11 Best Wireless Car Charger Mounts For Your Phone In 2024

The best wireless car charger mount is an efficient accessory to organize and prevent the hassles of overcharging or overheating your phone. It is user-friendly, easy to set up, portable, and saves time. The wireless charging device is a convenient and high-performance option since it charges your devices faster than conventional ones. The charger mount has built-in sensors and motors that meet your phone’s power requirements, be it an iPhone, LG, or Samsung. Read on to find the best-selling car charger mounts and choose one suitable for you.

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11 Best Wireless Car Charger Mounts

1. Best With Power Backup:iOttie Auto Sense Qi Wireless Car Charger

iOttie Auto Sense Qi Wireless Car Charger Image: Iottie

The innovative iOttie Qi Wireless car charger features motion-sensing technology that automatically opens and closes the mounting arms when it detects your phone. Additionally, you can adjust the dimensions of the mount to three different levels to match your device’s size for a secure fit. The arms can be rotated up to 225 degrees or extended from 6.75 to 11 inches, allowing for a clear and optimal viewing position.

Color: Black | Item Weight: 15.7 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 3.15 x 5.91 inches.


  • Windshield mounting design
  • Offers proper alignment for efficient charging
  • Retains backup power after unplugging
  • Strong suction power
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most Android and iPhone devices


  • May not offer faster charging speed
  • Exposure to sunlight can cause it to overheat
protip_icon Quick Tip
Choose a wireless charger that comes with a high wattage rating for the fastest charging performance.

2. Best With Overheat Protection:ZeeHoo 15W Wireless Car Charger


The Zeehoo Wireless car charger ensures your phone charges safely, as this trusted product offers efficient charging and protection from short-circuiting, overheating, or overcharging. It has a built-in super-capacitor that restores power when you turn off your car engine. The charger can automatically grab your phone and securely hold it in place with just one touch and easily release it as well. Additionally, it can rotate a full 360°, allowing for optimal viewing position. Place this versatile car charger on the air vents or the car’s dash according to your preference.

Color: Black | Item Weight: 11.7 ounces | Product Dimensions: 4.49 x 2.85 x 2.24 inches.


  • 15W max power delivery; fast charging speed
  • Can be adjusted to your phone size
  • Indicator light to showcase charging status
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Optimum suction power
  • Compatible with most Android and iPhone devices


  • May take a while to open the arms
  • Release button may be positioned awkwardly

3. Best Slip-Proof: Belkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount Image: Belkin

Specially made for iPhone 12, 13, and 14, this magnetic charger mount is flexible enough to keep your phone in convenient positions and helps you navigate and take calls more conveniently. This ultra-efficient magnet-based phone mount is stabilized with Magsafe technology, providing powerful magnetic suction power, secure attachment, and perfect alignment to make sure your phone does not slip in any condition.


  • 10W fast charging capability
  • Air-vent mount
  • Includes 20W USB-C charging cable
  • Easy hands-free installation
  • Adjustable for optimal viewing angle


  • Phone case may need to be removed before charging
iOttie Auto Sense Qi Wireless Car Charger
Best With Power Backup
ZeeHoo 15W Wireless Car Charger
Best With Overheat Protection
Belkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount
Best Slip-Proof
Color Black Black-
Weight 15.7 ounces 11.7 ounces-
Dimensions 5.91 x 3.15 x 5.91 inches. 4.49 x 2.85 x 2.24 inches.-
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

4. Best Versatile Mount: Zeehoo Wireless Car Charger


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The whopping 20,078 positive reviews on Amazon reflect the superior quality of this product.

The auto-clamp fast wireless car charger is compatible with a range of phones. Without the need for messy cables inside the car, the charger can secure the phone grip with a good grip. There is a smart touch button and LED indicator for fully automatic induction and one-hand operation. You can install this car mount holder on almost any vehicle air vents. The 360° joint ball allows flexible operation and control. Here’s a review video to help you get a better understanding of the tried-and-tested product.

Color: Black+45W Adapter | Item Weight: 11.7 ounces | Product Dimensions: 4.96 x 3.85 x 2.85 inches.


