11 Best Yogurt Makers Of 2021


Yogurt has become a popular lunch, breakfast or evening snack option and has gained its special status more so in the last decade. Not only does eating yogurt have special benefits for your digestive system, it is also represented well in popular culture and has become the choice of even young adults to enjoy during their lunch break at school. Greek yogurt is now a standard item on the menu for anyone into fitness or weight loss, or simply someone who enjoys flavorful low calorie meals that have health benefits.

If you hope to make frozen yogurt and Greek yogurt at home you need to know which the top-rated and best yogurt makers for domestic use are today. That is why we have brought to you this exclusive list of the 11 best yogurt makers of 2021 so you can whip up some creamy yogurt at home packed with flavors of your own choice!

Types Of Yogurt Makers Of 2021

Yogurt makers come in a variety of types and styles that can be differentiated based on the following features:

  • Size

Yogurt makers are segregated mostly based on their size or what one can call yogurt making capacity. Most of the yogurt makers are designed in such a way that a single batch of yogurt can be made at a time, averaging 1-2 quarts. When trying to decide which yogurt maker to buy, you need to know how much yogurt you will be making and actually needing per day, as homemade yogurts do not have any preservatives that will make them last longer. If you do not have a large family or are a couple living by themselves, you will not need a very large yogurt maker that will produce a lot more yogurt than you can eat. However, if you have a large family where everyone enjoys home-made yogurt, you will not be able to manage with a small yogurt maker.

  • Flexibility In Design

Some yogurt makers are designed keeping flexibility in mind. Such machines allow you to use small quantities of ingredients that can be poured into separate jars, which are then placed under a large dome where they are heated and fermented. Using this fermentation process, small servings can be made allowing you to prepare multiple flavors at once. Some yogurt makers also let you cook large quantities of yogurt along with small servings all at the same time.

  • Fully Automated Or Not Fully Automated

A third way of distinguishing yogurt makers is by knowing if it is an automated machine where you can set the time and forget about it, or if it is a yogurt maker that needs you to be actively participative during the yogurt creation process. Some useful controls like time, temperature and power of the machine should be able to be set by the chef to customize as per their need.

  • Functionality:

Lastly, some yogurt makers are designed to churn Greek yogurt while others allow you to make traditional yogurt as well as multiple Greek varieties. Some yogurt makers also feature inbuilt pressure cookers as well as slow cookers, which might be a good idea if your kitchen is not very big to house multiple appliances!

Safety Tips

If you are using the yogurt maker for the first time or after a long storage period, make sure you wash the cover thoroughly and also rinse the white lids and glass jars using warm and soapy water. Once it is clean, dry it in the air. Yogurt makers with white lids are not safe for washing in the dishwasher most of the time, however glass jars are mostly dishwasher-safe. Once you think it has dried, wipe it down and also use a damp cloth to wipe the body and insides of the yogurt maker.

11 Best Yogurt Makers Of 2021

1. Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is a powerful kitchen appliance that offers multiple and versatile uses. This is an upgraded version of the original pressure cooker and acts as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, food warmer, sauté pan and yogurt maker. This compact and convenient appliance is powered with a sophisticated microprocessor that adjusts time, heat, pressure and temperature and also monitors the same. Food is prepared at a speed 70% faster than alternate ways of cooking. This multifunction electric-yogurt maker also boasts control over 13 different programs using a single touch. Each program can be customized and remembered so that you do not have to feed your cooking preferences over and over again. This stainless steel electric cooker is best suited for those who have a smaller kitchen counter that cannot house multiple appliances.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Features more than 10 safety features and is UL-certified.
  • A bonus seal ring is complimentary with the 7-in-1 pressure cooker.
  • Includes a blue LCD screen that elegantly displays the cooking process.
  • Uses less energy when compared to other conventional forms of cooking.
  • The Instant Pot recipe app carries more than 1000 recipes.
  • Features an updated lid that shuts the release valve for steam and automatically locks and seals it ensuring aromas, nutrients and flavors do not escape.


