13 Best Wrist Wraps For Lifting Weights In 2023

The best wrist wraps can protect your wrists from injuries while lifting heavyweights. Lifting weights is a great way to tone and build upper body strength. However, it might lead to wrist injuries if you don’t have the right accessories. Therefore, investing in an expert-approved wrist wrap is a smart idea. Keep reading this post as we have compiled a list of popular and useful wrist wraps for you.

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13 Best Wrist Wraps

1. Rip Toned Wrist Wraps 18″ Professional Grade With Thumb Loops

Whether you want to improve your pushups or planks or provide stability to your wrists when weightlifting, this wrist wrap is helpful. The pack has a pair of 18-inch long wrist wraps, and each has a thumb loop that makes them ideal for doing various strength-training exercises.

The tried-and-tested wraps are recommended by champion weightlifter Kevin Weiss and help reduce the incidence of failed lifts when weightlifting. These strength-training wrist wraps also help cut out the pain and soreness that weightlifters sometimes experience after training. Check out this review video to learn more about the product.

Color: Black – Stiff | Material: Elasticized-Fabric | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎8 x 3.5 x 1 inches | Item Weight: ‎160 Grams

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has earned its stripes, with over 26,956 reviews on Amazon.

2. Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Leather Suede Lifting Wrist Straps Bundle

Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Leather Suede Lifting Wrist Straps Bundle Image: Darkiron Fitness

Suitable for both men and women, this 3mm thick wrist strap is made from extra-durable suede leather material. It also features heavily reinforced stitches, which reduce the chances of wear and tear that cause inferior quality straps to fall apart and provides padding when weightlifting.

The straps feature a rigorously tested design and are ideal for use when powerlifting up to 400 lbs. It is one of the best wrist wraps for lifting, as you can achieve a tighter grip on a barbell and reduce instances of grip failure. Watch a tester’s experience in this video to learn more about the wrist strap.

Color: Black and Red

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The whopping 1,972 positive reviews on Amazon reflect the superior quality of this product.

3. Anvil Women’s Wrist Wraps

Each of these wraps measures 14 inches and is ideal for thinner wrists that women have. The wraps feature an edge that is contoured for a better fit, while the thumb loop allows for it to be easily wrapped and adjusted. Liked by many reviewers, it provides superior stability to the wrist and is widely considered as one of the best bodybuilding wrist wraps for improved grip when weightlifting.

Item Weight: ‎0.1 Kilograms | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎5.9 x 1.2 x 0.1 inches
protip_icon Do remember
After each use, wash wrist wraps with warm water and mild detergent to prevent germ build-up.

4. 321 STRONG Wrist Wraps 14″ Professional Grade With Thumb Loops

The pack has two wrist wraps, with each measuring 14 inches. They come with a thumb loop that allows for it to be easily wrapped. The wraps are durable and created with fabric that can be machine-washed and come packed in a vinyl pouch.

These wrist support wraps provide added support to the wrist when weightlifting or exercising and reduce fatigue and injuries. The length of the wraps makes them the perfect option for women who are taking up weight training or plan on doing dumbbell presses. Take a look at this video to get more information about the product.

Material: Best wrist brace support for wrist pain | Color: ‎BLACK | Material: ‎Best wrist brace support for wrist pain

5. Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting

Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting Image: Nordiclifting

Available in several colors, the time-tested pair of wrist wraps are suitable for men and women. Each has a width of three inches and a length of 14 inches. It can be adjusted depending on the size of the wrist and protects it from injuries while providing extra stability needed when powerlifting or doing CrossFit workouts.

Using the included instruction manual, you can also learn how to smoothly use the CrossFit wrist wraps when exercising or weightlifting. Materials used in its creation, combined with reinforced stitches and Velcro, provide extra durability.

Color: ‎Aqua Blue

6. Harbinger Red Line 18-Inch Weightlifting Wrist Wraps For Men And Women

The pair of adjustable wrist wraps have hook and loop closures for easy adjustment and each measure 18 inches in length. Created with highly durable materials and elastic, the wraps last longer and are especially suitable for competition level weightlifting.

It is designed to suit both men and women, while the thumb loop secures it to the hand. The elastic wrist wraps are available in several different color combinations, provide extra stability, and ensure grips on barbells remain secure and do not fail when weightlifting.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎4.33 x 9.84 inches | Item Weight: ‎4.8 Ounces | Color: ‎Camo | Material: ‎Other

7. Iron Bull Strength Women Wrist Wraps With Thumb Loops – 14″ Professional Grade

Iron Bull Strength Women Wrist Wraps With Thumb Loops – 14″ Professional Grade Image: Iron Bull Strength

Created with dual colors, this pink and black wrist wrap appeals to women and is created from high-quality material that is a combination of elastic and nylon. It measures 14 inches, and its stitching is long-lasting to make the warps extra durable. Velcro used on the wraps allows them to be easily wrapped, and they provide wrists with increased stability. These are among the best workout wrist wraps as they are suitable for lifting kettlebells or doing handstands during CrossFit workouts in gyms, giving the wraps a competitive edge.