  • Multifunctional intelligent protection technology
  • Automatic temperature control option, surge protection and short-circuit prevention
  • Versatile mount
  • Adjustable viewing
  • QC 3.0 power adapter included


  • Suction cup might not be powerful enough

5. Best With LED Indicator: Scosche Wireless Charging Phone Mount 

Scosche Wireless Charging Phone Mount Image: Scosche

The Scosche wireless car charger features a magic-grip charging base for safe, secure, and stable positioning. This vehicle phone holder also comes with auto-sensing arms that adjust the fitting as per the shape and size of your phone. The high-performance charger provides 10W fast charging and is suitable for your car window, dashboard, or other flat and firm surfaces. You can also see the LED light go on once your phone is fully charged and save energy by adjusting its intensity in dark and light surroundings.


  • Over-voltage protection
  • Foreign object detection
  • Rotates up to 360° for optimal viewing
  • Includes power adapter and USB-C cable
  • Compatible with all Android and iPhone devices


  • May cause scratches on certain surfaces
protip_icon Point To Consider
Not all smartphones support wireless charging, so check if your smartphone can be charged via the wireless mode.

6. Best Charging Rate: Lukkahh Wireless Car Charger Mount

The Lukkahh auto-clamp car phone holder has a fast-charging capacity. It is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and LG with respective charging capacities of 7.5W, 10W, and 10W. The model can support lightweight, slim cases easily. It is applicable for most air vents available in the market for quick and easy installation. The wireless charging station features an intelligent sensing area, silicone protection pad, indicator light, and foot support.

Color: Deep black | Item Weight: 4.2 ounces


  • 2.5D explosion-proof glass
  • Supports 360° rotation
  • Provides easy access to phone systems, such as GPS and phone calls
  • Charging rate is steady
  • No abnormal noise from the device


  • Arms open and close too quickly, leaving less time for the user
protip_icon Do remember
Some phone cases may not facilitate wireless charging. Therefore, it’s vital to use a mobile phone case that lets you charge the phone even with the case on for a hassle-free experience.

7. Best Telescopic Arm: SahmSparks Wireless Car Charger Mount

With the flexibility to mount either on the dashboard, windshield, or air vent, the SahmSparks charger can support Samsung, iPhone, Galaxy, and LG models. It has an extendable arm ranging from four to six inches for easy operation. This premium car vent phone holder has a 360° rotating head and 180° adjustable joint to provide a good sight line. It includes a manual for installing it with ease.

Color: Deep black | Item Weight: 4.2 ounces


  • One-touch button release option
  • Telescopic arm provides good road visibility
  • Powered by Qi-enabled technology
  • Working wattage of 10W
  • Runs at an efficiency of 75%
  • Opens as you bring your hand closer and shuts on withdrawal


  • Strength of the suction cup might weaken with time

8. Best Hands-Free Operation: Yitumu Wireless Car Charge Mount

The Yitumu car charge mount is compatible with all Qi devices. It offers 5W standard charge, 7.5W faster charging capability for iPhone, and 10W charging for Samsung models. It has an auto-sense mounting with infrared induction and touch sense functions, making it a trusted choice. This auto phone holder is equipped with an adjustable bottom tray to help align the phone well to enable high-speed charging. The suction cup at the bottom of the charging station is washable. Assembly is easy; put on the nut, mount, clip, and tighten it to complete the assembly.

Color: Black-2 | Item Weight: 10.9 ounces


  • Air vent clip is available
  • Hands-free operation
  • Easy open and close feature
  • Tight clamps help prevent falls
  • Impressive durability
  • 50% faster charging capability
  • 7.5W max power for iphones and 5W for other Qi-enabled phones


  • Does not include an extendable arm

9. Best Metal Design: CHGeek Wireless Car Charger Mount

Compatible with LG, Samsung, and iPhone models, the CHGeek charger mount has a metal design to identify and charge the device as per the requirement intelligently. It has a built-in upgraded chip and coil for safe power on and off. This top-tier wireless charger stand makes your driving hassle-free by allowing you to handle the functionality easily. The 360° rotating sphere and the foldable bracket of this charging station allow optimum viewing and driving.


