17 Best WWE Toys To Buy In India-2024

Children who like to watch WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) programs would be glad to have souvenirs of their favorite wrestlers, be it colorful comic books, keychains, action figures, or toys. WWE designs and manufactures excellent toys for children. You need to pick your child’s favorite action figure to impress them.

Keep reading this MomJunction post as we bring you a list of 23 best WWE toys, along with their details. We also tell you how to choose the right one to surprise your kid.

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17 Best WWE Toys

1. Shawn Michaels action figure

Shawn Michaels, also known as Mr. WrestleMania or The Heart Break Kid, is one of the elite superstars of WWE. The action figure is designed after his authentic WrestleMania XII ring attire and has all the detailed features such as his hairstyle, tattoo, and his iconic gloves and pants. This toy comes with The Heartbreak Kid’s WrestleMania XII winning belt. This WWE action figure could be an ideal gift option for someone who is a Shawn Michaels fan.

2. Lost Legends Undertaker figure

The Undertaker is one of the most popular professional wrestlers and is known for his unique style and stylish attire. This toy figure is designed, keeping in mind his expression, long hair, posture, and minute details of his costume. The figure comes complete with a  long black jacket, two purple gloves, a hat, a tie, and a tiny white masquerade eye mask too. The toy is recommended for children aged six years and above.

3. Ultimate Warrior action figure

Ultimate Warrior was the ring name of James Brian Hellwig, who passed away in 2014. Many WWE fans still remember him fondly, and this figure reminds of him. The toy is designed in his authentic ring attire and highlights his colorful knee pads, boots, hair, and posture. The facial features look quite similar to what he usually portrayed in the ring.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

This elite collection action hero figure of Stone Cold Steve Austin comes with accessories such as his vest, mic, cap, and the winning belt. Your child  can assemble and disassemble the toy as per the needs of the game. The aggressive facial features and the movable hands of the toy make it look realistic. It could be an appropriate WWE action figure gift for a child and a teenager too.

5. Kalisto action figure

This multicolored WWE toy of the American professional wrestler is brightly and smartly designed. It is one foot tall, which is a few centimeters taller than the regular WWE action figures. The toy is designed after the wrestler’s ring attire, complete with his green trousers, black boots with dragon print on it, and a golden and green mask or headgear.

6. WWE Best of John Cena

If anyone you know, be it a child or a teenager, is a super fan of John Cena, then they would like this action figure. It is six inches in size and weighs 99g.  The facial detailing is done with precision, and the figure comes with blue and orange bands as John Cena has in reality. The movable hands of the action figure are perfect for your kid to do the “You Can’t See Me” taunt. It is one of the coolest WWE toys.

7. Dean Ambrose action figure

This WWE action figure toy of Dean Ambrose comes with a tiny fire extinguisher toy, an iconic accessory. The features of the action figure are detailed accurately, and his facial expression and ring attire are done to perfection. This toy measures 6.4 x 26.7 x 17.8cm and weighs 249g. The figure and the accessory comes packaged in a
ready-to-gift box.

8. Summer slam British Bulldog

Davey Boy Smith or the British Bulldog was once a well-known wrestler. Most of the WWE fans still remember him for the SummerSlam main event in 1992. This action figure of him is designed with precision, detailing his abs, facial expressions, smile, and hairstyle. The toy has bright armbands too. It weighs 68g and measures 16.5 x 4.8 x 26.7cm and comes packaged in a ready-to-gift box.

9. Best of AJ Styles

If your kid is a fan of A.J. Styles, the famous American wrestler, then gifting them his WWW action figure would surprise them. This six inches tall toy of A.J. Styles looks quite similar to him. It weighs 99.8g and has high-definition details of his blue pants and gloves, blue and white boots, and tattoos. The action hero’s facial features, including his eyes and beard, and his hair look close to real.

10. Scott Hall

Scott Hall is a retired WWE wrestler. He is quite popular among the wrestling fans. This action figure of him is designed with some specific details of his authenticate ring attire. The toy comes with a few accessories such as sunglasses, a jacket, and a vest. Those can be put on or removed while playing with it. The toy weighs 200g and comes in a box that has details of the wrestler printed on it.

