy grail. Not only should the bottle complement your ride, but it should also attach easily to your bike for convenient access. As a cyclist who enjoys long rides, you are already aware of the importance of carrying your own bottle of water. Find that perfect fit and instantly quench your thirst when you’re out riding. Here is a detailed list of the best water bottle cages to help you choose from.

13 Best Water Bottle Cages

1. Ushake Water Bottle Cages

Featuring strength, durability, and minimal weight, these cages are made of high-quality materials. You need to fasten the cage in the frame’s screw holes with a four mm hex key. It has a minimum bottle diameter of 2.75 inches and a maximum of three inches. You can easily fit a 26-ounce bottle in it. It also includes adjustable arms that wrap around the bottle for a snug and firm hold, ensuring it does not fall out during your ride.

2. Ibera Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

Ibera’s bicycle water bottle cage is made of a heat-treated aluminum plate and is lightweight. Its oval-shaped form offers extra strength and easy access, suitable for most small bottles and cups. The cage’s flared top opening allows you to remove the water bottle while riding. Its sturdy side ribs firmly hold various bottles for hassle-free riding through rough terrains.

3. Pro Bike Tool Bike Water Bottle Holder

The bike water bottle holder’s secure bottle retention system helps keep a bottle firmly in place, whether you ride fast on the road or in rocky terrain. It fits various standard and large water bottles. The cage has a flexible one-piece design that you can adjust up to 0.2 inches to fit slightly smaller or bigger cycling water bottles, such as insulated bottles. This bottle holder is made of aluminum alloy with a powder-coated finish, making it lightweight and sturdy.

4. FiveBox Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Holder

FiveBox’s water bottle cage holder is flexible enough to fit and firmly retain a regular water bottle, and it is collapsable to tighten up the bottle. It is made from aluminum alloy for a metallic look, durability, and anti-rust properties. This holder includes arms that wrap around the bottle for a solid and firm grip, ensuring it does not fall out during your ride. It is suitable for road, fixed-gear, mountain, commuter, and other bicycles.

5. Aduro Bike Water Bottle Holder Cage

The water bottle holder kit includes two bottle holders, one Allen key, and four bolts. These holders can fit most big and regular bikes and can hold most standard water bottles. They help keep the bottle secure in the cage during fast rides and uneven trails. The holders are easy to install, with a stylish and adjustable design for a secure fit. They are available in various colors and are suitable for mountain, road, tour, hybrid, and electric bikes.

6. Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder

Corki’s bike water bottle holder provides a tight and sturdy grip to keep the bottle firmly in place while riding on rocky paths. It is lightweight and won’t harm the finish on most water bottles. The holder is made of polycarbonate and glass fiber for durability and resilience. Its arms wrap around the bottle and fit most standard and oversized bicycle water bottles.

7. Lx Lermx Bike Water Bottle Cages

The bike water bottle cage is made of anodically oxidized aluminum alloy for long-lasting use. This set includes a BPA-free water bottle. It is suitable for electric, road, touring, and mountain bicycles and offers the right fit for a bottle and a standard Bluetooth speaker. The high-quality aluminum alloy cage tightly clamps your bottle, and its smooth surface does not scratch the bottle or speaker. This cage measures 2.5×6 inches, while the canister can carry 24 ounces of fluid.

8. ThinkTop Water Bottle Cage Holder

ThinkTop’s water bottle cage holders are built from 100% Japan Toray 3K carbon fiber, making them non-deformable, rust-resistant, durable, and lightweight. They have smooth edges and won’t damage your hand or the kettle. These bottle holders have adjustable, oblong mounting holes and accommodate most regular water bottles. Their diameter is approximately 2.83 inches and can fit bottles with a diameter of 2.79 to 2.95 inches.

9. Suruid Bike Water Bottle Cage

The bike water bottle cage is strong and lightweight, won’t scratch the bike’s frame, and is easy to install. It fits various standard and large bike water bottles. The water bottle holder includes arms that wrap around the bottle for a solid grip, ensuring it does not slip out during the ride. Its screws are standard for water bottle attachments and are suitable for most bicycles with drilled holes, and washers are recommended for a tight fit.

10. Wiel Water Bottle Cage Holder

Made from 100% carbon fiber material, the Wiel water bottle cage holder is sturdy and lightweight. It is rust-proof and non-deformable. When biking over uneven terrain, the cage’s strong hold will keep the bottle in place. They are designed to provide a solid grip and quick bottle removal, suitable for most regular-sized water bottles.

11. Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage

Blackburn’s cargo water bottle cage is made from titanium and is strong and lightweight. You can install it easily without any additional hardware. It has rubberized straps that can hold the bottle in place and three mounting-hole sets to fit various frames. The cage’s six mm alloy tube build provides strength and grip.

12. SKS Germany Water Bottle Mount With Top Cage Bottle Holder

The top-cage bottle holder is attachable anywhere on the frame with the SKS adapter. When the top cage bottle cage is removed, you can mount practically anything to your bike frame. The double-sided hook and loop straps are robust and long enough to go around any frame tubing. You can mount water bottle cages, mini pumps, and other conventional items.

13. Savadeck Bike Water Bottle Holder

The bike water bottle holder from Savadeck is lightweight at 0.77 ounces. It fits most standard-sized water bottles with a side-open and double-pull design. This cage is made of CNC-machined aluminum alloy, which is heat-treated for durability. Each bottle cage comes with two screws for easy installation. It is suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, etc., and is available in various colors.

How To Choose The Right Water Bottle Cages?

Here are a few tips you can follow when choosing the right water bottle cages.

  1. Material: Choose cages made of titanium, aluminum, or strong plastic for long-lasting performance.
  1. Weight: Ensure the cage can comfortably hold the bottle’s weight without being too heavy for a smooth ride.
  1. Simple design: Ensure you can remove the bottle from the cage with ease. Choose a cage with a simple design for strong grip and quick access.

Featuring various materials and styles, there are various bottle cages available to suit your needs. They are easy to install and use, providing you with a stable hold to keep the bottle safe while riding on difficult terrains. We hope our list of the best water bottle cages can help you choose the right one.

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