15 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Available In 2021


Gone are the days when electronics would get damaged when they came in contact with water. With the new water-resistance technology, you can take the party anywhere with you with our list of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers. From withstanding splashes to being submerged in water, these speakers are a boon as they are durable, portable, and provide you with the best quality sound. These speakers come with advanced features to meet all your requirements. So, the next time you plan a beach outing or a pool party, you can easily carry your waterproof Bluetooth speaker with you and have fun. With various options available, choosing the right speaker can be challenging. So, check out our list to learn more and make an informed decision.

15 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

1. Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore 2 is an upgraded version that ensures better sound quality with 12W audio power. It combines the built-in BassUp technology and the patented spiral bass port for the best bass experience.

Soundcore 2 is IPX7 waterproof rated, and the portable design makes it perfect for the outdoors. And if you feel the volume is not good enough for your party, you can pair two of these updated versions for a stereo feel.


  • Good volume
  • Intense bass with clarity
  • Stylish design
  • 5,200mAh Li-ion battery for 24-hour nonstop play
  • Stable Bluetooth 5 connection
  • Durable construction
  • Simple controls


  • Slight distortions at high volume

2. JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 4 is a next-gen Bluetooth speaker that delivers powerful stereo sound at a portable size. It is IPX7 waterproof rated to make your pool experience better. The dual external passive radiators make you hear and feel the bass. It uses a 3000mAh battery that offers 12 hours of playtime and uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology for wireless connection. The Flip 4 speakers come in vibrant colors and are made to withstand the tough outdoors.


  • Good sound quality
  • Can be linked to multiple JBL connect+ compatible speakers
  • Can connect two smartphones simultaneously
  • Built-in noise and echo canceling speakerphone
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now
  • Rugged construction


  • No option to play the previous track

3. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Take along the Bose SoundLink Micro speaker on your adventure trips. It is portable and slim and has a strap that helps you hang it anywhere. This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof IPX7 rated, and the sound quality is good enough for the outdoors and loud for the indoors. Its lithium-ion battery gives up to six hours of playtime.


  • Rugged exterior
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Clear and balanced sound
  • No distortion at higher volumes
  • Compatible with Echo Dot, Siri, or Google Assistant
  • Built-in Bose SimpleSync technology for pairing with another Bose device


  • Bass may not be up to the mark

4. Comiso GoAudio For Music On The Go

GoAudio is one of the best-performing wireless speakers from Comiso. The IPX5-rated speaker gives you 360° sound that is deep and loud. When you have more than one of these speakers, pair them up for a stereo effect. The built-in carrying strap makes it easy to handle on your outdoor trips, and it can easily fit into your bag.


  • Up to 24 hours battery life
  • Portable design
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls
  • Clear sound at high volumes
  • Easy to operate
  • Various color options
  • Rugged design


  • Not completely waterproof

5. INSMY C12 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for use in the shower or on your outdoor trips, this speaker works pretty well. It is IPX7 rated, so you need not worry about it getting submerged in the water. Its sound quality is impressive, and the speaker is designed for noise reduction. The voice prompts make it easier to pair and connect with your devices.


  • SD-card compatible
  • Lightweight design
  • Dust-proof
  • Good battery life
  • Built-in mic for voice calls
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Easy to carry
  • Detachable suction cup


  • Control buttons may not be easy to identify

6. Doss SoundBox Pro

Doss SoundBox Pro gives you that superior sound experience thanks to its dual full-range drivers and passive radiators. Pair it with other SoundBox speakers to get that stereo effect, and the syncing LED lights of the paired devices will make the party experience better. The Bluetooth 4.2 ensures seamless connection, and the speaker is IPX5 rated to protect the device from water splashes and jets.


  • Dedicated button for powerful bass response
  • Beat-driven light show
  • Handy and portable design
  • 20 hours playtime at 50% volume
  • Supports Aux-In
  • Hands-free calling experience
  • Supports TF card play


  • Not fully waterproof

7. Bugani M83 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The Bugani M83 speaker gives you that stereo experience while being compact and portable. Its TWS function with two 20W midbass external magnetic speakers, two subwoofer diaphragms, and two 4W tweeters offer 40W of superior audio power. If you want a much louder sound and separate the left and right channels, pair two of these devices wirelessly. The speaker is IPX5 rated and can withstand splashes and jets of water. The smooth outer rubber covering protects the device from outdoor impacts such as scratches and falls.


  • Good bass quality
  • 8000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Supports 40 hours of playtime
  • TF card playback and Aux-In
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for faster connection
  • Can be used to charge phones
  • Durable construction


  • Not 100% waterproof

8. W-King D8 Wireless Speaker

W-King D8 wireless speaker is not just waterproof with an IPX6 rating but also dustproof, making it suitable for outdoors. With 50W output power, it produces loud and clear sound. Get the feel of owning a stereo by pairing this with another D8 speaker. The Bluetooth 5.0 makes connecting the device easy, and the built-in microphone gives a hands-free call experience. You can select the EQ button to choose between indoor and outdoor modes and adjust the audio signal to find the right balance.


  • Great bass quality
  • Anti-drop design
  • Bluetooth range of 100ft
  • 8000mAh battery, 24 hours playtime
  • Supports TF card and Aux-In
  • Works as a power bank
  • Includes four drivers and two passive bass radiators
  • One-touch NFC feature for Android mobiles


  • May experience slight distortions at high volume

9. Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker

Soundcore Motion Boom speaker delivers a stereo experience as it has drivers with 100% pure titanium diaphragms. The speaker produces clear sound and gives you thumping bass with Soundcore’s BassUp technology. Also, it has incredible waterproof technology with an IPX7 rating and protects the device when dropped in water.

