Top 25 Bible Stories For Kids To Read

Bible Stories For Children

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The Holy Bible – a book full of wisdom and faith! The Bible is the word of God, and its stories are the epitome of simplicity. And if you are looking to introduce your kid to the beauty of the Bible, you can start with these beautiful stories. Every story has a lesson. So, they will learn while you will teach! Brilliant isn’t it? Read on the Bible stories for children and let the learning begin.

Interesting Bible Stories For Kids

1. The Creation Story:

Origin: The Old Testament

Have you ever wondered how this beautiful universe came into being? This creation story is what you need to look back in time.

In the beginning, there was nothing. There was no time, no light, no darkness – nothing existed but God.

Then God decided to bring forth his power. On the first day, God created the heavens and earth. But the earth had no form. So God said ‘let there be light.’ And there was light! And that is how night and day were born.

On the second day, God created all the oceans, lakes, and rivers.

On the third day, God commanded dry land to appear on earth. Soon, God created all the beautiful trees and plants you see today.

Then came the fourth day! God filled the sky with the sun, the moon and countless stars.

But there was more to come!

On the fifth day, God breathed his life into the waters and created the sea creatures. He also created all the beautiful birds on the fifth day.

Next, God called forth living beings – animals of all shapes and sizes – to fill the earth on the sixth day. Reptiles, insects, and animals now called earth their home. God also created the first humans – Adam and Even – on the sixth day of creation.

Now that the earth was ready and buzzing with life, God declared the seventh day as the day of rest! This is a perfect old testament bible stories for children.

Lesson: God is the creator of everything we see.

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2. The Story Of Adam And Eve:

Origin: The Old Testament

After God had created the heaven and earth and filled it with life of all kind, he decided to create humans in his image.

So, God took some clay and molded it into the shape of a man. Then God breathed into the clay man and gave it life! Soon, the man opened his eyes and saw the wonder that was heaven. God named the first man ‘Adam’.

God loved Adam very much and created a beautiful garden for him. The Garden of Eden became Adam’s home.

But God soon saw that Adam was lonely and needed company. So he took a rib from Adam and created a beautiful woman. He called her ‘Eve.’ Now Adam and Eve were very happy in their beautiful home. They had all that they could ever need. All the beauty of God’s creation was theirs. But God forbid them from eating the fruit from a tree in the middle of the garden. That was the tree of knowledge.

But Satan did not like this happy family. So he took on the form of a snake. He called Eve and tempted her to eat the fruit of knowledge. Eve could not resist the temptation and along with Adam took a bite of the forbidden fruit.

Soon, everything changed. Adam and Eve were no longer the happy and carefree souls. God was very sad that his children had disobeyed him. But he could not stop the consequences. So he told them ‘Now you’ll have to suffer. You’ll have to earn your living and live in pain. Nothing will come easy for you. And one day you’ll die.’ This is one of the best kids bible stories from old testament.

Lesson: We should obey God’s laws.

3. The Birth Of Jesus:

Origin: The New Testament

Waiting for Christmas? Did you know that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ? Do you know the wonderful story of Jesus’s birth?

When Mary gave birth to baby Jesus, it was nighttime. Some shepherds, who were tending to their sheep nearby, were startled when an angel appeared before them. But the angel had brought good news! He told the shepherds that their Savior had finally come, and it was time to see him.

Soon, other angels appeared and showed the way to find baby Jesus. So, the shepherds made their way to Bethlehem, following the wonderful, bright star in the sky.

Not just the shepherds, the three wise kings too made their way to see baby Jesus – their savior. And so all the world converged at a modest manger to see the Savior of the world! It was a time to rejoice and celebrate.

Lesson: Jesus is the savior of man.

4. Jesus Stops A Storm:

Origin: The New Testament

Do you know of the miracles Jesus performed? Want to hear a cool miracle story?

