4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Biltong During Pregnancy

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Biltong is undercooked meat that is rich in protein. However, since it is undercooked, you may be skeptical about consuming biltong during pregnancy. Protein is an essential macronutrient during pregnancy as it is required for the proper growth and development of the fetus and to maintain maternal health. This specific type of meat is flavorful and seems like an easy dose of protein. However, uncooked foods carry the risk of many harmful bacterias and parasites, which may cause food infection. If you enjoy consuming biltong and wish to know its benefits and risks, reading our post can help you make an informed decision.

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What Is Biltong?

Biltong is a special meat originating from Southern Africa but is now popular worldwide. Many individuals enjoy eating the meat in Western countries. Read our post to learn how biltong is beneficial and safe during pregnancy.

Health Benefits Of Eating Biltong During Pregnancy

1. Provides Proteins:

Biltong during pregnancy helps maintain blood glucose levels

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Biltong is a rich source of proteins that help you develop strong and healthy muscles during pregnancy. The meat serves as an excellent protein supplement to your pregnancy diet. Also, biltong regulates your appetite and aids in maintaining your blood glucose levels stable. Several researchers reveal that biltong is a safe protein rich food that contains no carcinogenic ingredients (1).

2. Regulates Weight Gain:

It is a fact that carbohydrates lead to weight gain. However, biltong contains low amounts of carbohydrates that help you regulate weight gain during pregnancy. The meat provides you with the necessary amounts of carbohydrates and is healthier and more delicious than other low-carb meat diets (2).

3. Boosts Brain Concentration:

Biltong contains low carbohydrate content, so the meat helps you improve and maintain brain concentration abilities during pregnancy. Eating the meat will prevent the risk of loss of concentration in spite of your busy schedule (3).

4. Absence Of Harmful Chemicals:

Biltong does not have any added chemicals

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Some kinds of meat are harmful to your health during pregnancy due to their high chemical content. Chemical ingredients such as artificial flavors, preservatives, sodium nitrate, and other chemicals, prove hazardous to your health. However, biltong contains no chemicals. Biltong contains sugar, salt, black pepper, vinegar, coriander, and meat that aren’t harmful during pregnancy (4).

Is It Safe To Eat Biltong During Pregnancy?

Even though eating biltong during pregnancy has many health benefits, several individuals are skeptical about how safe it is to consume meat during pregnancy. It is safe to consume biltong in moderation during pregnancy. However, raw meat is at high risk of carrying bacteria or Listeria. So avoid eating raw or undercooked meat while expecting. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk of listeria infection is ten times higher for pregnant women than other individuals. Avoid moist biltong during pregnancy as it carries high fat that promotes the growth of harmful microorganisms. Cooked meat at high temperatures is safe since it is less likely to contain bacteria. Also, it is safe to eat biltong if it is high quality and reliable (5).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can biltong cause miscarriage?

Undercooked biltong may be a source of listeria bacteria. Listeria infection during pregnancy may cause complications such as miscarriage or stillbirth (6) (7).

2. Can you get botulism from biltong?

Botulism is a life-threatening foodborne disease caused by Clostridium botulinum. Spores of this bacteria are heat-resistant and may be present in meat products. However, Clostridium botulinum is not usually found on biltong; hence, it is unlikely that eating biltong may cause botulism (6) (8).

3. How much biltong can a pregnant woman safely consume?

It is recommended that pregnant women consume about 71 grams of protein, which can include up to two three-ounce servings of fish, poultry, or meat (9). Biltong, when cooked, may be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet, with the amount consumed calculated based on the recommended protein intake.

4. Are there any special storage requirements for biltong during pregnancy?

Biltong can be stored in a dry, brown paper bag for a few days, but it’s essential to maintain air circulation to help prevent mold growth. If you need to store biltong longer, place it in a vacuum-sealed packet or container in the fridge.

Biltong is a form of cured meat low in carbs, high in protein, and exceptionally rich in iron. Since it isn’t cooked, biltong can expose you and your baby to harmful pathogens, adversely affecting your and your baby’s health. Thus, you should speak to your doctor before eating biltong during pregnancy. Most doctors suggest that mothers can consume biltong in moderation during pregnancy. They also recommend avoiding moist biltong as it can harbor harmful microorganisms.

Infographic: Easy And Quick Biltong Meat Recipes

Biltong is a southern African dried meat typically made from beef by marinating it in a dry, controlled environment. Although it is best to avoid raw or undercooked meat, you may consume it in moderation when appropriately cooked. Try delicious biltong recipes in our infographic to satiate your meat craving while pregnant.

delectable recipes to try with biltong meato (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Biltong is protein-rich and beneficial during pregnancy, aiding fetal growth and regulating weight gain.
  • Biltong improves concentration and lacks harmful chemicals, making it a healthy food option.
  • It is safe to consume biltong in moderation during pregnancy but necessary to speak to your doctor first.
  • However, undercooked or moist biltong may contain harmful microorganisms due to high fat content.
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