15 Best Snowboard Boots For Women In 2021


Snowboarding is an exciting winter sport where you glide over different snowy terrains. So, we have compiled a list of the best women’s snowboard boots to help you. Having the right snowboarding boots is essential to ensure a safe and fun experience. These boots will help you get a smooth and stable glide on the snow-covered slopes. They are purposely designed to keep the rider’s feet comfortable and dry.

These boots come with sophisticated features that help enhance a snowboarder’s skills and performance. Available in various sizes and designs, you can explore our list to find a pair that suits your needs.

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15 Best Snowboard Boots For Women In 2021

1. Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boot – Women’s

Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boot

These boots are designed to provide extra flexibility and are constructed to keep snow out and the feet dry. They ensure that your feet are cushioned and have a dial for easy tightening as per your comfort level.


  • Interior Gusset helps keep feet dry
  • The liner keeps feet safe from impacts
  • The outsole provides vital cushioning for feet
  • Comfortable to wear with a flexible tongue
  • Dial to tighten or loosen Boa system
  • Added flexibility preferred by beginners and women

2.  thirtytwo Women’s Shifty Boa Snowboard Boot

thirtytwo Women's Shifty Boa Snowboard

These women’s snowboard boots have a liner with internal lacing that ensures a comfortable fit. While the foam used to create it provides prefect support, flexibility, and comfort for women snowboarders.


  • External dial with Boa lacing
  • Heat moldable Evolution foam
  • The tongue provides for superior comfort
  • STI Evolution outsole provides cushioning
  • Internal lacing provides support to the heel

3. thirtytwo Women’s STW Boa ’19/20 Snowboard Boot

thirtytwo Women's STW Boa '1920 Snowboard

These snowboard boots for women let you shred the slopes with confidence. The boots are flexible and provide a comfortable fit that allows beginners to indulge in snowboarding with ease.


  • Single Boa closure for a precise fit
  • Fused over mold and a molded tongue
  • Lightweight evolution foam for cushioning
  • Comfortable liner with quick pull closure
  • Heat moldable liners provide a better fit

4.  Northwave Devine SL Snowboard Boots White Gold Speed Lace

Northwave Devine SL Snowboard Boots White

Available in sizes ideal for girls and women, these boots have several useful features such as a heel retention system. The lacing system gives users the ability to adjust the tightness in two areas of the boot.


  • Hypershock outsole absorbs impact
  • Lightweight and fashionable boots for women
  • Liner with heat moldable Thermo-Fit foam
  • Comfortable TF3 Liner with memory foam
  • A 540-Degree secure heel retention
  • A hassle-free super lacing system
  • Boot tightness adjusts in two areas

5. DC Search BOA Snowboard Boots For Women

DC Search BOA Snowboard Boots For Women

Created with lightweight materials, these boots have slightly over medium flexibility. The boots have several innovative features that help women achieve optimum performance when snowboarding.


  • Medium flexibility rating of 6/10
  • Lightweight and durable UNILITE outsole
  • Efficient and hassle-free BOA H3 lacing system
  • Red liner created with multiple layers of EVA foam
  • Fleece lining allows for thermal regulation
  • Precision cut EVA foam insole
  • Moisture-wicking material layered on the insole

6. Salomon Women’s Ivy Snowboard Boot, Black/Teal, 2017

Salomon Women's Ivy Snowboard Boot, Black

These boots are designed to help improve your snowboarding skills. The boots provide flexibility, ideal for park or trail riding, and come with a zone locking lacing system that is easy to use even with your gloves on.


    • The Custom Fit pro design delivers ideal comfort
    • Heat molding foam and Halo 2 liner ensure a better fit
    • Easy to use and adjustable ZoneLock laces
    • Ortholite footbed delivers perfect cushioning
    • Lightweight outsole provides good traction
    • Machine-washable liners

7.  Nidecker Maya White/Teal Women’s Snowboard Boots 2021

Nidecker Maya WhiteTeal Women's Snowboard

These are one of the top women’s snowboard boots and come in white with colored soles. They are designed with the latest technology, materials, and ensure that feet are kept comfortable, dry, and warm. 


  • High-quality rubber outsole lasts longer
  • Functional design that is ideal for women
  • Built-in J-bars ensures heels are positioned well
  • 3D-Molded N-Foam Liner and Insole
  • Liner designed with moisture-wicking material

8. Symbolic Ultra-Light Black Snowboard Boots Women

Symbolic Ultra-Light Black Snowboard Boots Women

These boots feature a combination of high tech materials and traditional laces. They are lightweight and ideal for women or girls who are beginners and want to make the best of their snowboarding skills.


    • Ultra-lightweight materials
    • Snug design that molds to the feet
    • Cuff prevents distortion when in use
    • Traditional lacing is easy to use
    • Evolution foam provides improved cushioning

9. K2 Haven Snowboard Boots 2021 – Women’s

K2 Haven Snowboard Boots 2020

These boots have an attractive color and are ideal for women who want to showcase their fashion quotient and remain comfortable when snowboarding. They also provide a good fit right out of the box.