Material: Nylon | Color: Black/Pink | Material: ‎Nylon | Color: ‎Black/Pink
protip_icon Do remember
Never twist or wring the wrist wrap to remove excess water, as it can damage its material. Instead, lay the wrap flat on a towel and let it air dry.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The tried-and-true product has earned over 990 good reviews on Amazon.

8. Burly Wrist Wraps – 18″ Professional Grade Straps

Using this pair of 18-inch wrist wraps, you can lift heavier weights while ensuring that your grip does not fail. These are considered one of the best wrist wraps for women and men who are into competition-level weightlifting, as they provide the perfect amount of compression and have been rigorously tested in terms of quality and endurance.

Importantly, the wraps are created with durable polyester and nylon and feature-reinforced stitching. As a result, they do not stretch over time and ensure that the wrist gets the right amount of stability, whether you are weightlifting or doing a CrossFit routine.

Material: ‎polyester, nylon, velcro | Color: ‎Black, White | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎4 x 9 x 0.75 inches

9. Lingito Wrist Wraps With Thumb Loops

The pair of professional-quality wrist wraps help boost the quality of your workouts, especially when powerlifting. It is designed to provide full wrist cover and is created from long-lasting material that does not lose its elasticity even after prolonged use.

The wraps come with thumb loops and provide improved wrist stability, while also helping you maintain a secure grip on barbells. Trusted by many users, the 18-inch long wraps are machine-washable and help you hit weightlifting goals for clean and jerks and bench presses.

Color: ‎Lifting Straps

10. Maxjoy Wrist Brace

This set of two wrist braces is available in several colors, including a hot pink version, which is a popular choice among women. The washable brace can be worn in two ways and is designed to fit easily on the right and left hand.

It is especially useful to those who have carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. It also reduces the chances of exercise-related stress injuries while providing added stability to the wrist. The brace is also useful in that it helps heal sprains and other injuries faster.

Color: ‎Rose Red | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎14.56 x 3.15 x 0.2 inches

11. CatchUpWithSports Wrist Brace Support

This tried-and-tested wrist brace is designed to provide support to the wrist and is especially helpful when people are struggling with pain resulting from arthritis and other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. It is made from durable material that is rigid and also breathable, and users can adjust the compression as required.

The braces are suitable for both hands, and the hole for the thumb hole is elastic and comfortable, whether you are lifting kettlebells or doing various other tasks like typing.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 4 x 1.6 inches |Weight : 1.59 Ounces

12. Defy Fitness Wrist Wraps 18″ Professional With Thumb Loops

DEFY Fitness Wrist Wraps 18″ Professional With Thumb Loops Image: Defy Sports

An ideal choice for professionals, this is one of the best powerlifting wrist wraps that comes in several different color combinations. The wraps which each measure 18 inches and can be used by women and men. Each wrap also features a thumb loop that facilitates easier wrapping around the wrist. The double stitching and high-quality material used in its construction make it extra-durable, giving the wrap a competitive edge over others. The 3-inch wide wraps are especially suitable for weightlifting, and many consider then to be one of the best lifting wrist wraps.

Material: ‎Cotton | Color: ‎Pink Camo

13. Reckon Wrist Wraps (30cm/60cm/80cm) Heavy Duty With Thumb Loops

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Available in a variety of sizes, these wraps provide superior stability to wrists and support them through a range of movements when lifting weights. With the aid of these wrist wraps, users can achieve weightlifting goals and reduce the occurrence of stress injuries.

They are created from heavy-duty nylon and can withstand prolonged use and remain in top condition. These heavy-duty wrist wraps also have thumb loops that can hold the wrap in place and prevent it from moving when exercising or weightlifting.

Material: ‎Nylon, Cotton | Color: ‎Black/Blue

Benefits Of Using A Wrist Wrap

Boosting your exercise routine and hitting your goals while remaining free of injuries is possible if you have the right gear. Wrist wraps are increasingly commonplace in gyms, and their top benefits are listed below.