  • The pot may smell of plastic during the first use.

2. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker – White

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker - White

The Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker in white features seven different 6 oz containers in glass that let you create 7 different flavors of yogurt all at the same time that make for a total serving size of 42 oz which is quite a large batch. The on/off switch along with a light indicator lets you know when the appliance is working and is in action. There is also a dedicated timer on one side. If you are a fan of firmer yogurt, all you need to do is add 10 tablespoons of milk powder into the pasteurized milk at room temperature before it is poured into the glass jars. The yogurt is prepared in a total of 6-10 hours based on how thick you wish the yogurt to be. This Greek yogurt maker produces rich, creamy and all-natural yogurt without any added preservatives. It has a total size of 9.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches and can easily fit onto any kitchen counter.


  • BPA-free
  • All the glass jars are dishwasher-safe.
  • Clear lid lets you have a clear view of the cooking process.
  • Lets you control the fat, ingredients, sweetness and thickness of the yogurt.


  • The yogurt maker may get too hot sometimes, if not too careful.

3. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine – Blue

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine - Blue

The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine in blue is a compact and lightweight electric yogurt maker and weighs only 2 lbs making it an ideal choice for a dorm room, first apartment, small kitchen for studio apartment. It is so good at space saving that all the accessories that come with it easily fit into the base for storing, isn’t that such a bonus? With this Greek yogurt maker you can create your own personalized healthy yogurts from the comfort of your own kitchen. Flavored yogurt is prepared in a quick and easy way using this Dash machine and takes only 10 minutes to fill the appliance with all the ingredients and yogurt is prepared overnight so you can enjoy fresh homemade Greek yogurt in the morning. This is a perfect present for yogurt lovers and also a great item to add to your own wedding registry.


  • Made using food-grade polypropylene that is FDA-approved.
  • Small in size and hence occupies very little space on the counter.
  • Sleek design and color options of this yogurt maker can match most kitchen decor.
  • The 20 watt power yogurt maker features 2 BPA-free buckets and lids, a strainer basket, a recipe book and access to the recipe dashboard.


  • The first use may result in a plastic smell being emitted from the appliance.

4. Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker

Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker

The Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker stands out because of its automatic cooling system which is built-in and helps shift to the perfect chilling temperature for the yogurt to set in. This yogurt maker has a maximum serving size of 50 oz and you can make 6 different types of flavors at once, 8 oz each. The operation of this electronic yogurt maker is fairly easy and you can create homemade yogurt with the click of a single button. It also features time controls that ferment the yogurt in a recommended amount of time based on the recipe you go with. Once the yogurt is ready, the yogurt maker switches into a cooling mode automatically, which means even if you are not present in the kitchen your perfect yogurt will not be ruined.


  • All accessories are BPA-free
  • Power of the appliance 120 volts
  •  Stainless steel body for a sleek and stylish look.
  • Digital time display that lets you monitor the process
  • LED display makes sure the countdown to the processing time is visible.
  • Parts include housing, control panel, large container, yogurt container lid, housing lid and scoop.


  • The yogurt maker may not work well for making strained yogurt.

5. Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker Machine – Blue

Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker Machine - Blue

The Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker Machine weighs only 1lb and occupies very little space to fit your small kitchen, studio apartment or dorm room. All you need to do is add yogurt starter, milk and any other flavor that you wish to induce into the yogurt and leave it overnight so that you wake up to freshly made yogurt prepared all by yourself. Homemade yogurt is free of preservatives and works out to be a much healthier and safe option as you know exactly what you have used to prepare it. This 20 watt yogurt maker is one of the best yogurt makers available as it does not take up much space when it is being used and even less space when it is being stored as all the accessories fit into the base unit. This Greek yogurt maker comes with 1 bucket with a lid and all non-electric parts of the appliances can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


  • All parts are BPA-free
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Ideal to gift family and friends and also to add to your own wedding registry.
  • Free product with the yogurt maker is a recipe book with hundreds of yogurt recipes to get you started.


