13 Best Wooden Spoons Of 2022


If you want to add durable, long-lasting utensils to your kitchen, here’s our list of the best wooden spoons to help you choose the right one. Wooden spoons are insulated, strong, and have high heat tolerance. Their long handles allow you to mix ingredients, stir sauces, and cook comfortably. Easy to hold and thick, these spoons have smooth edges specially designed to prevent scratching the vessels.

Suitable for non-stick cookware, these spoons are available in various designs to suit your specific requirements. So, read on to know more about the various products and features to make an informed decision.

Our Top Picks

13 Best Wooden Spoons

1. Best Natural Oil Finish: Oxo Good Grips Wooden Spoon 


The Oxo spoon is made of beechwood and has a natural oil finish. It comes with a long and comfortable handle and is safe to use with non-stick cookware. The brand offers other types of wooden spoons, including corner spoons, sauté paddles, slotted spoons, turners, and medium rounded spoons, to name a few. All the products are sturdy and can last for many years if maintained well.


  • Angled edge
  • Large comfortable handle
  • Straight-sided shape
  • Ergonomic


  • May not be moisture-resistant
  • May feel rough after wash

2. Best Eco-Friendly And Sustainable: Neet Organic Bamboo Cooking & Serving Utensil Set 


Bring home this value pack of five wooden spoons and a spoon holder, made of organic bamboo that is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. You get a solid spoon, solid spatula, slotted spoon, spork, and a curved spatula. It is one of the best wooden spoon sets that you can use for mixing, baking, sautéing, and flipping. The edges of the spoons are smooth and do not damage your cookware.


  • Has stain- and odor-free properties
  • Long-lasting use
  • Have passed strategical testing
  • Heat-resistant
  • Biodegradable
  • Organic
  • BPA-free


  • Fork edge might feel hard to clean
  • May have splinters if not cleaned in the right way

3. Best For Mixing And Sautéing: Oxo Good Grips Wooden Spoon Set


The pack of solid wooden spoons can make your cooking experience more manageable. It includes three different sizes of curved spoons that are suitable for mixing and sautéing. Each one has a polished finish and is made of high-quality beechwood. The big spoon can also be used as a serving spoon. The spoons can be washed by hand and are safe to use with non-stick and ceramic cookware.


  • Has a natural oil finish
  • Won’t damage your utensils
  • Classy look
  • Easy grasp


  • Handle texture might get rough
  • May crack if not polished regularly

4. Best Lightweight: Adloryea Wooden Spoons 


If you are looking for natural and elegant wooden spoons, then grab this set of six spoons. Each rounded spoon is lightweight, durable, and has a beautiful design. It measures nine-inch in length and has a long handle for easy and convenient grip.  You can use it for stirring and eating. The amazing quality makes it a unique addition to your kitchen shelves.


  • Smooth and polished finish
  • Non-toxic
  • Ideal for teflon-coated utensils and glassware
  • Ergonomic handle design


  • Has no hole to hang the spatula or spoons
  • Spoon edges might wear out

5. Best Easy To Wash And Maintain: Ecosall Healthy Cooking Utensils Set


The eco-friendly and durable wooden spoon set includes six different spoons made of 100% natural wood. They are healthier and more sustainable than bamboo spoons. The lightweight spoons are durable and have long handles that can make cooking easier and safer. White beechwood spoons are easy to wash and maintain, too. You can use them for multiple purposes and enhance your cooking experience.


  • Safe for stick-resistant pans and cast iron pans
  • Crafted with a unique design
  • Varnish-free
  • Made of uncoated wood
  • Heat-resistant
  • Suitable for everyday use


  • Might feel the rough texture when wet
  • Wood may get swollen when soaked in water

6. Best Color And Texture: Nayahose Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set


Handmade and sturdy, this wooden utensils set brings four different styles of wooden spoons in classic designs. It includes two spatulas, a colander, and a spoon that are made of 100% natural teak. They have in-depth color and a unique texture and design. The durable and solid wooden spoons can be washed easily and are safe for all kinds of cookware.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Smooth
  • Thick and strong
  • Well crafted


  • May chip around the edges
  • May have color variation

7. Best Functional And Sturdy: Hansgo Wooden Kitchen Spoons


If you are fond of classic cutlery, then this wooden spoon set would be an ideal choice. It has an amazing quality, along with smooth texture and unique design. Hansgo provides a variety of options, from round spoon to long handle spoon and cooking spoons. All of them are functional, sturdy, and durable and have been tested for standard safety.


