11 Best Window Squeegees In 2022 To Clean The Glass


If you want to keep your windows, windshields, and mirrors clean and spot-free, we have created a list of the best window squeegees to help you out. Dust tends to accumulate quickly over window glasses, making them look dirty and leaving scratches on the glass. Window squeegees let you clean the glass easily to remove all the dirt and grime.

Use the squeegee with a standard cleaning solution to clean spots and water stains for a streak-free finish. A good squeegee would help you get crystal clear glasses that look shiny and new. So, go through the list of different window squeegees to choose one that suits your requirements.

Our Top Picks

11 Best Squeegee For Window Cleaning

1. Best With Mesh Scrubber: Muling Window Squeegee Cleaning Tool

Made from a wide soft rubber blade and nylon netted bug sponge, this could be one of the best window cleaning tools. The sponge has a mesh for seamless scrubbing and washing to make it easier to clean bathtubs, tiles, car windshields, and window screens. The 15-inch long handle can be disassembled quickly and takes less space. It is appropriate for car surface cleaning and removing stains from glass windows, glass coffee tables, floor-standing windows, and more.


  • All-purpose eight-inch-wide squeegee head
  • Durable hard plastic handle
  • Easy to grasp and operate
  • Convenient to clean


  • May require more effort to scrub clean

2. Best With Brass Built: Ettore Backflip Window Squeegee


The four tools in one professional brass backflip could be one of the best squeegees for cleaning windows. It features a 20-inch squeegee and an 18-inch washer. This simple wrist flip will allow you to squeegee and scrub the surface as quickly as possible. It has a click and lock mechanism and can fit extension poles with ease. Here’s a video to help you understand the product better and make an informed choice.


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all Ettore Rea-ch extension poles
  • Brass and stainless steel built
  • Reduces the need to carry multiple tools


  • May not fit standard sized buckets
  • May not suit large windows

3. Best For Multiuse: Unger Professional Microfiber Window Combi


Available in different sizes, Unger two-in-one tool offers a window cleaning squeegee on one side and the scrubber on the other side to make the cleaning process cleaner and faster. It has a 14-inch rubber squeegee blade for professional cleaning. It is ideal for commercial and residential use. This review video offers some more insight on the product.


  • Can be attached to a telescopic pole
  • Machine-washable microfiber sleeve
  • Handle included
  • Backed by lifetime guarantee


  • May not fit threaded poles
  • May slightly scratch windows

4. Mr.Siga IGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo: Mr.Siga IGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo


The cleaning combo offers a ten-inch squeegee and a microfiber window washer. It is ideal for smooth surfaces. You can replace the aluminum clip with a natural rubber blade. Its microfiber is thicker enough to offer a water-absorbing effect. The handle is made of durable plastic that you can easily connect to a telescopic pole for an extension.


  • Lightweight plastic handle
  • Can work with an extension pole
  • Washable microfiber cloth
  • Easy connectivity with Velcro system


  • Rubber on the handle may not be replaceable
  • May not suit poles without clip-on extension

5. Best Lightweight: DSV Standard Professional Window Squeegee


The window squeegee is lightweight and is made of stainless and aluminum. Its extendable pole can easily extend up to 30in, resulting in a faster cleaning experience. The sponge is made of high quality, and the window scrubber squeegee offers maximum cleaning performance.


  • Durable velcro keeps squeegee intact
  • Two-in-one squeegee with rubber and microfiber cloths
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Machine washable microfiber cloths
  • One year replacement available


  • Rubber on the handle may not be replaceable
  • May not suit convex mirrors or windshields

6. Best Flexible Head: Baban Squeegee Window Cleaner


The multi-purpose window squeegee features easily replaceable microfiber cloth. This all-in-one set quickly and efficiently cleans all the doors, windows, and any other smooth surface or object. It has a flexible head that enables the window squeegees to fit the glass better. The product is lightweight and can reach almost anywhere.


  • Two-in-one window cleaning tool
  • Bendable head for cleaning outer glass from inside
  • Made from 100% detachable microfiber cloth
  • Delivers non-scratchable results
  • Extra curved poles to suit any cleaning situation
  • Includes additional microfiber cloths


  • Pole may be a bit flimsy
  • May initially be difficult to use

7. Best Soft Grip: Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee


Made of stainless steel, Good Grips can wipe windows, shower doors, mirrors, and tiles. This squeegee includes a contoured, non-slip grip that helps you handle it well. Its slim profile makes it easier to get stored anywhere. Watch this video to get a detailed review of the product.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Flexible and strong blade
  • Aids in streak-free drying
  • Works on rippled surfaces


  • May develop molds if not dried after use
  • May require extra pressure for streak-free finish

8. Best With Mop: Lomida Store Professional Window Squeegee Cleaner


The two-in-one window washing equipment kit, Lomida is a multi-purpose window squeegee that comes with a bendable head. It has free replacement microfiber cloths, making the cleaning process quicker and easier. This cleaning kit is ideal for indoor and outdoor glass surfaces, and you can also use it on windshields. Lightweight, this cleaning kit can easily reach anywhere. Without leaving any streaks behind, it also offers a smooth glide.


