19 Best Kids Water Toys For Outdoors In 2022


If you want to keep your child engaged for hours, here’s our list of the best water toys for kids to help you choose the right one. These toys motivate your child to go outdoors and stay active instead of playing video games all day. Outdoor water toys can enhance motor skills and allow children to observe nature and enjoy fresh air and light. These toys are available in various designs and options to suit your requirements. So, dig deep into this list to get your hands on the right product.

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19 Best Water Toys For Kids

1. Best Long-Lasting: Zen Laboratory Store Splash Pad Sprinkler

Water toys from the Zen laboratory Store are long-lasting and sturdy. This splash pad is ideal for children up to 12 years. It is an inflatable pad that is a unique combination of sprinklers and pools. The product is designed in a manner to entertain your kids for hours. You can easily connect to a regular garden hose to enjoy the sprinklers. This sprinkler splash pad is made from extra-thick plastic and O-ring hose attachment. The pad is carefully designed to offer safety and relief from the heat in the backyard of your house. It measures 68 inches and is wear- and tear-resistant. The splash pad is manufactured from BPA-free material and is easy to fold and store.


2. Best Odor-Free: Cute Stone Color Changing Kitchen Sink Toys

Temperature sensing kitchen sink set from the Cute Stone store is child-friendly and beautifully made. This particular set contains one kitchen sink, two plastic plates, four plastic cups, one base, one play detergent, one faucet, one dish rack, two plastic knives, and one brush. It tends to change color to white if put in the water of 33° to 42° C temperature. It tends to improve color recognition, kitchenware recognition, hand-eye coordination and enhances the ability to store and organize. All the water toys have smooth edges,odor-free, and made from ABS material. It also has an automatic water cycle system so that children can learn to save water from an early age.


3. Best Non-Toxic: Jasonwell Sprinkler For Kids

Suitable for children of two to eight years, this sprinkler splash pad has animals, alphabets, and letters printed on it so that your children can learn and play simultaneously. The pad is shallow, thereby making it suitable for toddlers as well. It has a 60-inch diameter and is made from non-toxic PVC material with dielectric welding to ensure strong joints. You can quickly inflate it and connect it to a garden hose or a PVC pipe. You can also adjust the pressure of the water according to your kid’s requirements.


4. Best BPA-Free: Chuchik Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler For Kids

Fun, cool and energetic, kids’ outdoor water toys from the Chuchik Store are easy to play with. This turtle has sprinklers attached water is released through these twirls and whirls, giving a playful water effect in the backyard of your house. The turtle has a spinning back and attached tubes. Ideal for children of and above three years, this water toy measures 12.7×10.6×2.7 inches and weighs 0.639lb. The range of the sprinklers is 15 feet and the tubes are made from high-quality plastic. The product is leak-proof and is made from BPA-free materials. The rubber O-ring prevents any water leakage.


5. Best Leak-Proof: Joyjoz Water Guns For Kids

Measuring 14.1×7.8×1.9 inches, this water gun set from the Joyjoz store has a maximum range of 37 feet. No batteries are required to use these water guns. Each gun can hold up to 400CC water and has a large flip cover to add water and ice easily and quickly. The guns have a high-pressure pump design that ensures a longer range. The product is made from high-quality materials and is also tested for safety and durability. They have a leak-free cover and are lightweight. These guns are not only designed for kids but also adults. You can play with them in the pool, backyard, beach, etc.


6. Best For Pool Party: Winemana Foam Water Guns

Manufactured from EVA foam, these four water guns measure 14x3x1.8 inches each and do not require batteries to run. They are free from BPA and safe for children to use. With a 27 feet range, these water guns are lightweight, easy to pump, and easy to shoot. They are approved by CPC and are ideal for children of and above three years. The product features non-slip plastic handles and a lightweight and portable design making it safe to play with. You can enjoy yourself with this toy at a pool party, backyard, beach, etc with friends, family, and relatives. It is an ideal gift for boys and girls.