  • Comes with a provision to hang the spoons
  • Odorless
  • Splinter-free
  • Compact and portable


  • Not dishwasher-friendly
  • May have a rough texture

8. Best Durable And Versatile: Mondayou Wooden Cooking Utensils


The premium-quality utensils set includes salad fork, soup ladle, wooden wok spatula, strainer spoon, and a teak wood spatula. It could be an ideal gift choice for anyone who loves cooking. All the wooden spoons are made of 100% natural wood and are designed to perfection. They are polished, highly durable, versatile, and safe to use for any delicate or expensive cookware.

9. Best Non-Stick: Riveira Wooden Spoons for Cooking


The all-in-one wooden spoons set is made of premium organic material and has a practical design. All the spoons are made of 100% bamboo and have a long comfortable handle. They are smooth and have a natural oil finish that makes cooking convenient. These non-stick and BPA-free spoons can be used for cooking and serving, and they don’t leave any scratches on your cookware.


  • Has a hole in the handle to hang
  • Resists moisture
  • Long-lasting use
  • Stain- and odor-free properties
  • Smooth handle


  • May be thin at the working edge
  • May not be dishwasher-safe

10. Best Elegant And Stylish: BICB Long Handle Wooden Mixing Spoons


Mixing salads and other ingredients becomes easier when you have this set of six beechwood spoons. Each spoon is 12 inches long and can be used for a variety of cooking tasks. It has a traditional design with a non-stick surface, which is sturdy, durable, and easy-to-clean. You can get this set for yourself or gift it to anyone who enjoys cooking.


  • Splinter-free
  • Lightweight
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to grasp


  • May experience rough edges on the handle
  • Hand wash only

11. Best Handcrafted: Eddington Italian Olive Cooking Spoon


If you are fond of wooden kitchen utensils, you may want to have this lightweight cooking spoon made of Italian olivewood in your kitchen. It is elegantly handcrafted, measures 12 inches, and can be an ideal spoon for cooking. It is strong, durable, and safe to use for your non-stick cooking utensils. The multipurpose spoon set can also be gifted to those who love to cook.


  • Has smooth edges
  • Smooth handle
  • Can be used for cooking, serving, stirring
  • Ensures longevity


  • May appear small in size

12. Best Innovative Design: Riveira Solid Wooden Spoon 


A solid wooden spoon made of eco-friendly material and innovative design can be a unique addition to your kitchen. It comes with a silicone handle that lets you hold the spoon conveniently. The spoon is beautifully crafted with BPA-free beechwood and measures 13 inches long. Riveira has several types of spoons to choose from, including a spatula, ladle, turner, and slotted spoon.


  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Elevated head design
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for non-stick pans


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • May attract mold if stored wet

13. Best Multipurpose Set: Scanwood Olive Wood Utensil

You get a spatula, ladle, and spoon, each handcrafted smoothly from Italian olivewood. You can use the set for multiple purposes, including tasting, flipping, stirring, and scraping. All the spoons are eco-friendly, strong, and can be used for many years. They have a unique pattern and warm color, too.


  • Does not scratch your cookware
  • FSC-certified
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • Spatula may look a bit thin
  • May be a bit small in size

How To Choose The Right Wooden Spoon?

Here is a quick guide to help you choose a suitable wooden spoon for your needs.

  1. Wood type: Ensure the wood used is durable and will not splinter or crack easily. Some popular choices include maple, cherry, bamboo, and beech. They should be free of harsh chemicals for safety.
  2. Size: Wooden spoons come in various sizes, so choose one that meets your needs. If you are unsure of what size to get, it might be a good idea to choose sets with multiple options.
  3. Shape: If you need a spoon for stirring, a spoon with a long and slender handle would be ideal. However, a shorter and wider spoon would work better for scooping. Ensure the handle is ergonomic, easy to grip, and the spoon has enough depth to pick food up easily.
  4. Finish: Varnished spoons have a shinier appearance and are more resistant to staining, while natural spoons have a more rustic look. Choose the finish that best complements your utensils and needs.

Why Trust MomJunction?

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If you are constantly bothered about scratches to your non-stick cookware, you may consider investing in the best wooden spoons that have a vintage charm, are strong, long-lasting, and serve their purpose efficiently. Moreover, they make meal preparation convenient and safe. So, if you have an eye for the classic aesthetic of wooden kitchenware and are on the quest to own a set of wooden spoons for your non-stick cookware, this list of the top-rated wooden spoons will help you pick a perfect set for your kitchen.

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