  • The high temperature setting of the yogurt maker may kill the good bacteria.

6. Hatrigo 2-Quart (Half-Gallon) Greek Yogurt Maker

Hatrigo 2-Quart (Half-Gallon) Greek Yogurt Maker

The Hatrigo 2 Quart (Half-Gallon) Greek Yogurt Maker and strainer is an ideal appliance to create homemade yogurt instantly. This instapot yogurt maker also includes strainer accessories that can strain almost 2 quarts of yogurt effortlessly. The outer container of the yogurt maker has a capacity of 4 quarts while the inner container that also strains the yogurt has a volume of 2 quarts. The outer container, when not being used to make yogurt can also be used as a food storage container, making sure you get more use out of this appliance. The patent is pending for the strainer of this electronic yogurt maker which acts as an instant pot for nut milk, Greek yogurt, cheese, almond milk and other unique and fine food items.


  • All parts of the yogurt maker are BPA-free
  • The yogurt maker weighs only 2.8 pounds.
  • Eco-friendly, does not need electricity to make yogurt at home.
  • The stainless steel mesh of the strainer is food-grade and safe for use in the kitchen.


  • The yogurt may cling to the straining mesh when draining it.

7. Country Trading Co. Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker

Country Trading Co. Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker

The Country Trading Co. Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker has a capacity of 1 liter and does not require electricity to make homemade yogurt. This easy-to-use yogurt maker is not controlled by timers or other elements that can cause overheating so that you are in full control of the making process. Whether you are following a keto diet or a vegan diet, you can easily prepare yogurt using the milk and flavors of your choice along with the serving size you prefer. A 42 page recipe book is a free gift that comes along with this yogurt maker and includes recipes for coconut yogurt, Greek yogurt, almond yogurt and many more. This eco-friendly yogurt maker lets you select natural flavors so that your yogurt is organic, fresh and has a good amount of probiotic bacteria without any extra sugar and additives.


  • Plastic-free yogurt maker is eco-friendly and does not need electricity.
  • Small size of the yogurt maker makes it easy to store anywhere.
  • Yogurt is prepared in about 8 hours.


  • The temperature may not be maintained inside the jar.

8. Zavor LUX LCD 8 Quart Programmable Electric Multi-Cooker

Zavor LUX LCD 8 Quart Programmable Electric Multi-Cooker

The Zavor LUX LCD 8 Quart Programmable Electric Multi-Cooker is a multifunction yogurt maker that can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, browner, simmer, yogurt maker, egg maker, dessert maker and also a food warmer. This electronic yogurt maker lets you delay cooking time based on your convenience, so that you may even come home from work or wake up to fresh yogurt. This stainless steel electric yogurt maker can be plugged into a 6.66 to 10.83 A power supply and slow cooks at a high of 212°F and a low of 190°F. Yogurt can be prepared in this multi-function kitchen appliance by following the 2-step process. The yogurt setting is pre-programmed with the recommended temperature and timing so that you do not have to make too many adjustments. This 8 quart yogurt maker uses 1300 watts and also has a mute feature that makes sure all sounds are disabled.


  • Features 33 programmable settings.
  • A lid icon warns you when the lid is not completely shut.
  • Pressure regulator knob lets you release pressure quickly.
  • Automatic lid doesn’t allow you to open it while pressure is still inside.
  • Features a panel lock that won’t let anyone make changes to your settings.


  • The lid may stop locking in place after a few years of use.