Once, Jesus Christ was traveling through the Sea of Galilee with his disciples. But soon a violent storm engulfed them. Water filled the boat, and it began to sink. Jesus was asleep, so his disciples woke him up.

So Jesus woke up, stood facing the sea, and commanded it to be calm. And just like that, the storm withered away! It is a very short bible stories for kids and it is easy for you to act out.

Lesson: With faith in God, nothing is impossible.

5. Jesus Walks On Water:

Origin: The New Testament

What happens when you throw a rock in the water? It sinks, right? What will happen if you try to walk on water? You’ll drown. But not Jesus!

A long time ago, Jesus asked his disciples to wait for him on the boat while he went up to a mountain to pray. As the disciples waited for the boat for Jesus, a strong storm blew the boat away to the middle of the sea. The disciples tried hard to row the boat back to the shore, but to no avail.

The disciples were worried about Jesus and wondered what they could do to get their master to the boat. Suddenly, they saw a man walk into the water! The disciples panicked, thinking that a man was about to drown. But it was Jesus, and he did not drown. Instead, he walked over the water and reached the boat safely.

One of Jesus’s disciples, Peter, asked if he too could walk on water. Jesus said yes, as long as he kept Jesus as his focus. Soon, Peter too was walking on water. But the moment he took his eye off Jesus and concentrated on the waves, he began to sink.

Jesus grabbed Peter and saved him. Finally, the disciples realized that Jesus was the Son of God. It can be one of the best bible stories for kids to teach about Jesus.

Lesson: Make God your focus, not your problems.

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6. The Story Of The Blind Man:

Origin: The New Testament

We have all heard about the miracles Jesus did. Want to hear about another one of his great miracles?

There was a time when the disciples of Jesus still had a hard time understanding his miracles. So, once when they were in the city of Bethsaida, the disciples brought a blind man to Jesus. They requested Jesus to heal the man so he could see God’s wonderful creation.

So, Jesus led the man out of the city. He then spat on his eyes and touched them. And there it was – another miracle. A blind man who could now see! This is a simple bible stories for kids that will allow them to learn about the wonderful things done by the Lord.

Lesson: Trust in God and you’ll see the true beauty of his creation.

7. The Truth Of Everlasting Water:

Origin: The New Testament

Here’s another short but beautiful story about the divinity of Jesus Christ!

Once Jesus was passing through a city called Samaria with his disciples. Samaria wasn’t a popular destination for Jews but Jesus had a mission there!

Once in the city, Jesus asked his disciples to search for food. In the meantime, Jesus set off and stopped by a well. There was a woman near the well, busy filling water.

Jesus asked her ‘Do you want some everlasting water?’ The woman did not understand what Jesus meant, so Jesus explained ‘the water from the well quenches the body’s thirst. But soon, you’ll be thirsty again and return for more water. But if you accept me as your lord, you’ll find salvation – the everlasting water, which will quench your soul’s thirst!’

Lesson: God is the only source of salvation.

8. The Story Of Moses:

Origin: The Old Testament

Moses is one of the most important characters in the Bible. There are many wonderful bible stories for kids about Moses. Here is one for you!

One day, Moses saw an Egyptian man beating a Hebrew man. The sight of such injustice broke young Moses’ heart. As he tried to stop the fight, the Egyptian man was killed. Left with no other option, Moses had to flee Egypt to save his life.

Moses wandered around as a shepherd, trying to understand the purpose of his life.

One day, as he sat near Mount Horeb, tending to his sheep, he saw a miraculous sight! The Lord himself appeared to Moses in the middle of a burning bush.

As Moses looked on with wonder, God spoke out “Remove your sandals as you stand on sacred ground.” Then he told Moses that the people of Egypt needed him, so he was to go back to save the Hebrew slaves.

Moses was confused and said, “I am but a common man. How can I convince the Pharaoh to let slaves go? And in any case, the sons of Israel, the Hebrews in Egypt won’t follow me!”

