11 Best Winter Sleeping Bag

Winter Sleeping Bag

Whether you are on an outdoor winter adventure or a camping trip, a good night’s sleep is essential. In zero sub temperatures, the right sleeping gear is required to prevent injuries and discomfort, and nothing is more comfortable than the right sleeping bag. The sleeping bags for winter are different from the regular sleeping bags and are loaded with some advanced features.

For a winter camping trip, you need a specialized winter sleeping bag. The sleeping bags with a temperature rating of 0 degree Fahrenheit or below are the ideal sleeping bags that will keep you warm and toasty when it’s cold outside. Apart from this, the best winter sleeping bags are made using high-quality fabric and cushioning for maximum comfort. If you are a travel enthusiast and love going on winter camping or hiking adventures, here are the best winter sleeping bags that will make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable.

11 Best Winter Sleeping Bags

1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

If you are backpacking for your winter adventure trip, you might want to consider a sleeping bag that is spacious, lightweight, and warm. This sleeping backpack can be used as a large queen-sized sleeping bag or as 2 separate sleeping bags.


  • Prevents heat loss
  • Features a durable outer shell
  • Waterproof camping gear
  • Made using Textron and cotton for a cosy feel
  • Comes with 2 travel pillows


  • May not feel breathable

2. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults

Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big

This tall and sturdy sleeping bag is an ideal pick for backpacking or car camping. The classic mummy-style sleeping bag can comfortably accommodate a person up to 6 feet 2 inches and its quilted construction with insulated foot box will offer warmth and heat retention to save you from cold.


  • Ideal for temperatures around 0 degrees F
  • Hood with drawstring for sealing heat
  • The bottom can be unzipped for ventilation
  • Snag-free zipper


  • The zipper may come off after extended use.

3. TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping

This sleeping bag combines the warmth of a rectangular bag and the feather-weight design of the mummy bags. Its half-circle mummy-style hood will keep you warm and the pillows clean while its double-layered construction will seal the heat in for maximum comfort.


  • Comes with an ideal compression sack
  • Spacious XXL sized bag
  • Unzips on each side for airflow
  • Hollow fibre construction for warmth
  • Taped anti-snag zipper


  • Might be a bit bulky

4. Mallo Me Camping Sleeping Bag

Mallo Me Camping Sleeping Bag

A weather-resistant sleeping bag is an ideal option if you are planning to visit a destination with extremely low temperatures. The inner material of this water-resistant sleeping bag will dry faster and offer more warmth if your bag gets wet any time during the trip.


  • Heavy-duty stitching for a better seal
  • Compact and easy-to-store
  • Machine-washable
  • Skin-friendly polyester material
  • Lightweight and durable


  • The filling inside may not be durable.

5. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

This 3-season camping sleeping bag is designed using 210T anti-tearing and strong polyester fabric which is breathable, waterproof, and durable. The sleeping bag comes with a heavy-duty compression sack with sturdy straps for convenient and hassle-free storage.


  • Ideal for 35-50 degrees F
  • Adjustable drawstrings for sealing warmth
  • Material is skin-friendly
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Waterproof sleeping bag


  • Zippers may not be long-lasting.

6. HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag + Travel Pillow 1053

HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag

To make sleeping outdoors a comfortable and convenient experience, this sleeping bag features a hooded design and comes with a soft travel pillow. This pillow offers proper head and neck support for preventing strains. Plus, the entire set is lightweight and compact, perfect for multi-day trips.


  • High-end heat retention technology
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Works even for 25 degrees F
  • Gets easily compressed for storage


  • Not very spacious for large people

7. VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping Bag 570

VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping

Available in plenty of colour and size options, this sleeping bag is made using 210T waterproof material to keep you toasty even in 30 degrees F and to prevent overheating when it’s 70 degrees F. This 4.2lbs lightweight bag is designed to minimize the backpacking load and for effective storage.


  • High-quality filling for soft and cushiony base
  • Sturdy and tested zippers
  • Ideal for people up to 5’11”
  • Snag-free zippers
  • Better ventilation


  • May not feel the warmest
  • Not for large people

8. SOULOUT Sleeping Bag 527

SOULOUT Sleeping Bag 527

This updated sleeping bag is wider compared to the other regular sleeping bags and offers plenty of room for sleeping comfortably. This skin-friendly bag is made using 100% 290T high-quality polyester and makes sleeping more comfortable even on the hardest surfaces.