9. COSORI Multicooker 6 QT 11-in-1 Programmable Slow Cooker

COSORI Multicooker 6 QT 11-in-1 Programmable Slow Cooker

The COSORI Multicooker 6 QT 11-in-1 Programmable Slow Cooker can do a lot more than just make rice and yogurt. This wonderful kitchen appliance can also be used to bake, boil, simmer, steam and can also be used for manual cooking. The inner pot dimensions are 14.3 x 10.2 x 6.2 inches and the voltage used in 120 V with power usage of 1350 W. This space saving appliance also has an easy turn dial that gives you precision as well as flexibility to control the way you want to cook your meal. This slow cooker features customized cooking time as well as temperature that ranges from 86°F to 400°F and can keep food warm for up to 8 hours. The inner pot of the slow cooker is made using water-based and non-stick cast aluminum and the outer pot is made using fingerprint-resistant stainless steel in a brushed finish.


  • Approved by UL and FDA.
  • Includes 2 year warranty for free.
  • BPA, Teflon, PTFE, PFOA, lead-free
  • Free products includes a rubber lid gasket and recipe book.
  • The steam rack, cooking pot and glass lid are dishwasher-safe.
  • The slow cooker automatically shuts off when it reaches a very high temperature so that overheating is prevented.


  • The pan may develop blisters on the inside after multiple uses.

10. Euro Cuisine 2 qt Yogurt And Greek Yogurt Maker With Glass Jar – Red

Euro Cuisine 2 qt Yogurt And Greek Yogurt Maker With Glass Jar - Red

The Euro Cuisine 2 qt Yogurt And Greek Yogurt Maker With Glass Jar can make 2 quarts of yogurt at a time using any type of milk, even soy or almond. It includes a glass jar so that you can prepare your creamy and rich yogurts and then serve them in the same jar if you like. It also includes a stainless steel thermometer and a cotton bag so that you can also enjoy the flavors of Greek yogurt using the same yogurt maker. A timer present on one side lets you know when the yogurt is ready for consumption. This Greek yogurt maker also lets you control the amount of sweetness, fat content and the ingredients you use so that the yogurt is completely your own creation.


  • BPA-free
  • This economical unit does not need electricity to prepare the yogurt.
  • The cotton bag features an easy to fill opening as well as a cord.


  • The yogurt may sometimes thicken and sometimes not thicken in this yogurt maker.

11. Readygogo Yogurt Maker Machine

Readygogo Yogurt Maker Machine

The Readygogo Yogurt Maker Machine is a very easy to use machine that simply has to be plugged in or unplugged. This electric yogurt maker lets you make yogurt in a safe and healthy way in just 6-8 hours. The yogurt maker is of an ideal size that is easy to carry and store, and can make up to 500ml of yogurt which is just enough for two persons. If you like your yogurt to be absolutely healthy and sugar free you can replace the sugar with fruits and enjoy the extra natural flavor. This yogurt maker can also be used to make parfaits which are a great snacking option.


  • BPA-free
  • The yogurt maker comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Features an indicator light that lets you know when the delicious yogurt is done being prepared.
  • Parts of the yogurt maker include the body, container, inner lid and outer lid.


  • The temperature does not go higher than a certain level that can make the cooking process longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I choose a yogurt maker?

Four main elements have to be considered before you purchase a new yogurt maker – the production capacity or size of the machine, LCD display so that you can see the settings and adjust features, the timer which will guide you during the cooking process, what accessories are included with the yogurt maker and lastly, if the chord can be stored in the compartment of the unit.

  1. Are yogurt makers worth it?

Yes, yogurt makers are definitely worth it because they let you create your own cultured yogurt and you can choose exactly which sweet or savory flavor you want to dominate the culture.

While some people make yogurt only on special occasions, others use their electric yogurt maker on an everyday basis and hence need the best yogurt maker that can survive the wear and tear that occurs with such regular use. If you have a family where all members have personal preference for yogurt flavors then you must look for a Greek yogurt maker that comes with smaller compartments to make multiple types of yogurt at once. If you have small kitchen counter space you may want to go for a versatile yogurt maker that also includes a rice cooker, pressure cooker, coffee filter etc so that you make the most of your limited counter space by using a single versatile appliance.