God knew that Moses still did not trust his strength, so he said, “ Throw your staff to the ground.” Moses did as the Lord said, and lo behold, the staff turned into a serpent! And as Moses picked up the serpent it again became a staff!

Moses finally understood that he was God’s chosen one. With complete faith and trust in the Lord, Moses left for Egypt to save the sons of Israel. The story of Moses will be one of the kids favorite bible stories.

Lesson: We all have the strength to change the world.

9. The Story Of Noah:

Origin: The Old Testament

No matter how many times you hear the story of Noah, it never grows old! Here is the classic story, once again!

Once there lived a man named Noah. He was a God loving person. And God too loved Noah. But unfortunately, this was also the time when a man was led astray by Satan and committed many a sin. God loved his children, and their actions made him very sad.

God needed to bring back the balance, so he told Noah “ Go, Noah, gather all the wood you can and build a huge ark. Build many rooms in the ark and put a coat of tar on it. “

Once the ark was ready, God said to Noah “ Take your family to the ark as I don’t want you to die with the corrupt. Also, take a pair of each living being so that life can begin again.”

Now when all was ready according to God’s command, it began to rain. It rained, without a break, for 40 days. The great flood washed away all the sin from the Earth. All that was left was Noah and his ark – to restart a pure life on the earth. This funny bible stories for kids will help them to learn about the story of Noah.

Lesson: God can give, and God can take it all away.

10. The Brave Queen Esther:

Origin: The Old Testament

The Bible is full of stories about brave and strong women. Have you heard about the beautiful queen Esther?

A long time ago, in the Persian Empire, the brave king Ahasuerus was looking for a wife. The king ruled over many lands, including the land of the Hebrew people. One day he saw and fell in love with a Hebrew girl named Esther.

But Esther had a secret! Nobody knew that she was Hebrew! Many people in the Persian Empire harbored distrust and hatred towards the Hebrews. That is why Esther’s brother, Mordecai, had told her not tell anybody about her real identity.

So, King Ahasuerus and Esther got married and lived a very happy life. But their happiness was short-lived.

One day, the king’s assistant, Haman, made a plan to kill all the Hebrew people. Fortunately, Mordecai discovered the plan on time and sent word to Esther to save her people.

It was a difficult time for the Queen. She knew that if she told the king about her Hebrew heritage, she could lose her life. But it was a risk she was willing to take!

So, Queen Esther went to the king and proposed two grand feasts! This made the king very happy. But the night before the feast, the king discovered that long ago, Mordecai had saved his life!

Next day, the king rewarded Mordecai. During the feast, Esther, the brave queen, very humbly asked King Ahasuerus to save her and her people. But instead of being angry, the king did just that! He put the evil Haman to death and saved the Hebrew people! All thanks to the brave Queen Esther! This is an interesting old testament Bible stories for kids to learn.

Lesson: Bravery lies in helping others.

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11. The Three Wise Men:

Origin: The New Testament

One of the most endearing stories in the Bible involves the three wise men! Do you want to know more about them?

When Jesus was born, the whole creation rejoiced! The news of the savior’s birth reached far and wide.

The three wise men too heard about this amazing news. They set out to visit the savior. The wise men traveled a long distance, following the star and finally reached Jerusalem. They searched for baby Jesus everywhere, but could not find him. Finally, someone told them that the baby savior was in Bethlehem.

So, they finally found baby Jesus. The moment they saw the Lord, they fell to their knees in worship. They knew that their hard days were on their way out!

Lesson: The road to God is hard and long, but the reward makes it all worth it.

12. Jesus At The Temple:

Origin: The New Testament

Do want to hear another Jesus story? Here is a wonderful one that you will surely love!

Once, Jesus went with his family to Jerusalem as a young boy to celebrate the Passover festival.

But on their way back, Mary and Joseph realized that Jesus was missing! Afraid for their son’s life, the couple returned to Jerusalem and searched for Jesus. It took them three days before they found the young Jesus at the temple. He was sitting there calmly, learning from the teachers.

