11 Best Wooden Train Sets in 2022


If you are looking for an educational and engaging toy for your child, our list of the best wooden train sets can help you choose the right one. Made of high-quality materials, these sets are long-lasting, durable, and safe for children. These toys can be a suitable alternative to spending hours playing video games in front of the screen.

Playing with train sets can help develop your child’s motor skills and spatial awareness, improving your child’s creativity and decision-making skills. These sets allow your child to learn different aspects about trains while inspecting their parts and designs. They also help improve parent-child bonding as you play and build the sets together. Your child will learn new skills and will stay engaged for hours.

To help you choose a train set that is informative, instructive, and fun to play with, check out our list of train sets that we have compiled and reviewed to help you make a better choice.

11 Best Wooden Train Sets

1. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set

Encourage the little train conductor in your child with the KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set with 120 pieces and unique configurations. Let your kid indulge in the fun that comes with this wooden train set that also has a working crane to hook and raise blocks and a tunnel for the train to pass through. You won’t have to worry about a dull moment with the multiple playing areas, including an airport runway, a turnaround track, suspension bridge, and a helicopter landing pad, among other spaces. Ideal for kids above the age of 3, this train set is compatible with most wooden train brands and allows your child to mix and match their favorite toys. These trains are connected securely with magnets and can be easily maintained with the help of the removable storage bins to fit the whole set into. This video takes you through this product’s details.

2. Brio My First Railway Beginner’s Pack

If you are looking for FSC-certified beech wood products, the Brio My First Railway wooden train set is suitable for your child. Made with quality materials that are built to last, this train set is tested for safety standards. Introduce your child to the world of trains and watch their curious minds enjoy the world of railways. The colorful designs and features offer your child the means to explore playtime. This lightweight wooden train set comes with age-appropriate accessories, reversible magnets, and guiding tracks, so your child can play independently without getting confused with the pieces. You can count on the Brio railway set for children as young as 18 months and bank on the product’s durability.

3. Orbrium Wooden Train Set

The Orbrium Wooden Train Set is a versatile option for parents looking for a more flexible alternative. This train set is 100% compatible with Thomas, Chuggington, and Brio Wooden Railway Systems and allows for a more interactive and enriching experience. Watch as your kids keep themselves busy with this wooden train set that includes 100 pieces like train engines, city buildings, road signs, vehicles, trees and bushes, a bridge, figurines, and more! The 2 large 3-way train tracks also let your child expand layout arrangements in up to 11 different ways. Build and learn with your young railway engineer as they embark on a fun, imaginative, and developmental playing experience.

4. Sain Smart Jr. Wooden Train Set

If you’re on the lookout for a train set to keep your child occupied, look no further than the Sain Smart Jr. Wooden Train Set that is durable and safe to use. This innovative toy set is made with premium Australian birch wood and beech wood, which will last you upto 10 years. Don’t worry about your little one breaking these wooden pieces when you invest in this wooden train set. With 37 pieces, including magnet trains that can be played separately or using the tracks, this creative playtime solution will keep your kid entertained for hours. Let them get creative with the 8 figure track that is also compatible with all major brands so you can continue to help your child grow their railway sets. You can trust in the safety of the wooden pieces as they have non-sharp edges that children above the age of 3 years can use conveniently.

5. On Track USA Wooden Train Set

If your little one easily gets bored playing with one toy, this train set makes for an ideal choice. With two different types of tracks – which are straight and curvy – the toy has more fun to offer. It also includes various other tiny toys, such as three train cars, houses, canimals, persons, tress, signs, and bushes. All these pieces can be stored safely after your toddler’s playtime, thanks to the sturdy storage box that comes with the train set. All the components of the train set are free of lead and are tested for safety, ensuring a fun time with your child minus any worries.

6. Z Mayabbo Classic Railway Train Set

If you’re looking for a way to keep your curious kid occupied, this Z Mayabbo Classic Railway Train Set is your best bet. This wooden train set will give your toddler hours of fun and encourages imaginative building, storytelling, pretend-playing, and more. Ideal for children over 3 years of age, this wooden train set comes with wooden tracks and tunnels for a realistic play experience. The colorful pieces in this train set are compatible with most major train brands and have accessories like garage toys, a crank to lift the bridge, and ascending in-built tracks. The train set is made of child-friendly material and premium wood that promises quality and safety.

7. KipiPol Train Set

If your tiny tot is a train lover, this toy is worth a place in their beloved toy’s collection. It features 31 train tracks that are connectable and three magnetic trains. Among other toy components included in the set are a helicopter, three cars, an airport playset, three fishes with a fishing rod, and a bus station, which means this toy set goes beyond trains to offer added fun. So, add this versatile set to your cart and improve your child’s problem-solving, creative thinking, and motor skills.