  • 0-25 degree F temperature range
  • Double-layer technology for preventing dampness
  • 4-pound lightweight bag
  • Large-sized bag with room for 2
  • Easy to store and carry


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Velcro may come off easily

9. CANWAY Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack 480

CANWAY Sleeping Bag with Compression

If you are looking for a sleeping bag that must keep you warm, this sleeping bag will keep you toasty and will withstand around 32 degrees F temperature.  The bag also features a zipper with 2-way zipper guard that prevents stuck hooks and allows quick closure.


  • 230T polyester construction
  • Skin-friendly and soft inner filling
  • Tight Velcro securing straps
  • Bottom zipper for temperature control


  • Stitching may come loose after extended use.

10. Browning Camping McKinley -30 Degree Sleeping Bag 240

Browning Camping McKinley

Filled with 7 denier techloft silver insulation, this sleeping bag will keep you warm even when it’s -30 degrees outside. The bag features an insulated chest and also has a zipper baffle with a 2 layer design that will bring in maximum heat while preventing cold spots.


  • 210T durable nylon diamond ripstop
  • 36 inches wide and 90 inches long
  • Comes with compression stuff sack and straps
  • Compactness and maximum insulation loft


  • Not a lightweight bag

11. REDCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag for Camping

REDCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag

This is a versatile mummy-style sleeping bag for children that is available in bright colours and designs for indoor and outdoor activities. The bag features a snuggly inside liner that feels soft to touch and will not catch in the zipper. It also comes with a convenient storage bag, adjustable straps and Velcro snaps for storage.


  • 170cmx65cmx50cm dimensions
  • Can be folded and zipped to 140cm
  • Hood offers ventilation and airflow
  • Detachable zippered hood
  • Additional padding around shoulders


  • Compression bag is prone to tears.

Now that you are well informed about the 11 best sleeping bags available, let us enlighten you towards the buying guide:

How To Choose The Right Winter Sleeping Bag?

Here are the things you need to know before investing in a winter sleeping bag to get a sleeping bag that caters to your needs.

Shape And Design

There are 2 types of winter sleeping bags available in the market. The first one is a mummy-style sleeping bag and the second one is a rectangular style sleeping bag. The mummy sleeping bag is typically narrow from the bottom and broad from the shoulders. This design prevents heat loss and feels body-hugging without congesting the space in the bag.

These bags come with a drawstring hood so you can protect your neck and shoulders from strains as well as losing heat. On the other hand, the rectangular sleeping bags are not that ideal for winter camping as these bags leave a lot of space between the lining and your body which leads to heat loss. Thus, a snugly mummy winter sleeping bag is an ideal bag for winter adventures.

Temperature Range Or Ratings

If you are going for a winter camping adventure, for enhancing your sleeping experience, you will need a sleeping bag that offers needed warmth and comfort when it’s freezing cold outside. The sleeping bags with a temperature range of -18 to -29 degrees are ideal. These sleeping bags are designed to seal the warmth and heat inside the bag and prevent heat loss.


The winter sleeping bags must have a snag-free and durable zipper as the zippers play a very important role in sealing the warmth in the bags. Look for long and double-sided zippers so you can operate the zipper from inside in a hassle-free manner. The smaller zips are prone to snagging, so pick a bag with a large zipper. Look for strong teeth and stiff backing so that the fabric of the bag doesn’t bunch or get stuck.

Size Of The Bag

The size of your sleeping bag matters because its spaciousness and size will determine the proportion of heat loss. The length of your sleeping bag should be based on your height and width. Make sure that you don’t pick a bag that’s either too short or too long. If it’s too short, you will compress the insulation, and it will cause heat loss. On the other hand, if the bag is too long, it will have a lot of dead space which means it will take longer to heat up. The regular size for an average height man is 78 inches and for a tallman it’s 84 inches. For average height women, it should be 72 inches long while for tall women it should be 78 inches long for comfortable sleep.

Apart from these features, you need to look at the baffles. The baffles are chambers in the sleeping bags that contain the insulation of the bag. Other features like hood that offer more comfort while sleeping, the drawstring, the fabric used for constructing the bag etc.should also be taken care of.

Selecting the right winter sleeping bag will protect you in icy climatic conditions. The roomy and warm sleeping bags are designed to offer a comfortable, soft and warm sleeping outdoors experience. So if you are planning to go on a winter adventure, the above given are the best winter sleeping bags to consider.

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