The worried parents scolded Jesus lovingly and said, “where were you son, we were looking all over for you.”

Hearing this, Jesus replied, “Why were you worried? Didn’t you know I would be at my father’s temple?”

Lesson: God is our father.

13. Story Of John The Baptist:

Origin: The New Testament

Have you heard of John the Baptist? Here is a beautiful story about this interesting Biblical character.

There once lived a man called Zacharias with his wife, Elizabeth. They were good people and very happy together. The only thing that made them sad was that they had no children!

God loved this beautiful couple so one day he sent his angel to them. The angel told them that God would soon give them a son, and they should name him John.

And soon, the miracle happened! The couple was blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

When John was older, he moved to the desert and began to live there. He may have looked like an odd character – wearing clothes made of camel hair and eating locust – but his heart was in the right place.

John spent his time baptizing people in the Jordon River. He also taught people to confess their sins and ask God for forgiveness.

One day, Jesus came to John and asked to be baptized. But soon the holy-spirit engulfed Jesus and God spoke from heaven “This is my son, and I love him.”

John fell to knees and cried tears of joy because finally the son God was here! The story of John the Baptist is an interesting Bible stories for kids.

Lesson: God dwells in all hearts.

14. The Story Of 12 Apostles:

Origin: The New Testament

Of the many miracles Jesus performed, this one is very underrated. Read on to find out another amazing facet of Jesus Christ.

The day was like any other, and Jesus was teaching several people near a lake. The place was crowded, and there was no place to stand.

So, Jesus asked Simon, the fisherman, to take him to the middle of the lake on his boat so he could preach from there.

Once Jesus was done with the teaching, he asked Simon and his friends – James and John – to spread out their net so they could catch some fish.

Simon was apprehensive because they had spent the whole of last night fishing without any success.

But being the followers of Jesus, Simon and his friends did as asked. As soon as they pulled their nets back, they were shocked to see the nets teeming fish!

The miracle startled the three men, but Jesus said to them kindly “ You are the chosen ones. Don’t be afraid and come with me.”

Jesus then chose nine other men and made the twelve men his messengers – the apostles, to teach men more about God.

Lesson: Everybody who trusts God and tells others about him is an apostle.

15. The Man From the Roof:

Origin: The New Testament

Jesus’ life is like a wondrous storybook, filled with magic and miracle. Here is another wonderful story about Jesus.

A long time ago, Jesus was at home, teaching his disciples and followers.

His modest home was filled to the brim. People were jostling for space. But Jesus went on calmly to fill the people’s heart with God’s love.

Soon, four men made their way to Jesus’ home. They were carrying their paralyzed friend with them. The poor man could not walk and was helpless.

But there was no way for them to reach Jesus. But the friends had faith in Jesus and believed that only he could help their disabled friend. So they climbed onto the roof, cut a hole in it and lowered their friend towards Jesus.

Jesus was touched by the simplicity and faith of these strong men. So he looked at paralyzed man and said “ Arise and go home.” And in an instant the man could walk again!

Lesson: With faith, everything is possible.

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16. Five Loaves And Two Fish:

Origin: The New Testament

Jesus is the very epitome of kindness and virtue. Here is a beautiful story that showcases these very characteristics.

One day, Jesus was holding a congregation near a mountain. There were nearly 5000 people gathered there to hear Jesus and watch his miracles.

Many of these people were poor and hungry. But their faith was strong. They stayed on for the day, just listening to their savior without a complaint.

But Jesus’ heart was filled with kindness. So he said to his disciple Philip “we must feed these people.” But Philip told Jesus that they didn’t have enough money to feed all these people.

On hearing this, Another of Jesus’ disciples, Andrew, said, “there is a little food we have – five loaves of bread and two fish. But we cannot feed 5000 people with this food.”