8. Brio World Rail And Road Loading Set

The 32-piece Brio World Rail And Road Loading Set is an open-ended play system accompanied by construction-themed vehicles like a portable crane wagon and tipper trucks. Gift your child the adventures of hands-on playing with this good-quality, attractive, and modern design. If your kid is inclined to construction, this is the ideal wooden train set for you. They come equipped with wooden tracks, mountain track supports, level crossing, sections of wooden road, freight vehicles, and more that guarantees to keep your child’s attention for a long time. The train set does not contain small parts, is tested for safety, and adheres to measures that will ensure your child is protected at all times.

9. Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set

If you are looking to encourage your child to play with siblings or friends, the Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set is large enough to accommodate more than one player at a time. You can motivate your child to design their city or country railroad with the reversible play mat that comes with over 80 pieces, including a construction worker, police officer, and other exciting figures. The durable wooden train set is made with real wood and will help your child enjoy the world of magical trains and railroads through creative storytelling. This wooden train set also has a rolling storage drawer that is a bonus for parents to quickly clean and put away toys. Perfect for motivating children to build their social skills and practice sharing, the table train set is suitable for smaller spaces.

10. Tiny Land Railway Jungle Set

Combine the world of nature and railways with the Tiny Land Railway Jungle Set that contains various cartoon animals that come in all colors and shapes. The train set also includes trains, trees, ribbed tracks, a collection of moving beads, and rotating gears that are the perfect stepping stone into the railways. The unique combination of colored animals and trains is ideal for toddlers aged 3 and above to improve their motor skills, promote color coordination, and imaginative play. Parents can sit back and relax as this wooden train set does not contain choking hazards. It is also lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free, so rest assured, they meet all the safety standards that you would want for your child.


11. Kiddery Toys Wooden Train Set

If you are on the lookout for a battery-operated train set, this one makes for a perfect gifting option. The Kiddery Toys Wooden Train Set is suitable for those who are looking to promote learning while playing as it helps develop motor skills and improve creative thinking. Crafted with premium quality wood, the colorful pieces in this wooden train set help stimulate imaginative play. With attentive details like buildings, cars, an ambulance, train stations, and figures combined with up to 6 rearrangeable layouts, this interactive set is ideal for promoting your child’s social skills among friends too. The 88-piece collection is made of 100% safe and non-toxic materials and paints, so you can be assured that your child is free from any harm.

So there you have it! These wooden train sets will ensure that your child has fun pretending to be an engineer and building tracks. We’re here to help with a few things you will want to keep in mind when buying the right train set.

How To Choose The Best Wooden Train Set

  • Safety standards

Choking hazards abound with wooden railway sets, especially when dealing with freight cars or other accessories. Magnetic train sets are not recommended for very young children due to the risk of a magnet becoming loose. Because of these risks, most wooden train sets are classified for children aged 2 to 3. Consider their developmental stage while purchasing these sets for your kids as they might put objects in their mouths. You can also look for environmental and safety features such as BPA-free, lead-free, non-toxic paint, and extensive safety testing.

  • Age-appropriate train set

Wooden toy trains are intended for children aged 3 years and above. Parents don’t have to worry too much about children tossing or breaking their toys as they play, provided they are made of safe materials. Most of these wooden train sets are lightweight and durable, making them an ideal playtime companion to be introduced to. Consider that your child may grow tired of playing with the train set with time or may develop different abilities, and you can simply add on by choosing other compatible designs and accessories to help them stay interested. You may also want to monitor your child while playing with these train sets if they are prone to putting pieces in their mouth.

  • Space and storage

One major factor that you will want to keep in mind is the size of the train set. If you have enough play area and appropriate storage space, then you’re good to go. You can choose larger wooden train sets with tables for your child to play with. If you lack the desired space, you can always look for options that allow you to disassemble it and keep it away after your child plays with it. Some train sets come with options that would enable them to be arranged vertically or horizontally, allowing you to customize your storage setup.

  • Ease of set-up

You may want to consider that smaller children may find it slightly tricky to set up tracks all on their own. They may find it more entertaining to push and pull the trains on their tracks instead.

Keep in mind that the playing experience is guided by the tracks, bridges, buildings, vehicles, and other additional pieces, and you may have to set it up for your child, to begin with. Many of these wooden train set brands offer universal tracks that are compatible with most manufacturers. You can always mix and match as your child grows accustomed to a particular train set model.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a product writer for toys and gifts, and she understands what’s suitable for children of different ages. She made a list of the best wooden train sets with detailed information on durability, pieces, configuration, and appropriate age for use. She also mentioned a buying guide for your help so you can pick the product based on your requirements.

Learning and enjoyment go hand-in-hand when you bring home the best wooden train sets for your little ones. These well-built, long-lasting toys are designed to make playtime more fun while enabling kids to develop various skills ranging from cognitive to decision-making and creative abilities. The options listed here are colorful, durable, and safe for your little one. They are packed with hundreds of pieces and configurations you can put together with your kids and participate in the imaginative play. The sets will also allow children to learn more about how trains work and nurture their fascination with object-building. These sets come with many accessories, so your little one can stay engaged for a long time and make lasting memories.

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