11 Best White Christmas Trees In 2021


Most people decorate their homes with a traditional green Christmas tree during the festive season. But, be unique and make a statement by decorating yours with one of the best white Christmas trees listed in this post.

White symbolizes purity and peace, and a white Christmas tree can help elevate the vibe of your abode. These white artificial trees come in different sizes and designs and are easy to set up.

11 Best White Christmas Trees

1. Best Choice Products Premium Artificial Holiday Christmas Pine Tree

With 1000 branch tips, you can decorate the tree with beautiful ornaments and fluff the branches for a natural appearance. The tree has a durable base and metal hinges for easy assembly and measures 44x44x72 inches. Its sturdy branches are made from flame-retardant PVC.

2. Goplus White Artificial Christmas Tree

The 90-inch tall Goplus artificial tree weighs 19lb. This hinged, white spruce tree has a sturdy iron stand, is easy to assemble, and gives a plush appearance. The dense branches are made of realistic PVC needles and 1346 branch tips.

3. La Fete White Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

La fete artificial Christmas spruce tree has 1346 branch tips and is 90-inch tall. The white tree has a solid metal base, and the needles are made from eco-friendly PVC. It comes with four pieces for easy assembly. You need to open the branches of the top section, and the rest will open automatically.

4. BenefitUSA Classic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Suitable for outdoor and indoor Christmas decor, BenefitUSA offers a classic, white, artificial Christmas pine tree in various sizes and colors. It measures 41.34×8.66×7.8 inches and weighs 15lb. The tree is made of PVC material and comes with a steel base. Available in parts, the branches are foldable, and the tree is easy to store.

5. Sunnyglade Premium White Artificial Christmas Tree

Unlike tall, skinny Christmas trees, this 90-inch artificial tree with 1,400 tips gives the illusion of a full-bodied, real tree. Sunnyglade Christmas trees are easy to assemble, with a solid metal stand and four sections. It is stable and made of superior-quality PVC.

6. National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree

National Tree Company’s artificial tree has 520 white iridescent tinsel branch tips, giving it a glittering effect. It measures 20x20x72 inches and weighs 6.72lb. The wrapped branches are easy to assemble and store, and the needles are non-allergenic and fire-resistant.

7. Prextex Snow-Flocked Christmas Tree

The artificial white Christmas tree is crafted with 1200 tips and stands at 76.8-inch tall. This spruce-style hinged tree is designed with heavy snow flocking and gives the illusion of a full-grown Canadian fir tree. With a metal stand, it is easy to assemble, non-allergenic, fire-resistant, and disassembles into three sections.

8. Dporticus Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Dporticus premium spruce tree stands at 84-inch tall with a metal stand. The eco-friendly white tree is made from superior-quality PVC and 1000 branch tips. It comes with ten Christmas decorations to add to your collection.

9. Dporticus Eco-Friendly Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

With 800 branch tips and a foldable metal stand, this Dporticus artificial pine tree is 72 inches tall, 33.5 inches wide, and weighs 11.7lb. The stand is foldable, sturdy, and stable, and the tips are made of eco-friendly PVC. It disassembles into three parts and is easy to assemble and store.

10. C-Chain White Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

The 108-inch tall Christmas tree is designed with 2132 branch tips, and you can use it for indoor or outdoor decor. This 31lb spruce-style tree is easy to assemble from five separate pieces. It comes with a metal stand and eco-friendly PVC needles. You need to open the branches of the top section, and the rest will open automatically.

11. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree

Perfect Holiday 72-inch Christmas tree is made of 817 PVC crystal white tips. It has hinged branches and a durable metal stand and is easy to store. The tree measures 36x36x72 inches and weighs 9.5lb.

How To Choose The Right White Christmas Trees?

Here are a few points to consider when buying a white Christmas tree.

  1. Size: Full-size artificial Christmas trees can range from 72 to 144 inches and can be slim and tall or full-bodied. Choose a tree size according to your needs.
  2. Style: Choose from fir, pine, or spruce-style trees. Some trees have needles, while some have cones. Flocked trees are treated, so the tree looks snow-covered. You can pick self-shaping trees with wire inside the branches, which expand when opened.
  3. Needles: Ensure the needles are made of PVC or PE or a combination of both. The number of needles determines the tree’s thickness. Choose the density and shade accordingly.
  4. Stand: Choose trees with sturdy metal stands to keep the tree stable and standing.
  5. Hinges: Choose hinged trees which come in parts, making them easy to carry, store, assemble, and disassemble.

This holiday season, switch from the traditional green Christmas trees and try the white ones. A white Christmas tree will change your home’s ambiance and give your decor and decorations a fresh new look. We hope our list of the best white Christmas trees can help you pick the right one.

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