13 Best WiFi Routers To Buy In 2021

A WiFi router is one of the essential things to have in today’s world as it lets us enjoy the perks of the smarter digital world without being restricted by a cable or wire. One router can connect laptops, televisions, phones, and other devices to the internet, allowing us to stream, watch, surf, play, and do a lot more at utmost convenience. However, for this to happen, we need a WiFi router that offers coverage, speed, and other advanced features.

Keep reading this MomJunction post as we bring you a list of the best WiFi routers, with their features explained to make your selection easier.

13 Best WiFi Routers

1. TPLink Smart WiFi Router

TPLink Smart WiFi Router

One of the best WiFi routers, this one lets you connect more than 50 devices. The router is easy to set up and manage using a simple Tether application. It provides three times faster and smooth streaming and gaming experience, and the dual-band enables no disruptions.


  • Offers WiFi coverage up to 2500sqft.
  • The parental control feature lets you limit time and filter levels.
  • Secure WiFi connectivity with advanced encryption.
  • Works with Alexa for smooth internet access.
  • Comes with three external antennas for broader coverage.
  • Has four Gigabit Lan ports to connect multiple devices.
  • Ideal for streaming 4K content.

2. Tenda WiFi Router

Tenda WiFi Router

This is a smart WiFi router that works on dual-band to offer smart internet experience. It comes with built-in amplifiers to provide uninterrupted gaming and video experience. The data is transferred at 1167Mbps rate. It makes management of all the devices easy.


  • Has four LAN ports for wired connections.
  • Compatible with all popular internet networks.
  • 5Ghz band offers high-speed internet.
  • Parental control helps you to limit time and control levels.
  • Can connect multiple devices at one time.

3. D-link WiFi Router

D-link WiFi Router

It is a powerful WiFi router suitable for a high-speed network. It has four antennas and 4×4 data streams to offer smooth connectivity and the best gaming experience. It optimizes traffic and delivers consistent performance to all the devices connected.


  • Dual-band WiFi fights congestion.
  • A smart beam helps in tracking devices and improves the internet speed.
  • Comes with two USB ports for high-speed transmissions.
  • Available in five styles with different features.

4. Netgear Gaming WiFi Router

Netgear Gaming WiFi Router

It is one of the most powerful WiFi routers designed for a high-speed gaming experience. It is made with unique software that reduces lag spikes, stabilizes pings, and doesn’t interrupt your activity. Its powerful processor provides consistent speed for surfing, streaming, and gaming.


  • The gaming dashboard helps you view real-time bandwidth.
  • Helps in prioritizing multiple gaming devices.
  • Nighthawk app helps in setting up and managing devices.
  • Geo filter limits other players or servers.
  • Helps in maintaining high security and ensuring your privacy.
  • Has four Gigabit LAN ports for wired devices.

5. Asus WiFi Router

Asus WiFi Router

It is a next-generation WiFi router that has 160MHz bandwidth to offer better efficiency and speed. It runs on MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology to increase network capacity and reduce latency. It has seven times improved battery life that reduces power consumption too.


  • Provides commercial-grade security that blocks security threats.
  • WPA3 network enables robust authentication.
  • Offers seamless connectivity to multiple devices.
  • Available in six different variations with four, eight, and 12-stream feature.
  • Mesh WiFi system provides centralized internet control.

6. Wise Tiger WiFi Router

Wise Tiger WiFi Router

It is a dual-band router that provides high speed to stream your movies and play games without any interruption. It has external antennas to provide internet coverage for large areas. It features WPA2, WPA, and firewall WEP security for protection.


  • Supports up to 32 devices.
  • Offers high-speed connectivity, of 867Mbps at 5G and 300Mbps at 2.4GHz.
  • Has four LAN ports and one WAN port.
  • Compatible with Alexa for quick access.
  • Easy to set up and manage.

7. Gryphon Mesh WiFi Router

Gryphon Mesh WiFi Router

The wireless router works on a mesh technology that provides reliable and fast internet connectivity to large areas. You may set it up in a few minutes and manage the system with the application. It blocks malware and ransomware automatically to protect your network.


  • Parental control feature allows parents to set time and limit access.
  • Prioritizes devices and avoids buffering.
  • Offers free automatic security network updates.
  • Comes with six antennas for large area coverage.
  • Can connect multiple devices hassle-free.