7. Best Environment-Friendly: Aquajoy Unicorn Sprinkler Water Toys

CPC-certified and suitable for children of one to ten years of age, this unicorn sprinkler is the perfect water toy for hot days. Inflatable water toys for kids from Aquajoy are safe and durable. This product has a 60-inch sprinkler with which your child can play in the pool, backyard, or any other place they like. It is made from environment-friendly BPA-free PVC material and keeps your child active and enhances their motor skills. The sprinkler comes with four free stakes attached to the ground so that the unicorn doesn’t blow away on windy days. You can easily connect it to a garden hose or any other standard pipe.


8. Best For Communication Skills: Nobie Vivid Store 3 Pack Water Guns

Water toys for 3-year-olds and above from the Nobie Vivid Store are simple yet fun. This pack of three guns has a maximum range of 30 feet, and each gun measures 12.79×2.75×3.34 inches. The guns come in a unique shark shape and are available in purple, pink, and blue colors that are vibrant and will grasp your child’s attention. The handles are circular and are easy to hold. Their no-sharp design won’t hurt the hands of your little ones, and the product is made from non-toxic materials that won’t break easily. They will improve your child’s motor skills and will enhance their confidence and communication skills. Your child can play with them on the beach, water park, pool, backyard, etc.


9. Best For Summer: Aywewii Store Splash Pad

Available in yellow, this splash for kids is one of the best toys for toddlers for hot days. Simple and easy to use, this inflatable water splash pad has a 68-inch diameter. It is suitable for children of one to twelve years, and it also has a basketball hoop design that consists of a duckbill. The splash pad is made from phthalates and BPA-free material and features a non-slip design. The sprinklers attached to this splash pad come with adjustable water pressure. The toy is designed to combat the fear of water, nurture communication and motor skills. Sea animals are printed on the bottom of this splash pad, and you can also adjust the water spray height.


10. Best For Outdoors: Anpro Upgraded Giant Shark Sprinkler

Non-toxic and made from environmentally durable PVC material, this outdoor play sprinkler is one of the best inflatable water toys for kids. It is an ideal gift for the hot days of summer and measures 51x32x68 inches. The product is easy to set up and the shark can inflate up to six feet. It is recommended for children of and above three years and can be connected to any regular garden hose to enjoy the sprinkler. You can inflate and place it in your backyard, pool, beach, etc. It sprinkles water like a mini waterfall and provides endless fun and hours of enjoyment to your children. The shark sprinkler is designed to enhance the motor and communication skills of your children.


11. Eprosmin Water Slides For Kid

Measuring 15.75 feet long, this water slide is manufactured from smooth, solid, and thick PVC material that is long-lasting and durable. It is easy to roll and store when not in use. You can place it in your backyard, at a pool party, etc. The product comes with a water crash pad at the end of the slide that ensures your child’s safety. The slide is made from breakage-proof material that has a fiber mesh inside it. It is recommended to use on grass, and you have to keep the faucet connected all the time to enjoy the water on the slide. Children of one year and above can use this water slide.


12. Tomser Inflatable Rainbow Water Sprinkler

Ideal for backyard, pool, or any water-themed party, this huge-sized kids’ water toy is ideal for summer, and also adults can enjoy it. It comes with two detachable frisbees of flower and sun shapes, and they add to the aesthetics of the product. The rainbow sprinkler is easy to use, and the intensity of the water flow is adjustable. The size of this sprinkler is 80x70x35 inches and is made from environmentally friendly PVC material free from any pungent smell. It is recommended for children of all age groups and has a sturdy base that remains still even on windy days. The kids can jump and run through it to enhance their motor skills.


13. Qrooper Water Toys Inflatable Sprinkler

Easy to set up with a durable construction, this giant kids’ sprinkler made in the rocket shape will give you endless hours of fun and enjoyment. It is designed to provide your child with screen-free entertainment, perfect for a pool party or any other summer party. The height of this rocket is 72.5-inch and is made from leak-proof materials. The rocket has a bright cartoon design to attract the attention of your child. Its compact design is easy to fold and store, and the adjustable sprinkler heights make it ideal for all groups.


