7 Best Wooden Swing Sets For Your Backyard: Reviews 2022


An incredibly fun and eco-friendly way of transforming your backyard into a haven for children is by adding wooden swing sets to it. The best wooden swing sets are sturdy and easy for children to operate, so your kids will stay safe as they have the time of their lives.

They are also durable, and fixing them outside your home can be a great DIY bonding exercise for you and your little one. If you’re looking for something unique, the swing sets we’ve listed here include additional features such as wall climbing, slides, and enclosed play areas to keep your children busy for hours. Check out the top wooden swing sets listed below, and give your children the best gift ever.

7 Best Wooden Swing Sets

1. Best For Residential Use: Swing-N-Slide Wooden Swing Set

The versatile design of this A-shaped swing is designed for residential use. Swing-N-Slide swing set comes with all the necessary tools, hardware, wood, and fitting instructions for ease of installation. It is equipped with two swing sets and a trapeze combination swing to support three children at a time. The adjustable chains are pinch-free coated and are adjustable for variable heights of the child. Each swing can support a weight of up to 115lb. This set allows you to upgrade with a toddler swing or bench swing according to your needs.


2. Best Durable:  Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

The outdoor wooden swing set with added outdoor play features can make a perfect arrangement for your child’s entertainment. This swing set from Backyard Discovery is equipped with a six-foot speedy slide, two sturdy belt swings, and an enclosed chalkboard area.

The product also includes a rock wall ladder to let your little one experience mini rock climbing. It is made with 100% cider to ensure durability and pre-stained for a smooth and clean appearance. With steel clam-shell brackets, it ensures safe swinging. The upper fort is covered with mesh-enclosed walls for added protection.


3. Best Versatile: Cedar Wooden Swing Set

Designed with premium 100% cedar lumber, this wooden swing set ensures durability in the long run. It can hold up to six children with a maximum weight capacity of 110lb per child. The versatile design allows your child to enjoy multiple playing activities under one roof.

The set comes with two belt swings attached to soft swing ropes, an upper-level chalkboard area, and a low-level sand play area. It also includes a ladder-shaped rock wall designed with multi-colored rocks for the rock climbing experience. The upper roof is covered with a colorful canopy to provide shade while children play with chalkboards.


4. Best For Creativity: SupremeSaver Premium Play Set

The playset from Supremesaver is a premium wooden swing set with a slide made of cedarwood for ultra durability. This super-friendly swing set can accommodate up to six children at a time. It can hold a maximum weight of 110lb per child. The house area is equipped with a wavy slide that allows a fast and secure ride for added fun.

The children can use the upper-deck area for playing with chalkboards to enhance their creative skills. The lower deck can be utilized as a sand play area. It has a colorful yellow-green canopy to secure the area from the sun.


5. Best For Easy Installation: KidKraft Lewiston Retreat Swing Set

The Lewiston retreat playset from Kidkraft is designed to give your child an imaginative and active play area for more fun. It includes a lower play area equipped with all the kitchen requirements, such as a stove, utensil shelf, sink, and other needed accessories. It is enclosed with a working door, wooden roof, and a faux stone chimney.

The mini house also has a mailbox and a wall clock with movable hands. The covered twist and ride tube slide adds to the fun factor. It also includes a wavy slide attached to the upper deck. In addition, it consists of two swings and an acro bar attached to the solid timber swing beam to allow the kids to hang upside down. The set comes with pre-assembled panels for easy installation.


6. Best For Safety: Gorilla Playsets Deluxe Wooden Swing Set

Constructed with stained redwood cedar for a smooth finish, this swing set from Gorilla Playsets is packed with fun features. The high-quality swing set allows your child to spend hours together with their friends. It comes with pre-assembled parts, required hardware, and a step-by-step instruction manual.

The set includes an upper deck attached with a rock wall and a climbing rope. This area also has a chalkboard space for creative fun and a telescope attached to the upper deck bar. The roof is covered with a canopy to keep the temperature cool inside. It is also equipped with two belt swings and two slides for the joy of enjoying the swing. The set is designed carefully while meeting all the safety standards.


7. Best High-Speed Swing: Sportspower Brighton Wood Swing Set

The Sportspower Brighton swing set can accommodate three people together, each weighing 100lb to enjoy high-speed swinging. The classic design features natural wood with yellow accents to highlight the look of your play area. It includes two swing-style swings and one bow-style swing that are spread apart to provide ample swing area in a compact design. The unique set is constructed with sustainable Scandinavian fir.


What To Look For When Shopping For A Wooden Swing Set?

Consider the following features to choose the right wooden swing set.

  1. Material: Choose lumbar-like cedar and redwood that are naturally resistant to bugs and decay.
  2. Features: Look for additional features, such as extra slides, chalkboard area, or sand play area for more fun.
  3. Size: Consider buying a swing set that can accommodate more children. These sets can last longer so that your child can grow with them.
  4. Safety: Ensure the product meets all the safety standards and there are no exposed chains with pinching hazards.

Wooden frame swing sets are designed to add a touch of style and class to your backyard, along with giving your kids a curated play area. These are durable sets designed with all safety standards for residential use. So choose from our above-listed wooden swing sets for a fun-filled outdoor play.

Why Trust MomJunction?

If your child loves playing on the swings, installing some wooden swing sets in your backyard can make it their favorite spot in the house. These swings will keep them entertained at home, allowing them to play outdoors and away from screens. However, choose a wood type that is naturally resistant to decay and resilient to wear and tear for long-lasting use. Check the right size to ensure the swings are safe to play on and have additional features, including slides, hanging beams, and more. We hope our list of the best wooden swing sets can help you analyze the available options to suit your child’s interests.

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