  • Internal and external JBars allow for a better fit
  • Heat moldable 3D Liner made from Comfort Foam
  • Liner laces ensure a comfortable fit
  • BOA coiler laces are operated easily
  • Lightweight rubber outsole

10. Siren 2019 Lux Women’s Snowboard Boots

Women's Snowboard Boots

Designed to be one of the latest and best snowboard boots for women, these help improve performance. They have a comfortable build and can also be worn when not snowboarding.


  • Designed specifically for women snowboarders
  • Liner and flex panels provide a comfortable fit
  • Inner lining with laces keeps boot secure
  • Customizable and reinforced laces
  • The easy-to-use traditional lacing system
  • Eyelets keep laces locked
  • Waterproofing keeps feet dry and warm

11. Northwave Dime Women’s Snowboard Boots

Northwave Dime Women’s Snowboard Boots

With an affordable price tag and top-notch materials that can be thermoformed, these boots are ideal for women snowboarders, whether they are beginners or at the intermediate level.


  • Thermoformed liner ensures a custom fit
  • Superior 360 degree Heel Lock system
  • Lightweight and abrasion-resistant outsole
  • Traditional and elegant lacing
  • Lightstep Sole helps keep feet warm

12. 5th Element L-1 Women’s Lace Up Snowboard Boots White And Teal

Women’s Lace Up Snowboard Boots White And Teal

These are ranked among the best snowboard boots for women and are suitable for snowboarders of any skill level. They are flexible, provide feet with optimal support, and can be easily used all day long.


  • Soft flex build provides perfect flexibility
  • Shell is designed to provide maximum support
  • High-quality removable EVA Liner
  • Traditionally styled and easily deployed laces

13. Burton Felix BOA Snowboard Boots Women’s

Burton Felix BOA Snowboard Boots Women’s

These are among the best women snowboard boots and have a flexible and responsive build that allows for perfect shredding. The boots also ensure that feet remain dry and warm, and perfectly cushioned.


  • Dual Boa system with Coiler technology
  • Long-lasting ropes made from natural fibers
  • Internal gusset designed to keep snow out
  • Latest Imprint 3 Liner helps ensure a perfect fit
  • ReBounce Foil reflects heat and keeps feet dry
  • Lightweight and durable DynoBITE cushioning

14. Burton Women’s Mint Boa Snowboard Boots, Midnite Blue/Multi

Burton Women's Mint Boa Snowboard Boots

These boots are ideal for those who are beginners and feature the company’s Coiler technology created with high-quality ropes. It has a responsive build, and you can shred the slopes in complete confidence.


  • Boa dial controls Coiler technology and ropes
  • Designed and built to provide total comfort
  • Gusset keeps snow out, and feet remain dry
  • Lightweight DynoLITE outsole with cushioning
  • Foil encases feet and keeps them warm
  • Attractive midnight blue design

15.  DC Mora BOA Snowboard Boots Women’s

DC Mora BOA Snowboard Boots Women’s

Top of the line materials are used to create these snowboard boots, which feature a unique dual Boa style closure system. The other features of the boots ensure that they are long-lasting and comfortable.


  • Advanced dual Boa closer with coiler reel
  • Brightly colored and lightweight rubber outsole
  • White liner included provides a good fit
  • The internal harness protects the ankle
  • Impact S Insole provides extra cushioning
  • Durable articulated build

How To Choose The Right Snowboard Boots For Women?

Women have narrower feet and lower calves compared to men, and snowboarders are well aware of this as they choose their boots. With several snowboard boots specifically designed for women, we have all the information you need to find the right pair, especially if you are the beginner or at an intermediate level and want to improve your skills.

  • Find your foot size and characteristics

Buying snowboarding boots is a different ball game when compared to buying shoes for daily wear. So, ensure that you know your accurate foot size. Then check if you have slim ankles or whether your foot has a high arch.

  • Get snowboarding socks

When buying snowboarding boots, you must have the right socks too. Avoid trying a pair of boots when you have two pairs of socks on, as that could lead to you picking a pair that is one size bigger.

  • Ensure your boots provide a snug fit

Snowboarding boots need to have a snug fit so that the heel does not lift when you move. So, the boot should be tight but not uncomfortable around the heel and instep, while your toes should almost touch the end.

  • Must have the right amount of flexibility

Beginners should look for snowboarding boots that provide more flexibility, while proficient snowboarders should pick a pair that is stiffer and responds well to the moves during the ride.

  • Decide on the lacing you want

Traditional laces on a boot take longer to tie, and you will have to remove your gloves to get them right. While the single dial or dual-dial Boa system allows for easy tightening of the boot with one hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are snowboard boots comfortable for walking?

Yes, snowboarding boots can also be worn when walking as they are quite comfortable, and their flexibility is often similar to that of sneakers.

2. Should your toes touch the end of your snowboarding boots? 

Yes, your toes should almost touch the front of the boot. Additionally, the space available for your toes should be limited, and you should not be able to move them a lot.

Getting the right snowboarding boots allows you to improve your skills and ride the slopes without expelling too much energy. Since these boots are specifically designed for the sport, you look for all essential features that make snowboarding easy and safe for you.

Do let us know in the comments section if you found the one from our list of snowboarding boots for women.

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