We Bet You Didn't Know About These Cool Things A Baby Does In The Womb

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From the moment that a woman learns about her pregnancy, millions of thoughts run through her head. And, most of them revolve around what the little one is up to inside the womb. Is the baby meeting all the necessary growth milestones? Is he/she getting adequate nutrition? When will the baby start kicking? Can your baby really hear your voice? Are these some of the questions that have been running through your mind as well? We can hear you all going ‘aye!’ from here!

Guess what? It’s perfectly normal for you to be obsessing about your little one so much. The good news for you is that these precious, little angels do learn quite a few things from within the womb. After all, they need to start preparing for the big world outside. Here, we bring you a few things that the munchkins learn when they’re still within you:

1. Start Practicing Their Breathing

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It is not that the little ones start breathing actually, but they do begin their practice for taking their first breath. When you are expecting, it is you who breathes for both you and your baby. It is transmitted via the blood rich in oxygen. The oxygen intake and the emission of carbon dioxide between both of you occurs with the help of the placenta and the umbilical cord. As you near the end of 36th week of gestation, the lungs of the baby are fully developed. However, they don’t actually start breathing until their birth. When they are practicing, they only take in the amniotic fluid that surrounds them. And, know that it’s normal for the baby’s lung to be entirely filled with the amniotic fluid (1).

2. Tune In To The Sound

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By your 20th week of pregnancy, the inner, outer, and the middle portion of the little one’s ears will be totally developed (2). And, every sound from outside travels through the body to reach the womb. So, your baby can actually tune into the outside sounds which may affect them too. Perhaps, that is why you can notice the baby recognizing your voice soon after the birth as well.

3. Begin Bonding With You

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As we discussed above, the little ones can start hearing your voice while they are within your womb. And, they may also begin to recognize your voice. So, in one way, babies bond for the first time with their moms. We are quite sure that this does not come as much of a surprise to you.

4. Can Start Tasting Things

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It is somewhere around the 21st week of gestation that the baby can begin to recognize tastes. This happens because the little one is now able to swallow the amniotic fluid surrounding them (a few ounces or so) on a regular basis. The fluid is flavored with the food that the moms consume, so the munchkins are able to taste everything that the moms do (3).

5. Can Move Inside The Womb

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Babies tend to start sensing touch while within the womb. So, as they begin to explore things inside the belly, either with their hands or their legs, you might be able to feel the movements. Perhaps, it is just one of the little one’s ways to learn about their surroundings. So, you may be able to feel the kicks, while they perform their routine somersaults (4).

6. Get Ready For The Huge Arrival

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As we all know, babies are curious souls and their adventure begins from the time that they are in the womb. They try to feel and explore the surroundings around them using their limbs. And, they do other amazing and incredible things too. That is why, from the second that your kids arrive in the world, they are set to take on the new adventure.

Cherish and revel in this incredible phase of pregnancy-hood since it is absolutely wonderful. Cheers!

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