But Jesus, the miracle maker, didn’t utter a word. He took the food and blessed it. Then he began to distribute the food among his followers. And the food refused to run out!

All the 5000 people ate to their heart’s content and still there were 12 bucketfuls of leftover food remaining!

Seeing this miracle, the gathered people tried to make Jesus their King. What they didn’t know yet was that Jesus was God’s son!

Lesson: Believe in God and you’ll never go hungry

17. The Tax Collector:

Origin: The New Testament

One of the biggest lessons we get from Jesus is the need for compassion. The next story is a perfect example of Jesus’ compassion.

Once, while passing through the town of Jericho, Jesus showed the world the meaning of hating the sin, not a sinner! As he was passing through the down, a crowd of people followed him. They wanted to hear Jesus talk about God’s Kingdom!

In that crowd, there was also a man called Zaccheus, the tax collector. He too wanted to see Jesus Christ. But he was a short man and could not see over the crowd.

So, Zaccheus hit upon a clever idea. He climbed to the top a tree so he could see who Jesus was.

As Jesus was passing under the tree, he looked up and said “

“Zaccheus, come down, I must stay at your house today.”

The jubilant Zaccheus climbed down and began walking with Jesus towards his home.

But the crowd was not pleased with this change of events. Most people in Jericho did not like tax collectors as most of them were greedy and dishonest.

Jesus’ followers did not want their savior to be kind to such a sinner. But Zaccheus was a changed man. He promised Jesus that he would give half of his earnings to the poor and also return the money he had grabbed from common folks.

This is just what Jesus had hoped for. He blessed Zaccheus and showed that one must hate the sin, not the sinner.

Lesson: Hate the sin, not the sinner.

18. Parable Of The Lost Sheep:

Origin: The New Testament

Many stories in the Bible are in the form of parables. Parables make the real teachings of the Bible easy to understand.

The kind lord Jesus spent a lot of his time with sinners. One day, as was his routine, Jesus sat sharing his teachings with a group of tax collectors and sinners.

But many people, including the Jewish spiritual leaders, named Pharisees, did not appreciate this kind of meetings. Jesus knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task to change people’s minds. So he told them a story to make Jesus’ intentions easier to understand.

The story went something like this – “If you are a shepherd with 100 sheep and if you lose one, what would you do? Won’t you leave the remaining 99 and go search for the one lost sheep? And when you find him, won’t your heart be full of joy and happiness? And when you reach home, you’ll call all your friends and family and celebrate because you found your lost sheep.”

Jesus continued, “Just as you will rejoice about the lost sheep so will the heavens rejoice when even one sinner repents and reaches out to the Lord.”

Lesson: Bringing one man to see the light of God is a reason to rejoice.

19. The Parable Of The Prodigal Son:

Origin: The New Testament

Here’s another story within a story! This popular parable also reflects Jesus’ love and acceptance for everyone.

It was another beautiful day, and Jesus was trying to explain why he loved sinners so much. So he told the story of the Prodigal Son!

“There once lived a man with two sons” Jesus began. “The younger son developed agreed and asked his father to give him his part of inheritance early. The man loved his sons very much and gave him what he asked for.

Soon, the younger son took all the money and went to a far away land. With the recklessness of youth, he spent all the money on meaningless expenses. Soon he had no money left. This was also the time when famine struck the land. With no money, the younger son began to starve.

With no other option available, he went to a rich man’s house and asked for a job. The rich man had only one job on offer – that of feeding the pigs! No other man was willing to accept such a dirty job. Amidst this hardship, the younger son soon realized what a blunder he had committed! He said to himself “I will go and beg my father’s forgiveness. I will ask him to make me his servant”.

With that thought in mind, he returned to his father’s house. When the father saw his younger son, he was overjoyed. He hugged him. But the son was filled with repentance and wanted to work as his father’s servant. But the father would have none of it! He ordered the best clothes and shoes for his beloved son and hosted a feast in his honor too!