  • A good wrist wrap worn correctly helps train specific muscles and strengthens them.
  • They provide extra stability when weightlifting and may prevent overextending.
  • Wrist wraps are useful when doing biceps curls and bench presses and help improve grip.
  • Wearing wrist wraps when exercising reduces strain and prevents various strains and injuries.
  • Wraps are especially beneficial when doing high volume exercises during CrossFit workouts.
  • It reduces pain in the wrist after doing heavy bench presses and similar routines.
  • It helps promote healing when recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Tips For Wearing Wrist Wraps

While some wrist wraps are created with better materials and provide much more support than competitors, you need to know how to use them well. We have listed the top tips you should be aware of when using wrist wraps here.

  • Use wraps with the correct thickness for the best results. Thinner wrist wraps created from cotton are often better when doing clean & jerk lifts as they allow for increased range of motion and the correct amount of extension. Thicker wrist wraps that have Velcro incorporated provide additional support to the wrist and are especially useful when powerlifting or doing bench presses.
  • Wear the wrap right. When wrist wraps are used correctly, they allow for muscles and bones to strengthen and ensure repetitive moments are accurate and do not cause strength from shoulders to be sapped.
  • Keep the thumb loop lined up properly. Thumb loops in wrist wraps need to be aligned and looped properly before being wrapped.
  • Ensure that the wrist wraps are not placed too high. Getting the right amount of support from a wrist wrap depends on whether or not it is wrapped at the proper place. So, when putting on a wrist wrap, ensure it is not placed too high or low, and that it is properly positioned over the wrist joint.

Safety Tips While Using Wrist Wraps

  • A wrist wrap has to encircle the wrist and provide the right amount of compression. Importantly, it should not be too tight as that can cut off circulation.
  • Wrist wraps are not recommended for certain types of lifting, such as snatches. Using them when they are not recommended by trainers can lead to serious injuries such as twists and fractures.

How To Choose The Right Wrist Wraps?

Here is how you should go about choosing wrist wraps for your needs.

  • When wrist wraps that have a loop design are in use and have to be wrapped around a barbell, you have to ensure that it is easy to put on with one hand.
  • Thinner wrist wraps with thumb loops are ideal for high volume CrossFit workouts and provide better benefits than thicker versions with Velcro.
  • Opt for wrist wraps that feature a field-tested design to ensure optimum durability, performance, and safety. Also, consider trusted brands that are known to have an in-depth expertise in manufacturing fitness-related products and accessories.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team of experienced writers and reviewers has compiled this list of the best wrist wraps after carefully considering your safety and convenience. These best-selling products are selected based on tester experiences and customer reviews to ensure good quality and performance. We have also included a buying guide that explains each product’s features to help you make an informed decision. These consumer-tested wrist wraps will help protect your wrists from excessive strain or injuries while lifting heavy weights or exercising.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exercises require wrist wraps?

Wrist wraps are recommended when doing repetitive exercises with weights, pushups, and also during intense CrossFit workouts. They are also highly recommended for weightlifting, especially when overhead lifts are being done.

2. Can wrist wraps help alleviate wrist pain?

Wrist wraps provide support, reduce pain, and help promote healing in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

3. When do wrist wraps weaken your wrists?

Only when wrist wraps are worn constantly during exercising and weightlifting, they can cause weakness, especially in the extensor muscles of the wrist.

4. How tight should wrist wraps be wound?

How you wound wrist wraps is usually dependent on your preference. However, sometimes the individual can mistakenly wrap them too tightly. So, you must stop tightening it when you feel any discomfort.

5. Do wrist wraps boost the amount that you bench-press?

Using a wrist wrap does not improve the amount you bench, much. You may see an increase of up to 10lb. However, using a wrist wrap gives you added support and makes it easier to bench press and build muscle strength that will help you reach your weightlifting goals.

6. Are wrist wraps necessary while working out?

Wrist wraps are generally not needed when exercising, but they are useful during strenuous workouts, such as the lifting of kettlebells, pushups, and handstands that have to be done repetitively.

Keep your wrists safe from overstraining and injuries during workouts with these premium-quality wrist wraps. Suitable for various purposes, these wraps prevent pains and offer extra stability and cushioning to protect against overextending. Our list of the best wrist wraps includes several feature-rich options to help you understand your requirements. When choosing the right product, check the material, adjustability, ergonomic design, and ease of use to ensure it serves the purpose and helps treat tendonitis and other issues.

Infographic: How Does Wearing Wrist Wrap Benefit While Exercising?

Proper exercise gear, including clothing and other accessories, can enhance your exercise performance. Wearing a wrist wrap is one such exercise gear that improves performance, among other benefits mentioned in the infographic below. However, ensure to drape these wraps properly and accurately to avoid the risk of injuries.

Why Should You Wear A Wrist Wrap When Exercising (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

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