8. Linksys Mesh WiFi router

Linksys Mesh WiFi router

It is one of the fastest WiFi routers that function on TriBand and multi-user, multi-input, multi-output (MU-MIMO) technology. It comes with a built-in mesh that offers wide coverage to every corner of your house. The router provides fast and consistent speed to all the connected devices.


  • Connect more than 20 devices.
  • Provides internet coverage for up to 2000sqft.
  • LinkSys application provides quick setup and easy management.
  • Has multiple ports to provide versatile connectivity.
  • Automatically receives firmware updates for network security.

9. Google Nest WiFi Router

Google Nest WiFi Router

It is an intelligent WiFI system that provides a reliable and strong network connection. It is easy to set it up with a Google home application. You can connect multiple devices and manage them with the app. It also allows parents to pause WiFi for limiting screen time for children.


  • Provides speed internet coverage of 2200sqft.
  • Parental control lets you limit time and set schedules for your children.
  • Updates automatically and keeps your network safe.
  • Comes with two ethernet ports.
  • Compatible with Google and Nest devices.
  • Available in a value pack of two and three devices.

10. Eero WiFi Router

Eero WiFi Router

It is a wireless router that works on TrueMesh technology, which avoids buffering and congestion to route traffic. It can be connected in a few minutes and offers a convenient control option. It gives you automatic updates for a secure network.


  • Easy and quick to set up.
  • Provides reliable and fast coverage up to 1500sqft.
  • The Eero app helps you to manage the WiFi conveniently.
  • Functions with Alexa and offers seamless connectivity from anywhere in your home.
  • Comes with a cross-compatible hardware system, allowing you to add Eero devices as per needs.
  • Features an LED light and two ports at the back.

11. Cudy Smart WiFi Router

Cudy Smart WiFi Router

It is one of the best WiFi wireless routers that offer enhanced internet coverage and speed. It offers 1200Mbps speed and has built-in firewall protection for the network system. The router works well with intensive smart applications used on your devices.


  • Has dual-band 2.4+ 5 GHz.
  • Guest network feature protects privacy.
  • Comes with LED light indicator and two high-gain antennas.
  • Powerful signals enable connectivity to every room.
  • The firewall maintains high security for the network.

12. Motorola Dual-band Router

Motorola Dual-band Router

It is an advanced high-speed WiFi router that offers internet coverage over a large area. It comes with four antennas, giving you a widespread frequency band. It is easy and quick to set up this system, which can connect to multiple devices.


  • Has a user-friendly firewall to protect your network.
  • High-performance speed is ideal for gaming and video streaming.
  • Has a dual-core processor and guest network capability.
  • Compatible with all types of smart gadgets.
  • Connects through USB port and ethernet.

13. Wavlink Wireless WiFi Router

Wavlink Wireless WiFi Router

It is one of the best WiFi routers for high-speed connectivity. Its high-power amplifiers offer extended coverage for large area spaces. The router is designed to support gaming and 4K/HD video calling as it provides a stable and strong signal range.


  • Has 2×2 5dBI brass antennas of multiple data streaming.
  • Supports multiple modes, including LAN bridge, WISP mode, and router.
  • Has a compact and sleek design.
  • The router comes with cable and a power adapter.
  • Provides consistent and fast connectivity.

How To Choose The Right WiFi Router?

With so many varieties of WiFi routers, it could be confusing to choose one. We have a few tips for you.

  • Dual-band or tri-band: If you have several devices to connect and a large area to cover, then pick a router that supports high-frequency bandwidth. Dual-band or tri-band WiFi routers help to increase the speed and have wider coverage.
  • Ports: Some routers have only LAN ports, some have only USB, and some have both. You may choose the router based on your requirements. For instance, if you need to connect a printer, then a USB port is useful.
  • Security: Latest WiFi routers have automatic settings to keep your network safe and secure. It is good to have such feature on your router to keep your data protected.
  • Speed: Irrespective of the number of devices connected to your router, the internet speed should be consistent, whether you are streaming a video or playing a game. Check for this feature to enjoy an uninterrupted internet experience.

It is essential to have a premium-quality WiFi router when you have multiple smart devices at your home. Keep the tips in mind and go through the features carefully when you are selecting the most suitable one for yourself. You may also compare the features and cost of routers during your selection process to pick one for your home.