Its other features such as the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, customizable EQ via Soundcore app, and 10000mAh battery make it easy to use. You can even pair two of these devices to turn any space into party mode.


  • Real-time intensification of bass
  • Floatable
  • No distortion at high volumes
  • 24-hour playtime
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Works as a power bank
  • Stylish and easy-to-carry handle


  • No Micro SD slot

10. Ortizan Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ortizan Bluetooth speaker is portable and waterproof with an IPX7 rating, making it a convenient speaker for the outdoors. The portable speaker has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for better connection and supports TF card and Aux-In.

The crisp, clear sound makes you enjoy music that you love. You can pair two of these devices for a louder sound, and the light show will up the party vibe. You can even change the modes with the equalizer button to make your music sound better.


  • Good 360° stereo sound
  • Syncing night LED lights
  • Superior bass
  • Easy to pair and operate
  • Attractive design
  • Supports hands-free calls
  • Voice assistant


  • Battery may not last long as claimed

11. Doss SoundBox Extreme Portable Speaker

Doss SoundBox Extreme is IPX6 waterproof, and the rugged design protects the device from strong jets of rain, making it a perfect outdoor speaker. Its 24W dual full-range drivers and two passive radiators deliver powerful sound with good bass. Its design, shape, and carry strap make it comfortable to carry around. The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology, supports Aux-In, and makes hands-free calling easy. Pair two of these speakers and double the volume for that full stereo effect.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dynamic bass
  • 20-hour playtime
  • Durable design
  • Easy to operate


  • Expect a slight distortion at high volumes

12. Zamkol ZK106 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Just toss this compact speaker in your bag, and you are ready to enjoy the music on the move. Zamkol ZK106 is a portable speaker with IPX7 waterproof rating. This little speaker produces a good volume with 20W power and delivers booming bass with dual full-range drivers. Switch freely between the treble and bass with an EQ switch and use dual speakers for wireless stereo pairing and loud volume. It has a 4000mAh battery that provides 24 hours playtime.


  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Easy hands-free calls
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Unique hook design
  • Supports Aux-In


  • May be slightly heavy

13. Wow Sound Speaker

Wow sound speaker possesses a uniquely rugged design with a stem bottom to fit into Wow products’ cupholders. It has four speakers laid out in all directions and one passive radiator on top for deep bass. This portable Bluetooth speaker is IP67 rated, which means it is both dustproof and waterproof. It has 360° LED lighting for nighttime use and includes an inflatable speaker float.


  • Floatable speaker
  • Good sound quality
  • Good battery life with 50 hours of playtime
  • 360° sound
  • Easy to connect and pair
  • Easy to carry and operate


  • Volume control may not be easy to adjust

14. Dbsoars Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Dbsoars portable Bluetooth speaker is equipped with four drivers, two subwoofers, and two passive radiators to deliver the best quality sound. An extra bass button allows you to enjoy deeper bass. It is IPX5 water-resistant rated and can withstand splashes during your showers or pool time. Its 42500mAh gives you 30 hours of playtime at 50% volume, and the Bluetooth has a range of around 30m.


  • Good volume
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Hands-free calling
  • Can be paired with multiple speakers
  • Built-in power bank
  • Supports Aux-In
  • Highly portable


  • Sync option may not be great

15. Ecoxgear EcoJourney Bluetooth Speaker

The Ecoxgear EcoJourney speaker comes loaded with some of the best features. It is IP67 rated, meaning it is not only waterproof but also dustproof. It utilizes a three-way marine-grade speaker system that delivers a clear sound with deep bass.

The speaker offers a large dry storage space to store all your travel accessories and devices such as mobiles and tablets and is safe from water. The external music and phone buttons make it easy to operate, and it uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a range of 100ft.


  • Good volume
  • Can connect up to 50 Ecoxgear speakers with Ecocast
  • 20000mAh battery
  • Up to 50 hours of playtime
  • Built-in power bank
  • Highly portable
  • Compatible with Siri and OK Google


  • No remote control

How To Choose The Right Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

Here are a few factors that you should consider to pick the right waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Water resistance: As you are looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, any speaker that is rated IPX7 or IPX8 is ideal. However, depending on your use, you might even choose IPX5- or IPX6-rated speakers that protect against water splashes.
  2. Sound quality: When you opt for waterproof speakers, you need to compromise on the sound quality as the drivers are protected. However, this doesn’t mean you should go for bad sound quality. Choose the one that suits your volume and bass expectations.
  3. Size: The size of the speakers can determine the audio output but not always. Choose a size depending on your location of use. Compact speakers are ideal for camping and hiking, while bigger versions can be used beside the pools and beaches.
  4. Connectivity: Check the speaker’s ability to connect with different inputs such as Bluetooth, SD card, TF card, and Aux-In. Choose a speaker that can be synced with other devices and one that has the latest Bluetooth version with a good range for a seamless connection.
  5. Battery life: When you go on long outings, a speaker that dies within hours of use will not be a great pick. But it matters less if you are using the speaker for home use. Some speakers have a power bank feature, which is highly helpful to charge your phones.
  6. Durability: Consider a speaker that is well built and durable to handle minor impacts or scratches.

For someone who loves to enjoy music and has no space restrictions, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a must-have. All the wireless speakers on this list are specially designed for portability and waterproof protection and are pretty suitable for the outdoors. So, grab the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is ideal for you and enjoy the beats with a little splash of water.

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