But the elder son was unhappy and refused to attend the feast. Seeing this, the father asked why he was so unhappy. To this, the elder son replied, “I have never left your side and loved you always. And yet you love my younger brother more.

On hearing this, the old man smiled and said, “Your brother has returned and repented. That is surely a reason to celebrate. As for you, my son, you own all that is mine, now and forever!”

Upon hearing this story, the people understood exactly why Jesus loved the sinners because they returned from their sin!

Lesson: God loves all his children equally.

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20. The Story Of Lazarus:

Origin: The New Testament

Death is the ultimate reality. Nobody can cheat death. But Jesus? Well, he can do anything!

Jesus had two very good friends – Mary and Martha. One day, Jesus got the news that his friends’ brother Lazarus was on his death-bed. The news filled Jesus with sadness for he knew how much his friends loved their brother. But he did not rush to meet the dying man for he knew that God had plans for him.

Soon, Lazarus died. Jesus went to meet his friends four days after Lazarus’ death. But before Jesus could reach their home, he met Martha. She was angry because she felt that Jesus had let them down. She had faith that if Jesus had come on time, her brother could have been saved. So Jesus said to her “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who lives and believes in me, even though they are dead, yet shall they live.”

Saying this, Jesus asked Martha to lead him to Lazarus’ grave. Once there, he said, “Lazarus, come forth.” And with those short three words, he breathed back life into Lazarus’ body!

Finally, the world could see that God had sent his son to save them! The story of Lazarus is the popular bible stories for kids.

Lesson: God has a plan for our lives.

21. The Last Supper:

Origin: The New Testament

The story of the last supper has been told a million times. It is even the subject of a famous painting! So, do you want to know what happened at the last supper?

Jesus, the Son of God, knew that his time as a mortal was nearly over. His job on earth was nearing completion. But there was yet some work to do. He knew that his final gift to mankind would be his death on the cross.

But before that, he had a few more things to share. So, on his last night alive, he called his apostles for the last supper. He spent the evening sharing his wisdom and knowledge because now it would be up to the apostles to spread the word of God.

Then Jesus got down on his knees and washed their feet. This was a teaching on how to treat each other once Jesus was gone.

Then all of them sat down for supper. Jesus shared food and drinks with them. He told the apostles that they must remember him whenever they had their supper.

As they were eating their supper, Jesus told his friends that one of the 12 apostles would betray him. Though Jesus knew that it was Judas who would betray him, he did not confront him because he knew that it was all God’s plan.

Soon Judas left the table on some pretense and returned with soldiers to arrest Jesus. Peter tried to protect him, but Jesus told him not to. He knew that it was time for the final sacrifice.

Lesson: Love even those who betray you for they too are doing God’s work.

22. The Good News:

Origin: The New Testament

Many think of Jesus’ crucifixion as a sad event. But if you read the Bible you’ll understand that it was the greatest gift that God could ever give you!

After Jesus’ arrest, he was taken to the high priest. It was a trial only in name. Jesus’ guilt was already established in the minds of his enemies.

He was insulted, beaten up and spat upon! His enemies wanted him dead. So, the high priest ordered that Jesus be killed by crucifixion.

So, the Son of God was nailed to the cross where he died hours later – hungry and thirsty. But before he died, he asked his father, God, to forgive us! That was Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice.

Jesus’ brokenhearted followers buried their savior in a cave-tomb and covered its entrance with a large stone.

On the first day of the next week, Jesus’ friends Mary Magdalene, Peter, John, and Simon came to the tomb to worship. But what they saw shocked them!

The stone covering the cave’s entrance was rolled to a side, and the Jesus’ grave was empty!

At first, they thought robbers had stolen their savior’s body. But Mary saw two angels inside the cave and as she turned to return saw Jesus standing by her side!

Yes, the Messiah had risen from the dead! Jesus went back to his friends – the 12 apostles. They all were overjoyed to see their friend and savior again. They also knew that Jesus was God’s very own son.