  • Case friendly and flexible adjustments
  • LED alarm
  • Prevents damage from high temperatures
  • Makes GPS and phone calls convenient
  • Supports charging even if phone cases are 6mm thick
  • Charger automatically shuts off under full charge mode


  • Clamp on the ball might not be strong enough to keep iPhone 11 from tilting down

10. Best Lightweight: E Jellico Wireless Car Charger Mount

E Jellico comes with an upgraded coil and intelligent chip to perform smart functions, such as fast charging, overheat protection, and short circuit prevention. Working with all Qi-enabled phones, it is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and Note. You can install it either on a vehicle’s dashboard or air vents with the help of a suction cup base and air vent clip. It offers three times faster charge than the others. This dash mount holder is easy to use with 360° rotation and touch-integrated switch even while on a drive.


  • Equipped with a capacitor to prevent phone falls
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Can turn on the quick charge in one second
  • Presence of dirt-resistant vacuum suction cup
  • Lightweight and portable


  • You cannot open the arms of the holder once you stop the car engine

11. Best For Fast Charging:CharGenius Wireless Car Charger Mount

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

The charging mount clamps open when the power is on and close when the smartphone is in the wireless charge holder. This smartphone charging stand has a touch button on either side to open the clamps. The high-performance device leverages advanced fast wireless charging technology to do the job quickly. It has built-in intelligent chips, over-heat, and short circuit protection to prevent danger. It offers 10W fast charging speed for Samsung, 7.5W charging for iPhones, and 5W standard for other QI-enabled smartphones.

Wattage: 7.5 watts | Color: Black/Silver | Item Weight: 4 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 3.7 inches.


  • Has an anti-slip component
  • Includes suction cup mount, air-vent mount, and CD slot mount
  • Functional and reliable
  • High-speed charging capability
  • USB-C charging port
  • Uses sensor technology for quick operability
  • QC 3.0 power adapter included


  • CD slot adapter might not work properly

How To Choose The Right Wireless Car Charger Mount?

Here are some points to consider while buying a wireless car charger mount.

  1. Compatibility: Your charger should support maximum phones, including Samsung, LG, iPhone, and Note models.
  1. Stable charging: Some chargers are equipped with a single-coil, while others have multiple coils. Multiple coil chargers do not necessitate the phone to be placed at a precise location–meaning it can provide stable charging even when the phone moves a bit due to road vibrations.
  1. Over-charging and short-circuit prevention: During long trips, when you forget about the level of phone charging, these circuits can prevent damage to your phone.
  1. Easy to install: You can fix the mounting stem with an air vent clip, suction cup, or screw, but the installation should be preferably hassle-free.
  1. Presence of automatic clamping: Automatic clamping mounts have a built-in sensor that detects the phone when placed near to open the clamp and secures the phone once left.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a wireless car charger mount work with a thick phone case?

Thick phone cases of more than a quarter of an inch or with metal inserts might create a problem with charging.

2. Do I need to plug the wireless charger into my phone?

No, you need not plug the wireless charger into the phone.

3. Is a wireless car charger bad for my phone’s battery?

A wireless car charger is not bad for your phone’s battery. However, ensure not to overcharge your phone, as it will decrease the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

4. Are wireless car chargers fast?

Wireless car chargers charge your phone at the same charging speed as your regular charger. However, they are a better choice because charging your phone with a typical charger will require a charging slot, and the wire can hinder your movement while driving.

5. Are suction-cup phone mounts secure?

Yes, suction-cup phone mounts are quite secure. Ensure to mount it on an even, smooth surface and press it firmly against the surface.

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The Bottom Line

A wireless car charger mount is essential while driving as it holds your phone securely and lets you gain a good line of sight of the road while simultaneously charging your phone. However, when choosing the best wireless car charger to mount for your car, there are a few points to consider. First, make sure the device you pick is compatible with your phone, is easy to install, and provides stable charging even with road vibrations like bumps and jerks. Our top picks are the CHGeek Wireless Car Charger Mount for its flexible adjustment options and the ZeeHoo 15W Wireless Car Charger for its wide compatibility. However, if you are seeking a faster charger, the compact Yitumu Wireless Car Charge Mount is noteworthy. However, if you are seeking faster charging speed, the compact Yitumu Wireless Car Charge Mount is noteworthy.

Infographic: How To Choose The Right Wireless Car Charger Mount?

A wireless car charger mount eliminates the hassle of carrying and detangling wires. It also prevents overheating of the phone with an auto shut-off feature. Consider the following infographic to learn the essential aspects to bear in mind when purchasing a charger mount.

Features to check in a Car Charger mount for phone (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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