7 Best Window Deflectors In 2021


Driving with the windows down is a different pleasure altogether. However, rain or wind noise can ruin the fun. You can control this problem with wind deflectors, which can prevent wind, rain, snow, and other external elements from entering the vehicle. Here is our list of the best window deflectors to make your drive enjoyable.

Types Of Side-Window Deflectors

There are two main types of window deflectors based on their installation processes.

  1. Tape-on: Easy to install, these window deflectors include adhesive tape that you can easily attach to the bottom where the visors connect to the window. They help push out rain and wind without touching the windows. However, they can be challenging to remove and can damage the car paint. A citrus-based cleaner may help with the removal.
  2. In-channel: These deflectors do not include any adhesive and are safe for the vehicle’s paint. They are less prone to damage and are secured within the window channels. You can easily remove them with a little force. However, they may be a bit lose and rattle with the wind, and can scratch the window.

Benefits Of Side-Window Deflectors

Window deflectors are beneficial for the following reasons.

  1. Wind noise reduction: Side-window deflectors redirect wind upwards. So, if you are driving with your windows down, the wind does not get inside, reducing the wind sound.
  2. De-mist: In winter months, condensation causes windows to fog, reducing visibility. Window deflectors de-mist the windows and reduce condensation in the car.
  3. Comfort: They keep the interior warm and dry, improving airflow inside the car and preventing heating up.

7 Best Window Deflectors

1. AVS Auto Ventshade In-Channel Ventvisor Side-Window Deflector

The four-set side-window deflectors are specially designed for the 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma double cab. Their easy in-channel installation gives it a sleek look. The visors are made of tinted, reinforced acrylic, making them scratch-proof and UV-resistant. They allow airflow and help prevent rain from entering the vehicle.

2. AVS Auto Ventshade Chrome Ventvisor Side-Window Deflector

The deflectors are specially designed for 07-14 Silverado/Sierra 2500HD-3500HD with Crew Cab, 07-13 Silverado/Sierra 1500, 07-13 Avalanche, and 07-14 Yukon XL/Suburban.  AVS chrome-platedvent visors keep rain and wind from getting inside the car. They facilitate air circulation and minimize heat build-up in parked cars. The chrome finish matches the chrome OE trim on vehicles.

3. Goodyear Shatterproof In-Channel Window Deflectors For Trucks

Goodyear four-piece in-channel deflectors are shatterproof and provide a sleek look to the vehicle. Their premium smoke color matches with different styles and colors of trucks and offers effective sun protection. The easy installation doesn’t require drilling.

4. Voron Glass In-Channel Extra Durable Rain Guards

Craftede specially for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks, Voronrain guards are in-channel, window visors. They are made of durable polycarbonate material to protect you and your truck from wind, rain, heat, and environmental damages. The four-piece set is easy to install and improves ventilation inside the vehicle.

5. WeatherTech Side-Window Deflector

Specifically designed for Toyota Tundra models, the OEM-quality deflectors are optically transparent and do not show any exterior tape. These shades keep the windows dry during rain and improve ventilation. The sleek aerodynamic styling can minimize wind noise and requires in-channel installation.

6. Labwork Window Visor

The four-piece window guards from Labwork are designed for the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler. These acrylic window visors can reduce glare and enable car parking with vented windows. They minimize wind noise when driving and keep rain from entering the car. These visors require a tape-on assembly and are scratch-and UV-resistant.

7. Clim Art Rain Guards

Clim Art tape-on, side-window deflectors are designed to custom fit Infiniti QX60 2014-2020 models. They can reduce wind noise when driving with the windows down. The visors help deflect rain and snow and protect the interiors from the bright sun, keeping the car ventilated and cool. The shatterproof visors feature a streamlined design.

How To Choose The Right Window Deflectors?

Here are some tips for choosing the right window deflectors.

  1. Vehicle: Keep in mind that some deflectors are designed for specific vehicles. Ensure the visors you choose are compatible with your vehicle.
  2. Shape: Ensure the window deflectors are perfectly fit to deflect rain, snow, sunlight, etc.
  3. Type: Deflectors can be custom-made or universal. Although universal wind guards are cheaper and popular, they are not long-lasting and may not suit every car. Custom-made deflectors are long-lasting and can match the window’s curvature.
  4. Toughness: Choose sturdy window deflectors to face the harsh elements of nature and withstand damage. These shades should also remain well-placed after several washes.

Side-window deflectors provide you the comfort of driving with your windows down to facilitate cool airflow inside the vehicle, without the accompanying noise, rain, or the blazing sun. They deflect the external elements from the windows. We hope our detailed guide and the list of the best window deflectors will help you accessorize your car.

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