Jesus told them that God sacrificed him, the Lord’s son, to wash away humanities sins. And whoever believed in him and came to him with complete faith will live on forever in heaven.

Lesson: God sacrificed his son for to wash away our sins.

23. The New Heaven And Earth:

Origin: The Book Of Revelation

Did you wonder who wrote Bible? Do you wonder how they knew God’s words? Here’s a story about the revelation that apostle John experienced.

John was the blessed one to have the truth revealed to him. In his words “ On the day the Savior was nailed to the cross, I was there. I saw him die in pain and agony. But soon he was alive again! He was, after all, the Living One!

Then the angels also showed me many more wondrous things. I saw the Holy City, the beautiful Jerusalem, waiting for all believers.

I also saw the new Heaven and Earth, waiting for God’s children. God spoke to me and said ‘I am the Alpha and Omega. I am everything. I built all this for my children – for you. Whoever believes in me will never go thirsty. To the hungry I will give food. This beautiful new world is now all yours!’”

So, John wrote down everything God told him and gave us this beautiful book called the Holy Bible! The New Heaven and Earth is a simple and short Bible stories for kids.

Lesson: The Bible is God’s word.

24. The Good Samaritan:

Origin: The New Testament

Here’s a very interesting story from the Bible, which explains the true meaning of justice.

There once lived a man who knew all there was to know about the law.

One day, he asked Jesus “How can I achieve eternal life?”

Jesus replied, “Follow the law. Do you know what the law to eternal life is?”

The expert replied, “Yes if I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. And if I treat my neighbor with the same respect, I will achieve eternal life.”

Jesus was happy and said, “You are right. Follow this simple rule and you will be saved.”

But the law expert was still not sure. So he asked his savior “ But who is my neighbor? Is it the person staying next to me?”

Jesus realized that the law expert was confused so he told him a story. He said, “ One day a man was traveling to Jericho from Jerusalem. But a gang of robbers soon overtook him and robbed him of all that he possessed. They even took his clothes and beat him ruthlessly.

The poor man had no ability to walk to safety. A priest soon passed by but did not try and help the man. A Levite too ignored the wounded man and went his way.

But a Samaritan passing by took one look at the man and took pity on him. He washed his wounds and tied a neat bandage. But that was not the end of the Samaritan’s kindness. He then took the wounded man to an inn and nursed him back to health.”

Now Jesus asked the law expert a question “ “Which of the three – the priest, the Levite, and the Samaritan – do you think was a neighbor to the robbed man?”

“The Samaritan for he showed mercy to the poor man.” The law expert replied.

Lesson: Love all beings as you would love God.

25. The Woman At The Well:

Origin: The New Testament

The story about the woman at well is not incredibly well known, but it has a beautiful hidden meaning. Read on to find out.

Once Jesus and his followers were traveling through the town of Samaria. While his followers were out buying food, Jesus spent his time talking to a woman near a well. There he told her about everlasting water – salvation.

The woman went back to her village and told everyone about the great things she had learned from Jesus. She asked, “Could this be our savior?”

In the mean time, Jesus’ followers asked him to eat. To this Jesus replied, “I eat food that nourishes the soul. My food is to do the Lord’s will!”

Soon many more Samaritans came to visit Jesus. They wanted to see if what the woman at the well said was true. So Jesus stayed with them for two days. At the end of those days, The Samaritans too became believers!

Jesus never distinguished between the poor and rich. In this story, Jesus took the help of a poor woman to get his message across! This is the grat and good Bible stories for kids to know about the Lord Jesus!

Lesson: Everyone is equal in the eye of the Lord.

These stories are just a drop in the ocean that is the Bible. The holy book is a treasure trove of ancient wisdom.

So, guide your child on his spiritual journey with these stories.

Which is your favorite Bible story? Why do you like the story so much? Tell us!

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