11. The Undertaker exclusive action figure

This exclusive Elite Collection Undertaker action figure is a representation of the Ministry of Darkness Undertaker from 1999. The action figure is highly detailed and comes with a removable black hooded robe, which is how the wrestler enters the ring. Some of the minute details that have been done to perfection include the beard, hair, and tattoos on the arms.

12. Brock Lesnar action figure

This WWE toy of Brock Lesnar comes in a perfect posture with a decent facial expression. The toy is designed after his wrestling attire, with knee-length black shorts, gloves, and boots. The tattoos on his back (demonic skull), shoulders (Yaujta and skull), and chest (sword tattoo) can be seen clearly. It is a well-designed and well-made WWE toy that will bring a smile on your kid’s face every time they have a look at it.

13. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper action figure

This pack contains two action figures of the dynamic duo of Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Children can play a battle round with these two toys. Their ring attires have been portrayed accurately. Both the toys have a smiling facial expression and have realistic features, including their hairstyles, costumes, and even tattoos. These figures come packaged in one box.

14. Braun Strowman toy

This colorful and bold WWE action figure of Braun Strowman is sculpted with accurate details. He wears a black vest, multicolored pants, and high boots. The toy features wristbands too. The angry facial expression, along with a detailed beard and a tattoo on his arm, makes it an attractive figure to play with. It also comes with accessories, including two removable arms and an ambulance door (signifying the  ambulance match between him and Roman Reigns).

15. Triple H action figure

Triple H, nicknamed “The Game,” is one of the most iconic professional wrestlers and is well-loved by children, teens, and adults alike. This toy has well-designed features, including his aggressive facial expression and the prints on his ring costume. The posture of this action figure toy is also perfect.  It comes packed in a cardboard box.

16. The Rock figure

The Rock or Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular professional wrestlers of WWE. This action figure of The Rock is designed intricately. The WWE toy has all the features, including his knee pads, ring attire, and black boots. This figure even has tattoos similar to those on his arms and chest. It comes in a well-packed box.

17. Finn Balor figure

Finn Balor is the ring name of the Irish professional wrestler Fergal Devitt. This WWE action figure is designed as per his usual look and posture. The shoulders of this WWE toy are movable, letting the children play as per their imagination. His facial features and even abs are designed with accuracy. The figure measures 3.2 x 15.9 x 7.6cm and weighs 90.7g.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Tips To Choose The Right WWE Toy

With different types of WWE toys and action figures available, it could be confusing for some of you to pick the right WWE toy. We have some tips to help you with your selection.

  • Figure out who the favoritewrestler of the recipient is. If the kid to whom you are gifting the WWE action figure is a fan of Shawn Michaels and you end up giving the Undertaker, then it would be a wrong choice.
  • Checking the quality of the WWE toy is essential. It should not be made of toxic or harmful materials. Children play with these toys daily, and they could be prone to risks.
  • The details and accessories of the WWE action figure toys should also be checked. The attire and facial features should match their look in the ring.
  • Some other features you may look for could be the price, package, and single toy or two of more toys in a set. You may select the one that you think would be liked by the recipient.

Talk to your child or the person for whom you are planning to purchase a WWE action figure so that you know their choices. It can make your selection process easier and quicker. Also, do read the product details carefully so that you buy the right gift and surprise your kid, family member, or friend.

Let us know the reaction of your kid or hubby on any of these toys in the comments section.

WWE is a beloved TV show that has garnered a viewership of all ages. The theatrical and battle-style performance has especially hit a chord with children as they cheer and show support for their favorite contestants and characters. To keep them engaged and enthusiastic, you can browse our list of the best WWE toys to analyze the current trends. With countless options, ensure that you choose a toy without toxic or harmful materials and look for detailed accessories. So, bond with your child over some fun toys and encourage their interests.

Infographic: How To Choose WWE Toys?

Children and even adults are often WWE fans. So, whether you want to buy a WWE toy for your child or to add to your WWE collection, the below infographic can help you choose the right toy for you. It gives you some pointers, such as size, material, and budget, to help you make the best decision.

Selection Advice For WWE Toys (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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