7 Best Wool Comforters For Good Sleep In 2022


Suitable for all seasons, natural wool comforters are temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic. Their moisture-wicking properties can keep you comfortable and dry throughout the night. The durability, quality, and practicality make them a great option for your bed.

The best wool comforters are manufactured from 100% authentic wool and generally come with cotton covers to provide all-natural, long-lasting bedding. Explore our list of the best wool comforters to choose the right one.

7 Best Wool Comforters

1. Best For All Seasons: Ozinci Pure Wool-Filled Comforter

With 100% cotton cover, this comforter is filled with natural Turkish wool. With no smell of sheep, this comforter is available in varying sizes, such as single, twin, full, and queen.  It is available in white and has a German Wool mark certificate.


  • Lightweight
  • Adequate for all seasons
  • Comfortable
  • Machine-washable


  • No loops for tying the cover in place


2. Best Moisture-Wicking: AusGolden All-Season Lightweight Wool Comforter

Lightweight and suitable for all seasons, this wool comforter is made from 100% purified Australian wool. It has undergone a 12-step purification procedure to eradicate particles, providing clean, pure, and immaculate wool. The brand’s unique Air Sulation technology can make the wool light, fluffy, and soft. It helps maintain a cozy temperature all year round.


  • Breathable and natural material
  • Naturally moisture-wicking properties
  • Diamond design-stitched
  • Easy to wash and store


  • No ties to secure the cover with the duvet
  • May make crinkly sounds


3. Best Odor-Resistant: HealthyLine Luxury Australian Wool Comforter

Made from silk, this wool comforter ensures you get quality sleep. The fabric cover is made from down-proof cotton 300 TC and natural Australian pure wool filling. The comforter comes with tabs on every corner to keep it in place.


  • Soft and breathable material
  • Odor-resistant
  • Non-toxic and anti-microbial
  • Available in full, queen, and king sizes


  • Not machine-washable


4. Best Skin-Friendly: Your Moon Wool Comforter

Your Moon comforter is filled with natural Australian fine wool, the average diameter of the wool being 25um. The wool has better bulk and crimp. It offers good warmth retention, dehumidification, and moisture absorption. The comforter is Oeko-Tex-certified eco-friendly, and the air permeability of the wool is twice that of silk.


  • Skin-friendly material
  • Square stitching technology
  • Three-dimensional edging to protect the quilt’s edge
  • Durable and water-resistant


  • Has polyester shell
  • Not made completely from natural fiber


5. Best Hypoallergenic: Sleep and Beyond myComforter Wool Comforter

With 100% washable wool filling, this breathable comforter is encased in 100% natural cotton sateen 300 TC. Ideal for warm climates and seasons, the comforter’s moisture-wicking feature makes the comforter breathable and comfortable.


  • Regulates body temperature
  • Machine-washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Helps control moisture


  • Doesn’t come with corner ties


6. Best Low-Maintenance: Fresh Ideas Wool-Filled Cotton Comforter

Available in king and queen / full sizes, this cotton comforter has a box-stitch quilted design to keep the filling in place. The hypoallergenic comforter has moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfortable throughout. The comforter has a 100% cotton shell and natural wool filling.


  • Adjusts to the body temperature
  • Suitable for arthritis and fibromyalgia patients
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all seasons


  • May crinkle
  • Wool may clump after washing


7. Best Mildew- And Mold-Resistant: OrganicTextiles Natural Australian Wool Filled Bed Comforter

With 100% fine Australian wool filling, the comforter helps wick away the moisture to regulate your body temperature. The blanket retains the natural fibers as it is not treated with any harmful ingredients or sprays.


  • Animal cruelty-free
  • All-organic cotton sateen cover
  • Naturally resistant to mildew, mold, and dust mites
  • Natural fire-resistant


  • May have a strong chemical smell
  • May not be washable


How To Choose The Right Wool Comforter For A Good Sleep?

Consider these factors when buying a wool comforter.

  1. Quality: Check the label for quality certifications before buying. A good wool comforter will have certificates from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, and USDA Organic.
  2. Weight: Make sure to choose a lightweight comforter so that you don’t have to struggle and feel uncomfortable the entire night.
  3. Features: Choose a wool comforter with moisture-wicking and body temperature-regulating properties to ensure you have a comfortable sleep in every season and climate.

A high-quality wool comforter can help you feel cozy and dry in every season. Its breathability and moisture-wicking characteristics ensure a good night’s sleep. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind and choose from our list of the best wool comforters.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wool comforters are available in various materials, designs, and sizes to suit your needs. So, we have browsed multiple platforms and analyzed different products to bring you a list of the best wool comforters. These comforters are breathable, comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain. These products have been added based on user feedback to provide you with an unbiased opinion. We have also included a detailed buying guide to help you choose the right comforter.

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