11 Best TV stand with wheels of 2022


Finding the television angle is sometimes an annoying task. But not anymore with the products from our list of the “best TV stand with wheels.” This additional feature of wheels on a stand makes it more convenient to watch the TV. The stand can support large TVs and be placed with ease anywhere. It seems a practical option when considering that you may not have to move the other entertaining devices quite often. Furthermore, the stands have adjustable angles, and you could avoid straining the neck and eyes. These stands can also be used as portable screens for PowerPoint presentations in educational institutions.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a TV stand. In this post, we talk about these features along with our list of recommendations you can consider purchasing.

11 Best TV Stands With Wheels

1. Homefurnit rolling TV stands

Homefurnit rolling TV stands



  • Compatible with most flat-screen models
  • Has a laptop shelf, which improves its functionality
  • Has a broad base and is built of durable and robust material
  • The dimensions of this TV stand with wheels allow it to move it from one place to another
  • Mounting bracket can be tilted up and down by 15 degrees


  • Height-adjustable mounting plate and media shelf
  • Viewing angle can be adjusted
  • Wide base
  • Durable and reliable material
  • Safety locks on all the wheels
  • Easy to assemble


  • A tad expensive

2. VIVO Mobile TV cart

VIVO Mobile TV cart



  • Mobile TV stand with wheels can support all types of flat screens up to 110lbs
  • Integrated cable management system to arrange and organize the cables in a neat and tidy way
  • Features a middle shelf, which is appropriate for multiple purposes
  • Mounting brackets can be tilted by 15 degrees
  • Sturdy steel body and a base with four casters that can be locked in any position


  • Perfect for any television with a screen size between 32in and 65in
  • Adjustable height up to 60in
  • Mid shelf can support any object up to 10lb
  • Integrated cable management system


  • Assembling it could be cumbersome

3. NB North Bayou mobile TV cart

NB North Bayou mobile TV cart



  • Capable of supporting most of the television sets between 32 and 65in breadth and 110lb in weight
  • Shelf provided for cable box/ AV entertainment boxes is adjustable in height
  • Broad base and the base platform is also at a height from the floor for easy maneuverability
  • Comes with a built-in wire management system that can practically hide all the messy wires and create a clean look


  • Comes with four lockable brake casters
  • Cold roll steel stand comes with black powder coating for durability
  • Height of the AV equipment shelf is adjustable
  • Comes with a security padlock


  • Assembling it can be tedious

4. Kanto MTM65PL mobile TV stand

Kanto MTM65PL mobile TV stand



  • Much smaller than other conventional TV stands
  • Four quick-release wheel locks for easy maneuverability
  • Height of the stand and central shelf can be adjusted
  • Height can be adjusted anywhere between 45 and 60in to provide a perfect viewing angle


  • Can be moved easily
  • Cable management system towards the base to hide the cables
  • Highly durable built material with a powder-coated finish


  • Tube clamps for the intermediate shelf could be loose
  • Base of the stand is a tad large

5. Perlesmith Mobile TV stand

Perlesmith Mobile TV stand



  • Perfect for VESA hole pitch patterns ranging between 100mmX100mm and 400mmX400mm
  • Can support any flat screen television in the range of 23in and 55in
  • Shelf provided for audio-visual equipment can support devices weighing up to 22lb
  • Caster wheels provide smooth and easy rolling on the floor as well as perfect locking whenever needed
  • Cable management feature helps you tidy up the wires every time


  • Height-adjustable for a perfect viewing experience
  • Wheels make it highly portable
  • Broad base and adjustable structure allow versatility in movement
  • Strong AV shelf


  • Grip may not be up to the mark

6. 5RCOM Mobile TV cart

5RCOM Mobile TV cart



  • Compatible with any television set with a screen size of 32in to 70in
  • Can be used for both curved and flat-screen sets
  • Allows for five different levels of adjustments
  • Height of the shelf is adjustable between 9in and 29in
  • Four plastic wheels, of which the front two can be locked
  • Compact design and occupies less space


  • Additional tightening knobs and safety lock screws for keeping the set safe in place
  • Lockable front wheels for better balance
  • Features slotted holes across the mounting brackets


  • Assembling the stand is a cumbersome process

7. Suptek Mobile TV stand

Suptek Mobile TV stand



  • If you have a television set that is heavier than the usual ones, this TV stand might be perfect for you
  • Supports television sets up to 165lb
  • Height of this mobile TV stand with wheels can be adjusted between 39 and 56in
  • Tilt angle can be set anywhere between +15 degrees and –15 degrees
  • Casters are rotatable throughout the plane
  • Compatible with a broad range of VESA hole pitch patterns
  • X-shaped base offers hindrance-free movement and a better grip on the floor