14. Boogem Sprinkler For Kids

Available in a unique cactus shape, this inflatable sprinkler for toddlers’ and kids’ features four inflatable rings, fresh and bright colors, and an electric pump to fill water quickly in the toy. It is made from durable, reusable, and eco-friendly PVC plastic material with tight seams and will not leak or crack. The cactus has a large base that won’t tip over during windy days. Children of the age group three to eight years can enjoy this product. The set also includes a water pipe connector, two hose clamps, and a plastic repair kit made from vinyl. This set of motorized water toys can also be used as a ring-throwing game to make your summer fun and memorable. You can use it for beach, lawn, backyard, and pool parties.


15. Balnore Pool Floats For Kids

With the extra thickness and double layers of PVC material, this set of kids’ water toys is one of the best water toys for 3-year-olds and above. The set incorporates one inflatable swim float, one bear swimming ring, and one swimming pool float suitable for children and adults. They all are made from 0.3mm thick material that makes them long-lasting, sturdy, and durable. The set is ideal for beach carnivals, pool parties, or backyard pool. They have a smooth surface and a quick valve system to deflate or inflate the toys easily. The seals and the nozzles have an anti-leak design. This pool party supply set will build your child’s confidence and help them learn swimming at an early age.


16. MVP Boy Inflatable Sprinkler Pool

MVP Boy store sprinkler is designed to splash water from the head of the dolphin and all around the rim of the entire pool. You can use this product indoors and outdoors. It measures 68x43x18 inches and is made from high-quality, upgraded plastic that will not let any water leakage. This sprinkler ensures motor skills and can be inflated in a couple of minutes with the aid of an electrical pump. The pool helps improve sensory skills, attention span, and builds cognitive and social skills. This sprinkler pool is ideal for children of three to ten years. It will keep your child active and will contribute to their physical and mental development.


17. Turnmeon Watermelon Slip Slide

An inflatable crash pad from the Turnmeon Store measures 12.56×10.35×2.17 inches and is ideal for children of three years and above. The product features a zig-zag spray pattern and this ensures more water for a more slippery ride. It is designed to help prevent falling children on either side. The crash pad at the end of the slide provides room for a safe landing. Made from 0.25mm extra thick plastic that is heavy-duty and durable, this splash pad is ideal for your beach party, lawn, swimming pool, garden, etc. The slide gets inflated in a minute using an air pump.


18. Lukat Water Guns For Kids

With a maximum range of 26 feet, this set of squirt guns measure 18×7.8 inches each. They have a water holding capacity of 540CC, and once refilled, you can fire it 110 times. It has a lightweight, leak-proof design that has a detachable water tank to fill water when required. The ergonomic handle and smooth edges make it ideal for children of three years and above. Manufactured from ABS material, this water gun does not require batteries to run and is ideal for the hot days of summer. The non-toxic and durable features make it one of the best water toys for pool, backyard, beach, etc.


19. Shemira Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler

Easy to set up and use, this sunflower sprinkler toy is ideal for your entire family, be it children or adults. To enjoy the water sprinklers, all you have to do is connect the sunflower sprinkler to the water hose and enjoy the shower. It has an extra-wide range of spraying. Children above two years can enjoy this sprinkler. You can also adjust the heads to different angles to control the water speed and the water flow. It is a good addition to your backyard, lawn, or any water-themed party. Made from 100% durable and safe plastic, this toy sprinkler conforms to all the American safety standards. It has a beautiful and sturdy metal base to ensure a better grip, and it has round edges, which won’t hurt the hands of your little ones.


How To Choose The Right Water Toy For Kids?

Here are some features you should keep in mind to choose the best water toys for kids.

1. Size: Water toys should fit decently inside your house or backyard. Measure the size of that particular area and then buy the product.

2. Age: Age-appropriate products will nurture skills and creativity in your child. Choose attractive toys that have prints on them and are easy to use.

3. Safety: Look for a toy that has passed all the safety standards. Such toys are safe for children. Buy toys that are crack-proof, leak-proof, have round edges, and skid-proof for utmost safety.

There is no better way to beat the summer than playing with water toys. They ensure hours of endless entertainment, and most of them are safe, non-toxic, and made from environmentally safe materials. These toys are a perfect addition to your backyard and help build social, motor, and cognitive skills. This guide will surely help you to pick the best water toy for kids.

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