  • Microfiber mop wipes off excess water
  • Telescopic pole can be stretched to 62in
  • Button stitching for easy extension
  • Made from ABS material
  • Comes with a non-slip rubber handle


  • Head may be narrow than expected
  • May not be easy to work on a ladder

9. Best For Soap Stains: KeFanta Window Squeegee Cleaning Tool


KeFanta tool works as a squeegee and a scrubber. Its flexible rubber blades offer a precise edge for streak-free drying. The soft microfiber cleans the soap stains effectively. It comes with an extension pole that you can extend to 62”.


  • All-purpose squeegee designed to clean different windows
  • Removable squeegee from the extension pole
  • Durable washcloth cleans soap stains
  • Comes with an extra flexible handle
  • Ergonomically designed to tilt up to 180 degrees


  • May leave marks on glass
  • Rubber on the squeegee may be thin

10. Best Long-Lasting Microfiber: Ittaho Squeegee For Window Cleaning


The window cleaning solution with a swivel design allows you easy cleaning with a press of a button. It measures 10 x 12 inches and can help clean glass, shower doors, windows, mirrors, and more. The natural rubber blade offers a squeak-free and streak-free cleaning experience. It comes with a 53-inch stainless steel pole that you can adjust as per the requirements.


  • Features a long-lasting microfiber scrubber
  • 58-inch-long adjustable handle aids in easy work
  • Easy to use and delivers professional results
  • Robust pole with threaded tip fixes squeegee easily
  • Elastic band and Velcro fixing prevent sliding


  • May not lock in if extended
  • May leave wet spots when used

11. Best With Spray Bottle Container: Jehonn Window Squeegee Cleaner


The three-in-one design cleaning tool has a squeegee on one side and a scrubber on the other side. Together, they make the window cleaning experience streak-free and faster. It is equipped with a spray bottle that can be used as a watertight, sealed tank. To reach the higher windows, you can connect it with a handle. For car cleaning and shower door cleaning, you can remove its head.


  • Soft and anti-slip handle
  • Flexible and durable rubber blade
  • Reusable detachable microfiber pad
  • Rust-resistant aluminum alloy pole


  • Sprayer may not work if faced up
  • May leave streaks upon usage

How To Choose The Right Squeegee For Window Cleaning?

Here are some features to keep in mind while buying a squeegee for window cleaning.

  1. Blade type: Consider the type of blade you wish to purchase. While soft rubber blades are good for most climates, they may not be effective in hot temperature. Hard rubber blades are less common, flexible, can tackle hot temperatures and require hard pressure to work efficiently. Also, silicone blades are the least common but durable enough.
  1. Blade length: Blade length should be slightly more than the squeegee channel. Do not buy something that is too long or else the pressure put by the handle will not let the blade go into the hard-to-reach places.
  1. Channel size: If you wish to clean small-pane windows, get a smaller channel size and vice versa.
  1. Channel material: Brass is rigid and can handle constant pressure. Stainless steel is lighter than brass but not extremely rigid. In comparison to these two, aluminum is the lightest but least tough.
  1. Handle material: Most squeegee handles have rubber-coated material while some have metal without any coating. Plastic handles are inexpensive options.
  1. Handle design: Threaded handles let you connect the squeegee to a threaded rod or pole. They are versatile, but not all of them can fit an extension pole. Swivel handles let you pivot the squeegee to reach the window through different angles.
  1. Handle grip: While some have a rubber cover, others will have a foam cover. Understand your tolerance for pressure on wrists, fingers and hands when choosing the handle grip.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled this list of the best squeegees for window cleaning based on quality and user feedback. These squeegees help keep your windows spotless without too much effort. We have also offered tips on choosing the right product for your requirements based on specific factors, such as blade type, handle grip, and channel size. Many users on various e-commerce sites have also endorsed these products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better, a silicone squeegee or a rubber squeegee?

It depends on the surface you plan to clean. If the surface is flat and smooth, a rubber squeegee could be useful since it’s stiff. In contrast, a silicone squeegee would perform better on a textured surface, as it is soft and pliable to cover grooves.

2. Do window squeegees work?

Often, using squeegees is one of the fastest ways of cleaning windows, including the areas that are otherwise hard to reach, without staining the glass with streak marks.

Most squeegee handles are easy to hold and maneuver, making them user-friendly. Their wide design also helps cover large portions of the glass in a jiffy. Plus, they are super-easy to clean and maintain when the job’s done.

3. How do I soften rubber on a squeegee?

You could use heat or certain soaking solutions to soften the rubber, but that would be time-consuming, messy, and maybe even unhealthy. So, choosing a silicone squeegee would be a better option.

4. What do professional window washers use?

Most professional window washers use a squeegee, apart from other tools, for cleaning windows. They especially employ the fanning method–short strokes in different directions–which helps prevent the soap solution from seeping into the blade under the squeegee.

5. Why does my squeegee leave streaks?

The following could be the reasons for streaks.

  • Using the wrong techniques
  • Using a dirty squeegee
  • Missing out on spots while cleaning
  • Using cleaning solution in excess

6. Are squeegees good for car windows?

Since car windows are relatively smaller than building windows, squeegees that are conveniently sized to fit limited spaces could be used to clean them effectively.

Get the best out of your windows and mirrors by cleaning them with the best window squeegees, which do a fantastic job of getting rid of dust and grime without requiring too much effort. The options highlighted above are constructed from durable and ergonomic, high-quality materials. They are also convenient to operate and clean, so you never have to fret about unclean surfaces in your home. While buying, consider factors such as the blade type, handle grip, channel material, and channel size to make sure you find the suitable squeegee for your needs.

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