  • Made of highly durable cold-rolled steel
  • Four swivel casters and wheels, all of which are lockable
  • Thick and sturdy poles offer excellent balance and stability


  • Complex assembly process
  • Lots of parts that need to be put together to make the TV stand safely in its position

8. Yaheetech universal rolling trolley

Yaheetech universal rolling trolley



  • Has all the attributes of a heavy-duty TV trolley, with heavy-duty hardware parts for a long life
  • Compatible with television sets ranging between 32in and 65in
  • Features hollow columns  for effective management of the wires and cables.
  • Centrally placed adjustable and sturdy shelf for placement of cable or entertainment boxes
  • Four casters, of which two can be locked to achieve a desired secure position


  • Mounting bracket can be tilted up and down by 13 degrees
  • Can support television sets with a maximum weight of 100lb
  • Telescopic poles for easy adjustments without the need for any other tool
  • Compatible with VESA standards ranging between 100mm x 100mm and 600mm x 400mm


  • Instructions for product assemblage and usage may not be clear

9. Onkron Mobile stand mount rolling.

Onkron Mobile stand mount rolling.



  • Compatible with both flat and curved television sets
  • Height-adjustable between 47.2in and 59in
  • Supports television sets weighing 100lb
  • Cables can be placed neatly in the stand poles
  • Wheels allow easy maneuverability
  • Metal TV stand with wheels has two shelves for the placement of audio-visual entertainment devices


  • Caster wheels have rubber coating for better grip and scratch-free rolling
  • Easy steps for assemblage
  • Telescopic columns for height adjustments


  • A tad expensive

10. Mount mobile TV stand with wheels

Mount mobile TV stand with wheels



  • Portable metal TV stand with wheels that has only one tall stand to support the TV
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Adjust the height and tilt angle to set a position perfect for your view
  • Compatible with screen sizes up to 42in and television weight up to 44lb.
  • The screen tilt range is 30 degrees on either side


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Simple and sturdy design


  • No middle shelf; hence, you cannot place any cable box or other accessories

11. Rfiver Mobile TV stands trolley

Rfiver Mobile TV stands trolley


  • Fit for television stands with a screen size of 32in to 65in
  • Steel body and tempered glass base
  • Three shelves for storage
  • Can support TV sets up to 50kg
  • Swivels 30 degrees left or right
  • Wheels can be locked at the desired location


  • Good range of height adjustability
  • Neat cable management feature
  • Quite sturdy and durable


  • Not recommended for huge screen TVs

How to Choose the Right TV Stand With Wheels?

Here are a few tips for choosing the best TV stand with wheels:

1. Height

Choose a TV stand with appropriate height. You need to consider the height of the sitting platform that you intend to use for sitting while watching the television. The proper height of the TV stand should be parallel to your eye height. You can adjust the height of the stand as per your need.

2. Width

Consider choosing a TV stand that is complementary to the width of your TV set. This setting is essential because you don’t want the television to trip off. At the same time, the stand should not be so large that you find it challenging to move it from one place to another. The stand must be capable of withstanding the load of the television set.

3. Storage Compartment

It is always better to invest in a TV stand that has some storage compartments. You can utilize the extra space for storing cassettes and records.

4. Durability

Go for a durable material when it comes to TV stands. Like for all other household products, durability and reliability should be given prime importance.

5. Style

Lastly, you must choose a stylish TV stand that will complement the décor of your room. The color and pattern can be selected based on the wall color or layout of the room

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

It is better to put a TV on a stand compared to wall-mounting it. You can rotate or adjust the height or angle of the television set to suit your comfort level when you place it on a stand.

When you mount a television set on the wall, the height and overall position of the TV set becomes fixed. You could face musculoskeletal disorders by watching television at the wrong angles for a long time.

2. Why do you need rolling TV stands for flat-screen TVs?

When mounted on the wall, flat-screen television sets cannot be rotated completely, nor can their height be adjusted every time. Unlike curve screen TV sets, flat-screen televisions hardly provide multidimensional viewing angles. With a mobile TV stand, you can place the flat-screen at your desired location and set it at any angle for a better viewing experience.

The process of choosing the best TV stand with wheels can be cumbersome. But once you make the right choice, you will have the best TV watching experience. You must look for a quality product that offers maximum adjustment possibilities. Placing a television set on a stand can help you put it anywhere you feel like and adjust the best angle for yourself. We hope this list and tips help you pick the right TV stand with wheels.1

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